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Angel's Share By Kayte Nunn,

  • Title: Angel's Share
  • Author: Kayte Nunn
  • ISBN: 9781863959230
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • When something is taken away, it can make what s left all the sweeter in winemaking, they call it the angels share.Mattie Cameron thinks she s got it all figured out an impressive career in London, a gorgeous boyfriend and brilliant friends But after a freak skiing accident leaves her with serious injuries, a broken heart and a job she can no longer do, moving backWhen something is taken away, it can make what s left all the sweeter in winemaking, they call it the angels share.Mattie Cameron thinks she s got it all figured out an impressive career in London, a gorgeous boyfriend and brilliant friends But after a freak skiing accident leaves her with serious injuries, a broken heart and a job she can no longer do, moving back to Australia to recuperate at her brother Mark s winery in the Shingle Valley seems like the only option.Meanwhile, Mark is preoccupied with a catastrophic threat to the future of the valley and his partner, Rose, is juggling the demands of her burgeoning restaurant and being a stepmother, all the while secretly longing for a child of her own.As Mattie s injuries heal, she begins to wonder where her future might lie, especially when she finds herself struggling with her growing feelings for winemaker Charlie Drummond who happens to be engaged to someone.Featuring the cherished cast of characters from Rose s Vintage, this new tale of life and love in the spectacular Shingle Valley is set to charm and delight.
    Angel s Share When something is taken away it can make what s left all the sweeter in winemaking they call it the angels share Mattie Cameron thinks she s got it all figured out an impressive career in London a

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    1. A low key, light Aussie story that didn t push the boundaries of anything solid I think this is a 2.5 star read for me, rounded up to 3.I do love a winery setting and had previously enjoyed this cute one A Taste For It Mattie has a terrible skiing accident while working in England Homeward bound back to Australia to recover and find her feet again.Family dramas, fracking, and romance, things always seemed to work out nicely Lots of over the top Aussie slang, I find in instances like this it is n [...]

    2. 4.5 stars mrsbbookreviews.wordpressLast year I had the pleasure of reading Kayte Nunn s debut novel, Rose s Vintage With the rise in popularity of Australian rural romances set around vineyards, I classed Rose s Vintage as the best of the bunch A chance to revisit the memorable characters, as well as stunning region of the fictional town Shingle Valley, through reading Angel s Share was a welcome one Although this book is the second in the Shingle Valley series, it can very easily be read as a s [...]

    3. Look at the cover for Angel s Share by Kayte Nunn It just radiates warmth, sunshine and relaxing times, right What s even better is that the novel inside these pages is just as warmth, heartfelt and relaxing It s like you can step inside into the world of the characters in Shingle Valley and just relax The story is enjoyable and sprinkled with sunshine.If you ve read Rose s Vintage, you will be familiar with some of the characters of this book If not, it honestly doesn t matter because this book [...]

    4. Matilda Mattie Cameron is in her early thirties, and is enjoying a successful life in London.She headed there from Australia in her late teens to pursue a career there, and hasn t seen her parents or her brother Mark in years.She now has a handsome beau, a great group of girlfriends, and a job at an advertising agency that is impressive yet highly demanding So when her boyfriend Johnny organises a skiing trip to Switzerland for ten days with Mattie and a couple of friends, she can t wait But a h [...]

    5. To be honest, this is not the type of book I would normally read I am a huge fan of general and historical fiction, and Non fiction titles However, when I was given the opportunity to read this book I thought why not I am actually pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it and found myself reading the whole thing over two days I got engrossed in Mattie Cameron s story and found myself wanting some awesome stuff to happen for this women whose life seemed to be going backwards rather than forwa [...]

    6. Angel s Share is an entertaining, comforting, delightful read I enjoyed the writing and felt fully immersed in the story I liked that time was taken to really get a sense of the characters and the setting However, I never felt like I really knew Charlie all that well In the beginning it felt like it was setting up for a slow build, epic romance Instead, the romance was of a charming side story in amongst the bigger picture of family, community, and Mattie s own journey of finding her place in t [...]

    7. Truly enjoyed reading Angel s Share , had fun with the ocker phrases and Golden Gaytime memories Shingle Valley was delectably described, and the clash between mines and vines is a very timely and emotive issue More RM Williams than bodice ripping, dust than lust this rural romance will seduce those readers not into potboilers.Thanks to and Nero for an advanced reading copy.

    8. I am not normally a romance reader, but I feel as a Librarian it is good to have a broad knowledge of genres I was pleasantly surprised at how the book wasn t over romancey and could really go into a category of general fiction Nothing explicit or over the top, just a lovely story of overcoming and finding love AW, Yarra Plenty Regional Library

    9. I received my ARC through a giveaway, thank you to Nero.I enjoyed this Australian story, it was an upbeat and quick contemporary read The Characters of Mattie and Rose were easy to love, and the writing moved along well Kayte Nunn writes about the vineyard landscapes beautifully, I really enjoyed the setting in this novel My only criticisms are at some points the plot was quite predictable and I felt there was an overuse of similes and Australianisms.

    10. Loved reading this As a follow on from her first book Rose s Vintage I loved the introduction of new characters and the way they weave their way into the story I loved the surroundings foodie descriptions A nice easy read that left me wanting with a nice glass of wine on the side

    11. Rose s vintage was a great 1st book but Angel s Share was an unexpectedly amazing 2nd book for such a new author Flowing storyline that kept me up late turning the pages and so beautifully told.

    12. What a great read following on from Rose s Vintage Love the additional characters who rock up in Shingle Valley and family community life scenes that Nunn paints I love to get to the a ha moment in a book when the title is used Looking forward to what Kayte does next

    13. 3 1 2 stars Thanks for and Nero for my ARC This is 2nd book, but also stand alone, set in fictional Shingle Valley, a wine growing region in NSW The book is well written, the story moves along well, following Mattie, who returns home from 10 years in London to recuperate after a near fatal skiing accident She moves in with her brother Mark, who has established a successful boutique winery Although a rural romance, it does delve into topical issues such as fraking An enjoyable read,but I felt Nun [...]

    14. Matty, an Aussie girl living in the U.K Has an accident and returns home to recuperate at her family s vineyard There she meets up with Charlie, a man from her past.This book is the second of a series but is a stand alone novel I received it as a giveaway through This book is probably a 3.5 for me I did enjoy it and it was a fun read but it didn t grab me It is a good read on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of wine I had not read anything by this author before but I will look out for of her boo [...]

    15. Another good book by Kayte Nunn I enjoyed catching up with previous characters, as well as meeting a batch of newcomers to the Shingle Valley I m hoping there will be a third book in this series.

    16. Just can t get into this one, I don t like the way it is written, I read a few chapters and could not tell you a thing I have read

    17. I won this book as part of a goodread giveaway It was an easy read but it lacked tension throughout between the main characters and felt flat in places.

    18. I received this book from Thanks Nero and Kayte Nunn.Chapter one starts with a look at Mattie and a day at her work Chapter two is in Australia and it s Rose s life we are following.That s where the interweaving of the stories begin and it s easy to follow along and get to know each of the characters who are brought to life so wonderfully It seems Mattie has it all, a great job, wonderful boyfriend, living in London and living the dream One snow trip away with her wonderful boyfriend her friend [...]

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