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A Woman of Means By Peter Taylor Margaret Bloy Graham,

  • Title: A Woman of Means
  • Author: Peter Taylor Margaret Bloy Graham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As a boy s attachment to his high class stepmother and her means grows, her marriage to his father begins to crumble in small, subtle ways, which ultimately lead to larger, devastating consequences The first Southern novel of time, memory, and family secrets by the Pulitzer Prize winning storyteller.
    A Woman of Means As a boy s attachment to his high class stepmother and her means grows her marriage to his father begins to crumble in small subtle ways which ultimately lead to larger devastating consequences Th

    One thought on “A Woman of Means”

    1. This sad, sensitive novella set in 1950s St Louis is the story of a young man s coming of age and simultaneous break up of the marriage of his father and his wealthy step mother There are potent reminders that all children, even those who are considered adults, must be loved for themselves and not for what they possess or represent for others.

    2. Sometimes you read a 19th century novel and it feels wonderfully current, relevant, and real Other times you read something published in 1950 and it might as well have taken place on Uranus, its situations and language are so remote from 21st century experience That was the case with this novella, which came highly recommended by Jonathan Yardley For me it had small echoes of other works, such as The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen an excellent book , and A Separate Peace, works dealing wi [...]

    3. Taylor s apprenticeship novel shows, in distilled form, all of the various themes and subjects he ll explore throughout his entire career In that, it s interesting as a literary artifact But as a evocation of a time, a place, a class, and the instability of all of those, as a story of growing up and seeing how fragile, frightened, and even petty your parents are, as a meditation on home and what it is and how it s made and how the myths of our own pasts help us to figure out what home is, and wh [...]

    4. I loved the hell out of this book until about page 107, and would have given it a five if the ending hadn t been such a terrible cop out Every detail of the story is perfectly placed, and you feel like you re really going somewhere profound and then she just goes crazy Not even in a convincing way Anna Lauterbach goes from perfectly sane to raving and hallucinating in a matter of minutes, from the reader s perspective, and the reason given that she feels betrayed by her husband I m not really su [...]

    5. Peter Taylor is a Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction Lovely story narrated by a boy 12 13 years old His mother died when he was born and his father always has work but they move many times Quint lives with his grandmother and cousins and other relatives in the country in Tennessee until his father meets and marries a wealthy woman in St Louis Quint is collected from his grandmother and finds his new family to be wonderful, including two older sisters His stepmother is loving and treats him warmly [...]

    6. Recommended to me by Richard Ford Taylor s first novel is a masterpiece of compression and character development and reminds me at times of Joyce s Dubliners in its build to a psychologically penetrating climax So fine.

    7. Mystifying This book is so compact and oblique traits I normally value that the melodramatic ending took me completely by surprise Did I miss any clues The story is told from the point of view of Quintus Cincinnatus Lovell Dudley, a teenager whose mum died giving birth to him His early life has been spent alternately on his grandmother s farm in the South and in boarding houses with his dad, a hardworking salesman In circumstances left unaddressed, Gerald meets and marries Ann, a wealthy divorc [...]

    8. An early novella by Taylor 1950 , better known for his short stories Set in 1920 s St Louis, the climatic event is very 1950 s in fact it is very 19th C in its view of the fragile, nervous wealthy female I love short works, but this could have used some filling out, it felt like some events were just dropped without the further development they could have used What I like most about the work, and a signature point of Taylor s style, is the leisurely 1st person narrative which only shares what he [...]

    9. As a fan of Peter Taylor s short stories, I was eager to read one of his three novels, and chose this one at random It was a short, easy read on a plane ride, and I found the writing as good as I have come to expect from Taylor His characterization and descriptions are vivid and engaging I was not captivated as much by his story in this book, the tale of a widower and his son, whose lives change dramatically when the man remarries a woman far above his own station The son, whose mother died givi [...]

    10. A small, early book by Taylor Good writing but story is a bit lame About a young boy and widower father who marries a divorcee with 2 daughters and the inner action that takes place Set in the 1930s.

    11. I recently discovered this author This is the second book I ve enjoyed reading by him They are short stories about families in the midwest during the early 20th century.

    12. I really like Peter Taylor, but wasn t thrilled with this small novel It was a big disappointmnet after Peter s reputation.

    13. I lost this for awhile under my bed and did not realize that my cat had taken it hostage Thus far, the writing is good and the young man in the book lives several blocks away from where I live.

    14. This book just did not interest me I will try some of his other set in the south books This was not one of them.

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