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A Muffin Top Christmas By Tabatha Kiss,

  • Title: A Muffin Top Christmas
  • Author: Tabatha Kiss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Naughty or nice Why not both He s a bad boy with a bakery She s a BBW with a bar And they just had a baby Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the bakery, not a creature was stirring, except a six month old boy named Zachary The condoms were stashed in the bedroom with care, in the hopes that my Evey would soon be there When out in the alley there roseNaughty or nice Why not both He s a bad boy with a bakery She s a BBW with a bar And they just had a baby Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the bakery, not a creature was stirring, except a six month old boy named Zachary The condoms were stashed in the bedroom with care, in the hopes that my Evey would soon be there When out in the alley there rose such a clatter, I sprang from my kitchen to see what was the matter Away to the bar I raced with such dread, to find my Evey with a gun to her head This short and sweet novella takes place six months after the hit bestseller Muffin Top Vincent and Evey are back for the holidays but they aren t alone Who s hooking up Who s pregnant And who s out for revenge All these questions and will be answered, just in time to whisk you a Merry Christmas BONUS Includes The Muffin Top Cookbook five recipes from Boston s favorite bakery
    A Muffin Top Christmas Naughty or nice Why not both He s a bad boy with a bakery She s a BBW with a bar And they just had a baby Twas the night before Christmas when all through the bakery not a creature was stirring exc

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    1. 3.5 Stars Evey and Vincent continue to get involved in OTT shenanigans This was a cute short with quite a bit going on It leaves the series open to possibilities, especially with the secondary characters It was interesting to read about the couple as new working class parents Their chemistry is strong but I wish they would ve had time together It felt like a good continuation but there wasn t a lot of forward movement despite how busy the story was This wasn t as funny as the original story and [...]

    2. I loved Muffin Top that s why when I saw Top Christmas Muffin came out I had to read it So I voluntarily read an Advanced Review Copy of this book and I must say that I am not disappointed at all, usually short stories lack strength or content, but Tabatha not only got that, but the story has a continuity with Muffin Top, but add those little details that you want to know about the characters, both main and secondary, it is nice to read and enjoy the first to the last sheet.

    3. I love Evey and Vincent This is a bonus Christmas story and very short Evey and Vincent find themselves in another dangerous situation As usual Vincent finds a strange but effective way to save Evey The story is short but we still get action and laughs.

    4. Love Vincent Evey I was so excited to get of Evey Vincent This is their first Christmas as a family and it was definitely unforgettable If you haven t read Muffin Top you are missing out.

    5. Evey and Vincent return for a Christmas Eve tale that will keep you up waiting for Santa Running around after their little guy Zach has two new parents knackered and has taken a toll on the couple They are missing that connection they had pre baby and initamacy forget about it Evey has been feeling less than gorgeous and desirable since sharing her body and don t even get her started on the pain that come with pain childbirth and the after effects of the watermelon and lemon experiment it is on [...]

    6. This is a follow up novella to Muffin Top which came out September, 2016 I loved Evey and Vincent in the first book and love them even after this one They now have baby Zach Due to a difficult birth six months ago Evey and Vincent have not been able to have sex since If you didn t like Vincent after the first book although I don t know why you wouldn t , the way he is so understanding and loving with Evey and their situation is guaranteed to make you fall for him We also get to see of Evey s b [...]

    7. I was one of the many who absolutely loved Muffin Top so you can imagine my delight when I saw A Muffin Top Christmas in my email We visit Vincent and Evey six months later It s Christmas time, the new parents are anxious for a passionate Christmas Eve night together after making their son Zachary s first Christmas at least memorable for them Unfortunately someone from their past comes into haunt their night and Vincent and Evey s plans are almost ruined Check out this sweet Christmas novella to [...]

    8. A short story that makes the perfect sweet Christmas gift from author to reader We get another look into the Happily Ever After of Vincent Evey Great visiting with these lovely people They are looking forward to spending their first Christmas together as a family But an old enemy just has to try once to destroy their happiness Plus, some surprising news spices things up a bit Thoroughly enjoyed this morsel of sweetness I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book Five stars.

    9. 4.5 starsSix months later It s Christmas Eve Evey and Vincent are living together above the bakery and Zachary is six months Evie continues to work at Ryan s Bar with her brother, Tommy The bar is to close earlier and then Evie and Vincent are to have their time Anna shows up at the bakery while Vincent is baking cookies and lays some news on him that really is good but Anna is stressing over it When they both hear gunshots coming from the bar The drama is about to start again This is a great ho [...]

    10. A Great Read I enjoyed reading A Muffin Top Christmas, all about Evey Ryan a young mother and Vincent Silvia a baker and father to six month old Zachary Silvia This is an extension to Book one with a taste of life after an infant It s a quick read and will keep your attention from page one to the last But the best are the five recipes included of the best recipes the bakery has, that keeps bringing the customers back

    11. I received this book in advance for an honest review I re read Muffin Top in a few hours then moved on to Muffin Top Christmas which is a quick read I love, love Vincent and Evey Hot baker and his fianc e Evey thought the past was behind them but they have to overcome one obstacle before they can have their first Christmas with their baby boy After the danger passes they settle in for a naughty Christmas Love them

    12. A Muffin Top Christmas by Tabitha Kiss is a short holiday book Ms Kiss has supplied the Christmas spirit along with fantastic characters in this fast paced read Evey and Vincent s story is full of drama, humor and suspense This is a continuation of Muffin Top, but can be read as a standalone This is a complete story, not a cliff hanger.I voluntarily read a free copy of this book that I received from BookFunnel.

    13. If you loved Muffin Top you will so love Muffin Top Christmas What a great little novella to reacquaint us with the oh so lovable Evey and Vincent Characters are brilliantly written and engaging, their romance is blissful and the action is pretty packed for a short story.Loved it cant wait for from Tabatha Kiss and from the series.

    14. A fantastic continuation from Muffin Top This story has a little of everything action, sweetness, drama, and plenty of steamy heat I adore watching this family pull together in times of crisis I love even seeing their interactions when no one s life is at stake and they have a chance just to be their sweet, loving selves.

    15. This was a wonderful addition to Muffin Top It was just as sweet and thoughtful as the previous book Evey and Vincent were completely themselves and fell into parenthood perfectly I enjoyed the action in the plot with the re visiting of previous characters, and a few surprises I love the addition of the recipes in the back, I will be making them soon Fun holiday story.

    16. I loved being able to read on Vincent Evey It was so good to see what they have been up too Hope to read about them in the future Zachary is one lucky kid to have parents like them Loved the ending.

    17. The Silva family is the best The chemistry between Anna and Milo is strong and intense Anna discovers who her anonymous sperm donor is, a suspect for murder The action never stops I voluntarily received this ARC for an honest review.

    18. An enjoyable follow up on Vincent and Evey on their 1st Christmas with their little baby son, but before they can enjoy their Christmas they have a dash of excitement.

    19. The Vincent and Evey saga continues Great little romantic novella The perfect bridge between Myffin Top and Hot Sauce.

    20. A sugary sweet Christmas holidays read A follow up of Vincent Evey s story with the new addition of baby Zachary A short read with a bit of suspense lots of delicious sweet baked goods I love the recipes at the back of the book A enjoyable read.

    21. I loved Muffin Top and really enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of Evey and Vincent six months later Of course, their first Christmas Eve together couldn t go smoothly and Evey ends up with a gun to her head instead of celebrating with her family Vincent creatively saves the day in a most delicious way.I hope that we see of Vincent, Evey and their family in another bookon I received an advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily provided this honest review.

    22. Genre RomanceStand alone Not really to truly enjoy read Muffin Top first This is set six months after Muffin Top endsPart of a Series See above POV Dual Vincent and EdeySteam Level Toasty warm5 5Super cute follow up to Muffin Top where we first meet Edey, Vincent and the rest of the gang The plan for Christmas is simple close up shop, put Zachary to bed and finally enjoy each other if you know what I mean Of course things don t goes as planned and Aiden s big brother shows up to get retribution [...]

    23. A Christmas story from Vincent and Evey from Muffin Top This is the first family Christmas from them along with their 6 month old son, Zachary, and they plan to go all out along with reconnecting as a couple What they didn t plan on was a member of the Shank family coming to threaten what they have Nolan Shank wants payback for the death of his brother Aiden and plans to use Evey to get to Vincent With the danger high Vincent will do whatever it takes to reunite Evey with their son and take care [...]

    24. A Muffin Top Christmas is a follow up novella to Muffin Top, the story of Evey Vincent Though you could read this novella without reading Muffin Top, you will not get the deeper meanings and feelings in this wonderful story.We pick up this story six months after Zachary is born It s Christmas Eve, and Evey Vincent both are looking forward to their first family Christmas together as well as some much needed adult time together Vincent is making cookies and Evey is working at the bar, both waiting [...]

    25. I loved the story of Vincent and Evey Now with a new addition, their precious Zachary This sweet novella is about their first Christmas with their bundle of joy Thinking that it s going to be a wonderful night after Evey closes up the bar turns to be anything but Vincent finds himself having to deal with the Shank family again when one of them breaks out of prison seeking revenge Anna, Vincent s sister, is freaking out with some news of her own as well While Tommy is bagging someone in the store [...]

    26. Great story I loved getting to see Evey and Vincent again They are so cute together This is a short read but it was a perfect way to catch up with them I loved getting to see them with their child and their was some action as well It had plenty to keep your attention as you flipped through the pages We also get to see some of the other characters and I m hoping that we will get to see their stories as well The story is well written and flowed well This story will be much enjoyable if you ve rea [...]

    27. It would be advisable to read Muffin Top first before reading this one as it will give an in depth insight in to all of the characters.This short story starts six after, and is the first Christmas that Vincent, Evey, and baby Zachary All these two want to do is spend some time with each other away from their chaotic lives, and Christmas is the perfect time As usual though nothings goes to plan Shenanigans continue, and someone is out for revenge Vincent will do whatever he has to in order to pro [...]

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