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Pathos, Volume 2 By Mika Sadahiro,

  • Title: Pathos, Volume 2
  • Author: Mika Sadahiro
  • ISBN: 9781569705612
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Talk about keeping secrets from your kids K and J are two immortal vampires stuck with raising A As he grows up he finds himself attracted to J But K and J, afraid A will find out they are vampires, sends him to a boarding school.
    Pathos Volume Talk about keeping secrets from your kids K and J are two immortal vampires stuck with raising A As he grows up he finds himself attracted to J But K and J afraid A will find out they are vampires s

    One thought on “Pathos, Volume 2”

    1. It was my favorite manga once I re read it and gave it solid 3 stars Two gay vampires and one human child, which was taken in because of guilt, were forming a relationship for sake of the plot King, the oldest, made from young delinquent half Chinese man who was happily raped by his fellows, but saved at the last moment and turned in to the vampire Then he was quite jealous and mean to little Ace aka the brat boy It was obvious from the beginning.Ace when turned to legal 18 for everything ended [...]

    2. This is the story of two vampires and their human ward King turned J and they ve spent their time together as father and son, brothers and lovers However, J has issues with being a vampire and acts out many times King takes in a human child, Ace, when his parents are killed in the hopes that having someone to take care of, to be responsible for, will help J from his dark mood swings and listless behavior.However, King has brought into their family someone who not only changes J s behavior but sl [...]

    3. This one was for the yaoi portion of my vampire paper and I have to admit, this one was both well drawn and well told as far as the storyline goes but it was also creepy The names really could have used help too Ace is a young boy, fourteen at the time of the beginning of the story He s being raised by King and Jay, two vampires King is the master vampire and Jay is his lover and subordinate Jay accidentally killed Ace s parents though it is uncertain the boy ever knows this He and King, in a fi [...]

    4. It was great until what King did at the end killed my joy I wanted to like Ace but he is absolutely bratty in Book 2 Gosh it s such a sad thing seeing this brat hurting King and Jay It is rather hard to imagine someone calm and collected King would do such an emotional thing It s unbefitting for a hundred years immortal like him This story makes me think of Interview with the Vampire as the vampires in this story shares lots of similar undead traits and the characters reminds me of Lestat and Lo [...]

    5. I love the artwork in these so very much There are several pages I would love to have as framed art or on a T shirt And I enjoyed volume 2 because all the main characters are older now and the interactions between them were just interesting to me.

    6. As I said on the review for book one I was disappointed in the book I wasn t thrilled with the plot and the sex didn t make up for it I really like this author s other stuff though so its all good

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