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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea By Johanna Craven,

  • Title: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  • Author: Johanna Craven
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook
  • 1692 The Atlantis, captained by veteran seaman Benjamin Archer, flies the colours of an English merchantman on the high seas between the English Channel and the Caribbean.But she also runs up the jolie rouge the Jolly Roger whenever the prospect of plundering a Spanish treasure ship presents itself Nipping at Spain s empire is common practice for state sponsored pr1692 The Atlantis, captained by veteran seaman Benjamin Archer, flies the colours of an English merchantman on the high seas between the English Channel and the Caribbean.But she also runs up the jolie rouge the Jolly Roger whenever the prospect of plundering a Spanish treasure ship presents itself Nipping at Spain s empire is common practice for state sponsored privateers like the Atlantis at a time when lesser European powers dare not directly make war on Spain But when those governments abandon the practice of issuing letters of marque to privateers against the Spanish galleons, many of the crews turn pirate.Such is the fate of Archer s men The crew is forced to sign the ship s articles consenting to their new piratical ways, thereby placing their heads in a noose Unless, that is, they can stage a mutiny and turn Archer over to the authorities in the Caribbean city of Port Royal, a popular homeport for privateers and notorious for its gaudy displays of wealth and loose morals, the wickedest city on earth But superstition is rife among seamen and the presence on board the Atlantis of two women one a high born French stowaway Catherine and the other a Jamaican slave born cabin boy Serafine will only be a bad omen if they are discovered Worse, the runaway is thought by her family to possess the powers of a witch while the boy worships voodoo gods who rule life from beneath the waves.Will the mutiny succeed What is the secret bond between Archer and Serafine And can Catherine escape the captain s determination to make her his after she has fallen for another young officer Is some unstoppable divine force slowly gathering to punish the profane Beyond the power and control of man lies what
    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea The Atlantis captained by veteran seaman Benjamin Archer flies the colours of an English merchantman on the high seas between the English Channel and the Caribbean But she also runs up the joli

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    1. I had previously read short stories by this author and was looking forward to reading a full length novel WOW is all I can say I started reading this morning and now its late afternoon and I ve hardly put the book down A thrilling, exciting adventure with a fabulous cast of strong characters on a pirate ship in the late 17th century The presence of a female stowaway even adds romance to the story The crew is close to mutiny and the officers have to take sides The Captain has his own agenda and c [...]

    2. In The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Johanna Craven creates a cast or crew of memorable, complex characters who bring alive real, and realistic, events of 17th century seafaring, war faring, thieving, slaving, and love seeking Her characters sail us intimately into a long ago disaster that 21st century readers can relate to after watching so many modern day disasters unfold on our video screens large and small Despite the centuries old setting, Craven s suspenseful story draws us in reminding us [...]

    3. Pirates Witches Voodoo Mutiny Romance.This is a fantastic book The controlling captain slowly losing control of virtually everything The mulatto slave, desperately loyal to the father who spurns her The repentant soldier, dreaming of the fianc e and life left behind The rebel noblewoman, determined to choose her own path Literally, this book has everything PIRATES WITCHES VOO DOO Even SWIVING which is apparently 17th century slang for a word that doesn t actually allow in reviews The writing is [...]

    4. I am an avid reader of historical fiction, and I think because of this I have set the bar very high The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea is so far passed the bar that it is in another hemisphere This is an extraordinary work of historical fiction, and I don t say that lightly It really did blow me away.The characters were fresh and beautiful portrayed This story is driven by several key protagonists, who each have their own desperate backstory and somehow, against the odds, they have all ended up on [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book immensely it had everything a good seafaring yarn should have A captain haunted by the past and teetering on the brink of insanity A plucky heroine in the shape of French stowaway Catherine Hiding below decks was another female, a crew member, pretending to be a boy Our anti hero Harry who went seeking adventure but got rather than he bargained for Add to this a rebellious crew and you have a powder keg of a pirate ship and all the elements of a gripping story Captain Archer [...]

    6. I m a conscientious soul, on the whole, and it takes a special book to even make me think about missing or being late for an appointment So I did put down The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea to go and get my nails done and spent the whole of the next half hour talking about it.It s a historical, set in the late seventeenth century, and you might think that sounds very Pirates of the Caribbean Not a bit of it The story of the struggle for control of the merchant ship gone rogue, the Atlantis, and the [...]

    7. This is a very enjoyable read I m not sure I d really class it as nautical fiction as the setting is background than an integral part of the plot and I felt that was true of the historical setting by and large as well I got no real sense of what life on a seventeenth century privateer or seventeenth century Jamaica was like perhaps a bit of the latter than the former The prose is generally good, though a bit of modern slang, hunkering for example, sneaks in from time to time The only irritatin [...]

    8. I was looking for a book that took place on a sailing ship and decided to pick this up based on the reviews from this website The book started off well and had the foundation to be great an aging pirate captain, a female stowaway, murder, and a potential mutiny however, this book underwhelmed after it was set up so well.The main problem I had with this book was the female stowaway and the ending to the book The female stowaway was a very strong character but given the situation, too strong in my [...]

    9. A tense adventure on the high seas, packed with back stabbing intrigue, a delusional captain, and not one, but two strangely gifted women on board a seventeenth century pirate ship In The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, the author brings to life what it must ve been like on board a vessel sailing across the Atlantic in the late 1600s We get a peek into the psyches of each of the main characters as the fast paced story unfolds The brutality you d expect aboard a pirate ship is there, but there s als [...]

    10. What a talented writer I have discovered A thoroughly clever and inventive tale with beautifully imagined settings and significantly, believable characters that you can connect with I went with 4 rather than 5 stars on this for only one reason and it is a personal preference which is books written in the present tense always slightly rankle with me That being said in this instance the skill of the writer largely overcame this very personal critique for me and in the grand scheme of things I have [...]

    11. I love historical fiction novels and this one is absolutely recommended The descriptions are so vivid you can actually see in your mind everything that s happening and imagine how they look, what they re wearing and feel what they re going through The author s impeccable writing grabs you right at the beginning and you can t stop until you reach the end Between the secrets that keep showing their ugly head and the changes on the ship, you get a suspense story that keeps building up Even if you d [...]

    12. I enjoyed this historical adventure set in the Caribbean Seas As with anything to do with the Caribbean Seas in the period in which this book is set, 1600s, there s a lot of fighting, pirating, and what have you The author spares no detail, the description of the ship is down to the last tiny detail and even the behaviors of the captain and crew, and how they interact with each other are captured true to the period There are women and their roles in the swashbuckling adventure that will have the [...]

    13. This is my first novel by this author I greatly enjoyed The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and would be interested in reading Johanna Craven s other books I found her writing style crisp, her setting detailed, and her characters multi dimensional The story revolves around four main characters, each with secrets, and each looking for redemption from their past Action, romance, and plot twists kept me turning pages well into the night Great read

    14. Delightfully written tale of swashbuckling days that sweeps you away with engaging characters and plenty of action to keep you turning the pages If you are looking for something purely escapist and not so Jack Sparrow in nature, you will enjoy Craven s beautifully written saga, filled with romance and danger, intrigue and even a few head scratching mysteries Take a holiday on the high seas without ever leaving home

    15. This is a well researched devil of a book Dark and twisted, it takes the reader on a voyage back in time If you have never heard the sound of the drums in the hot night, read it and get a taste Pirates, danger and dark things, they are all in here.

    16. Just under a year ago, I visited a lot of the Caribbean islands mentioned in this book for a holiday This book took me back, not only to them but also in time I could feel the sea and smell the old ship Atlantis as it creaked and groaned across the waters I was really transported by this story I was on the edge of my seat as to what would happen and who would survive It brought history to life and told a gripping yarn as well I don t usually read this genre, but if this is the standard, I will n [...]

    17. Great adventureQuite the story The characters go through adversity and growth The writing style flows well An enjoyable story with lots of plot twists.

    18. Transport yourself back to the 18th centuryTransport yourself back to the swashbuckling pirates of the 18th century in this historical high seas fiction story The ship and it s environment are described well enough to pull you into the time and the life on board Strong, well developed characters, fit perfectly into the setting and drive the story Mystery unfolds when a young female stowaway is discovered aboard The Atlantis, heading for Port Royal, a woman fleeing with a secret The crew have the [...]

    19. The blurb for this book caught my eye and since I am a new lover of historical fiction I thought I would give it a read, and I m glad I did The story starts with a stowaway aboard the Atlantis, and goes from there to talk about some key characters Archer, the captain of the ship and his spotted past, Kirk, just wanting to go home and return to normal Gerard, desperate to stage a mutiny between the men and Archer, and Catherine, the stowaway who is in for than she planned It s an excellent story [...]

    20. I came across this book by chance and seeing something different to my usual reading, I thought I would try it.It s a high seas adventure of piracy, stowaways and mystery The stowaways are not everyday females, but those with an intriguing pastd of course would not be welcome on any ship due to superstition.I don t give spoilers, so it s not easy to say much, however, it is well written, with all manner of interesting characters and a plot that keeps the pages turning.Worth a look if you re look [...]

    21. A merchant privateer ship turns pirate, goes on a high adventure, and has a mutiny Lots of drama but that s all it is.

    22. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is historical fiction, one of my favourite genres and I enjoyed the story very much Set, in the late Seventeenth Century, we are introduced to the beautiful French noblewoman, Catherine, who branded a witch by her mother, for her foresight runs from her home and stows away aboard a British Merchantman, The Atlantis Unfortunately, Britain and France are currently at war and to make matters worse for Catherine, the Atlantis, is actually a pirate ship in disguise.The [...]

    23. In 1692, high born runaway Catherine stows away on an English merchant ship to escape a family who believe her to be a witch But the young French woman discovers her choice of transport isn t what she expected Captained by veteran sailor Ben Archer, the ship s crew are no longer in a position to pursue their livelihood as legitimate privateers and are instead faced with the only alternative to sign the ship s articles as pirates, a move that places them all in danger of the hangman s noose.Cathe [...]

    24. I can t tell you how much I enjoyed this story It was probably one of the most gripping and engaging books that I ve read in a long time Once I started it, I was looking forward to getting back to reading it at every chance I got The premise of the book centers around a ship, The Atlantis, which was turned from a glorified privateer to a pirate vessel by its captain, Benjamin Archer, who hides far too many secrets on board of this ship But Archer s plight gets even complicated once a navigator, [...]

    25. When Catherine stows away on a sailing ship after fleeing Paris, she is horrified to discover that the ship is a English and b a pirate vessel The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a historical maritime novel with a great cast of characters, whose closets spill out a multitude of skeletons as the voyage proceeds There s a stowaway with precognition, a girl disguised as a boy who practices voodoo, a captain obsessed with an old love and seeking to blot it out with a new one, who is also perilously o [...]

    26. I have given this book five stars because it deserves them I suspect a lot of research went into it, the author kept to the period very well, no modern idioms crept in It was beautifully written of a literary style, with many descriptions It was difficult to identify closely with any one character, as so often they were kind and lovable one minute and killing someone the next The plot was also complex, a few flashbacks explained the background to decisions the characters made, but Archer s hist [...]

    27. An intriguing and very well written story that gave a wonderful sense of a life at sea.At first I found it a little frustrating not to know about the characters and what led them to be sailing on the Atlantis in turbulent times, either as Captain, crew or stowaways However, it turned out to be a brilliant device as when the action picked up little snippets of the characters history were revealed adding to the tension and swaying my sympathies Indeed, in some cases the full back story is withhel [...]

    28. This is how to write a historical novel that keeps you absolutely gripped.Set upon a ship called The Atlantis it tells the story of a young woman who stows away on a ship that is on the verge of mutiny Throw in a bucket load of secrets and lies and you ve got yourself a historical drama that is brilliant.Craven writes great characters who exist beautifully in the world the story is set in You wont be able to put this one down.

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