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A Broken Soul By Jessica Prince,

  • Title: A Broken Soul
  • Author: Jessica Prince
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  • Page: 156
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  • He s terrified of loving her.Quinn Mallick already had his happily ever after, and in the blink of an eye it was ripped away from him Now he s content to walk through the rest of his life carrying the weight of that guilt on his shoulders He s convinced he doesn t deserve a second chance But when the town s beautiful dance teacher turns her sights on him he finds himselHe s terrified of loving her.Quinn Mallick already had his happily ever after, and in the blink of an eye it was ripped away from him Now he s content to walk through the rest of his life carrying the weight of that guilt on his shoulders He s convinced he doesn t deserve a second chance But when the town s beautiful dance teacher turns her sights on him he finds himself questioning everything She s terrified of losing him.Lilly Mathewson s once quiet, predictable life has been turned on its head Feeling alone and adrift, she finds her comfort in the most unexpected of places Falling for the town widower was never part of the plan, but there is just something about the temperamental man she can t seem to let go of What started as two grieving people leaning on each other has quickly turned into something neither of them expected Lilly is ready to take the next step, but how do you move forward when the man you love refuses to let go of the past Especially when the only hope they have of healing their broken souls is if they do it together.
    A Broken Soul He s terrified of loving her Quinn Mallick already had his happily ever after and in the blink of an eye it was ripped away from him Now he s content to walk through the rest of his life carrying the

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    1. Please forgive me if my reviews are not good I m new to and I love this book community and the reviews might not be perfect but these are my thoughts.This book is about a 3 persons relationship and about being second best.1 hero2 hero s wife3 heroineI always have my reservations when I read a book where the spouse is dead and when the book starts about how the spouse is the love of the other person s life it commits book s suicide for me there s no coming back from it because I won t believe tha [...]

    2. Felt like a love triangle These statements are just my opinion and may also contain spoilersI m so wary of reading stories where a MC loses a love because we normally get so much of the relationship of the first love that it makes the new one seem second best Authors spend so much time telling the first love story that the new one is hard to believe because it s not developed enough In this story I felt like there was a love triangle between the hero, heroine, and the hero s dead wife s ghost An [...]

    3. Jessica always amazes me with her writing ranged never disappoints me when I pick up one of her books A Broken Soul is no different It s a tear jerker, but you ll know that right off the bat from the prologue Quinn and Lilly s love story is beautifully written, their pain raw, their love so visceral that it felt like I KNEW THEM Highly recommend if you love emotion and substance with your romance FIVE STARS.Ilsaxoxo

    4. ARC kindly provided by author,Loved it I really, really liked this and literally read it in one sitting I haven t read the previous books in this series, but this is a complete standalone, so I had no problems connecting the dots It is a story of loss, heartbreak, forgiveness, second chances and finding love at times when you feel like you ll never be able to love again Both main characters had an undeniable chemistry right from the start, and they took me on one hell of an emotional roller coas [...]

    5. ogro doormat Gurias, preparem o lencinho e embarquem em uma hist ria bem bacana e que lembram os romances da Diana Palmer Recomendo Girls, get the tissues ready and prepare for the reading of a story much like those written by Diana Palmer Recommend

    6. I loved loved loved this book I couldn t stop reading once I started When you start reading the prologue, you know exactly why Quinn is the way he is and know that his and Lily s love is going to be worth all the angst and the pain When the story started, Lily too is going thru something so painful and heartbreaking, it took my breath away Yet she still remains as sweet and sassy then she and Quinn start interacting and there is this instant chemistry, snap between them Quinn fought it while Lil [...]

    7. Quinn lived through unbearable heartache in the past with the death of his wife, while Lilly is living present heartache with her father s illness Quinn blames himself for the accident that killed his wife and he doesn t feel he deserves to be happy Lilly becomes Quinn s daughter s ballet teacher and they form a friendshipa friendship they both eventually decide they want to be Quinn s confused feelings causes him to run hot and cold, resulting in him running his mouth without thinking and hurt [...]

    8. Wow I wish that one word would be enough for a review because I honestly felt a tad bit speechless after reading A Broken Soul by Jessica Prince Now, I m not going to deny that she s one of my go to authors, but A Broken Soul proves that Jessica can rip your heart out and you ll still love her It was so different from her normal, but I loved it even Quinn Lilly s story is one I fell for in the beginning It was heartbreaking but swoony and I found myself not wanting their story to end Quinn was [...]

    9. Laughing until 2050 I hate this kind of plot and I feel zero, nada, none compassion So, I laugh review showAnd this one is perfection review show

    10. Reviewed on behalf of KU Book ReviewsRATING BUY IT Damn it It s so easy to fall into love, but fucking impossible to fall out.I wish I could say I don t know why I waited to read A Broken Soul Pembrooke Book 3 , but I do know I knew, from the first moment we met Quinn in Coming Full Circle Pembrooke Book 2 , that his story was going to hurt That Jessica Prince was going to shatter me And, of course, she did.But she also expertly put me back together.Good grief, it was heartbreaking to read this [...]

    11. The Pembrooke Series is the first full series that I ve read by Jessica Prince and because of that I think it s always going to hold a special place in my heart I literally finish each book wondering why in the world anyone would not read these books They re everything heartbreaking, hopeful, emotional, funny, flirty, and fantastic Just fantastic So Quinn Lilly I was afraid to read their book because while all of the books have been emotional , this one was sure to take the cake And it did There [...]

    12. Get out the tissues for this one you re going to need them I ve been working with Jessica a long time now, since she wrote Scattered Colors actually She repeated tells me she has no feelings well this book is full of so much feeling So if she doesn t have any then I don t know where this story came fromIn A Broken Soul, she s written something real, something raw, something that melts your heart and fuses your soul Something that will tear you apart and build you up, as you grip the book or your [...]

    13. I like Jessica Prince and I m a sucker for a widow H raising a child But this H, Quinn, bothered the cr p out of me He s a good guy at his core I get that he s a grieving widow but he was also a MAJOR DICK to the h, Lilly He kept treating her like crap, knew he was doing it, then he d apologize Over and over again To her credit she would call him out on his shitty behavior but she let him do it to her too often because he was a good guy and she wanted to be the one to fix him Finally she told hi [...]

    14. Tearjerker I cried so many times during this book my throat hurt by the end The emotional upheaval and the dysfunctional relationship made this book a bit harder to enjoy than the previous ones in the series After a while it kind of became alright already, let s get on with it Additionally my pet peeve, the editing, came into play again This time it was not only the typos, sentence structure and incorrect or missing words but also errors that would easily be remedied For example, professional fo [...]

    15. Spoiler free review What an amazing bookJust like everything Jessica writes, this book was amazing.Quinn and Lilly s story was so beautiful, with a lot of little sprinkles of ugly scattered through He considered himself broken, and felt there was no way at all he could be fixed But he was so wrong He just needed the right band aid.Enter Lilly There was something about Lilly that drew him to her Plus the fact that his 6 year old daughter Sophia wants to attend classes that Lilly runs.He sees a re [...]

    16. So many tears Have tissues Jessica did an outstanding job with this story Love, loss, drama, angst God it s all that and it s perfect I friend tears of sadness, and tears of happiness I cried all the damn tears Just have tissues handy Lilly is an amazing woman, faced with one of the worlds worst tragedies But she handles it like a champ Quinn is a jackass who needs to get his head out of his ass But I love him And I love him with Sophia most I think what makes Jessica stand out from other author [...]

    17. This story about Quinn and Lilly is very emotional Their storyline will grab your heart The relationship is an emotional roller coaster I wanted to just kick Quinn in the shins a few times The story tugged at my heartstrings and kleenexes were needed for me The book is part of a series, but I feel as if you can read this without having to have read the others Dual point of view No cliffhanger.

    18. This is Jessica s best book yet The emotions this book brings are so much, but so worth it in the end It still has her quit witted dialogue, but this book totally brought out a whole other side and I m completely blown away.

    19. A Broken Soul left me speechless This book touched me so deeply It will take you on a journey of joy, grief and love There is a little bit of everyone in this book You will find a connection that is impossible to forget I savoured each chapter, not wanting it to end I am huge fan of Jessica s work and regardless of everything I have read by her she completely blew me away This is a story you will not forget The characters are so real, the situations so believable that you can t help but get inve [...]

    20. Its impossible to get through this book without crying at least once This book was a roller coaster of high emotions, and while there was love and joy, pain and loss were the prevalent emotions The loss of anyone you love will change you forever but it s how you handle that change that really matters Quinn was only living half a life, if that He let the past dictate his present and his future He held what was so firmly in his grasp he couldn t see past it to what he could have.Lilly was beautifu [...]

    21. Jessica Prince broke my soul with this one She has become known for her sexy romantic comedies but here she shows that she also knows how to pull on our heartstrings and write a book brimming with emotion A book that will choke you up and bring tears to your eyes This is a love story that shows there are many bumps in the road but once you open yourself back up to love absolutely beautiful things can happen.

    22. What do a firefighter and a dancer have in common Nothing Lily is a dancer who owns her own dance school She has recently gotten some bad news which is tearing her world apart Quinn is a firefighter and a single dad He lost his wife to a car accident and has been suffering in guilt and grief ever since When Quinn s daughter becomes her student, their paths cross Their grief brings them closer They become friends, yet Quinn always holds back He is stuck between his guilt and his attraction to Lil [...]

    23. Just literally got done reading this story and I m downright speechless, I won t stay that way for long because I have a lot to say about A Broken Soul Throughout my entire life, I ve read thousands of books, so knowing that you can assume I won t relate to every book I ve ever read There always an exception This author is my exception Each and every time I read one of this author s books, I think to myself, it s her best one yet I ve been saying that since I first read Picking up the Pieces a f [...]

    24. First off let me say I have loved every Jessica Prince book that she has written This book thoughI m not sure I will be able to put into words how beautifully written this book was I keep trying to go back and read my highlights and it would take up too many pages to pick my favorite moments I will warn you tissues will be needed and a few tears will fall.Quinn and Lilly s story isn t an easy one, but you want them both to find their happily ever after in the end Together or apart you will want [...]

    25. Oh my heart This is the first book to give me such a book hangover is quite a while You go through so many emotions with both characters, that you feel like you ve ran a marathon You know if you heart that the reward is coming but boy you want to cry through the running to get there.Quinn has been living with survivor s guilt for three years Not letting anyone in to his pain and just trying to make it through each and everyday with his head above water and doing the best to raise his daughter on [...]

    26. 5 Are We Really Broken Stars Reviewed by Franci NeillSomehow I made it through this beautifully and emotionally told story written by Ms Prince Quinn and Lilly are two people that are so emotionally beat up that the thought of finding love and keeping it for a lifetime wasn t even on their radar, both for very different reasons.Lilly is a beautiful and talented dancer and dance instructor who has received some of the worst news possible that literally could cripple her emotionally My heart actua [...]

    27. heartbreakingly beautiful, 5 stars A Broken Soul should coming with a warning label, be prepared for heartache I ve been wanting Lilly s story since I got a piece of her in Coming Full Circle With that said A Broken Soul is a standalone but I completely recommend reading the others before it Jessica Prince has a way with making you fall in love with not only the main characters but the secondary as well.Anyways, I felt a kinship with Lilly from the get go Pieces of her remind me of myself Lilly [...]

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