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Prophets of the Ghost Ants By Clark Thomas Carlton,

  • Title: Prophets of the Ghost Ants
  • Author: Clark Thomas Carlton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Both familiar and fantastic, Clark T Carlton s Prophets of the Ghost Ants explores a world in which food, weapons, clothing, art even religious beliefs are derived from Humankind s profound intertwining with the insect world In a savage landscape where humans have evolved to the size of insects, they cannot hope to dominate Ceaselessly, humans are stalked by night waspsBoth familiar and fantastic, Clark T Carlton s Prophets of the Ghost Ants explores a world in which food, weapons, clothing, art even religious beliefs are derived from Humankind s profound intertwining with the insect world In a savage landscape where humans have evolved to the size of insects, they cannot hope to dominate Ceaselessly, humans are stalked by night wasps, lair spiders, and marauder fleas And just as sinister, men are still men Corrupt elites ruthlessly enforce a rigid caste system Duplicitous clergymen and power mongering royalty wage pointless wars for their own glory Fantasies of a better life and a better world serve only to torment those who dare to dream One so tormented is a half breed slave named Anand, a dung collector who has known nothing but squalor and abuse Anand wants to lead his people against a genocidal army who fight atop fearsome, translucent Ghost Ants But to his horror, Anand learns this merciless enemy is led by someone from his own family a religious zealot bent on the conversion of all non believers or their extermination.A mix of Adrian Tchaikovsky s Shadow of the Apt, Katherine Addison s The Goblin Emperor, and Phillip Pullman s Golden Compass, this is a powerful new addition to the genre.
    Prophets of the Ghost Ants Both familiar and fantastic Clark T Carlton s Prophets of the Ghost Ants explores a world in which food weapons clothing art even religious beliefs are derived from Humankind s profound intertwini

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    1. In a world where tiny humans live in symbiosis with insects, Anand is a half breed of the lowest caste When a new colony is to be formed, Anand is delighted at the prospect but soon finds himself living with a different clan and a new outlook When the Ghost Ants attack his new home, Anand has a chance to change the worldThis was on my radar for a long time and I couldn t resist when it popped up on Netgalley I was not disappointed.While I m not a fan of today s extruded fantasy product, original [...]

    2. Digital copy gently provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Note If you are squeamish about bugs and eating bugs, this is so not your book P Este es uno de esos libros que resulta algo dificil de encasillar dentro de un s lo g nero, parte diciendo que un meteorito cay en la tierra y desaparecio la civilizaci n, dejando s lo bichos gigantes y los humanos se achicaron No No es broma Ahora si dejamos de lado la parte en que hay que creer que todos los mamiferos desaparecieron dejando [...]

    3. I think we can all agree that authors are creative, technically speaking Writing is creative by its nature, but it isn t always that adventurous When most people use the word creative they mean something akin to unique original unusual, and this book definitely lands in that category Many times while reading it I d find myself thinking Whaaa how does he come up with this shit That s good shit, not bad shit, folks I honestly wasn t quite sure what to expect when I began it, and at 31% in I had o [...]

    4. It s often said that a story is larger than life Here, by shrinking humans down to one ten thousandth of their current size, that statement is literally true.The world in this book is gigantic, and so are the insect monsters that inhabit it, the human empires that attempt to control it, and the mystery From the very beginning, I liked and empathized with Anand, and even though you know from the description that he will rise from the bottom caste of society to heroically lead his people, you can [...]

    5. Selected as a Best of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews.Available as a paperback at and as an e book for Kindle, Nook, iBook and at Smashwords and Lulu.I wrote the novel I always wanted to read Hope you love it too Here is the review from Kirkus In this postapocalyptic science fiction allegory, diminutive tribal humans share the world, and a deeply intertwined society, with hordes of insects.Anand, the despised young lower caste protagonist of Carlton s innovative novel, knows perfectly well how his life w [...]

    6. Okay, here goes.I first saw this title in the group Apocalypse Whenever when it was in their bookshelf I thought the title was very unique and intriguing so that pushed me to look it up on and buy myself a copy I do admit that I wasn t expecting a lot I mean, ants I didn t think anybody could possibly make a good story out of those insects but after reading the introduction, I knew I was in for a roller coaster ride.I don t want to spoil the story and summarize the novel, so I ll make this quick [...]

    7. I was strangely compelled to read this novel The cover, the title, the premise of humans evolving down to the size of insects and learning to use each to their advantage appeared all very creative and amazing And it was I was thoroughly immersed in a world of ants, termites, wasps, locusts, and tiny humans Very cool The description of life, clothing, food, and social structure was rich, fascinating and well told The major conflict was important, and close to my heart moral reaction against the e [...]

    8. I am obliged to mention that I won my copy of this book from GoodReads First Reads Giveaways However, this review is strictly my own opinion This book totally blew me away I have never read anything like it before It sucked me in from the first page I found it very well written and easy to follow It is a very interesting look at people, religion and society Mr Carlton has a fantastic imagination I really hope there is a sequel I am most definitely keeping my copy, but I will buy some to give awa [...]

    9. Prophets of the Ghost Ants Kindle Edition by Clark Thomas Carlton is a fabulous book I was allowed to read from NetGalley and the book publishers I thought it was going to be a middle grade children s book but it is an young adult adult fantasy book It is very detailed in it s world building The social structure is defined in all the communities so wonderfully including the caste systems, religion, dress, food, courtship, jobs, war, etc The bigger picture also of how the different communities in [...]

    10. Oh man Ever hear about a book that sounded so exactly like it was written just for you that you were almost afraid to read it because there was no possible way it was as brain explodingly awesome as you desperately wanted it to be and so you let a whole year go by between OMG MUST BUY NOW purchase and actually starting to read it I mean, come on, tiny, tiny humans who ride ants and locusts around like horses Who share mounds and pheromone signatures with various species of ants As if Edmund O Wi [...]

    11. I was very intrigued when I read the synopsis of Prophets of the Ghost Ants Always a favorite, the underdog fights the system to free the slaves and create democracy across the Queendoms The most compelling aspect of the novel is it s original story Humans evolving 1 1000th of their original sizes Red blooded animals are extinct Insects rule the planet alongside humans It was very interesting to read the descriptions of this macroscopic world from a microscopic perspective I became engrossed in [...]

    12. Let me start by saying, I love books that are different and outside the box If you re looking for something normal this book isn t for you.Having said that, I very much enjoyed this book I started reading this yesterday afternoon and found I absolutely couldn t put it down The concept of the evolution of mankind fascinated me In a world where all mammals, birds and reptiles have died from a lack of resources, the human race have ferociously clung to life by slowly shrinking to the size of ants.T [...]

    13. I m not normally an impulse buyer, but when I saw a sidebar ad for this book I knew I had to grab it up I immediately got it for my Kindle and delved in, and am so glad that I did.Mr Carlton has created an amazingly unique and rich world, one where humans are the size of insects Though not traditional fantasy, the small stature of the humans basically puts them in a fantasy world, one where grass can form a forest, tents can be made out of leaves, and what would be a mile for us is like the othe [...]

    14. This Is one of the best books I ve read all year Possibly even one of my all time favorites The premise is a smidge unbelievable That humans in the future have evolved devolved down to the size of insects, and actually cohabitate with them in clans separated by type But not so unbelievable that it dragged me out of the story FAR from it I literally couldn t put the book down and inhaled it in less than 2 days I m absolutely terrified of ALL insects still I loved it That s saying something Lovely [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for a fair and honest review This is a really somewhat unique and interesting story, I really enjoyed reading it The integration of humans with insects and other consequences of their shared lives is really well done and draws you into the story After a little bit of a slow start, the story really picks up and invests the reader further into wanting to know the outcome, with plenty of action and surprises, but also nicely developed char [...]

    16. Glad I stumbled on this novel which is the work of a strange and powerful imagination The opening page features the hero getting slobbered over by a blow fly on his daily trip to the dump It just gets stranger and inventive after that This is a world where tiny humans, as small as ants, are living as the parasites of insects It will take you far, far away to a world you have never seen yet is kinda like our own I m blown away Carleton has a lot to say about race, religion, sexism and tribalism [...]

    17. I wasn t entirely sure what to expect of this book when I picked it up, it goes against the usual sci fi giant insects and instead turns it on it s head and has evolution shrinking down the human race, who then rely on the insects populations to survive This is made immediately obvious with Anand, the main protagonist, having his face slavered over by a fly in the first chapter giving me horrible flashbacks to invertebrate biology lab sessions Anand is a character who I m not entirely sure that [...]

    18. Prophets of the Ghost ants As a VERY picky, lifelong fan of sci fi fantasy novels, movies and television, it gives me great joy to give a stand up and shout positive review of Prophets of the Ghost Ants Where your typical sci fi and fantasy novels tread all to familiar worlds filled with tired tropes and overtly named characters or are pulled from the worst of the Joseph Campbell school of heroes, Ghost Ants delivers not only in the fully realized world it pulls us into but also with characters [...]

    19. Prophets of the Ghost Ants take place in a postapocalyptic world in which humans have shrunk to the size of insects They also interact with insects they domesticate some for food and riding, they even worship them, and too often they are killed by them.Anand is a member of the lowest caste in his colony, untouchable and unable to make a better life for himself or his family However, when a new princess is born and the colony is splitting, by luck he is chosen to travel to the new tribe On the wa [...]

    20. This book had me up late in the night, thinking I would read just one chapter I couldn t put it down It is blatantly clear that the author is an avid observer of bugs everything from their appearance to their behaviour and everything in between The tale itself can be described as a sort of coming of age story, following the life and adventures of Anand, a young teenager in a world where humans have evolved to a size smaller than ants Humans and insects live together in colonies, much like the a [...]

    21. Loved it This book was out of this world Literally.Set amongst the bugs, this book will not let you down The detailed descriptions of the social settings in each group of humans and bugs alike are fantastic and complex.Anand is perfect for a main character He experiences hardships at the beginning and I love how it ties in to how he grows and matures throughout the story.The end lost me a little with all the action of a battle, but not to much The ending left me wanting EXELLENT

    22. I graciously received a free book from first reads.From the cover of this book, I thought it was going to be a childish, mildly humorous book I was wrong in a good way This book was very thought provoking and kept me engaged from beginning to end It has caste systems, war, and love all wrapped into one book Hoping for a sequel I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone

    23. This book was in my library for ever, I have no idea why I waited so long to read it Absolutely amazing Like a three ring circus with something for everyone, adventure, war, romance What I liked most was the attention to detail, what the hero was wearing, what everything looked and smelled like The book really was a treat

    24. Overall, I liked the book, but there were a several times throughout the story when I found myself questioning why some situations were concluded so quickly Some threads were fleshed out while others just seemed to be glossed over I won t spoil things but it happened than once for me I m not sure that I will follow up with the rest of the series.

    25. Clark Carlton s mind bending never before seen sci fi world blew me away The intricate detail in which he s wrought the world of human relying on insects and their caste system reminds me of the way Tolkein created his world and J.K Rowling created hers It s a must read for anyone who loves to mind trip.

    26. This book is awesome I have no criticisms except that it was a bit long but that s not bad compared to all the books I rated.

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