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Unf*ck Your Habitat: You're Better Than Your Mess By RachelHoffman, Unfuck Your Habitat Unfuck Your Habitat You re better than your mess Skip to content Menu Close Get the book Become a patron All Articles Cleaning Basics Tips Life Happens About UfYH Challenges Full Challenges Mini Challenges Unfuck Your Weekend Cleaning Checklists The UfYH Lexicon Contact Us. Unf ck Your Habitat You re Better Than Your Mess Rachel Jan , With Unf ck Your Habitat You re Better Than Your Mess, Rachel Hoffman bursts into the genre like a cursing, realtalk spewing big sister determined to help us get our acts together UfYH is a rehab manual for anyone taught to feel like our clutter defines us. Unf ck Your Habitat You re Better Than Your Mess Kindle Feb , About the Author Rachel Hoffman launched Unf ck Your Habitat in to motivate regular people to get up, start cleaning, and get their lives in order Her advice has appeared in publications and websites such as Glamour, Elle, Real Simple, NBC News, Apartment Therapy, Livestrong, House Beautiful, and the Times London. Unf ck Your Habitat You re Better Than Your Mess by Unf ck Your Habitat You re Better Than Your Mess Unf ck Your Habitat is for anyone who has been left behind by traditional aspirational systems The ones that ignore single people with full time jobs people without kids but living with roommates and people with mental illnesses or physical limitations, and many others. Unfuck Your Habitat Home Facebook CLEANING SUCKS An Unf ck Your Habitat Guided Journal for Less Mess, Less Stress, and a Home You Don t Hate is a smart, colorful guided journal to remind you that you re better than your mess Looking to change your messy ways Unf ck Your Habitat Got Me to Finally Start Cleaning My House Unfuck Your Habitat is for people who are overwhelmed with their mess, whether it s a little or a lot And if it is a lot, that s totally okay No need to pretend you ve scrubbed your

  • Title: Unf*ck Your Habitat: You're Better Than Your Mess
  • Author: RachelHoffman
  • ISBN: 9781509830206
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unfck Your Habitat
    Unf ck Your Habitat You re Better Than Your Mess Unfck Your Habitat

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    1. 3 helpful but potty mouthed stars A friend of mine asked me to read this and let me know if I thought it was suitable for her 21 year old daughter who is highly creative, highly accomplished but who keeps her home in my friend s words, like a pig sty I should mention this young woman struggles with significant ADD and OCD.I, myself, thrive on a clean fresh home but I do not mind a bit of clutter and in fact if the clutter is organized and aesthetically pleasing I feel most comfortable My partner [...]

    2. I requested this book for review from Pan MacMillan thanks to Jean for sending it to me This is an absolutely fabulous little resource for anyone that wants to essentially get their shit together when it comes to their home Simple, to the point, but incredibly inclusive and with a lot of practical tips, this is really what I wanted that wasn t delivered by The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up It s all about the realness, yo.What I liked about this particular book was that Hoffman includes tips [...]

    3. I received an advance copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I m an American woman in the 21st century, so I ve spent my time ogling the sunny spreads in Real Simple, I ve tried to Kondo my closet, and I ve been immersed in a society that tells me that I am the one who is better at cleaning and men are simply lovable, hapless dolts who might choke on the toilet brush if I ask them to clean something.Let s be real, that s all garbage And UfYH knows it and calls it out My hom [...]

    4. This little charmer is the perfect book for young adults who have no idea how to clean anything The author also deals with people who aren t lazy about cleaning, but have real issues with it Anyone with physical or mental disabilities will appreciate the respect this author grants them with honest and sincere suggestions I first thought this was too light weight to be of any help and most of the topics had been dealt with a million times The practical advice and the humorous style will help anyo [...]

    5. Copy received through NetGalley in exchange for a fair reviewConfession time My room is a mess It s not something I m proud of, but it s the truth.I needed this book in my life, and I am positively surprised by it I loved the tone Mrs Hoffman uses, so relaxed and warm The tips she offers are great, and her understanding of how different groups of people look at cleaning amazed me as a person who has mental illness, I was happy to see that the issue I have with this chore isn t abnormal.I think t [...]

    6. One can always tell when a blogger gets a book deal They usually have just a few points to make and become long winded to stretch their points into a book That being said, this is cool information that will be especially helpful to people with disabilities it had never dawned on me how difficult house cleaning might be for those who are ill or disabled, and this is a lighthearted way to address the situation , but this could have been condensed to a pamphlet, or stayed a blog.

    7. Rachel Hoffman comes across quite peppy throughout the book, the writing and overall atmosphere is relaxed in her writing There is loads of great cleaning advice and how to go about getting help or devise a strategy when it comes to tackling the task for different groups of people.There is also a lot of reassurance that, no, your home doesn t have to look like something we come across in magazines and not to feel guilty when you just can t don t want to clean We re all human, after all There is [...]

    8. I ve been a fan of this organizational system for years the Tumblr changed the entire way I deal with mess I m still not perfect I struggle with making my bed every day But through my depression and stress and dislike of cleaning, my house is always a few 20 10s away from being presentable The idea of breaking things down to manageable tasks is so simple, but it works I like that the book addresses gender issues, problems with living with other people, and disabilities A short, but useful book, [...]

    9. Review originally posted on my blog rathertoofondofbooks 2016I simply had to request this book when I saw the title as this is exactly what I needed to know in that moment how to unf ck my habitat I am a fan of decluttering books I can t resist them which I do realise is some kind of irony that I m collecting books about how to stop cluttering up my house My mum wasn t a hoarder but she did find it difficult to part with things that had any kind of sentimental value and as a result I grew up wit [...]

    10. If you are looking for motivation to get up and get cleaning and organizing your environment, then this book might provide you with the encouragement that you are looking for While, there are some great suggestions and a good foundation with the 20 10 system that Rachel Hoffman has developed, this book seems to spend time talking than actual doing I was hoping that there would be concrete ideas and actual time saving techniques to improve upon my own housekeeping endeavours and I just came awa [...]

    11. I ve never been much of a cleaner As a kid I had my chores, which I grudgingly did, but my room was usually on the messy side In college it was a little better, mainly because I didn t want my roommates to hate me, but it was pretty much the bare minimum One of my friends not a roommate gave me an unsolicited, color coded, hand drawn cleaning schedule freshman year because she saw some dustbunnies under my bed I thought she was nuts, god love her Now I kinda wish I d gotten in the cleaning habit [...]

    12. Unf ck Your Habitat is a self help book for cleaning it s probably primarily aimed at young adults and those leaving home for the first time Surprisingly, for a book about cleaning, I actually quite enjoyed reading Unf ck Your Habitat and couldn t put it down Personally, I think Unf ck Your Habitat is the perfect book for those learning to keep a house It s full of so many tips to help clean and I particularly liked the 20 10 idea, as well as the tips for moving house I also thought the checklis [...]

    13. I have always seen myself as a messy person I have a lot of shame tangled up in that, thanks to living most of my adult life in small spaces dorm rooms, single room in someone else s home, etc with depression and a physical disability that went undiagnosed for years There are days when I can barely get out of bed, let alone do a full sink of dishes, and I have spent a lot of time internalizing the feeling that I am lazy or doing things wrong Shame is a paralyzing creature when it comes to our li [...]

    14. Short to the point and useful It s refreshing to reading a book of this nature that acknowledges and calls out gendered expectations associated with household work cleaning It s also accounts for how various disabilities factor into what we can and can t do physical or mentally when it comes to dealing with our space The 20 10 method fits what I m kind of already doing, but it was nice to have something structured to try and to get validation that doing things in short bursts still equals progr [...]

    15. I m a bit disappointed with this I wasn t really expecting any new ideas, but it all feels a bit simplified and dumbed down and cheerleader y Probably a good read for those who are living away from their parents home for the first time, or those who are just clueless about sorting tidying organisation, but I was hopingwell, I m not sure what I was hoping for maybe a magic wand but I didn t find it So 2 for me, with an extra star because I can see how it would be useful for those who fall firmly [...]

    16. Rachel Hoffman seems to know, throughout this book, that she neither has new information or advice to add to the existing army of clean up advice books nor enough material or interest to fill her own book The motives are therefore plainly to meet a market demand generated by her to do list app blog with a twist The twist being the use of humorously frank language.I m a sometime reader on the subject, though, and a reader of habit formation material as well With a field of works to compare it wit [...]

    17. A really helpful guide to keeping your home clean and organised with least effort Rachel Hoffman s approach is much realistic than most She has some great ideas that are easy, practical and achievable Her guide is for ordinary people without spare cash for expensive storage She suggests how you can learn new helpful habits but doesn t preach those rigid rules like folding your clothes in a certain way I like the author s kind and friendly writing style She understands that many people are overw [...]

    18. Very good take on cleaning and organization much realistic than some I liked the focus on preventing those exhausting marathon cleaning sessions, which I am prone to Plus the author actually acknowledges that if you have a chronic illness be it of body or brain , you re probably going to need to modify things a bit As you might surmise from the title, if you can t handle a lot of cussing, this isn t the book for you.

    19. I pre ordered this book back in July when I first heard about it and had been eagerly looking forward to reading it I dove into it as soon as it arrived and could not have picked a better way to start the new year After a busy holiday season all of a sudden it s back to reality and a house full of new stuff It can be overwhelming trying to deal with everything while trying to get back to routine and meet those New Year s resolutions Rachel Hoffman s lively writing style will motivate you to get [...]

    20. I got a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review Not exactly what I expected, but a definitely interesting book full of advice about how to keep your place clean or how to take it from a very messy level to a manageable one.I definitely appreciated the author s light tone, and the fact that she acknowledges how different we all are, and therefore how different our circumstances as well Looking at some household blogs and magazines, it s so true that we re shown perfect homes, wit [...]

    21. Ok, so aside from the concept of a cleaning or working Tabata 20 10 work rest ratio repeat as necessary what I was looking for is in the back of the book checklists, how to clean particular things and how often and other resources The rest of the book is great if things like sexist gender cleaning roles are getting you down or you have particular limitations to when and how much you can do things This felt very much like some of the better fitness books I ve read actually Do as much as you can i [...]

    22. If you re familiar with Hoffman s blog and other writing, there won t be anything terribly new here, but it s very handy to have it all in one place Hoffman is pretty much the only writer on cleaning decluttering who I can stand to read, and the only one whose techniques have been even halfway effective for me There were times when I wished this book was a little longer it would be great to have something about how to apply UFYH principles to something like cleaning out a spare room that s been [...]

    23. I used to read the Heloise Household Hints kinds of books, and realized that they were an artifact of a time when someone had the time and aspiration to do cleaning as a rigid schedule with demerits for not having starched curtains This is like what I used to teach in FYE classes the basics of how to sanitize stuff, demand that everyone who lives in a house both keep it clean and not contribute to the mess, do cleaning in short bursts when time and energy is available and make prioritizing deci [...]

    24. The last housekeeping book you will ever need.Okay, maybe the next to the last My one TINY quibble with this book is that the online resources section is not really all that resourceful More like an afterthought But you know what The rest of the book is so darned good, you don t really need to look anywhere else Hoffman has finally figured out housework forever and ever amen, alleluia.It s pretty simple, really instead of trying to create Martha Stewart style nirvana, Hoffman talks to her reader [...]

    25. Much useful and practical than most cleaning systems or methods like Kondo Hoffman does a good job of truly helping her reader start from wherever they honestly are and gives good advice on how to make steady progress without getting overwhelmed and giving up, which tends to be my problem as a perfectionist packrat

    26. I liked this book I always feel overwhelmed and don t know where to start This book gave helpful pointers into how and where to start As well as how to do it in bits and taking breaks rather than trying to tackle the whole thing which is how I get so overwhelmed It s a quick read and doesn t have any unrealistic tips like buying a bunch organizational things or hiring someone Would recommend for others who aren t offended by language Tip for those complaining about the language you can tell by [...]

    27. A book light on telling you what to do and directed towards helping you realize none of this is your fault Early chapters on mental health and how it can lead the vicious cycle of depression leading to clutter to depression to clutter, and so on, are something that i ve not seen in other books like this And nothing than a brief mention of hoarding, and then only in a warning that compulsive getting rid of things can be just as dangerous as compulsive acquiring of things A nice, simple book th [...]

    28. My review cross posted from Wit and Sin witandsin 2017 01I wasn t quite sure what to expect when I started Unf ck Your Habitat I m someone who adores Marie Kond s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up but finds it highly impractical for real life The blurb and, of course, title for Unf ck Your Habitat caught my eye, so I had to give it a try.Rachel Hoffman has a friendly, no nonsense writing style that makes her relatable from the start and is sure to set any reader at ease What sets Unf ck Your [...]

    29. This book is perfect for all of us who aren t Martha Stewartople who can t understand why their house doesn t look like the ones in Good Housekeepingople who actually own stuff, have pets, and live with other people Not only is it full of super simple to follow tips, strategies, and exercises, but there s also an explanation of the psychology behind why we hate to clean and how we can stop calling it laziness and start working with it It s written with a great deal of humor and compassion for si [...]

    30. ARC from Netgalley.I quite enjoyed this book Plan on taking advantage of these tips and possibly forcing some family members to read this book as well The author keeps the humor flowing alongside the simple and realistic pieces of advice Marathon cleanings are no longer necessary unless you really love them Toss out the fancy magazine organization and cleaning ideas and taylor the advice in this book to your needs.

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