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Sapphire Dragon By Terry Bolryder,

  • Title: Sapphire Dragon
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: 9781537111261
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second dragon has been awakenedLucien, or Luc to those who know him, didn t want to be brought back into the world he left behind centuries ago As the sapphire dragon, with incredible powers unlike any of the other awakened dragons, he is needed to protect humans in the modern world But he tried that once and it almost broke him apart All he wants is to go back iThe second dragon has been awakenedLucien, or Luc to those who know him, didn t want to be brought back into the world he left behind centuries ago As the sapphire dragon, with incredible powers unlike any of the other awakened dragons, he is needed to protect humans in the modern world But he tried that once and it almost broke him apart All he wants is to go back into ice, until he meets a kind curvy woman who rekindles the spark of hope within him, and ignites a passion he has never felt before Hallie knows exactly how unfair life can be sometimes, but she tries to focus on the positive in life Like her work helping people and animals at an animal shelter Still, she never expected a god like, tall, amazingly gorgeous man to walk into her shelter and say he wants to volunteer, and then admit that he just wanted an excuse to get to know her It seems too good to be true, other than the fact that Luc seems to be hiding secrets behind his dazzling sapphire eyes.As Hallie and Luc s curious courtship turns into a heated, passionate romance, Hallie is seeing and signs that her overprotective, supernaturally powerful lover might not be what he appears And Luc is trying to decide if he can awaken the good in him enough to deserve the only woman who has made him feel alive But to do that he may have to face monsters from his past, including the one inside himself.Warning contains ferocious dragons, fearsome fights, fiery love scenes and a sweet hairless cat that will steal your heart The second book in a brand new series with dragons unlike anything Terry has written
    Sapphire Dragon The second dragon has been awakenedLucien or Luc to those who know him didn t want to be brought back into the world he left behind centuries ago As the sapphire dragon with incredible powers unlik

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    1. The Oracle sends the ancient immortal dragon, Sapphire Dragon aka Luc to the leader of the awakened dragons Zach Isaac Morningstar III and his mate, Erin to help him learn the ways of modern mankind Luc, a healer and also able to make it rain literally was fighting past demons and as Erin said he was going through bouts of depression until they take him to an animal shelter in search of his own pet because Zach was not about to share Bo with Luc lol He connects instantly to a dying cat name Bast [...]

    2. Sweet, sexyPretty good read Nothing overtly exciting, book one set the flow for this one The storylines both follow the same flow, but the building story is in therehopefully as the series progresses we will get of the antagonist I love the dragons, but I m worried it s going to become monotonous if the plots are the same with minor tweaks On to book three

    3. 3.5 I enjoyed this one It s a nice quick read with a short climax I wish the climax was a bit substantive but the story was enjoyable in spite of that fact.

    4. DNFI thought a little world building would happen but I was left with questions than I had from book 1.The h accepted his vague excuses then fools around with him then he has vague excuses for not continuing THEN he leaves through the window This is where I jumped ship, I just can t with this girl who doesn t question a dude that would be a red flag IRL

    5. Everything feels so lukewarm in the series I mean even the villain isn t very villainy Everything s like mashed potatoes, yum but missing the spice of life.Next book, Ruby, you better bring the heat P.S I do love the boyish cuteness to the guys though D

    6. I liked this one better than the Onyx Dragon This had the intro into how Luc Sapphire had come to become who he was and how he had come to hate humans It s kind of adorable how he decides to become a volunteer at the animal shelter and lend his powers of healing just so he could heal and even get closer to both Hallie and Bastien How Luc and Hallie met was disappointingly predictable though him feeling like someone was in pain, finding out it was Hallie, wanting to ease that pain for her, etc Bu [...]

    7. Sometimes to care and love is the most dangerous and scariest emotions that we have The sapphire dragon Luc has been awaken to join the onyx dragon Zach and his mate Erin The Oracle believes that Luc is a pivotal dragon in their mission to help humanity, but the sapphire dragon is not the same dragon Zach used to respect and admire Can Luc overcome what haunts him And forgive himself Will a trip to the shelter to find Luc his own Bo prove to be the magic turning point for the seemingly broken dr [...]

    8. Sapphire dragon This is another great story sapphire dragon is the second book in the series but you can read any one in the series as there standalone novels too this concentrates on luc and Hallie ,luc wakes up from his slumber and has to find a way to love humans so he can get his powers back but before that he has to learn to forgive himself Its a great read if you liked paranormal romance then these books are just what you should read I could not put this book down its got action , romance [...]

    9. This is a sweet, little, light and easy dragon romance It is adult new adult Well written with an easy flow There is humor and very little tension of any kind I guess you could call this series a Quirky, amusing, moderately adult, paranormal romance There are a few typos editing errors Nothing that gets in the way of enjoying this quick, easy read.A fun read.

    10. This is like nearly every other shifter book I ve read, but I m okay with it There s something comforting about knowing they will work it out after whatever conflict, and have their HEA I did research on this author and I am thrilled by how many books there are I m definitely getting my money s worth out of my KU subscription.

    11. This series so far is a bit meh The plots are very wishy washy and lack any depth Everything is a bit vanilla, no real tension not even in the bed room really.I have the Red Dragon to read but am not feeling any great pull to start it.

    12. A sweet new series.This series is just so cute It s much different from Damon s mountains and her other series Instill like it and it makes me smile through the while book That s very nice.

    13. SweetSuch a sweet dragon with such a big heart This book just made me smile with how perfect these two are for each other.

    14. This was a good addition to the series It was fast paced, touching, sweet, a dash of drama angst, and some action I like reading about the dragon s past and abilities Now on to book 3

    15. Can t wait for Ruby Dragon Brilliant read as all the Terry Bolryder books I have read are Once I start reading I can t put the book down

    16. Lost in a world of dragons.If you want to get lost in a world of dragons and good versus evil The excitement and suspense builds from the beginning straight through to the end.

    17. Must read Dragon Shifter sI really addicted to this Dragon shifters Series A definite must read for anyone if you love shifter series

    18. I absolutely love this series The unique storylines, great characters, humor, crazy antics, and suspenseful twists all make for highly entertaining stories that you won t want to miss You ll fall in love with each of these sexy dragons and their mates, be laughing out loud throughout the book, and won t be able to put it down till the end, but still wanting Definitely a must read book series If you haven t read this series, I suggest that you start from the beginning You ll get to read amazing [...]

    19. Very Good 2 Sapphire once loved a village until it was destroyed by some other evil men who had laughed about what they had done so, he killed them But, when the Oracle woke him up from the sleep that she had put not only him Onyx in but other dragons too he made a trip to the animal shelter to find a cat of his own he found much .Hallie works in the animal shelter just happened to be there when Onyx, Erin Sapphire came into the shelter Sapphire Hallie s romance has some ups downs in it some of [...]

    20. Wake Dragons Ohh La La Great story, really believable, emotional, heartwarming and Hot Action, excitement, adventure and Hot I am truly enjoying this series so far I am excited for I already own the next book in this series If you love Dragons you ll enjoy this series.

    21. Luc and HallieI just started reading Paranormal stories early this year There are many things I like about them, one, they don t pay particular care about if the heroine is white or black It makes so much sense there is no color with animals and love knows no color So far this is the second book in the series I ve read I love Luc and Hallie it is hilarious what Luc goes through as he tries to get used to this new world and handle a mate which is a new thing for him I recommend reading this book [...]

    22. Lucien, or Luc, has been awakened, given a crash course in how the modern world works, and been sent to live with Zach, the Onyx dragon, and his mate Erin until he learns to like humans Lucien doesn t want to learn to like humans His powers have been restrained and his dragon hoard taken away until this changes.He used to like humans, back before he saw what they could do to each other He used to be an advocate for dragon human relations, until his anger caused him to kill a band of humans for w [...]

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