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Curious Tales By Miloš Macourek Adolf Born,

  • Title: Curious Tales
  • Author: Miloš Macourek Adolf Born
  • ISBN: 9780192714275
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A collection of 14 cautionary tales in which the hapless heroes and heroines defy the laws of the adult world with interesting results.
    Curious Tales A collection of cautionary tales in which the hapless heroes and heroines defy the laws of the adult world with interesting results

    One thought on “Curious Tales”

    1. We had this book kicking around the shelves for quite a while I know I had read several before to my son when he was young, to children of friends and family I re read it now because Macourek wrote or collaborated on screenplays for several Czech films Who Wants to Kill Jessie is one film that is readily available in the US via netflix Other films include Sir, You Are A Widow , Visitors From the Galaxy Arcana , and Four Murders Are Enough, Darling Most of these films you can watch on youtube, th [...]

    2. This is, hands down, some of the best stories I have ever read Never mind how old you are Who can resist The Macaronies That Went For a Walk or A Home for 10,000 Alarm Clocks The stories are great, the illustrations are great Get it if you can I think it s out of print, which makes me sad because I gave my first addition copy to a seven year old.

    3. I guess I have to use this book as the English equivalent to the book I read, although I have a book by the same author in Estonian with 30 odd stories and poems in But they seem to be the same stories I have already read.I came to this author when I was 21 and in Uni, where one of my new friends lent it to me, saying read these really weird, mad, but genius stories And I read and I laughed so much at the authors imagination By a totally lucky stroke karma I found the book a week or so later in [...]

    4. Kakav manijak, taj Macourek Ina e Milo Macourek je lu ak poznatiji kao scenarist fantazmagori nih filmova e kog vala kinematografije 80 ih, ali njegove bajke su ne to vrijedno gutanja Nisam ba siguran koliko je to tivo za djecu Djevoj ica sa rezervnom glavom , Jakob i 200 djedova , Makaroni koji su i li u etnju da li je u ehoslova koj LSD bio lako dostupan E, da, jo ne to on upravne govore ne odvaja ni crtom ni navodnicima, ve zarezima Vjerujem da ova knjiga ima najdulje re enice koje sam ikad i [...]

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