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Chains of Gaia By James Fahy,

  • Title: Chains of Gaia
  • Author: James Fahy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 165
  • Format: None
  • Something has happened in the forest, boy, he said Something terrible A Shard has been found, a Shard of the Arcania, and a monster has awoken If you go down to the woods today Something dark and dangerous stirs deep in the Netherworlde A violent, primal power, awoken from its slumber by the Shards of the Arcania.A scourge lies on the great Everhart forest, a rampag Something has happened in the forest, boy, he said Something terrible A Shard has been found, a Shard of the Arcania, and a monster has awoken If you go down to the woods today Something dark and dangerous stirs deep in the Netherworlde A violent, primal power, awoken from its slumber by the Shards of the Arcania.A scourge lies on the great Everhart forest, a rampaging beast laying waste to the woods, and to the towns and villages that border it, bringing destruction.It leaves none alive, and Robin Fellows, heir of Erlking and the world s last Changeling, may be the only one who can stop it.Pressed into service, Robin and his friends must navigate the deep and twisting secrets of the legendary woods, fighting to save the Netherworlde s inhabitants from the ever growing menace, while racing against dark enemies also searching for the source of the monster s power the Shard of Earth.Troubled by a rising darkness from within, and a tendency for his magic to go haywire, before Robin can wander from the path and begin to unravel the truth beneath the trees, he must first find a way to come to terms with who and what he is.Unexpected and unwelcome guests at Erlking, and uncertain guides in the wilderness, unsure what secrets are being hidden, even by his closest friends, Robin must decide who he can trust in a world where it seems no one, friend or foe, is exactly as they appear.Chains of Gaia is the thrilling third instalment of James Fahy s bestselling Changeling series Perfect for fans of High Fantasy storytelling and Fae mythology, this sequel to Isle of Winds and The Drowned Tomb delves even deeper into the magical Netherworlde, and into the mystery of Robin s own past.
    Chains of Gaia Something has happened in the forest boy he said Something terrible A Shard has been found a Shard of the Arcania and a monster has awoken If you go down to the woods today Something dark and dang

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    1. Chains of Gaia by English author James Fahy Book Three of The Changeling Series With each book, I love returning to Erkling and the Netherworlde, to catch up with Robin, Henry, Karya, Woad and the other Erklingers.This time, Robin and his friends have to retrieve the Shard of Earth from the heart of the Everhart Forest A scourge lies over the great forest, as a rampaging beast lays waste to it, and to villages that border it Their journey is fraught with danger as they encounter centaurs, a mino [...]

    2. After reading the second instalment in this series a few months ago, I have been very very eagerly awaiting the release of this book so I could read on and find out what adventures and troubles Robin and our gang of Erklingers encounter next and it was most definitely worth the wait This time around, we see Robin and his friends trying to retrieve the Earth Shard, whilst also dealing with a minotaur, centaurs, dryads, and, of course The Grimms We see some new characters introduced to this book, [...]

    3. Where do I even begin How do I review this without spoiling anything for you future readers Ever have that feeling of going back to some place familiar and comfortable like being tucked into your childhood bed Well here I am, back in Erkling, with Henry, Hestia, Woad, Aunt Irene, Inky I m HOME and ready for another adventure to the Netherworlde This time they must retrieve the Shard of Earth and in the process have to deal with centaurs, a minotaur, dryads and new parts of the Netherworlde just [...]

    4. Epic high fantasy fare.Fahy continues to enthrall and delight in this third book in the Changeling saga.equal parts charming and magical but also dark and bloody, Robin Fellow s third adventure treads a careful tightrope between enchanting and beautiful landscapes and some truly pretty moments the treetop city of the dryads with its glowing bridges and fireflies but balanced against this is some very dark imagery, Banshees making you face your worst fears in moonlit haunted towns, tales of peopl [...]

    5. Without going into any spoilers, if you enjoyed the other two books then I can t possibly recommend this enough, without a doubt my personal favourite book within the series so far This book still contained all the best aspects of the previous two books such as the wonderful Erlking atmosphere, comedy, references and great characters but it really took the overall plot a step further We finally get a glimpse of Eris herself in this volume and just as interestingly we finally get to see some of t [...]

    6. Chains of Gaia was everything I was expecting, with extra toppings It s amazing watching Robin and his gang grow We also get to see what some other characters can do Book three is action packed and filled with adventure, seeing as it s roughly the same length as books one and book two put together I can t wait for book four and to see which shard is next.

    7. Welcome back to Erlking my friends home of the last Changeling, Robin Fellows Fahy does not disappoint in this latest installment of The Changeling series Fantastic adventure ensues as Robin, accompanied by friends new and old, rushes to find the next Shard of Arcania Pasts are revealed and secrets hinted at as we follow the young heroes on their quest I loved the deeper development of the characters and watching them grow I am already hungry for the next installment to see how it develops If yo [...]

    8. A very enjoyable readThe saga of the world s last Changeling continues and this time Robin and his group of Friends are seeking the shard of Earth, only instead of being hidden in a statue on a windy floating island or buried in a grave in a sunken church, this shard of the Arcania is a little bit different s already been found, for a start, and it s released a very dangerous earth spirit dragon think princess mononoke into the world, and now it s laying waste to parts of the Netherworlde, killi [...]

    9. This didn t feel like a separate book to me as I put Drowned Tomb down and picked this up the same day, so it all felt like a continuation, but I ll review it separately, because it deserves its own words.This third volume is maybe the darkest so far in the series of Robin s adventures as a changeling Sure in book one he gets menaced by the brothers Grim, and in book two he gets captured by the enemy in a war camp, but this book sees him, amongst other thing eaten, beaten, locked in a cage and p [...]

    10. James Fahy does it again He is an absolutely brilliant fantasy writer I still want to visit the Netherworld as well as Erlking James has the ability to make the characters come alive As with all the other books I wish this one could be made into a movie Brilliant writing brilliant characters Thank you Venture Press for the copy I look forward to reading of James Fahy, one of my favourite writers.

    11. Loved being back in the magical Netherworlde once again Robin covers a lot of ground in this book, both physically and emotionally, and we really see him grow up a lot and come into his own we also get a lot of character development from Henry, Karya and Jackalope and Woad continues to be the happy centre of the Erlking family, keeping everyone in place with his fantastic one liners and side on outlook on things I LOVED aunt Irene in this book, she had a proper Gandalf the White moment here no s [...]

    12. Just fantastic I ve been waiting forever for book three of this series, as I adore it so far, and I have to say I was NOT dissapointed If anything, the story of Robin and the rest of Erlking just goes from strength to strength In this third installment of the saga, we see the scion of the Netherworlde facing new challenges, and spending a great deal time in the Netherworlde.As always, there are wonderful and magical locations to explore, a dreamlike forest, a haunted hill, a creepy labrynth and [...]

    13. This is the third book in the Changeling Series, and I wasn t able to put it down.The author s style is so cinematic, that the need to see this story as a movie is almost physical I loved the magical elements, the Lions and Dragons made from Earth, the magical treetop city full of glowing lights and winged insect people think Rivendell but with dragonfly people The BEEPLE Once again, we re presented with familiar sounding monsters from myth and legend this time around Centaur and Dryads but they [...]

    14. The third installment in Robin Fellow s tale is superior to the first two in my opinion, and thats saying something, because the first two are simply wonderful.i ve been eagerly awaiting being able to revisit this world, and i was so happy to be treated to a fantastic new adventure full of all the excitement and wonderful writing ive come to expect.what i like about this series most is that each book is its own little adventure this one dealing with a mythical monster laying waste to a huge fore [...]

    15. This is my favourite of the series so far which considering I loved the first two books, is saying something.Chains of Gaia throws all the good guys and bad guys in the air, and seems to delight in seeing where they land we see Robin flirting romantically with the enemy We find Henry making alliances with a Grimm, we come across good characters, Jackalope, FFoulkes, Hawthorn, all having dubious pasts and actions For MG fantasy, this is a series that at no point feels like it doesn t treat it s y [...]

    16. This series is my comfort blanket of reads I adore Erlking and the Netherworlde and am waiting patiently for my invite This time Robin and his crew must venture into the great Everhart forest to retrieve the Shard of Earth, and what a journey it is There are centaurs to flee from, a race of gentle tree people, a minotaur in a labyrinth, a painful past to deal with, and that s just a part of it The author weaves a fantasy world so rich that you can almost taste it The imagery takes your breath aw [...]

    17. just wow.talk about upping the ante this series is getting bigger with every book, and I dont mean the thickness of the story although that too I mean the themes it covers, and the scale of the world and events unfolding around our heros In Book two we touched on paralells of death camps and survivor mental issues with the character of Jackalope who has roman numerals etched into his arm replacing his name in a pretty harrowing nod to concentration camps during WW2 and the numbering of prisoners [...]

    18. Another great installment in the series I was once again immersed in the world and its characters Karya remains to be a favourite of mine As always looking forward to the sequel.

    19. Chains of Gaia is the third book in an increasingly dark series, and I love the way things are progressing As Robin gets a little older, the kind of problems he faces get grimmer, and here in book three we see him struggling less with simple monsters and magic, and with knowing who to trust, getting to grips with his own personal demons, and coming into his own as the Scion of the Arcania, with all the resposibility that brings though dont get me wrong, there are monsters and magic aplenty here [...]

    20. The forests are calling, and Robin Fellows, last changing, student of the magical arts and also slightly awkward and uncertain teenager, must answer the call Robin has come some way since he arrived in the little village of Barrowood aged twelve with a flute in his pocket and no clue what was going on Fast forward a couple of years and we re facing down dragons, solving riddles in a minotaur s maze and breaking into the most dangerous high security prison in the whole Netherworlde.His family of [...]

    21. I was a little concerned about this book i d enjoyed the first two so much, and ive read other series that have fizzled out a few books in, but I had nothing to worry about In fact, Chains of Gaia is by far the strongest book in the series so far I adored it.Coming back to Erlking felt like coming home myself, spending time with old freinds in new situations, but Fahy never just rehashes the same story, characters develop and grow, the backstory gets and twisted, and the shadows in the Netherw [...]

    22. As usual the story and dangerous adventures of Robin drew me into a magical world with many unexpected twists and turns The further development of minor characters was a true delight I truly love this series It is unique, witty and set in a vividly created fantastical world Can t wait for the next instalment A firm fave author

    23. book three of this series is a much bigger story than the first two books, and a lot of new characters are introduced too, which i loved some of them have big parts to play in future books obviously and others came and went, but as ive come to expect from this series they are all crafted with care and add depth to the universe of the Netherworld the ending of this volume is almost a cliffhanger but in a good way and really set my apitite for the next book

    24. This book was about a boy that goes on an adventure into the woods with his friends, fighting evil But this is no normal forest this is the Nertherworlde, and much can happen Fueled by the shard of the Aracna, the Earth Shard, the beast is roaming around, causing destruction and danger wherever it goes Forced into finding and killing this beast because of a debt, Robin must save the forest and his people before it s too late On top of that, he must find out who he can trust and discover who and [...]

    25. I was eagerly awaiting this, having greatly enjoyed books one and two, and I loved how this volume took the characters we already know, and showed some of them to us in a different light.There are lots of character arcs in this series, leaping all over the place, Mr Strife, Miss Peryl, Jackalope and Karya, and at the centre of it all is Robin, spinning everyone elses story around him like plates on sticks luckily he does this expertly, and everything we re told just makes me want to know about [...]

    26. The 1st book of this series seemed a little derivative Harry Potter meets Narnia but with the second and now the third book, there is originality and the writer holds enough mystery back make me want to read .Considering this series is free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this world I am very happy to have found this author and will read of his work.

    27. loving this series and book three is no exception very pleased that in a book full of hormonal teenagers we ve managed to get three books in without the dreaded love triangle that haunts so many YA books There is romance here hints of it anyway but it feels like its building naturally over books, not forced by the genre

    28. The best book so far in an amazing series.I feel like i ve been waiting forever for this third book, but I can tell you it was well worth the wait.The story is great, the mysteries get even deeper, but the best thing about the book for me was Miss Peryl.I LOVED her character in book two She was so fun, and evil but not evil and then evil again I really couldnt make my mind up about her and I love that, so I really had my fingers crossed that she would make an appearance in book three, and wow, d [...]

    29. Book three of the Changeling Series sees Robin and his friends doing a lot of emotional development and growing up Robin learns to harness a new element, and develops his skills as a leader, Henry overcomes his feelings of inadequacy as the groups only non magical human Karya faces a royal reception from a group of tree dwelling Panthea who seem to worship her, and Woad remains determinedly uncowed Jackalope, introduced as a smaller character in the previous book, gets of an integration into th [...]

    30. Just excellent Book three of Fahy s classic fantasy odyssey takes us deeper into the Netherworlde than ever before, and this time around, we learn so much about some of the interesting characters Strigoi, Irene, and of course Mr Strife Who is William great new characters too, and a fantastic and action packed plot full of minotaurs, centaurs and lions and dragons made from earth and wood Every time I step into the Netherworlde, it gets richer and wilder, and I love it.

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