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The Winter of Frankie Machine By Don Winslow Dennis Boutsikaris,

  • Title: The Winter of Frankie Machine
  • Author: Don Winslow Dennis Boutsikaris
  • ISBN: 9780786160921
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Frank Machianno is a late middle aged ex surf bum who runs a bait shack on the San Diego waterfront An affable Italian with a love of people and life, he s a stand up businessman, devoted father, and a beloved fixture in the community He s also a hitman, a retired hitman Back in the day when he was one of the most feared members of the West Coast Mafia, he was known asFrank Machianno is a late middle aged ex surf bum who runs a bait shack on the San Diego waterfront An affable Italian with a love of people and life, he s a stand up businessman, devoted father, and a beloved fixture in the community He s also a hitman, a retired hitman Back in the day when he was one of the most feared members of the West Coast Mafia, he was known as Frankie Machine Frank consigned his Mob ties to the past years ago and wants them to stay there But a favor being called in now by the local boss is one Frank can t refuse, and soon he s sucked back into the treacherous currents of his former life Someone from the past wants him dead He has to figure out who and why, and he has to do it fast.
    The Winter of Frankie Machine Frank Machianno is a late middle aged ex surf bum who runs a bait shack on the San Diego waterfront An affable Italian with a love of people and life he s a stand up businessman devoted father and

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    1. The Power of the Dog is my favorite novel by Don Winslow and it s on a very short list of my favorite books of all time But The Winter of Frankie Machine is easily my second favorite of Winslow s books while all of the others are tied for third.What I love most about the book is the character that Winslow has created in the protagonist, Frank Machianno The first chapter, in which Frank rises and goes through the routine of beginning his day, is alone worth the price of admission You ll never fin [...]

    2. It s a lot of work being me, Frank Machianno often thinks, and he s got a point Despite being in his early sixties, Frank is the slightly fussy owner of several small businesses that keep him hopping Among them is the bait shop on San Diego s Ocean Beach Pier where Frank is a local fixture, and he still makes time for the Gentlemen s Hour, when several old timers gather to surf Since his daughter just got into medical school, it looks like Frank is going to be busy for the foreseeable future to [...]

    3. My uncle always told me, You always have to use your brain in this thing, and you always have to use the gun Crazy Phil LeonettiDon Winslow is a total guilty pleasure I think the clich that there are only seven basic stories needs to be expanded to include reluctant former mobster hitmen who surf I love how the late 2000s brought some pretty amazing surfing slacker crime fiction You ve got Winslow s The Winter of Frankie Machine and The Dawn Patrol, Pynchon s Inherent Vice, obviously the Big Leb [...]

    4. I was concerned about reading a second book by Winslow after Savages was so good, fearful that he just wouldn t live up to that book and the hype surrounding him, but this book confirms that I am a scaredy cat for no good reason I wish I could ve reviewed this when I finished it, my mind was filled with superlatives, interesting comparisons and a strong analysis, however since that plane journey I have read 3 books and spent my days walking around Sydney so my ideas are not as fresh.The title i [...]

    5. 8 10When a retired hitman is targeted out of the blue the old skills come flooding back and the hunt is on as to who would want him dead after all this time Introduced as a favourite local and somewhat standup citizen, there is than meets the eye with Frank I really enjoyed this short novel about a retired mafia hitman and his forced re entry into the life that he used to know The way the tale was weaved from current events unfolding and his previous exploits was deftly done and provided loose [...]

    6. I read this back in 2007 and absolutely loved it Everyone I recommended it to, loved it as well My brother in law passed it on to his friend that never ever read and he credits this book with getting him into reading This friend is now a voracious reader My husband has read almost everything this author has written now and I think it s time I jump back on the band wagon

    7. LA PRIMAVERA ARRIVA D INVERNOUn buon thriller, robusto, potente, con dialoghi curati, trama non certo rivoluzionaria, gi letta, gi vista ma il segreto nelle piccole variazioni, in come si usano e amalgamano gli ingredienti, e la pietanza cucinata da Winslow appetibile, onesta, divertente.Nelle prime quaranta pagine facciamo la conoscenza col protagonista, un sessantenne che ha ancora parecchio da insegnare ai pischelli, smentendo il luogo comune che quello non sia un paese per vecchi Frank e i s [...]

    8. Love don Winslow this was a brilliant novel but, no where near as good as the power of dog, which is in my all time top ten books If you haven t read any Don Winslow books before I would highly recommended him.

    9. This is the first book I ve read by this author Don Winslow has a truly distinctive voice His introduction of Frankie The Machine Machianno is masterful We savor his likes and dislikes, look into his life as a fish vendor on the San Diego waterfront Only at the end to we find out Frankie s previous job hitman for the mob Frankie s heart shows through in his relationship with his ex wife, his current mistress and above all his daughter No sense trying to summarize the plot Someone wants Frankie d [...]

    10. This was a good story surrounding a man who had gotten out of the mob and now has a normal productive life, a longtime girlfriend and a daughter who is going to be a doctor I m usually not draw to Mob type books but I found it easy to connected to the protagonist Frankie Machine , retired When a contract is put out on his life he is pulled back in and is desperately trying to figure out the what and why of it all He is forced to become Frankie Machine again to kill before being killed and protec [...]

    11. Wow.Just, wow.If you ve been fortunate enough to have read this wonderful book, you ll completely understand my one word review If you haven t yet read this, I recommend that you get yourself a copy, now Utterly gripping, I haven t felt an impact from a book like this in quite a while and I even started slowing my reading pace towards the end, hoping to prolong the story for another few hours This book sucked me in from page 1 I often find that such a cliched saying but in this case, it s so tru [...]

    12. This was a fun book Violent at times, bits of humor, tender moments, a mystery, thrilling parts, a twist here and there, interesting characters I enjoyed the way most of the story was told in flashbacks It covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time Recommended to anyone who likes thrillers but wants something a little different And if you can keep up with who s who among the names Jackie, Paulie, Frankie, Johnny, Mikey, Mouse, Mouse Jr, Mo Mo, etc Spelling may be off as I was audiobooking [...]

    13. this is a truly excellent noir, but i get VERY ANNOYED when there is all that mafia involved, with their mispronounced audiobook last names and the various mispronounced italian all over the place but heck, super cool hard boiled mystery.

    14. Frank the Bait Guy Everyone loves him This is the guy who runs a bait shop on one of San Diego s piers Frank is a man who lives on a strict schedule He times his breakfast, shower, drive, and business hours with the goal of achieving the most efficient day possible Frank is there to help out the local fisherman, sponsor little league soccer teams, guide fathers on where to take their sons fishing, advise surfers on where the big breaks are located, and carve out a little time for himself It s no [...]

    15. The Winter of Frankie Machine is a mix of The Sopranos and Grumpy Old Men Perhaps that s even insulting to describe this novel compared to those other shows movies The novel flits seamlessly back and forth in time while Frank The Machine Machianno tries to find out who put a hit out on him while he is trying to live a legit life The fun part about this book is that Frankie Machine is a great anti hero to root for even though he has his share of demons in his closet Winslow s prose is delightful [...]

    16. I thought this was a terrific book I love the way Don Winslow writes It s amazing when an author can take someone who has done bad things and make the reader really care about the character, flaws and all And Frankie Machine, mafia killer, is flawed but in Winslow s hands, he seems like the kind of guy you d like to hang out with When he s not on a rampage, that is An absolute page turner I can totally see a movie coming from this one

    17. 3.5 starsThis author is a master of taking a bunch of characters and stories and weaving them all together Each book is like a giant spider web I enjoyed this but not as much as his other stories I liked Frank but some of the back stories didn t hold my interest Not my favorite by this author but by no means a bad book.

    18. Don Winslow s storytelling style makes it look easywhich it most assuredly is not This tale is very cleverly put together, and it s also a lot of fun, with plenty of action and zingy dialogue Winslow also layers in just the right amount of real life characters and events under the veil of his fiction, and he also uses location to very good effect Frankie Machine the nod to Nelson Algren is something else I enjoyed is a terrific central character Winslow pulls off another difficult feat in making [...]

    19. This is my first exposure to Don Winslow s writing, and while I can t say I was bowled over by this book, I ve learned that he has a lot of stuff out there, and much of it looks rather interesting and even diverse.The voice of the American Italian rings very true in this book There s a subtle undercurrent of absurdity as Frankie recalls his past and tries to figure out who has put a contract out on him, and why In the early chapters we see Frank as an intensely hard working middle aged man who l [...]

    20. Frank Machine.El hecho de haber disfrutado tanto de esta obra me hace plantear la posibilidad de crear una nueva Shelf Bad Boys.Don Winslow en su entrega The Winter of Frankie Machine nos presenta un protagonista como pocos, riqu simo en cuanto a composici n psicof sica y de ensamblaje perfecto con el resto del elenco que en este caso era nada m s ni nada menos que La Cosa Nostra mafia italiana asentada en los EEUU.Este es un libro que sin lugar a dudas volver a a leer, porque es de ese tipo de [...]

    21. A lot of good stuff here, but nothing we haven t seen before A surfing hitman Lots of SOPRANOS violence, SOPRANOS sex, plus tons of Sixties nostalgia and surfing How can you go wrong Well, first of all, there s not nearly enough surfing, and NO Dick Dale music We hear a lot about surfing, but never get the feel of the good times or the music The hero fought in Vietnam, but we don t hear much about that either Frankie has a whole career as a mob hitman behind him, but we re supposed to believe he [...]

    22. Funny, violent, wildly readable and often very tender, Don Winslow s story about hit man Frankie Machine being forced out of retirement when his otherwise peaceful existence is threatened is probably his best book yet Following the excellent, but overlong Power of the Dog, Winslow channels early, peak El Leonard here, inhabiting his pages with quick, witty dialogue and the usual collection of Mafia types, strippers, politicians, and druggies.Some might feel the conflicted warm killer, Frankie, i [...]

    23. Did my reading taste change or is my available reading material less idealistic I remember when, in describing a story, the main character would be called The Hero I notice a shift now to The Protagonist Much of popular fiction is presented from the point of view of a criminal, a sociopath, a generally not nice person not a Hero Frankie Machianno s wife and daughter don t think of him as much of a hero, but his girlfriend, surf buddies, current business associates at least think of him as a nice [...]

    24. When one of my friends gave this book a great review, I thought it sounded interesting so got a copy and dove in Surfer dude in his early 60 s runs a bait shop in one of my favorite cities San Diego has a few rental properties, delivers fresh fish to local restaurants and surfs with his buddies during gentlemen s hour when the older dudes take over the waves when the younger folks take off for work Pretty ideal existence until he finds himself running for his life as his past as a mafia hitman, [...]

    25. Ive been meaning to check out Don Winslow since checking out his epic the power of the dog Whilst this was not quite as powerful as that it still packed a punch More than just your run of the mill gangster novel This has some great action set pieces Its fast paced and doesnt outstay its welcome.

    26. This was a fun read with everything I was looking for Mob stuff, a crime mystery, a lone hit man just trying to mind his own business this book has everything The back in the day alternating with current events thing doesn t work for everyone, but it seems to work fine here As much as I wanted to get on with the story, the flashbacks really fleshed out the main character and I started to get just as wrapped up in those stories as I was in the current one Not sure how I felt about the second endi [...]

    27. A cut above the rest of the genre while a surfing ex mafia hitman who is as tough as nails and is trying to escape his past is perhaps of an amalgamation of cliches then anything new somehow that adds to the enjoyment rather than detracts An excellent crime thriller

    28. I really enjoyed this audiobook The narrator was good and despite the gangster theme and many dead bodies, it was actually a sort of feel good book Yes, I know, usually a Don Winslow book has the tendency to leave the reader sort of depressed and worried about the future of the world This one, however, is far less bleak.Frankie Machiano is a hit man or rather he was a hit man for various gangsters Oh he did a lot of other things for them as well, but he was a very talented hit man Frankie follow [...]

    29. La vida de Frankie Machianno un personaje legendario de la mafia ya retirado da un vuelco cuando se ve obligado a intervenir en una mediaci n A partir de ah se nos cuentan los primeros pasos de Frankie en la cosa nostra alternando con los acontecimientos del presente hasta que ambos llegan a coincidir No me extra a que Robert de Niro haya adquirido los derechos para adaptarlos a la gran pantalla porque la historia se ajusta a su perfil como un guante Como en otras entegas del autor El poder del [...]

    30. When I started this book I was intrigued by the detailed character development and how the plot segued for the protagonist from a normal life to his reluctantly resuming life as a criminal I became less interested when I thought the story lost some of its focus as the book progressed Pretty good read, but a stronger start than finish for me.

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