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Ravenscroft By Dorothy Eden,

  • Title: Ravenscroft
  • Author: Dorothy Eden
  • ISBN: 9780449024300
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bella McBride and her timid sister Lally had been innocently caught in a notorious scandal that shook all of Victorian England Orphaned and poor they were forced to seek their fortunes in London, but instead had sadly fallen into the clutches of an infamous pairwho turned out to be criminals engaged in the exploitation of young women Guy Raven, a dynamic poliBella McBride and her timid sister Lally had been innocently caught in a notorious scandal that shook all of Victorian England Orphaned and poor they were forced to seek their fortunes in London, but instead had sadly fallen into the clutches of an infamous pairwho turned out to be criminals engaged in the exploitation of young women Guy Raven, a dynamic politician saved them from that fate, and took the two girls in To retrieve his own reputation, he proposed marriage to Bella.Even though Bella and Lally were now ladies of fashion living in a spacious country home called Ravenscroft and Bella was expecting her first child, things were still not right Every room of the manor and indeed Guy himself was haunted by the memory of Guy s first wife but worst of all, the criminals who had tormented Bella and had been exposed by Guy now lay diabolical plans for revenge
    Ravenscroft Bella McBride and her timid sister Lally had been innocently caught in a notorious scandal that shook all of Victorian England Orphaned and poor they were forced to seek their fortunes in London but

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    1. This might have been a good read if it was written by someone else or if the heroine hadn t been such a scalding moo, the hero hadn t been dragging such obnoxious Dead Spouse Baggage, the plot had proceeded on a even keel At least this particular Eden had something of a story arc But the main characters all made my teeth grind some being shrill twats, others being dumb as stumps, still others standing around grinning or wringing their hands to show how unreasonably awful and or idiotic the MCs [...]

    2. When I was in junior high school I started reading gothic romance novels by Victoria Holt, Dorothy Eden, Mary Stewart, and Phyllis A Whitney I don t remember how far into high school I continued reading them, other than The Moon spinners which I still own But I loved this genre It satisfied a romantic longing in me even though I knew the relationships depicted were not realistic That wasn t the point The point was to be swept along in the predictable romance and danger of the brooding sensual he [...]

    3. This book is a worthwhile read for gothic suspense lovers.ough you will probably have problems with it throughout, as i did, not wanting to give any spoilers away, I will not go into detail I found myself thinking if only she had done this here or it would have been better if d especially the endingIf those things had been improved upon I would have loved this book had so many things going for it that I look for in a great read, but in the end, i was left unsatisfied, so I had to lower the score [...]

    4. The beginning of this book was very good However, I stopped reading when the story started to get bogged down From what I remember, this is not the first book of hers I ve put aside for the same reason I m beginning to think that this author is not for me Unfortunately, I think I have quite a few left in my TBR pile

    5. I got to the bit where the heroine is raped by her husband and went okay, enough of this since they end up a happy loving couple by the end.

    6. Just re read this book which I had enjoyed in my teen Gothic phase It didn t hold up The suspense plot is OK, actually rather well done Villains are well drawn and sufficiently menacing Social context is better than you get from most Gothics What lets the book down is the romance part It just isn t romantic Heroine is brash, tactless, conceited and silly in her expectations Hero would get a pass from me except for view spoiler the marital rape scene hide spoiler Unfortunately, such scenes were a [...]

    7. After about 100 pages in I started getting a nauseated feeling in my stomach and was unable to continue reading without skipping ahead The book was so much better before Guy Raven entered the picture.I wasn t a fan of Bella to begin with, but after she finagled her way into getting Guy to propose to her instead of Lally, my dislike became even stronger I can t say I cared for Lally either, all she did was cry, faint, and burst into hysterics.You already knew where the story was headed as soon as [...]

    8. After reading three of her books, Dorothy Eden is now a favorite She doesn t shy away from the dark side of life, but does it without being graphic Lots of creeping dread.One thing I enjoy about Gothics is that you don t have to love like the main characters but you still worry over them And Guy Raven has to be a close to perfect name for a man in a book like this.

    9. Fabulous book I have always been a fan of Dorothy Eden and it gave me great pleasure to re reade of my favorites I highly recommend reading her books if you h favorite books You can t go wrong reading a book by Dorothy Eden My other favorite is Sleep in the Woods.

    10. I enjoyed the read, but the story was predictable a rather typical gothic romance Perfect when you re in the mood for something light.

    11. Very claustrophobic book The heroine is trapped in one sense or another almost from the moment the reader meets her Classic gothic in that the specifics of the plot are somehow secondary to an amorphous sense of menace that overlays everything, somehow connecting all the heroine s trials and tribulations into a swiftly moving spiral of fear.OTOH, I wanted to thump the hero for being a total peabrain on a right regular basis, the heroine only slightly less often I won t go so far as to say it s a [...]

    12. As a fan of gothic romance novels, this one stands out as one of my favorites of all time The plot is interesting, dark, and completes in the manner expected I have yet to read a gothic romance that actually surprises me with a plot twist I still want to marry Guy Raven, despite being over thirty at this point in my life Then again dark, standoffish, priggish men have always appealed to me As for the heroine, I can remember empathizing with her I too was the less attractive dark haired sister Wh [...]

    13. Set in 1850s London, downtrodden but fiery doctor s daughter Bella is saved from a life of prostitution by dashing politician Guy Raven, and is pressed into a marriage of convenience with Guy once a Scandal erupts How can she make Guy love her, and escape the machinations of the vile criminals who were determined to sell her into white slavery A little contrived, and some of the historical detail is not particularly convincing, but it s a lot of fun, and I tore through it in a few days It s a di [...]

    14. Ravenscroft and Lady of Mallow were my favorite of Dorothy Eden s books I read them many times as a young lass, loving the gothic combination of suspense, romance and 19th century English settings and gowns The author creates main characters you can grow fond of and empathize with, as well as having a deft hand with portraying the sinister In the end, the women rescue themselves and create lives and relationships they are happy with, so hurrah for Bella and Lally, and how very satisfying that Mr [...]

    15. One of the best gothics I ve read in a long time From the terror filled beginning when a seemingly sweet old lady befriends Bella send her sister Lally travelling to London to seek employment and their rescue by a nobleman who has taken it upon himself to rescue ladies in the poor sections of London who are being used and abused, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat Thinking they are safe, the girls find themselves still haunted by the old lady and her son who are in jail.I read this [...]

    16. Ravenscroft is my absolute FAVORITE book It has everything Romance, heart, suspense, angst, drama and mystery I ll need to come back and edit my review after reading it again cause it s time again to take it off the shelf and fall in love with it all over again But for now, just know, that I love, love, LOVE this book

    17. I probably won t be reading this again, it was OK, but nothing special The hero was absolutely awful, and the plot seemed a little rushed It was also full of little things that weren t fully explained, or that would have benefitted from explanation, such as the older sister s mental condition Aside from things like that, it was a mediocre but fun enough historical mystery.

    18. Totally over the top melodrama, but kind of fun Oftentimes the characters actions made no sense, but I guess that s what one must come to expect in a gothic novel.

    19. Yay, not a governess in love with a married man story but instead a marriage of convenience that ends up an actual marriage.

    20. Stylish Gothic Victorian story by a master storyteller Kept me glued to the page I m looking forward to reading of this author.

    21. It was fun, interesting, and a fast read Although totally predictable I was nevertheless very entertained and enjoyed it a great deal.

    22. I loved everything Dorothy Eden put her pen to when I was in high school I doubt that I could actually read much of it now, though.

    23. Not badly written but the characters are just hateful I didn t like any of them and I couldn t understand why Bella fell in love with Guy or why she didn t slap the shit out of Lallie.

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