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The Solar System By Nate Ball Wes Hargis,

  • Title: The Solar System
  • Author: Nate Ball Wes Hargis
  • ISBN: 9780062357434
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “The Solar System”

    1. Felix, Rosa, Braden, and Wendy are investigating with Nate again and this time it s all about the solar system They re investigating whether or not Pluto is a planet The definition of a planet has changed, even though Pluto hasn t.On this adventure, Nate teaches about planets, gravity, satellites, moons, and asteroids They discover these things while on the way to Pluto, since Pluto is so far away It also teaches about galaxies and stars.I loved that Nate Ball makes learning fun and seem like an [...]

    2. Not a fan of the layout but do really like the information presented and that it is a diverse group of boys and girls interested in science.

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