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Forest Fires By Tara Mills,

  • Title: Forest Fires
  • Author: Tara Mills
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: ebook
  • Some sparks catch Some consume.When a tomboy with spunk and opinions runs up against a mild mannered biologist, they seem an unlikely pair Finding common ground isn t easy until nature gives them a push, pitting them against a force bigger than both of them Only by working together can they save themselves and perhaps forge something lasting in the bargain.
    Forest Fires Some sparks catch Some consume When a tomboy with spunk and opinions runs up against a mild mannered biologist they seem an unlikely pair Finding common ground isn t easy until nature gives them a pu

    One thought on “Forest Fires”

    1. The first chapter of Forest Fires is one of the best first chapters I ve read in a long time It drops the reader into the story quickly, draws in bold strokes the two main characters and sets them on the path to the adventure Tara Mills has set up for them Drake Carver has returned to the cabin where he d spent his boyhood summers to work on a contract for Fish and Wildlife He s a wildlife biologist an unusual occupation in romance heroes and will be spending the summer studying the birds in the [...]

    2. Oh, this was good Tara Mills takes us on a fun adventure through mountains and forests and breathtaking views, but all those pale in comparison to the strength of her characters and her storyline I found myself right there beside them for every electric moment, whether contentious, high altitude, or heart stoppingly dangerous While the hero s profession is, at first glance, a brow lifter for those anticipating a hunky alpha male, he does not disappoint not a bit The heroine is strong, capable, [...]

    3. Tara Mills has created the best Sunday afternoon entertainment I ve experienced in a long time The story had everything characters you can love, laughter, danger, and a powerful amount of sexual magic I found myself falling in love with the hero who wouldn t fall for an ornithologist who sheds tears over a dead baby loon and cheering for the heroine.Do yourself a favor and dig into this book one day when you want to meet a man you can really fall for, and a woman who deserves him.

    4. My biggest challenge in reviewing Forest Fires by Tara Mills is that I see so much in the book, it s hard to pick an approach to the review.It s a great examination of what makes an alpha male, with male lead Drake so strong he doesn t need to show it off.It s got layers I m resisting Shrek references, since the book is neither an onion, nor a cake, nor a parfait From the literal forest fires of the story to the burning relationship between Drake and female lead Charley, to even something as sim [...]

    5. Another Fantastic Novel by Tara Mills The first chapter of FOREST FIRES sucks you in and doesn t let go Ms Mills successfully sets up the story from page one when Drake has a flat tire and Charley stumbles across him on the highway Drake is returning to the small town and cabin where he spent his boyhood summers, the place Charley calls home Sparks fly and the adventure begins I got a kick out of the role reversal with Charley as a handywomen and Drake a scholarly wildlife biologist It creates g [...]

    6. Well done, Tara Mills I read FOREST FIRES in one sitting it s a definite page turner The novel ran like a movie in my head, because Ms Mills has an excellent visual writing style I grew up in the mountains of Arizona, and I immediately identified with her description of the environment around Haven Her keen ability to get into the heads of her characters should also be praised All of her settings, townspeople, and her heroine, Charley, rang true I loved the fact that Charley hadn t worn a dress [...]

    7. Author Tara Mills gives us a little taste of suspense and an even bigger bite of romance in her new novel, Forest Fires Her imagery of a raging fire roaring through Eagle Point makes the reader gag from the smoke, the danger is so real With watering eyes we follow Drake Carver s and Charley Jensen s escape from the blaze, and we watch a different flame ignite from a spark to a fire as they each concede they need each other Charley is the handy woman we all wish we could be, able to repair everyt [...]

    8. Tara Mills has a gift for words and it shines through in Forest Fires Charley is a handywoman and is quite capable of taking care of just about anything Drake is a biologist who finds out pretty quick that the mountains can be unforgiving if you are not prepared for anything Though they seem mismatched, there is no mistaking the attraction that burns hot between them There is even an escape from a raging forest fire that will have you biting your nails as Charley and Drake run for their lives I [...]

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