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  • Title: One Night
  • Author: MonicaMurphy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ONE NIGHT is a FREE prequel to my new YA novel JUST FRIENDS, available now There s a party over at Jordan Tuttle s house tonight and everyone is there Including Olivia Who s leaving for her dad s house in Oregon tomorrow So she plans on having the time of her life tonight with her best friends Dustin Who wishes Livvy could see just how much she means to him EmilyONE NIGHT is a FREE prequel to my new YA novel JUST FRIENDS, available now There s a party over at Jordan Tuttle s house tonight and everyone is there Including Olivia Who s leaving for her dad s house in Oregon tomorrow So she plans on having the time of her life tonight with her best friends Dustin Who wishes Livvy could see just how much she means to him Emily Who s trying her to best to get with someone Anyone Cannon Who has an encounter with Em he won t be able to forget Amanda Who s finally ready to go all the way with her boyfriend Tuttle Who discovers the girl he s always secretly liked just might like him back Warning This story contains mature sexual situations and is suited for a 17 audience ONE NIGHT is also published on Wattled
    One Night ONE NIGHT is a FREE prequel to my new YA novel JUST FRIENDS available now There s a party over at Jordan Tuttle s house tonight and everyone is there Including Olivia Who s leaving for her dad s hous

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    1. Just okI think this prequel made me dislike Livvy even I read Just Friends before reading this and I think by doing so it was bearable Livvy just really got under my skin with the way she treated Dustin He deserves someone that would cherish him not Livvy who just wants him when it s convenient for her I also don t understand Emily Cannon treated her good but yet she didn t want that I m beginning to think these girls are so immature and don t know what they have right in front of them that wo [...]

    2. Original review on Julalicious Book ParadiseI really enjoyed reading this Gives us insight about each characters I really liked reading about Cannon because he s not a main character in the series so seeing that side of him just gave us than just the surface we see in the books In the books, we just see him as a jock who likes to sleep around, but in this book, you see a guy who wants and is really protective of the people he cares about You see a bit of what his family is and what they repr [...]

    3. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND READING THIS FIRST Free on Wattpad I honestly HATED Olivia in just friends and I didn t really like her here either, BUT I didn t like many of the other characters in Just Friends but after reading ONE NIGHT I realized why they acted the way they did and the history there I felt sympathetic towards many of them and even Olivia In my opinion reading this first makes Just Friends make way sense and it s a disservice NOT to read this beforehand.Amanda Tuttle 4 EVA 3

    4. I can t rate it This was a complete waste of my time All the characters cheated on each other Em was evil incarnate Dustin was a douche and a tool He was supposed to be so in love with her best friend Olivia but he had sex with Emily Olivia is a doormat and an idiot for believing and forgiving Emily all the time Ryan is a major a ho and thinks the world revolves around him.Everybody in this book are awful and it hits every cheating, betrayal trigger.

    5. I loved them in Just Friends and I loved them in One Night, Amanda and Tuttle that is I m in love with the two of them and I can t wait to read their story.

    6. This prequel is all kinds of hot mess And I need cue evil laughter Lol Some of the characters got on my damn nerves Dustin stuck in friends zone In love with Olivia Emily wannabe slut and Olivia good girl but a frickin selfish tease Cannon football jock with a heart of gold but I want to read about Amanda Jordan Tuttle I m so intrigued by their story Off to read 2nd book.

    7. A fantastic start to a new series I couldn t stop reading I love the different POV and can t wait to read Just Friends I am already shipping people so hard

    8. I read Just Friends yesterday and loved it I actually meant to read One Night beforehand but let s just say that it didn t happen It still totally worked out since I wanted some from this group One Night follows six teenagers that all end up at Tuttle s house the night before Olivia goes off to her dad s house for the summer Olivia just wants to hang out with her two best friends, Emily and Dustin before she leaves but they have other plans Emily wants to get drunk and find a hook up while Dust [...]

    9. WOW What a prequel I loved that Monica introduced us to all the characters in this series I couldn t put it down I am a sucker for angst, and there was the perfect amount in this one I m so anxious to see what happens to the crew and I ll be consuming the other books in the series Loved it

    10. High school drama at it s peak Oh boy, were we like that back then As far as introductory stories go, nonetheless, it was quite succesful in making me care for the characters enough to want to learn their wareabouts.

    11. Interesting Ok so this book has alot of different couples and people in And some of them make me want to explore and get to know them a he ll of alot better Im so interested in jordan and amanda and cannon and Emily And olivia and Dustin Tho I think I don t want to see Dustin and olivia take it further I think it can will ruin there friendship.

    12. Actual Rating 4.5 starsI wish I had read One Night before jumping into Just Friends Things make a lot sense now One Night is a short novella with multiple character POV s Olivia Livvy , Dustin, Emily Em , Amanda, Jordan Tuttle , and Cannon all have their own chapters I really LOVED being inside of all the different characters heads and felt that this was the best part about the novella The story itself revolves around the last night before Livvy leaves for 6 weeks and the party that they all at [...]

    13. Teen soap opera drama at it s finest and this is only a prequel It s the beginning of summer and Jordan Tuttle is throwing one of his amazing parties full of booze, sex anyone who s anyone is there And this sets the scene for meeting our six main characters Best friends who like each other but refuse to commit, troubled girl chooses to drown her sorrows in booze and sex, shy girl catches her boyfriend cheating with her best friend and falls into the arms of the brooding rich boye on This is a pl [...]

    14. One night is a prequel about whats going on at the Jordan Tuttle s party one day before Olivia leave for Oregon One Night features the point of view of several characters Em is still on her whore ish ways Amanda walk in on her boyfriend cheating with her best friend Olivia say goodbye to her friends I didn t really that enjoy this book as much as I think I would I didn t care about Em or Olivia or Dustin All I care about is the POV of Tuttle and Amanda Seriously they both are toooo sweet

    15. One night summer bashOne night a huge end of the year party, loads of booze going around, lines between friends being blurred, disappointing discoveries and pushing things too far A group of 17 year olds each very different from one another are trying to discover themselves Mixed feelings, disappointment, anticipation are only a few of the emotions you ll feel reading what this rowdy bunch goes through in only just one night A Prequel to Just Friends which will have you wanting to read 5 Anxiou [...]

    16. Very short prequel to Just Friends But it was very entertaining and kept me interested, didn t put it down until I was finished So I m sure that Just Friends will be just as good if not even better So many couples, so many emotions, issues, drama, and now on to the new release to see how this story unfolds lol

    17. One Night is a nice addition to the story I like that it is written in many POV s I ve read Just Friends before this and it s only in Olivia Liv s POV I like that this gives an insight in the other characters How they think and behave.

    18. It s like little kids having drama about sex and relationships when they act like children Won t be buying the first book Little kids having sex and little kid drama isn t for me Very childish characters and very annoying.

    19. The Friends Series by Monica Murphy is Mature YA There is some sexual content I would recommend this series to ages sixteen or olderWelcome to the world of the new breed of teenagers While this new breed of teenagers seems a little worldly, completely jaded, conscientiously immoral, and emotionally stunted, they are still normal teenagers in regards to emotional maturity and growth development What has changed is the world in which they are becoming adults in As a mother of two teenagers, one a [...]

    20. Novella One night is intro into Friends series, although it should probably be called frenemies cause there is nothing friendly about them A group of friends, exactly six of them, tells us story from their own point of view of one night in the beginning of the summer when everything between them visibly started to change, although most of those relations were already on good way to doom It s Olivia s last night in city before she goes to spend summer with her father and she wants to spend it wit [...]

    21. This was good, short and a bit shocking I didn t know what it was about when I started it Was surprised at the contentese high schoolers are pretty wild Not sure if I was ready for thatey are my middle child s age, so it freaked me out a bit I am intrigued though, so I will keep reading.

    22. I don t have much to say about this I didn t love it but I didn t hate it It s in the middle area I believe part of that is because this was my first book in the series therefore I didn t know who the characters were and I was a little lost at times I know it s a prequel but part of me feels that reading the first book in the series would have been better before reading this one And maybe if I would have done that I would have been able to enjoy the book.

    23. I have never read the Friends series and this novella was a prequel to that Although it was a super quick read, I didn t really enjoy it I had a hard time connection to the characters and found them very unlikeable My opinion may have been different had I read the Friends series first, but overall i didn t enjoy this book.

    24. Well we ve all been to one of these types of parties, and have experienced a friendship on hold over the summer holidays A great easy read that had me wanting to finish the series What will the yr ahead bring for Em, Dustin and Livvy

    25. What you got This is a perfect example of immaturity and irresponsibility We see friends but really there aren t any I feel bad for Olivia because of the backstabbing Drama drama drama

    26. Obviously this is extremely short but intriguing enough to want to read the next book in the series to se how these characters deal with the drama in their lives.

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