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Savage Beast By Charleigh Rose,

  • Title: Savage Beast
  • Author: Charleigh Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cole and Jade s story Warning Taboo, m nage, dirty talk, hot as f ck Jade I dated a mobster A monster A maniac He left me scarred, marred and done with men in general The last thing I needed was another man in the very same lifestyle I might let Cole Savage into my bedroom, but I can t let him into my heart Cole She s been hurt before She thinks I ll hurt her agaiCole and Jade s story Warning Taboo, m nage, dirty talk, hot as f ck Jade I dated a mobster A monster A maniac He left me scarred, marred and done with men in general The last thing I needed was another man in the very same lifestyle I might let Cole Savage into my bedroom, but I can t let him into my heart Cole She s been hurt before She thinks I ll hurt her again Problem is, I m not the one who is trying to hurt her Her ex boyfriend is a part of the Lucky Lucianos, an up and coming Italian mafia in New York city He thought he could get away with what he did to her, but he won t be so lucky when I get my hands on him.
    Savage Beast Cole and Jade s story Warning Taboo m nage dirty talk hot as f ck Jade I dated a mobster A monster A maniac He left me scarred marred and done with men in general The last thing I needed was anoth

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    1. 4.5 Savage Stars Goodness above this book was scorching Cole SavageSWOON Ah let s list Cole s attributes shall we Dominating Protective Dirty Talking 12 inch cock Fighter Sexy AF Totally Alpha Did I mention he s 12 inches Butterfly, have you ever sucked a 12 inch cock Cole Savage is a fighter who fought his way to be known as Slaughterhouse Savage He has his eyes on Jade for years, but now it was time to make his move and to make her his Cole will do anything to protect the woman in his life I l [...]

    2. Genre Erotica Type Standalone book 2 from Savage People seriesPOV First Person DualRating 4.5 Golden CocksCole Savage came from nothing Plucked from obscurity, he was trained into a fierce cage fighter Nothing could get in his way when he set his sight on winning It didn t matter if it s winning the fight or the woman he craved.Troubles seemed to follow Jade Sexton s life After dating a man with sketchy life, the last thing on her mind is getting into another relationship But when the man who wa [...]

    3. Calling all my bookwhores and booksluts and HELL YEAH I count myself among them PervsUnite please look no further for your next read This story was smut and cum tastic It had plot, interesting characters, suspense, and lots and lots of hot AF, steamy, raunchy, lick yo ass and cum stuffing scenes to suit anyone s fancy.There are times I really need a good porno read It takes my mind and heart away from the stress of the dark and heavy reads I usually bog them down with I need a refresher A light [...]

    4. 5 Smutastic Stars Wowis was so fkn HOTry few books surprise me, but this one sure as hell did, Cole Hot as F ck Savage looks like Jason Momoa and packing a 12 in cockp, I m a goner It s official So damn Dirty, Sexy and such filthy goodness My pervy heart is all a flutterm SighCole Jade s story is NOT to be missed, intriguing story line, mafia connections, it s got it ALL, and a m nage scene that s sure to melt your kindle Spare Panties will be required you Have Been Warned M F M

    5. 3.5 StarsThis was a hot one I loved seeing how Cole took control with Jade and let her see what she was missing out on But I still liked that Jade didn t just blindly follow him and did try to fight his advances I do wish there was little to the story though After meeting this couple in the previous book I thought for sure that they would have of a push pull kind of relationship and that we would see of that There was also a scene that really confused me because Cole had been so Alpha and you [...]

    6. 3,5 extra hot stars Treat me sweet and touch me cruel I want my Savage and my lover Jade and Cole met through Graham and Dahlia from a previous book Now, after several years, they meet again and this time he wants her in his bed and beyond But she had already been hurt and is determined not to lower her guard again.After the first exciting story, I couldn t wait for the next book from the author There were moments where I liked it very much and also those in which a bit less It has a chaotic sto [...]

    7. This one was just okay for me Okay first off Cole was just a okay hero for me He wasn t bad just not this best, there was a few things he said that I didn t like Now he is faithfully to the h but he was a major man whore before her which doesn t bother me but like I said a few things were mentioned that I didn t like The h again was just okay The sex it this book was great it was Very steamy so yay for that Now the m nage that was in here was hot, that being said I really didn t like that Carter [...]

    8. 4 Mobster Love StarsWho knew a m nage scene could be so endearingly sweet and off the charts steamy at the same time Charleigh Rose is a duo who can write a smutty novella that is really a lot than just a smutty novella There s a story line and characters that are well rounded and developed and still sexy as all get out.Savage Beast follows characters introduced in Stephdaddy Savage a for real must read Jade and Cole are combustable from the very beginning But Jade has already tangled with one [...]

    9. Okay it s been a Charleigh Rose kind of day Yes, I am addicted to this smutty goodness.Savage Beast was such a fun and hot read and yes it has a story line to keep dirty minded readers like myself entertained Haha Dirty talking alpha hero with a 12 inch cock I need to say any So yes, this book was off the charts smutastic The sex scenes were hot and of course you can thank the authors for treating readers to a sexy AF alpha male fighter with a 12 inch cock Yes, I had to mention his size again So [...]

    10. So I did some thinking before I started writing this review To give 4 stars or 5 that is the question I really REALLY wish I could give this book 5 stars I absolutely loved Charleigh Rose first book Step Daddy Savage and hope to read many books from this author I had 5 star hopes for this book but there was just one thing I just did not like in this book and was not expecting I guess I should have expected it because both Cole and Jade are damaged and so much different than Graham and Dahl Grah [...]

    11. wooo weee Anyone have a fan I could borrow What a hot and steamy read Cole Savage is a hot, sexy fighter Taken off the streets by Graham Savage book 1 he has been fighting ever since He is a serious manwhore, screwing anyone he wants That is until he sees Jade again He had met her 4 years before at a dinner party but she left and he wasn t able to find her He isn t going to let her go this time Jade is BFF with Dahlia Savage book 1 She comes face to face with Cole again after 4 years A lot has h [...]

    12. In Savage Beast we find ourselves with the pair of Jade and Cole We met both in book one Jade as the feisty best friend and Cole as what appeared to be one of Graham s right hand men It s been about four years since Cole first laid eyes on Jade, he remembers that she was hot but with her connection to Graham, it was also complicated But after getting another glimpse of her, he knows he has to have her But bad boy mobsters aren t Jade s thing well at least not any But resisting Cole is impossible [...]

    13. Book one was hot but book two was ON FIRE Savage Beast blew me away It had an element of suspense threaded throughout that really made the book And the sex scenes were off the charts smokin Twists and turns galore Can t wait for from this author

    14. DAFUQ was that I just read Ohkaaay, so where do I start The heat in this book made me lose my words, I think Jeeezuhs Apparently, I also forgot how to spell smh Cole Savage, what have you done to me To give you a quick rundown of what you re about to get yourselves into, Savage Beast is a novella by the author collab Charleigh Rose This is their second standalone novella, following Stepdaddy Savage, which is, by the way, an equally scorching hot read This is the story of cage fighter, Cole Savag [...]

    15. 3 Savage starsWell, this rating is actually for the SMUT and smut alone in this shortie of a story.It s a mix of everythingere s a lil bit of this and that, fighters and mobsters but there s no valid plot, undeveloped characters, unemotional to the point of not worth the mentioning but entertaining nevertheless So i can t rate this any differently then for what it actually is a steamy smutty read Cause that s how us Savages fucking roll.So, roll away

    16. 4.5 Smut Scale StarsMy mouth is literally hanging wide open Whew That was a smutastic little read I don t know what to do with myself The authors describe the book as Taboo, m nage, dirty talk, hot as f ck That s pretty much it I don t think I could sum it up any better Cole is shit hot and Jade is the perfect woman to manage him These two are FIRE I mean off the charts debauchery folks If that s your thing, read this asap I promise your fingers will be singed from holding your kindle because th [...]

    17. 2.5 StarsIf you ve read the first book, Stepdaddy Savage, then you know that Jade and Cole met at a dinner party at Graham and Dahlia s house Well it s a few years later till their paths cross again, and this time Cole is determined to get her in his bed.I ll admit that I clicked on this book to get glimpses of Graham and Dahlia just as much as I was interested in Jade and Cole Turns out, Jade and Cole don t have nearly the chemistry or appeal as Graham and Dahlia did.Told via Jade and Cole s a [...]

    18. HOTT HOTT HOTT I loved this book Not only was it HOTT did I say that already The writing was so good too and I loved the story This is the second book by two authors and I personally liked this one than Stepdaddy savage even though I enjoyed that very much too I loved that this one was longer and I could spend time with the characters Cole and Jade are so sweet Their personalities match each other so well He was this savage in the fighting pits and she was a savage in the sheets I loved their [...]

    19. 2 stars, plus 1 for CarterCopy won through one of the author s Facebook giveawaysSo, initially, I thought that I was going to like Savage Beast than Stepdaddy Savage, and I did, but I also didn t.Let me explain, but first, here s what this book is all about Taking place four years after Stepdaddy Savage, Jade, Dahlia s best friend, was planning to go far from New York to study in the best college she could find She didn t have the money to accomplish this so she entered Graham Savage s strip cl [...]

    20. My Review If you thought Stepdaddy Savage was hot trust me it was we ll prepare to be scorched with Savage Beast, Graham s not so little brother will have you your panties on fire, that s if you even wear any Which I highly recommend that you don t while reading Savage Beast In book 2 we meet sexy hard as nails Cole Savage he s truly a work of art he s demanding takes what he wants no questions asked which is sexy as hell He will have your head swirling your panties dripping.The chemistry betwee [...]

    21. Move over Stepdaddye Beast has arrived Cole Savage is such a sexy ALPHA male I fell for him from the very first page That prologue just tugged at my heartstrings.That being said this book is CRAZY HOT Steamy moments, left, right and center That shower scene I m still thinking about it I m totally in love with Cole right now I loved Cole and Jade together The storyline was great and I loved how this book was written from both point of views Getting to see Cole s perspective was awesome I can t wa [...]

    22. This book is ridiculous in the best way.Ok so Stepdaddy Savage was a campy, sexy delight I was a fan, but wasn t completely sold YET Now that I ve read Savage Beast, I m friggen done for Charleigh Rose has officially made it into my 1 click reserve.This read was a little darker, well written, and insanely smutty All the ingredients needed to make me happy.Cole and Jade have a bit of a missed opportunity romance They are hot for each other, but nothing has ever come of it Jade gets mixed up with [...]

    23. Well HOLY HELL Stepdaddy Savage was hot and all kinds of forbidden, but Savage Beast Well HOLY FACK It was completely off the charts Cole Savage My God There is no other way to put thisCole Savage is a BEAST He s a kinky mofo with one of the dirtiest mouths around He s sweet and protective and he has definitely solidified a spot on on my top 10 BBF list.Jade is all kinds of sassy and her responses to some situations are quite amusing I loved her to pieces There wasn t any way I was putting this [...]

    24. HOLY HOTNESS, I thought the first novella was hot but Savage Beast was smoking hot I was almost hesitant to go into it even though I loved Stepdaddy Savage due to the warning of the m nage part I have always had this thing with stick with the one you love , but I will be damned I never would have thought Savage Beast made that scene so damn okay It was hot as fuck and I did NOT find a single thing wrong with it LOL It just have branched me out for books with that same warning as if I need any t [...]

    25. Holy shit That wasI was blown away by this 4 star read enough to go a full 5 stars the minute it hit THAT scene at about 73% CHRIST that was well written and HOTTTTTT Loved this hard want book 3 ASAP please

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