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Lockout By John J. Nance,

  • Title: Lockout
  • Author: John J. Nance
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Over the Atlantic in the dark of night, the electronic brain of Pangia Airlines Flight 10 quietly and without warning disconnects all the cockpit controls and reverses course on its own.The crew of the huge Airbus 330 at first sense nothing, the flight displays still showing them on course to New York But with puzzled passengers reporting stars on the wrong side and growiOver the Atlantic in the dark of night, the electronic brain of Pangia Airlines Flight 10 quietly and without warning disconnects all the cockpit controls and reverses course on its own.The crew of the huge Airbus 330 at first sense nothing, the flight displays still showing them on course to New York But with puzzled passengers reporting stars on the wrong side and growing alarm over the sudden failure of all their radios and when armed fighters pull alongside to force them to land the confused pilots discover that Flight 10 is streaking back toward the hyper volatile Middle East and there is nothing they can do about it.With an alphabet soup of federal agencies struggling for answers and messages flying between Washington, and Tel Aviv where the flight began, the growing supposition that Flight 10 may be hijacked is fueled by the presence of a feared and hated former head of state sitting in first class, a man with an extreme Mid East agenda who may somehow be responsible for the Airbus A 330 s loss of control As frantic speculation spreads, the possibility that the unresponsive airliner could be the leading edge of a sophisticated attack on Iran designed to provoke a nuclear response drives increasingly desperate decisions.As time and fuel runs low, flying at full throttle toward a hostile border ahead, Captain Jerry Tollefson and First Officer Dan Horneman have to put their personal animosities aside and risk everything to wrest control from the electronic ghost holding them and perhaps the world on a course to certain disaster.And in the Hole as the war room in Tel Aviv is called the interim Prime Minister of Israel grapples with a horrifying choice in the balance between 300 airborne lives and the probability of nuclear war.
    Lockout Over the Atlantic in the dark of night the electronic brain of Pangia Airlines Flight quietly and without warning disconnects all the cockpit controls and reverses course on its own The crew of th

    One thought on “Lockout”

    1. What a great read this book is, fasted paced with a thrilling plot The story unfolds from multiple view points and this really added to the suspense of the novel This novel is about a plane being hacked and taken over remotely and given today s world you do not have to suspend belief to believe The novel is a real page turner as you struggle along with the characters in the novel to solve the problem If you love technical detail and explanations you will love this novel, Nance really seems to kn [...]

    2. If you love aviation thrillers, as do I, no one writes them better than John Nance and his new book due out in November is no exception.This time a passenger jet, bound for New York from Israel, is technically high jacked But not by the usual means This time the crews finds themselves unable to control their aircraft at all or prevent it from making a complete 180 turn and heading back to Tel Aviv And did I mention, the former Prime Minister of Israel is on board, maybe a part of this Buckle up [...]

    3. I received this book from NetGalley and WildBlue Press in return for a fair review This is was a quite thrilling, heart pounding thrill ride hmm, I sound like I m lifting something from a movie poster Not start to finish, but a thrill ride was in there.It wasn t a thrill ride start to finish for an odd little reason people I didn t particularly like any of the people characters in the beginning, though most grew on me over time Not necessarily to liking them so much as accepting them though ther [...]

    4. As usual Nance creates a world of tension, complications, in depth knowledge of the aviation industry and imparts this to his readers in a succinct, easily understood manner through the voices of his likable, strong characters In each of his novels I am impressed by his technical k owlege and awareness of what such specific types of characters go through emotionally Always well worth your time

    5. I am about halfway thru and it s a cliffhanger scary storypecially if you can imagine yourself in the aircraft.Looking forward to the ending.

    6. perfmaverick.wordpress 20Would I love to see Tom Hanks play the protagonist maneuvering a 240 tonne plane with absolutely no possible machine control HELL YEAH Imagine you re sitting comfortably in the aisle seat of an airplane and reading a novel which you d picked up before getting on the flight You re devouring the pages and slowly you drift off into a blissful deep slumber Eons pass and, suddenly, you wake up with a startle, look out the window and you feel that the plane is performing a ste [...]

    7. John Nance has been called the master of the aviation thriller and in Lockout , his first book in ten years, he proves he fully deserves that title Lockout narrates in real time the battle to save a stricken airliner, from the ground and on the plane itself, as time and fuel run out The Lockout in the title relates to the pilots being unable to regain control of the plane after its in flight controls lock not by accident but rather by deliberate electronic interference Nance is an aviation veter [...]

    8. While this book was fairly well written, I can t give it than 3 stars primarily because it s a theme that s been overworked in the past couple of years, and this rendition doesn t contain many elements that elevate it from the rest of the crowd If this is a theme that s of continual interest to you, then I m sure you ll enjoy it For me, it was just too here we go again to get me excited or immersed in the plot.

    9. Wonderful read Great character development and almost believable Plot was complex, but not daunting as sometimes happens in techno thrillers The combination of current events with political ideology was brilliant.

    10. A definite page turner Great story keeps you in the middle of the action We all hear about technology hacking, so this is not as far fetched as it would have seemed a few years ago Just hope it doesn t happen for real Extremely readable and totally enjoyable.

    11. Loved it Excellent story in true John J Nance style Characters and story line are carried though the end I enjoyed it.

    12. Something very strange is happening at 35,000 feet A misplaced and unresponsive Airbus is feeding false data to its pilots, assuring them that they re halfway over the Atlantic and nearing New York, but any glance out the window tells the crew they re headed across France and seemingly towards Tel Aviv The Airbus is carrying an ousted Israeli prime minister, who did everything he could to push Israel and Iran over the brink of war while in office In DC, three intelligence agencies and the Depart [...]

    13. When I was presented the option of purchasing this book at an inexpensive price, I nearly did not take the option I have read so, so, so, many fictional books with an aviation background that were horrible, usually because the author didn t really understand how airplanes worked In fact, I have the same problem with many, if not most, general science based fiction If the science isn t right, or in this case if the airplane and flying information isn t right, the book sucks I don t care how compe [...]

    14. This is a good thriller that has some pretty intense moments the author does a great job of making you feel as if you are right in the middle of the action and scenes The author knows a lot about planes and avionics, and does a pretty good job of not only weaving that into his story but being able to break it down into understandable concepts for those of us who are not so inclined The conclusion was refreshing it had an ending but left the possibility there could be with the characters I would [...]

    15. I read it in one sitting because it was too good to put down, but I didn t enjoy it as much as Blackout and Turbulence, which were altogether suspenseful with developed sympathetic characters I m an academic and human rights researchers that works in the Middle East, so on the geopolitical front, the plot also didn t make sense But then I don t live in the United States where news networks bombard me with the Donald Trump John McCain view of Iran as a country of mad suicidal people with whom o [...]

    16. Wild ride This is my first experience with this author I read the Kindle edition of the book This story will grab you and not let go It takes the drone concept to a whole new level The author has done his research and the reader is immersed into the life in the cockpit when all hell breaks loose Combine that with some powerful people in government and the intelligence community, this book was hard to put down

    17. John NanceThis book goes to the garbage I am upset That I bought it and read it through almost to the end, thinking I might be too critical or not patient enough Terrible reading Stupid story, unbelievable characters, jumbled background I wonder why was that book published JA

    18. This was an OK story not great, but OK Maybe there were simply too many subplots, and misdirection here, misdirection there, pretty soon the author had misdirection EVERYWHERE Certainly, the tail end of the tale was better than the preceding 2 3 but, the latter was certainly required to get to the finale Oh, well.

    19. another great thriller by Mr Nance This is my third and will not be my last This is such a heart pounding read, I had to know what would happen next Keep up the great work Mr Nance.highly highly recommendCherie

    20. Gripping expect a late night or twoI wasn t sure when I downloaded this book if I would understand the technical issues They were explained clearly and became a great background to wonderful plot This is one of those books you won t be able to put down once you start.

    21. Believable Air TerrorGrabs you by the seat of your pants and doesn t let go Great story and something we could read in the paper any day Scared to fly anytime soon, that s for sure MBC

    22. OK as far as thrillers go The mystery of why and who sabotaged the plane kept me reading but the resolution was ultimately not very satisfying a bit too farfetched and complicated.

    23. LockoutKept me wondering all way to the end if they could land the plane and even at the end wasn t sure what really happened or who was behind it really good book

    24. Good read for the beachInteresting plot that moves in and out and around corners Certainly not great literature but some points in the story make you wonder if it could happen

    25. Well, this one had me on the edge of my seat for pretty much the entire book Great story and really hard to put down

    26. Good readCleverly written and sometimes hard to follow but in only a couple of sentences you are back in the story Well planned ending.

    27. The story of a commercial airplane that locks the pilots out of control and seems to be charting a course to Iran with an ex prime minister of Israel on board.The scenes set on the airplane are technical, exciting and nerve wracking Where this books falls down is mostly in the scenes on the ground where various alphabet agencies and shadowy figures whose motivations and loyalties are unknown work to either figure out who took control of the airplane, or to hide the fact that it s happening in th [...]

    28. Reading airplane disaster thrillers is not one of my choices, probably because I fly often So, I was not taken by the possibility of disaster However, this novel included much political intrigue in addition to the technical aspects of airliner flying and that sometimes got in the way of the story line All in all, though, this story was a entertaining thriller about an international flight that is threatened when its pilots are suddenly unable to rely on their cockpit information or alter any of [...]

    29. Reading airplane disaster thrillers is one of my guilty pleasures, probably because I don t fly that often This novel included much political intrigue than I remember from Nance s previous novels, and that sometimes got in the way of the portions of the story that I found interesting All in all, though, this was a quick and engaging thriller about an international flight that is threatened when its pilots are suddenly unable to rely on their cockpit readouts or change any of the plane s contro [...]

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