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  • Title: The Haunting of Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story
  • Author: Karen Perkins
  • ISBN: 9781910115695
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the most well researched, intense and spookiest book I ve ever read Author Amy Queau A haunting historical thriller set in Britain s North Yorkshire Moors about isolation, superstition and persecution, The Haunting of Thores Cross explores 18th century life in a picturesque but isolated village in the North Yorkshire Moors When a vulnerable young girl is ostr This is the most well researched, intense and spookiest book I ve ever read Author Amy Queau A haunting historical thriller set in Britain s North Yorkshire Moors about isolation, superstition and persecution, The Haunting of Thores Cross explores 18th century life in a picturesque but isolated village in the North Yorkshire Moors When a vulnerable young girl is ostracised within her community and accused of witchcraft, the descendants of her neighbours will suffer for centuries to come Silver Medal Winner, European fiction 2015 IPPY Book Awards 1 Bestseller in 6 Categories, including Ghost Suspense, British Horror and Gothic Romance Top 10 Bestseller in 8 , including Historical Thrillers and Occult Horror Over 100 5 STAR reviews on Likened by independent reviewers on to the Bront sisters, Edgar Allen Poe, Barbara Erskine and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Karen Perkins novels are filled with unflinching honesty and an acute understanding of human nature She explores not only the depths of humanity, but the depths of human motivation behind the actions and pain people inflict upon each other, as well as the repercussions of these actions not only in the short term, but also the later generations who live with the implications of the past Emma Moorcroft is still grieving after a late miscarriage and moves to her dream house at Thruscross Reservoir with her husband, Dave Both Emma and Dave hope that moving into their new home signifies a fresh start, but life is not that simple Emma has nightmares about the reservoir and the drowned village that lies beneath the water, and is further disturbed by the sound of church bells from a church that no longer exists Jennet is fifteen and lives in the isolated community of Thores Cross, where life revolves about the sheep on which they depend Following the sudden loss of both her parents, she is seduced by the local wool merchant, Richard Ramsgill She becomes pregnant and is shunned not only by Ramsgill, but by the entire village Lonely and embittered, Jennet s problems escalate, leading to tragic consequences which continue to have an effect through the centuries Emma becomes fixated on Jennet, neglecting herself, her beloved dogs and her husband to the point where her marriage may not survive As Jennet and Emma s lives become further entwined, Emma s obsession deepens and she realises that the curse Jennet inflicted on the Ramsgill family over two hundred years ago is still claiming lives Emma is the only one who can stop Jennet killing again, but will her efforts be enough The Haunting of Thores Cross was previously titled Thores Cross.The Yorkshire Ghost Stories are all stand alone, complete books, and can be read in any order
    The Haunting of Thores Cross A Yorkshire Ghost Story This is the most well researched intense and spookiest book I ve ever read Author Amy Queau A haunting historical thriller set in Britain s North Yorkshire Moors about isolation superstition and per

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    1. I really am surprised at all the 5 star reviews of this book I can understand how people may have enjoyed the story, but 5 star Really 5 star is surely for the best, if not of all literature then at least of the genre, you can t get any better Was this book the best, the pinnacle of the genre The plot line, which had attracted me to the the book in the first place, was good, although it became somewhat predictable I felt the real problem was in the writing The parts set in the present I found pe [...]

    2. Just as I finished this gripping and at times terrifying tale, I heard the bells ringing in the Priory here in Malvern Was Jennet s ghost come to haunt me now I don t think I slept well that night This is a great piece of writing Ms Perkisn captures the atmosphere of the old Yorkshire folk with their superstitions, prejudices and savagery as well as kindnesses people of the 17th century She also captures the at times banal dinner time conversations of the 21st However the story moves in time bet [...]

    3. If you read mystery thrillers with historical and supernatural elements, Thores Cross should be at the top of your list.This book is very well written, well paced and the characters are wonderfully developed And like all good historical fiction, this book is very detailed when it comes to the time, setting, lifestyle, and character traits you d expect from modern and 16th century England.In a nutshell, the main protagonist, Emma a novelist , is mysteriously compelled to write the story of a youn [...]

    4. This book is nothing but a sizzling novel written in the simplest of ways Just like water drops, you re dragged in gently and before you know it, you are drowned The language is unique, the phrases are well turned.If you re the kind of person with love for historical fiction with some dollop of horror and romance this is your girl.

    5. As a North Yorkshire lad, I simply had to read this.I was astonished at the almost flawless narrative and beautiful flow of this story.The startling, but extremely accurate use of language, only goes to enhance the period scenes within the book I don t think someone reading from another area would realise just how precise Jennet s speech is.As for the story itself, wonderful We have the haunting intro, short and scary Then onwards to Jennet s awful circumstances I found the whole experience with [...]

    6. Writing a dual time novel is not an easy thing to do and Karen Perkins should be given credit for trying However, I think there are some problems with this novel The historical story is problematic because the heroine loses the reader s sympathy by moving from a state of foolishness to a state of vindictiveness It s true that she is badly treated by others in the story, but she cannot be said to be innocent of the crimes of which she is accused Also the historical part of the story lacks any mys [...]

    7. I almost had a problem with this book on account of its excellent writing It is written in the first person, with alternate chapters told by Emma, a young married woman living in the 21st century, and by Jennet, an orphaned fifteen year old living in the 18th century After reading the first Jennet chapter, I struggled to keep myself from skipping ahead and reading all the other Jennet chapters as fast as I could, forgetting about the overall flow of the story.This is not a criticism of the Emma [...]

    8. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.Holy crap.This is the most well researched, intense and spookiest book I ve ever read Not only did these characters come alive and jump out at me from my screen, but I even dreamed about them Not just one all of them I admit, some of the dialect was difficult to decipher, because I m no historian and I m not used to hearing people speak this way, but Jennet s POV was immaculate The two voices in this story Jennet 1770s and Emma present day were distinct and [...]

    9. I wanted to like this book The storyline had promise and the writing was decent but, ultimately, ended up being a disappointment I think a good editor could have helped guide the author into making the story really shine As it stands, however, I would not recommend it.My main complaint was the lack of growth in the main characters and the ongoing themes of victimization and using tragedy as an excuse to repeatedly make decisions that ultimately destroyed lives I would have loved to see the main [...]

    10. I m with another reviewer on this 5 stars should really be used for the best books you ve ever read Maybe this is the best book you ve ever read but for me, while it was entertaining it was not one of the books I ve ever read I adore ghost stories but unfortunately I can t think of one that is on my list of the best books I ve ever read.That said, this is a good ghost story Karen Perkins does a great job managing the back and forth between the two different time centuries and while for me it lac [...]

    11. I ve had the pleasure to read another of Karen Perkin s novels on authonomy, the HarperCollins website and thoroughly enjoyed her amazing story telling ability, at the time.Thores Cross did not disappoint either I couldn t put the book down and read it in one sitting, spending a pleasant Sunday afternoon reading an amazing story with a truly intriguing plot I was glad that I read the book during the day nighttime would ve been really frightening for me Emma Moorcroft and her husband, Dave move i [...]

    12. Thores Cross is to begin with a haunting story of love, betrayal and revenge, and lives are intertwined and with the present and the past.The book is cleverly set out weaving backwards and forewards between history and the present and bringing the two stories to an almost unbearably dramatic peak, before coming apart before your eyes This isn t the sort of book I normally read, but I was lucky enough to read some of Karens previous work and fell in love with her pirate adventures and so the chan [...]

    13. I am surprised by all the 5 star reviews For this reason, and the interesting premise, I picked it up on BookBub While giving only 2 stars is a bit harsh, I did not feel it were worth 3 I would put it somewhere around 2.5.While I did enjoy the story bits set in the 1700 s, I found the modern time sections centered around the main protagonist to be dull, unbelievable, and one note The character development was lacking the dialog forced and unrealistic This section could have been great, had the a [...]

    14. Thoroughly enjoyed this novel the first I have purchased for my new kindle It is extremely well written, with just enough description to set the scenes without becoming bogged down The characters are well drawn and believable, even though the tale itself is supernatural The two narratives work really well together and are linked in a very clever way The story is well researched and the narrative flows well, keeping the reader gripped all the way through I would definitely recommend Thores Cross [...]

    15. This is a popular format at the moment a time slip with the present day character manipulated by an adversary in the past The structure has the two characters stories running simultaneously so that the reader alternates between past and present gradually picking up the threads which tie, if not strangle, the life of the main character in the present.The setting of Thores Cross is eerie and compelling A ruined village drowned under a reservoir, a house which seems haunted to a little girl who gro [...]

    16. 5.0 out of 5 stars I Simply Can t Wait to Tell You About This Compelling Book , June 1, 2013I was trying to decide what to use in the title when I decided to say exacting what was in my mind Thores Cross by Karen Perkins is not only a stunning book but is so well written and so well laid out that you truly do not have a moment to gather your thoughts until it s all over Then, you want to go back and read it all over again.It would be so easy to tell you the entire story to show you what I found [...]

    17. What could I say about this tale that could give it justice Thores Cross is about the past, Jennet, and the present, Emma, whose lives intertwine The story tells of love and betrayal which is told magically.We follow both women s lives along their journey through hardship and tragedy but Jennet s was so tormenting that, at times, it was cruel To be honest, I loved her majority of the time but there were moments that I became so frustrated with her because of her antics I had to catch myself and [...]

    18. I received this book courtesy of First Reads program A combination historical horror ghost story, the novel is told from the dueling perspectives of Emma, a modern woman who has moved back to her childhood home in Yorkshire only to find herself haunted by Jennet, a teenager who lived in the same village 200 years prior Jennet is a restless spirit determined to have her story told, with the help of Emma, who just happens to be an author.Jennet s tale is tragic, full of the ignorance and superstit [...]

    19. I love historical novels and it s a pleasure to read one as beautifully crafted as this.The story centres on Emma, a present day writer, and Jennet, a girl living in the 1770s, struggling after the death of her parents Although the two are separated by than 200 years, they are nevertheless inextricably linked Just how they are bound together, is gradually revealed by altering between Emma s present day narrative and Jennet s historical one.The historical details and use of dialect in Jennet s n [...]

    20. Karen s latest book impresses as much, or , than her previous seafaring tales Unlike the pirate stories, this one uses a lovely back and forth between modern day and the late 1700 s to paint an exquisite tale with a bit of sailing, of course.The story of Emma and Jennet hooked me right away It was emotionally powerful with action carrying the plot along crisply A great read

    21. I m not sure what to say about this book except that at about one third of the way through, I felt like Jennet Scot had possessed me, too.I could not stop reading.Unforgettable

    22. Really enjoyed this book prob not a good idea to read it before bed Cus I had a few scary dreams, but I am a whimp

    23. It s an interesting storyline, and the author s use of voice and dialect to differentiate between the past and present creates a clear distinction between the two, but I found the modern day chapters lacked the emotional intensity I would expect in a situation such as Emma s I would think anyone who suspects they ve been possessed by a malevolent entity would be terrified, yet Emma came across as being no than disturbed by her frightening experience.Through Jennet, the late 1700s character, we [...]

    24. Not your typical ghost story, this is a great book for historical fiction fans Definitely going to read some of Karen Perkins other books.

    25. A haunting tale of love and revengeThis is an intriguing, well written tale about Emma Davis, a writer, who had miscarried during the past year and her husband, Dave They had built a new dream home out in the country near a reservoir and the moors in England, which she loved She had lived there as a child and up on the hill was a place they called the Haunted House When she was ten, she found an old inkwell, which she kept Dave very much wanted her to get pregnant again, but she was so afraid to [...]

    26. As my 5 star review shows, I really liked this book We all read for different reasons Some read to escape, some read to feel good, some read to be scared, some to be soothed, etc All these elements are present in Throes Cross, but one that surprised me was to be challenged to like a character, even root for a character, while also being repelled at times by the character It s a little disconcerting and I loved that.First, the plot Emma, a writer, moves into a new house hoping to heal from a late [...]

    27. Historical fiction meets paranormal in Thores Cross, a novel set on the outskirts of a Yorkshire village that was submerged to create a reservoir Emma Moorcroft is an author with writer s block following a miscarriage She and her husband have resbuilt their dream home along the shores of Thruscross Reservoir, where Emma spent many happy childhood summers Their closest neighbors , descendants of the family that owned the village in the 18th century, tell Emma a story about Jennet, the young villa [...]

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