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Amor En Retrogrado By A.M. Riley,

  • Title: Amor En Retrogrado
  • Author: A.M. Riley
  • ISBN: 9781596326101
  • Page: 322
  • Format: ebook
  • In the year since JD Ryan, Robert Lemos s life partner, packed his bags and moved out, Robert has been in a painful daze, anesthetizing himself with work Then one rainy night, he gets a call that his ex has been beaten and shot in a parking lot outside a gay dance club JD is in critical condition and the man who was with him is dead.Robert rushes to JD s bedside to findIn the year since JD Ryan, Robert Lemos s life partner, packed his bags and moved out, Robert has been in a painful daze, anesthetizing himself with work Then one rainy night, he gets a call that his ex has been beaten and shot in a parking lot outside a gay dance club JD is in critical condition and the man who was with him is dead.Robert rushes to JD s bedside to find him recovering from the gunshot wound but suffering from retrograde amnesia As JD slowly regains his memories, he recalls everything except the circumstances of the murder, and the reasons why he left Robert He remembers their love, and seems determined to reconcile It s the miracle Robert s been hoping for.Interference comes from all sides Detective Bill Turner, who seems to have too personal an interest in JD, pegs Robert as the primary suspect in the shooting Robert s best friend, police Captain Gabe Lara, seems to feel that Robert is better off without JD Even JD s returning memory seems to conspire against Robert And as the detectives track down the killer, Robert helplessly waits for JD to recall the truth of their relationship and leave him yet again.But if they survive the investigation, they just might find love in retrograde.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, male male sexual practices, masturbation, violence.
    Amor En Retrogrado In the year since JD Ryan Robert Lemos s life partner packed his bags and moved out Robert has been in a painful daze anesthetizing himself with work Then one rainy night he gets a call that his

    One thought on “Amor En Retrogrado”

    1. 2.5 stars Review posted April 10, 2014When I started to read Amor En Retrogrado I was very excited However, my excitement retrograded steadily and by the end of the book I felt totally drained and incredibly annoyed which led me to my decision to not read the next installment immediately Although I m tempted to give it a try eventually It s a great pity because Amor En Retrogrado could have been a fabulous read Fact is, I enjoyed the riveting plot and writing, but Robert and JD s characterizatio [...]

    2. I won t get into describing the book much I decided to read the book based on Shawn s recommendation and review and I am glad I did The book spans over 15 years and gives details of the rollercoaster ride that is J.D and Robert s relationship What struck me as original and fresh about this book was the flaws characters and how they actively had to make their relationship work They argued, drank too much, had fantastic make up sex, had jealousy issues and enabled bad habits This book is definatel [...]

    3. I have to take a moment before writing this short opinion because truth be told, Amor En Retrogrado makes me emotionally drained The summary of this book doesn t do any justice Here I am, thinking that it will be another good murder mystery since my first experience with A.M Riley s book was with The Elegant Corpse , only to find out, even after the first two chapters, that this is than just that In fact, I cannot even count this as a mystery Though it is opened with a dead body and another man [...]

    4. I put off reading this ambitious book by AM Riley because I wasn t sure I would like the amnesia plot, especially as I was worried that the main hero, Robert, was going to lie and keep secrets from JD, thus taking advantage of his amnesia I shouldn t have worried because that wasn t the case at all Instead this is an honest and sometime brutal look at a long term relationship in free fall and how an act of violence can lead to a reckoning and recovery.The book begins with a crime Two men are sho [...]

    5. Wow JD and Roberto, the MCs in this book, have to have one of the most dysfunctional relationships in M M, and yet and yet, under the crazy and the lies and the anger, there s an intense passion that has kept them together for fifteen years, and apart for one Until an injury to JD, with a temporary loss of memory, gives them one chance.I really appreciated that this book didn t rehabilitate either of the MCs in the end Roberto was a hot headed, possessive, suspicious, and yet totally besotted l [...]

    6. 1.5 StarsWow Okay, first the positive I read this book in one sitting It was riveting and written in such a way that I kept turning the pages I m a sucker for a good whodunnit And, the mystery had me stumped for about 60% of the book A book that captures me and won t let go good or bad deserves some accolades So, kudos there.Now, on with the bad view spoiler Holy bejeezus but these MCs were effing assholes I didn t like either one of them, which ultimately spells doom for me If I can t care less [...]

    7. This is like 3 stories in one.First there is JD and Robert s story To say they have a complicated relationship is the understatement of the year I found myself torn over which one was the good guy They both have deep seated issues that cause no end of confusion, not to mention they think talking to each other is the ultimate in Emasculation But underneath there is a deep love that is sometimes clouded by their behaviour Second comes the mystery part Who killed Pablo Who wanted JD dead I admit I [...]

    8. Reread 1 24 14Reread 5 6 15This book deserves 5 stars for the great story and how it is told This is murder mystery story will grab you from the start Come in for the mystery and stay for the tumultuous love story of Jay and Robert God, what a roller coaster ride Jay and Robert have been together 15 years but what a relationship However after all this time they have finally called it quits or have they They are granted a second chance when Jay loses his memory temporarily and he and Robert can l [...]

    9. I m enchanted Amor en Retrogrado is one book I hardly will forget It s heartbreaking and real It s a brilliant piece of fiction It s not a M M romance, cause it s a lot Have you understood that I love this book JD and Robert are a fifteen years old committed couple But they have split one year before for a lot of reasons But when Robert receives a call in the middle of the night telling him that JD is in hospital, in intensive care, and the man who was with him is dead, Robert doesn t esitate a [...]

    10. This is one of the most compelling books I ve read It s not perfect, but it s gripping and intense.The mistery in the book is not only the investigation about who committed the crime against JD and his young friend, it s about going back in time to discover how a love story turned bad and it s also about Bill Turner, the cop investigating the crime.The story is told through the eyes of Robert, JD s lover, and Bill Both are not unbiased witnesses Robert is truly in love with JD, but he s also sel [...]

    11. Far better than the usual amnesia fic, in this J.D s amnesia is the device for looking back on a fifteen year relationship and how it jumped the rails, not one of those whole new life things In fact the unravelling of the relationship knots was often interesting than the actual who dun it aspect, when the bad guy was revealed the feel is skip on to see the reactions, than dwelling on the reveal.In this book the big misunderstanding is very believable, these are two volatile characters that cra [...]

    12. So yeah, this is yet again an instance of me, having clearly misunderstood something.The characters in this book were HORRIBLE IMO and the shifts in POV were freaking annoying.The only slightly interesting characters were Jorge and Robert partly The rest HOLY SHIZZLE I wanted to slap them.I made it to around 40 45% and then I threw in the towel I really wanted to like this book, but Kate was homophobic and bitchy, Bill was annoying and judgmental, JD was a douchebag of the highest order and mayb [...]

    13. Oh, where to start This isn t a book I would ordinarily choose to read It wasn t permeated with sweet words and loving actions I didn t get warm fuzzies from the protagonists on the first pages that followed me through till the end In fact, I didn t even like one of the protagonists until the final 8 pages of the book There was unsafe sex, where the use of lube wasn t mentioned The protagonists endured lengthy disputes with one another where hateful words were screamed at the other One man was a [...]

    14. Not quite what I was expecting, but enjoyable all the same The mystery suspense part was really well done and I liked the diversity of the different characters Despite there being multiple MCs, which kind of automatically leads to less stage time for each character so to speak , they all felt real and palpable Both, the characterisation and the plot, didn t lack depth or 3 dimensionality.Allthough I m not quite sure what to think of JD and Robert s relationship which can only be described as ext [...]

    15. 4.5 stars Excellent m m romantic suspense about an author who loses much of his memory in an attack This was a powerful read I even cried a few times Highly recommended.

    16. Reading it was a rough ride but in the end I feel it was worth it You know how sometimes the characters are good guys but you just can t warm up to them and even petty things annoy you about them Well, Robert and JD were exactly the opposite Both of them were everything you would never want in your significant other, and yet their love, their passion towards each other was extremely compelling I m not a fan of amnesia stories usually but here it was such a marvelous second chance for them both, [...]

    17. A beautiful love story of two very disparate men who illustrate the phrase opposites attract Beautifully detailed main characters, JD and Robert struggle for a long time to come to terms with their demons and the resolution at the end of the story is by no means easy Though their descriptions and origins could have easily made them become a clich , the author skillfully manages to get beyond that to give the reader very real people to root for and feel engaged with An excellent example of show, [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book and found it very interesting In the beginning, as I read this story, I kept asking myself where was all this heading Who was going to be together at the end There was a lot happening here There was the investigation into the shooting of Pablo and JD and why it happened Robert and JD were an established couple who had split up JD was suffering from retrograde amnesia and didn t remember the shooting or their history and break up Robert was apprehensively waiting for memories [...]

    19. Incredibly realistic Deeply Flawed characters Great mystery plot I couldn t put it down This book shows us that we can love each other deeply and still hurt each other deeply We can bring the best and the worst at the same time in each other This is the story of two men who are married, they have been together for 15 years Then they broke up One year later, one is injured and looses his memory of the last ten years, while the man he was with that moment is killed It may be a second chance for th [...]

    20. Not as funny as the Adam Peter series but a seriously good book as well Again, the characterization and the depiction of the characters relationships were better than the plot but then again these are so good that my minor quibbles about the plot really don t matter Recommended

    21. An interesting read but only if you give yourself time to understand the flawed relationship of the two protagonists.It s easy to hate both of them and the obnoxious relationship they had and DNF the book but the plot is intriguing enough to hold you till the end.First half of the story, I loathed JD and his childish spoiled attitude.Robert s indulgence towards JD seemed foolish.Somehow after finishing the book I realized why the relationship was flawed so much.They reminded me of couple who hav [...]

    22. Perfect imperfectionis what best describes the characters in this well put story Fifteen years in a relationship of love, passion,dependence, lies and deception Roberto is a classical macho latino he is controlling and he is possessive, but he s also driven, passionate and sure of himself I liked his activism which is a great contrast to the chaos of his personal life JD, in my point of view, enjoys his sexuality but at the same time has a hard time accepting who he is, the revelations at the en [...]

    23. 5 PASSIONATE STARS.Codependency, jealousy, rage, cheating, drowning problems in liquor and worklove, lust, need Talk about a truly fucked up and poisonous relationship God, I loved this mess

    24. I am convinced Ms Riley had gal main characters in mind when she wrote this but switched them to male to maximize book sales at the level of press, radio and film I wonder how many Ms Riley dissuaded after reading.

    25. I don t write reviews as a rule, mostly because of my emotional reaction to books, and the subsequent disappointment with myself at my inability to coherently explain why I felt certain way However If a book was to tease me out of comment lurkdom, of course it would be one like Amor en Retrogrado It pulled all of my heartstrings in a fist and twisted, until all I could do was hang on and breathe I liked the mystery part well enough, although I must admit sometimes it felt like a carefully positi [...]

    26. It s a bit hard to write a review on the story since I finished it just minutes ago.It was a strong story As another reviewer remarked, I m not a big fan of flashbacks but the author made it work here It s through these flashbacks that I was bit by bit introduced into Robert and JD s lives, the mistakes they have made, the mistakes that revealed their flaws.I feel emotionally drained after having finished the story Throughout almost the entire book, I felt sympathetic towards Robert, understood [...]

    27. So I m officially adding A.M Riley to my favorite authors I LOVED this book I also loved Adam Peter series but back to this book This book checked so many of the right boxes for me Hot Latin Lovercheck Messy love you hate you can t live with or without you romance between two MC that should have Love the Way you Lie by Rihanna as their theme songcheck, check, check A book that shows the progression regression of a relationship over a long period of time 15 years check MCs that are deeplyflawedbu [...]

    28. This book was so not what I expected I m such a sucker for good mystery novels but seriously, I like it when books stay focused on two MC Don t get me wrong, I love investigations and all those things but I think I d rather read about them when at least one of the main characters is a cop detective PI FBI agent, you get my drift And here I didn t find it This detective, Bill Turner is an ass view spoiler Just let me say that continuously coming onto one of MC JD Ryan who is by all means married [...]

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