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Holly Jolly Summer By Tiffany Stewart,

  • Title: Holly Jolly Summer
  • Author: Tiffany Stewart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The story centers on 15 year old Darby s attempts to save a rundown holiday themed amusement park in Christmas, Ky.
    Holly Jolly Summer The story centers on year old Darby s attempts to save a rundown holiday themed amusement park in Christmas Ky

    One thought on “Holly Jolly Summer”

    1. Tiffany Stewart has spewed vile on Twitter blatantly saying that they need to build a wall to keep liberals out i,e all the black and brown people So This Donald Trump voting bigot won t be getting one black ass dollar from me

    2. Ok this is what I wrote on November 16th Nah, I m good Tiffany has a political agenda that s divisive and alienates her core readers e.g she thinks building a wall down North Dakota is a grand idea I have other authors I d prefer to support This is what I have to say now Tiffany s a bigot, full stop Her racism has only become even overt and pathetic as time has gone on, and she s displayed a shocking amount of Islamaphobia on Twitter I can t recommend her stay far away from her Also, Macmillan [...]

    3. Wants a wall to keep liberals outA Has basically doubled down on her hate of anyone who isn t white and conservative Not worth supporting.May 2017 Publication delayed pulled Or being released under new title penname No cover or release date yet google doesn t have any news, and nothing shows up on Edelweiss.

    4. Due to insensitive, racist comments by the author, I won t be reading or supporting this I hope other people consider the same.

    5. I will not support an author who wants to build a wall to keep liberals out She does not deserve the support of the bookish community

    6. Tiffany has expressed racist, bigoted, and Islamophobic views on her Twitter that I do not condone or want to support with my reading.

    7. I harbor no desire to support someone who is pro Trump and frequently posts vile things on twitter such as Yeah no thanks

    8. I am normally not the type of person to review a book I have not read, but I refuse to put my money towards this future release.

    9. Putting this one on my oh fuck no list because I will not and cannot in good conscience support a bigot who promotes islamophobia and openly supports political candidates who advocate for the harm of people of colour as well as lgbtqa people of all races That is not someone who should be writing for anyone, much less teenagers.

    10. I refuse to read a book written by someone who spews such blatant hatred as this author does It s sad to me that she writes for teens.

    11. Don t be fooled they renamed this it s still by the same Trump bigot who wanted to build a wall to keep liberals out after the election.

    12. Somehow I d missed hearing about this author s very damaging political beliefs prior to reading this book While the story is ok, i did receive a digital galley, and would definitely not feel comfortable buying a copy of her book and supporting her bigoted views In the future I will be steering clear of any books written by her.

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