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  • Title: Blood of the Delphi
  • Author: M.E. Vaughan
  • ISBN: 9780995614918
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Praise Harmatia, it is a city of gold and light Praise it until it crumbles to dust Rufus Merle is a wanted man After twelve years on the run, raising the infant Prince Joshua in secret, the last of the Delphi line now stands in grave peril Sick, friendless and out of places to hide, Rufus and Joshua are hunted by dangerous alchemists, a deranged assassin, and a power Praise Harmatia, it is a city of gold and light Praise it until it crumbles to dust Rufus Merle is a wanted man After twelve years on the run, raising the infant Prince Joshua in secret, the last of the Delphi line now stands in grave peril Sick, friendless and out of places to hide, Rufus and Joshua are hunted by dangerous alchemists, a deranged assassin, and a powerful faerie goddess, who will do everything in her power to turn Rufus into a living weapon With the net closing around them, and the sparks of unrest and rebellion igniting across the Kingdom, Arlen Zachary is forced to question his own allegiance between the Crown, and the people he swore to protect As the gods play their hands, and the ancient Sidhe prepare to settle a century old feud, Harmatia trembles under the tyrannical rule of a King, whose only commitment is to the dead.
    Blood of the Delphi Praise Harmatia it is a city of gold and light Praise it until it crumbles to dust Rufus Merle is a wanted man After twelve years on the run raising the infant Prince Joshua in secret the last of t

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    1. I have been excited for this book since I read the first book in the series many many many moons ago It was a slow burn story that was driven by characters that you were compelled to love And love them you did so that by the end of book one you were invested and in pain by this world and those in it BOtD as I ll refer to the book from here on out picks up with intense action while also giving us a huge time jump between the books We see Rufus stealing away with Joshua at the end of book one and [...]

    2. I m incredibly wary of sequels I mean, I know how hard a sequel is to write, but so many authors, especially SFF authors, rush out a second book or, worse, tag on a second book to a successful debut, that just isn t well thought out As a reader you re left with characters that don t develop and a plot that can seem nonsensical or pointless Middle book syndrome we ve all seen it This is NOT that book The Sons of Thestian gave us a view of a different kind of epic fantasy and Blood of the Delphi b [...]

    3. Firstly, I want to extend a huge thank you to M.E Vaughan for sending me an e copy of this book for review It is always such a pleasure to work with you and read your work This review has been really hard to write, not because I have nothing good to say, but rather, there is so much that I don t know where to start This book was everything I could have wanted in a sequel heck, in a high fantasy novel period It was just fantastic from start to finish.The diversity, first and foremost, was superb [...]

    4. literary lion.tumblr Praise Harmatia, it is a city of gold and light Praise it until it crumbles to dust Disclaimer A free copy of this book was received through the author in exchange for an honest review Twelve years have passed since Prince Jionathan traded his life for Sverrin s Rufus is on the run, protecting Prince Joshua, the last Delphi prince They are forced the live their life on the run In the capital, others question their king Arlen Zachary has seen things going downhill Harmatia is [...]

    5. Where to begin M.E Vaughan has EXCEEDED expectations with this masterpiece of a fantasy tale I can t even breaths Okay, first thing the characterization of a previous character, whom, in Book 1, I cared little for immediately became a favorite Arlen effin Zachary is a beautifully tormented character perhaps even tormented than my beautiful Rufus , who is absolutely changed by the end of the book GODS I WISH I COULD BUT I WON T SPOIL IT BECAUSE YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK , but the progression is [...]

    6. I think that M E Vaughan may possibly be one of my new favourite fantasy authors I am spellbound by this series, and I need the next book as soon as possible Like, I don t care if it s ready, I just need it now.Blood of the Delphi is the sequel to The Sons of Thestian TSoT and I loved it just as much The story begins twelve years after the events of TSoT with Rufus and Joshua on the run with the help of the Delphi Knights, Jionat imprisoned in the catacombs under the spell, Arlen and his brother [...]

    7. I would first of all like to extend my sincerest apologies to Madeleine as it has taken me an absolute AGE to read this booke should have had this review far before this I m sorry Now for the fangirling.OH MY GOOOOODDDDD This bookIS BOOK It s so rare that a sequel is better than the original but this surpassed all of my expectations The beginning I had my heart in my mouth for the first third of the book worrying about the characters goodness me my heart was hurting SO much world building, so ma [...]

    8. A sequel is always hard to write, and a good sequel is even harder to achieve Is Blood of the Delphi a successful sequel HECK YES The book starts with such a gripping and heart aching first 200 pages Like, seriously, my heart was in my throat for all of Rufus mishaps and adventures His and Fae s relationship in this book blossomed and was so nice to get I felt that Fae had book time, with about her motives, back story and family life Learning about her people was super interesting.The new add [...]

    9. First of all, I would like to thank M.E Vaughan for giving me an advanced ebook copy, and to offer my deepest apologies for making her wait for this review Considering that it took me three days to read it, and two the second time around, the wait you ve had is abominable My apologies again.Having absolutely adored The Sons of Thestian, I had high expectations for the sequel, and I m very pleased to say that they have been exceeded Blood of the Delphi builds and develops upon the foundations lai [...]

    10. What a wild ride I missed Jionat so so SO much, but we get to meet Joshua and there s a lot of Arlen in the book and much much much stuff happening I am actually really really grateful that this book has rlly good trans rep both in the way how the character was written, how people around him acted and how the reaction to him coming out was shown , a lesbian princess also an abuse survivor , an ace character who will surely kick anyone s ass if they tried anything, bisexual main character who doe [...]

    11. 4.5 starsThis book was considerably darker than the first book with darker themes like torture Just like the first book, the pace was fast and new revelations kept occurring at every turn that left me gripping my phone And once again, my new favourite character suffers the most view spoiler Zachary was my favourite this time And though I understood that Rufus had many reasons to hate him, I really wished he could see Zachary at his core and save him or something But by the end of the book, I hav [...]

    12. This is a stunning sequel to The Sons of Thestian The prose and dialogue is edgier, the characters have real depth and the story develops in such as way as to have you clutching the edge of your seat There is pathos, violence, passion and some stomach churning moments It left me breathless and I can t wait for number three.

    13. Every now and then there comes a book that is so good you simply can t put it down Both The Sons of Thestian which was the first book in The Harmatia Cycle and Blood of the Delphi did that for me I will say that I did receive a free copy in return for an honest review but this book was honestly perfect Vaughan, again, did an excellent job of building on this complex world she created without making it overwhelming Blood of The Delphi gave us a closer look at the politics of Mag Mell, the various [...]

    14. I finished this book in about three days probably would have finished it sooner if real life hadn t interfered I was so excited for this sequel to Sons of Thestian and it did not disappoint Once again the characters are written wonderfully and the character development is fantastic I had to remind myself on several occasions that none of the characters were real and that this wasn t real life There is a lot going on in this book but it all weaves together wonderfully to create an intricate plot [...]

    15. Blood of the Delphi is astounding it blows Sons of Thestian out of the water It s everything a sequel needs to be keeping all the charm of the original book, while expanding on everything in new and brilliant ways Old characters are developed further, to the point where even some loathed villains become sympathetic The plot explodes beyond anything from the first book, and we get to see even of the world of Mag Mell.If you read Sons of Thestian and the ending left you wanting , I highly recomme [...]

    16. This book absolutely killed me I love it, and it will most likely be one of my favourite, if not THE favourite book of 2017 Full review can be found here rickusbookshelf.wordpress

    17. I ll start off by saying that after the way the first book ended, I was unsure what to expect from this book I wasn t expecting the time jump, which can be quite difficult to work with as I feel you can lose the reader s engagement with the story and leave them confused However, this book is a good example of how to work with a time jump and still keep the reader interested and eager to find out what s been going on.I found that I was briefly thrown by the time jump, but because of the instant a [...]

    18. I started reading the Harmatia Cycle because I was craving a mythical storytelling This series certainly offer that to you I am doing a combined review of both books at once In the first book, it was interesting yet at the same time, wearying since everyone wanted to die for literally everyone else That narrative got very repetitive up till the end.For the second book, the storyline dragged out quite a bit Rufus angst along with Zachary s I don t care about you demeanour starts to grate on your [...]

    19. This was even better then the first I almost rated 5 stars but I just can t get over the poor editing Missing words, misspellings and incorrect punctuation made the fast moving story and spiderweb of characters confusing at times

    20. I think I m a little bit broken right now I m not sure how I m supposed to wait to find out what s gonna happen HOW CAN YOU LEAVE IT LIKE THAT I can t vent my feelings without giving things away Broken squee Poor little characters You re in for a roller coater

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