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Flirt By Laurell K. Hamilton Dominika Moulíková,

  • Title: Flirt
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton Dominika Moulíková
  • ISBN: 9788075570147
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kdy se v kancel i Anity Blakeov sejdou kr tce po sob dva podivn klienti, jsou jejich p b hy jen slabou p edzv st toho, do jak ch hlubin lenstv m e n koho zav st smrt nejbli ch Zejm na ty, kte nev jej m uji t n m, e z hrobu se nikdy nevr t jejich milovan , ale zombie A pokud maj doty n ne astn ci tak ka neomezen prost edky a naopak nulov mor ln zKdy se v kancel i Anity Blakeov sejdou kr tce po sob dva podivn klienti, jsou jejich p b hy jen slabou p edzv st toho, do jak ch hlubin lenstv m e n koho zav st smrt nejbli ch Zejm na ty, kte nev jej m uji t n m, e z hrobu se nikdy nevr t jejich milovan , ale zombie A pokud maj doty n ne astn ci tak ka neomezen prost edky a naopak nulov mor ln z brany, je na probl my zad l no.A tak Anita n hle zjist , e z nez vazn ho flirtov n v restauraci se stala smrteln nebezpe n hra Dv ma lvodlaky, kte v jej m nitru probud dosud haj c nebezpe nou elmu, to jen za n V s zce jsou jej milovan a je jedin spr vn , e o ivotech v ech se rozhodne na h bitov Na h bitov , kde procitne n co, co m lo z stat nav ky v hrob
    Flirt Kdy se v kancel i Anity Blakeov sejdou kr tce po sob dva podivn klienti jsou jejich p b hy jen slabou p edzv st toho do jak ch hlubin lenstv m e n koho zav st smrt nejbli ch Zejm na ty kte nev jej

    One thought on “Flirt”

    1. I want to start off by saying that this wasn t as bad as I thought it would be And it definitely wasn t as bad as it could have been I had the lowest of hopes for this one after reading Divine Misdemeanors last year so maybe that s why I liked Flirt Trust me though, it was nowhere near perfect and was also still far away from her earlier books in the series I m slightly wary though, could this be a sign of things to come Will the Anita books continue to get better I m afraid to think this becau [...]

    2. Does anyone else get the feeling that if Anita, or Merry, for that matter, decided to do something as quotidian and mundane as changing her brand of toothpaste, it would provoke a long, drawn out, tortuous discussion debate conversation with all her friends, lovers and enemies, and random passersby about her motivations for the brand change, the inevitable or potential repercussions of the brand change, how her unexpected brand changing decision upsets and discommodes said lovers, friends and en [...]

    3. Why did I do this to myself Why return to Anita Blake, when all she does is annoy and frustrate me Because I am a fool.But as foolish as I am, at least I didn t write a novel in which all the male characters tell Anita how hot and desirable and wonderful she is for an entire chapter Is there a plot Sure, but it s solved in about two minutes Truthfully, there are so many problems with this story that it s hard to know what to complain about most The pages upon pages of descriptions of each man s [...]

    4. Good morning, boys and girls Gather round Miss Michelle now That s right Amelia, stop poking Mel It s not nice Today, we re going to do a little lesson in writing style I want you all to look at the following passage and tell me What bothers you most about it The boy came in with a book I couldn t see the cover of the book He always had a book with him, so it didn t surprise me he had a book I asked him, Why do you always have a book He looked at the book and said I like books You like books I l [...]

    5. What a self indulgent bit of tripe The conceit for this book is that the plot stems from a thoroughly uninteresting and commonplace thing that actually happened gasp to Hamilton and a few of her friends The only amazing thing about it is that Hamilton and her friends seem to have blown the incident out of all proportion, into some sort of proof of their inherently awesome artistic sexiness AND something worthy of creating art around The result is little than a boring and extended anecdote, with [...]

    6. This message brought to you by the word Flirt Flirt Flirt Anita Blake meets with Tony Bennington, who wants her to bring back his exploded wife as a human life zombie we find this out after they argue and posture for a while SOP Anita says no, smoochie smooes with her stripper boyfriends lovers that pop into the office in indecent sportsware because they wanted to give Mary the receptionist a show.Time to pop into the restaurant for a nice whinging session about how everyone thought Anita was ug [...]

    7. Yes, it s a novella No, it s not worth 25 It s not even worth the 12 discounted price This should have been a short story added to another book as a bonus, or posted on the website for free It clocks in at less than 50,000 words, and about a third of those could have been taken out, if not for Anita s endless internal monologuing about thing we already know, Anita s need to have everything explained to her twice, and the fact that the whole thing reads like it started out shorter and then was pa [...]

    8. It s weird, after I read the free excerpt of this book a few weeks ago I actually predicted the plot somewhere on this site So it was predictable Oh dear.We got back to zombie raising, necromancy powers and master vampire powers as well as Anita falling back on her coping mechanism of going to the empty place , the place she goes when she kills This is good However, all of the events involving these were cut and paste scenes from previous books Come to think of it most of this book was made up o [...]

    9. It s not to say that I hated this book, it was along the lines of what was the point of it all Anita has yet another adoring gorgeous man hanging off her arms and we ve established yet again that her powers are awesome even without her men What happened to the good old days of blood and gore.

    10. Flirt makes it obvious that Hamilton has paid at least some attention to the criticism of this series But considering that it took me a whole hour to read, this novella terribly short for the price is too little and probably too late.Anita s long neglected career as an animator makes another appearance, and she actually has an adventure that doesn t star half of her boyfriends Of course that whole Anita standing on her own thing was completely undermined by her predictable strategy for dealing w [...]

    11. Flirt is the 18th installment in the Anita Blake series It s not a full novel like her usual s, it s about the size of her novel MICAH approx 200 pages No matter, I was excited to get another Anita dose The wait for each novel is a year like most and it s always a killer This time around, the usual characters who are in this story are Micah, Nathaniel, Jason and of course, Anita And when her lovers are threatened, Anita will go through anything to save themI m super happy Anita is getting back i [...]

    12. Flirt is a short book I think it could have fit nicely into another book with exciting scenes, but I m not the author I feel that it was a bit rushed, but other than that, not too many complaints from me Hell, I think out of all the books in this series I can count the number of complaints on one hand Flirt Anita is kidnapped and taken from her sweeties that are being watched by snipers A new Rex, a stranger and his pride, take her away from her loved ones and forces her to raise a zombie Every [...]

    13. I have gotten to the point where Anita Blake books do nothing for me It s because everyone wants to be with her, be like her or kill her She is all powerful and doesn t need anyone She s Buffy, but with dark hair And by the end of the series, I wanted to stake Buffy my own damned self.The one thing that pisses me off the most about Anita Blake though is the sex I get it, you were raised one way, with those beliefs But I hate that she s with fifty million lovers, is still a prude and pushes her p [...]

    14. I was going to skip this one altogether until I read a review stating that in this book, Anita was baaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkk And doing things Meaning she was on her two feet walking around and using her powers to raise the dead and kill bad guys, not that she was flat on her back doing things YAY It wasn t a bad book A plus was that it was short and about as long as the plot Hurray Short books with short plots are a good thing Though reading it, I had to wonder if Hamilton had forgotten tha [...]

    15. There s a reason I stopped buying these books There s also a reason why I say I won t read any after each one But then, I got and read it anyway and I ve no idea why that is Maybe it s because I feel like I ve invested so much time in this series that I m compelled to finish it And let s be honest They don t exactly take much time to read so it s not like there s a huge time investment Laurell K calls this a novel in her Afterword I think she s kidding herself First, there s the obvious this bo [...]

    16. I d say spoiler alert but Hamilton spoiled Anita a long time ago.New Preternatural Villain We heard you were all kinds of powerful but we didn t believe it.Anita Believe it.New Preternatural Villain s Sidekick You told me she couldn t perform supernatural tricks that powerful.Anita I can.OH NOES here comes the ardeur Anita I have to do it or I will die.Lots and lots of fucking.New Preternatural Villain s now very tired and Anita s new minion Sidekick We heard you were all kinds of powerful sexy [...]

    17. While I did like this book, I think of it as filler than an actual entry into the Anita Blake series It s a lot like Micah was focusing on one story and no subplot I m curious to see if any of the events from this story make it into the next full length Anita book.For those hoping to see of Anita s necromancy, you will see that here I don t want to say just yet, but there were a couple of plot points involving Anita s character development that disappointed me.This book also contains an after [...]

    18. I never thought I d be nostalgic for Micah Back then, it seemed a little much to charge mass market paperback price for a novella Enter Flirt a novella in hardback This is one case where the format of the book affects the star rating Flirt would be much palatable in an anthology, or even as a mass market paperback At hardback price, I can t recommend it.The early chapters are a mix of the interesting and the tedious The good parts involve Anita working at her job as an animator, something we ha [...]

    19. Save me from a heroine who is never wrong and copied and pasted paragraphs of description and dialogue Anita Blake is obviously the epitome of everything Ms Hamilton would like to be, surrounded by ethereal men of all shapes and sizes, all of whom believe she is the most amazing thing since sliced bread and of course add to this fact that everyone around her underestimates her constantly, and then eventually either dies or runs away or falls hopelessly in love with her in the space of a 5 minute [...]

    20. I count Laurell K Hamilton s Anita Blake series as guilty pleasure reading not complicated and fun or on occasion fun to make fun of I m happy to suspend disbelief as long as there s a decent story arc and fun, interesting characters To be sure, there are things I find annoying about author s writing style including but not limited to distracting repetition, over reliance on exposition and argument in lieu of action, ponderous emotional angst about and between the males in Anita s life and her w [...]

    21. I remember a time when I loved Anita Blake novels I didn t start reading at book one, I started reading at book 11 or so, at a time when most people were already not enjoying the books I liked them because I like the characters and I wanted to know what would happen to them all I used to be able to read about the characters talking to each other, eating, going shopping, or doing whatever boring stuff they do, but now I just can t do it any Maybe I matured as a reader, or maybe I ve just realize [...]

    22. Reading the introduction and afterthought of Laurell K s recent novella we are informed that this piece was created as a cure for writer s block during the creation of Divine Misdemeanours from the Merry Gentry series , much the same as her other novella, or novelette or whatever Micah.So don t expect too much from this short story from the Anita Blake series Again similar to Micah the story involves Anita being drawn into taking a dodgy animation case, one sex scene and a fairly quick conclusio [...]

    23. The only reason I gave this booklet 1 star was that I couldn t assign a negative star rating This pathetic attempt at a novella was so bad it hurt my feelings The action wasn t so bad, but the dialog was just awful I understand that the title of the book is Flirt , but I don t need to be reminded in every paragraph The Anita Blake world is taken over by an evil power that forces people to use the word flirt in every verbal exchange, regardless of how ludicrous it sounds in context Here s an exam [...]

    24. Added 01 26 17I m walking down reviewer memory lane and this is one that popped up There was a reviewer that described the repetitiousness in the books and how she could practically write it herself giving about a page worth of dialogue She actually did a really good job so I innocently said, trying to be funny, You did such a good job you should be Laurell Hamilton s ghost rider The response was Har, har , unfriending me and then blocking her account I m still scratching my head on that one Re [...]

    25. I think I went through this book faster than any other Anita Blake book It was really a treat to see Anita comfortable with herself and hers Though some parts she seemed a little out of character it worked itself out in a timely fashion I am pleased to say that this book s intimacy was rather tame compared to some others of Laurell K Hamilton s For that I am greatful The scene was tasteful but not overwhelming to the point that people where spontaneously orgasming in libraries or in public area [...]

    26. Yawn yawn yawn.Practically every sentence in this novella stimulated a deja vu experience, not to mention self doubt Why am I reading this Why Why Why This was actually refreshing Some of Anita s actions in this book should have warranted at least a smidgen of self doubt.I never would have imagined flirting with a waiter in the presence of one of your gorgeous friends could inspire not just a novella, but a retelling of the flirting, and then a comic of the retelling Maybe some people will be [...]

    27. I should say up front so you can evaluate my review that I greatly enjoyed the first 8 or so of the Anita Blake books up to around Obsidian Butterfly I m one of those that believe the series badly went wrong with the ardeur with its have sex or die imperative and books filled with so many chapters of sex scenes, that if you took them out, you wouldn t have wordage for a short novella I have been able to at least read and finish the prior books though, even if with decreasing enjoyment this is th [...]

    28. I m not sure why I keep reading these any I think it s just to see if Anita will ever die or shift or become a vampire or just get a much bigger bed.

    29. I ve gotten to the point in this series where I have to turn a blind eye to a solid half of the novel to have any hope whatsoever of getting through it unscathed Flirt is no exception.Surprisingly, this installment features one of the most solid plotlines I ve read in an Anita Blake novel in quite some time Is that saying much given the mess this series has become No, but I digress We actually get to see our heroine doing her job at Animators Inc how she still manages to be employed there, I hav [...]

    30. Did I title my review of Micah the same I may have, because the same can be said for the novella that is Flirt WARNING POTENTIAL SPOILERS By now if you re even reading this review that is you than likely know what the plot of this short story is Anita is approached by two separate grieving spouses at Animators Inc, both offering outrageous sums of money on top of her usual fee to have her raise their deceased loved ones Each has their own different reason for this, neither of which Anita is wil [...]

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