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Blueberry By Glenna Thomson,

  • Title: Blueberry
  • Author: Glenna Thomson
  • ISBN: 9780143782032
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blueberry is a heart warming debut novel about starting over, as a little blueberry orchard in the hills offers one woman the chance to change her life forever .Greer O Reilly needs to start over Her professional success belies private sadness and domestic overload She s torn between her career and motherhood Her partner of twelve years has left her And up ahead isBlueberry is a heart warming debut novel about starting over, as a little blueberry orchard in the hills offers one woman the chance to change her life forever .Greer O Reilly needs to start over Her professional success belies private sadness and domestic overload She s torn between her career and motherhood Her partner of twelve years has left her And up ahead is her new home a beautiful though neglected blueberry orchard in the hills of north east Victoria But when she and her six year old daughter Sophie arrive at the property to take possession, there s an unforeseen complication the former owner, 81 year old artist and jazz lover Charlie Chandler, refuses to move out Charlie is dying and desperate to spend his last days in his old home With Greer at the beginning of her new life, and Charlie at the end of his, the unlikely pair soon form a close bond One that will offer the strength and inspiration Greer needs because the next twelve months will either make or break her .
    Blueberry Blueberry is a heart warming debut novel about starting over as a little blueberry orchard in the hills offers one woman the chance to change her life forever Greer O Reilly needs to start over Her

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    1. Greer O Reilly was struggling after her partner Nick left her and their daughter, six year old Sophie Her job in Melbourne was high stress Sophie needed after school care often than Greer was happy with So when the opportunity to purchase a rundown blueberry orchard in the Victorian bush near Euroa presented itself, Greer decided to take the chance The peace and quiet would be a balm after the hustle and bustle of the city and the laid back lifestyle could be just what both Greer and Sophie nee [...]

    2. mrsbbookreviews.wordpressBlueberry is a luscious contemporary story from a brand new voice in Australian fiction, Glenna Thomson Blueberry chronicles the eventful journey of one woman s determination to make a positive change in her life This involves a big move from the hustle and bustle of life in the city, to the tranquil surrounds of the blueberry orchards Blueberry is a delicate story with a sensitive touch.Blueberry is the gentle story of Greer O Reilly, a single mother to six year old Sop [...]

    3. Blueberry by Glenna Thomson.A captivating and very interesting story about life on a blueberry orchard in the hills of north east Victoria.Sometimes an escape to the country may be just what you need.From the frosty, juicieness of a fresh Australian blueberry picked straight from the bush we ll learn all about what happens to our beloved little, round blueberry as it comes to us from bush to table.We ll learn all about it s packaging, pruning and how it survives in the bush and the Australian dr [...]

    4. I was pleasantly surprised and really drawn into this delightful debut novel by Glenna Thomson Early reviews coming through were positive and I was keen to find out for myself to discover why this was so I can concur that the storyline is captivating and being set in northern Victoria the setting is very identifiable Toni Jordan is quoted I wish I could crawl inside the pages of the book and live there on the gorgeous front cover and I think that s how the reader feels, it was easy to immerse yo [...]

    5. This was a really easy book to read I finished it in a few hours It was an interesting story about Greer O Reilly who is desperately trying to balance working in PR with overly demanding clients and being a single mum to six year old Sophie when things all seem to fall apart she decides to take a chance buying a run down blueberry farm in Victoria which unexpectedly comes with it s elderly previous owner Charlie.The story was very realistic of the challenges that Greer and Charlie face and came [...]

    6. Once I started this debut novel by Glenna Thomson, I wanted to keep reading until I finished So that is what I didpicked it off the shelf and just read Thank you Glenna for giving an insight not only into the trials and tribulations of blueberries, but also into life with its ever changing view of family and what makes one Loved this book and I recommend it.

    7. A simple story with basic characters Nothing too fantastic or brilliant but I wanted a simple read It s a nice story.

    8. This is such an easy read but it s got so much feeling you can picture everything as you read it I m a sucker for a happy ending

    9. Strath BildungsRoman Greer O Reilly is a female Eunuch in every way Trapped in a life of sensory deprived corporate drudgery in a one sided marriage to an unfeeling absentee Narcissist ,events conspire to see her treading the well worn path of the Serpentine Hume Highway into the beautiful environs of north east victoria with her doll like daughter Sophie seeking escape and renewal in no particular order Here she encounters the reactionary rural artist Charlie , with his Marilyn portraits , fait [...]

    10. I bought this book for the subject matter which parallels our own life with a blueberry farm in NE Victoria and a corporate life in Melbourne My expectations were low based on an uninspiring cover and expectations of chick lit take by a first time author on the tree change theme.I was astonished This books is brilliant The tempo and unfolding of the move to a rundown farmhouse and overgrown blueberry orchard is perfect The landscape and plants are accurately described, and characters are depicte [...]

    11. I really enjoyed Blueberry by Glenna Thomson because it had a bit depth to it than many other Australian rural stories, even though the plot of single girl moves to country to start a new life is certainly not original The characters seemed realistic, I learned a lot about blueberry farming, and the romance simmered below the surface More front and centre was the relationship between the main character Greer and the old man she buys the farmhouse from This was described with compassion, sensiti [...]

    12. This was an interesting novel with very local content I live within 100ks of where the story is based I deals with an array of issues from the difficulties of being a single mum, the importance of job satisfaction, the trials of farming in a slightly isolated area and the issues of sourcing services such as acquiring a seasonal labour force, tradesmen etc and the need to travel for health services as welll very real issues when you live away from large service centres.The story also dealt with s [...]

    13. Familiar and cozy, yet engaging and hopeful This novel was recommended by my book club and once again I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed a book I would not have necessarily chosen myself The familiar locations and Victorian setting are a lovely gift to anyone who lives here and I applaud the author for such a strong debut Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    14. Easy story line, but I gave it a 4 star as the description of this particular area of Australian countryside is well known loved by me Describes it so you can feel it.

    15. This story was well written and the characters seemed very real Will be interested in reading other books of hers when they are published.

    16. Blueberry is a wonderful debut novel by Glenna Thomson.The premise for the story is very alluring a brave young woman wanting to change her life, and not entirely sure how to do so The narrative shows great insight by Thomson into the complex layers of generational love the young daughter that Greer needs to spend time with, and the elderly man Charlie, that she grows to love The characterisation of Charlie is particularly moving.The setting for Blueberry both urban and rural, is believable wit [...]

    17. Blueberry has all the hallmarks of a truly modern Australian story a characteristically strong and unflappable heroine, the empathetic Australian way of life, characters who fight valiantly to overcome their personal adversities, all set upon a distinctly Australian backdrop A moving debut novel told exceptionally well with the characters, locations, and emotions all depicted with warmth, depth, and richness.Glenna Thomson is not simply an author, she is a storyteller.

    18. I was immersed in this moving story of Greer O Reilly in Blueberry from beginning to end and just LOVED it I was gripped with the suspense, laughed and cried with the adventure, romance, and warm generational challenges It was inspiring, informative and interesting learning about a radical life change from the city life to a blueberry orchard The characters came alive and I felt it was a warm and insightful storyline.

    19. This was a gentle, touching and thoroughly modern story It had a great sense of place and time which allowed me to become involved in the story Blueberry could of easily slipped into melodrama, but Glenna still manages to keep the story going without it, the story still maintained it s flow and the ending was not where I thought it was going, but fitted with the story beautifully CP, Riverina Regional Library

    20. A gentle, engaging story which I read in 2 days and couldn t put down.With triumphs and setbacks, large and small, Greer O Reilly from the city slowly and stoically moves to the country and rebuilds her life The background for the story is so authentic The characters so human A great read.

    21. A thoroughly modern, gentle Australian story It could of easily slipped into melodrama and misunderstandings, but doesn t thankfully Glenna s knowledge of orchard life shines through and the characters were engaging making for an enjoyable read.

    22. What a terrific book It s been so long since Ive read a well crafted Australian novel A story of courage with loveable characters, set in Victoria Definitely worth reading.

    23. Fantastic read I love Charlie and really identified with Greer The story was page turning and the setting totally familiar bloody Chapel Street Loved it a must read this summer

    24. Glenda captures, respectfully, a woman s ability to move from one way of life to another Fully understanding that the physical move also required an emotional, even spiritual move as well.

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