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Justice League, Vol. 3: Timeless By Bryan Hitch,

  • Title: Justice League, Vol. 3: Timeless
  • Author: Bryan Hitch
  • ISBN: 9781401271121
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • A new epic begins when a mysterious young woman implores the Justice League to fight against the Timeless, a cosmic threat they ve never faced before because it exists at different points throughout Earth s history But when the individual members of the Justice League are scattered across time, they must find their way back to the present to stop the Timeless Collects JUA new epic begins when a mysterious young woman implores the Justice League to fight against the Timeless, a cosmic threat they ve never faced before because it exists at different points throughout Earth s history But when the individual members of the Justice League are scattered across time, they must find their way back to the present to stop the Timeless Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE 14 19.
    Justice League Vol Timeless A new epic begins when a mysterious young woman implores the Justice League to fight against the Timeless a cosmic threat they ve never faced before because it exists at different points throughout E

    One thought on “Justice League, Vol. 3: Timeless”

    1. PassableI guess.I mean, the dialogue isn t awful or anything, but the first story is a throwaway the Justice League gets trapped in a hole and learns that TEAMWORK and TRUST are the stuff unicorn farts are made of view spoiler hide spoiler and the main story about the Timeless stuff was just confusing and pointless.Who were these people that were helping the Justice League I have no idea It seems like they must have popped up in an issue of Batman because he seemed to know them, but since I m no [...]

    2. The first issue seems to be a motivational poster about Teamwork Then we get the Timeless story The first issue is really confusing It s told non linearly with no indication that we are switching back and forth in time Aquaman s in our time on one page, the next he s in ancient Atlantis, then he s back in our time again Rinse and repeat with the other JL members It s some really terrible storytelling It makes sense in the context of the rest of the story but here at the beginning it s very confu [...]

    3. Okay I said volume 2 was my last but I figured I d give it one try But when got a super confusing dumb storyline that alters time and makes it hard to keep up and random big fucking invasions keep happening it gets really really dull Plus Batman still acts so different I can t take him serious Yeahe on Priest please come to save this series.

    4. Disappointing on many levels The first issue in the collection is a complete wast of time with the JL members sitting around in a cave accomplishing nothing The rest is filled with time travel garbage made even less comprehensible by poorly drawn, cluttered art involving villains with no good introduction, attacking with with five giant machines that threaten all of history for five issues, and then has them destroyed in five panels with no reason given why if it was so easy it took so long.

    5. 5 Always nice to see the Justice League in action Glad that it seems like the other Clark is doing well on the team Sad that the team was tricked by Molly The Timeless were very interesting Wonder what is coming to Earth Can t wait to read Justice League, volume 4 Endless

    6. I am afraid that Bryan Hitch s third volume for the Justice League series is a mixed bag I really wanted to love this book Unfortunately behind its good artwork and really good ideas lies a boring execution One of the great things going for the book is that it feels like a good jumping on story that sort of reintroduces the reader to the members of DC comics most celebrated superhero team Bryan Hitch does a good job here in the opening of the book to establish where are heroes stand in the curre [...]

    7. I received this book for free from a giveaway in exchange for an honest review My 14 yr Old son read this and this is his review it s of a 4 1 2 stars The illustrations were exquisite The story was a typical comic book, short and at times exciting but the end is still a comic book The new character was a really cool vilian The teamwork between the JLA was lame because it s like every other comic book The teamwork in The Injustice series is exciting because of the character s infighting.

    8. Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, rock em, sock em action Immense fun and a threat worthy of League attention Ominous foreshadowing too Recommend.

    9. Awful.What can it be said Another unknown threat with no proper development Worse, you have the entire Justice League buried in a cave in, unable to escape So they bicker for a bit while trying to come to terms with coming together in the face of this new threat Got to say it is nice seeing Barry and Jessica never leave each other s side Get a room you two Unfortunately, the cave in is not the story A time traveler sends each of the Justice League to multiple points in time Wonder Woman The birt [...]

    10. Not the best JL story I have ever read Kinda a shorter and less convoluted version of Hickman s Avengers alternate world story, but this time throughout time Kinda an obvious twist in it and then just a super lame final battle I like the characters so I will keep coming back but this was not great

    11. It has magic in it I can t take much of this superman describing the comic book he is in.The new disaster of a product sees the super friends blasted into a hole that they have to stay in until Cyborg s boom tube gets fixed It was broken for a few minutes so that this story could happen The super friends decide to have a group therapy session in the hole that they are trapped in Rather than think about how to win this super hero fight, they talk about why they get sad sometimes But don t worry [...]

    12. The first issue was a pretty good self contained story where the Justice League learns to trust the new Superman that showed up They are trapped in a cave, and talk to each other for a while and hash things out What follows is a multi issue arc that s just not great It s a trap to believe that only the biggest, most universe threatening baddies are interesting foils for the Justice League The previous issue proved that you don t always need to go huge to tell good stories In the Timeless arc, th [...]

    13. This is an improvement from the previous volume There s actually a story here, even if it s somewhat hollow, but it s better than the action for action s sake like in the previous two volumes Hitch seems to go straight for the plot driven story where the heroes are reacting to a situation, and there are wonderful plot driven stories out there, but there seems to not really be a whole lot of character development going on here That first issue was supposed to be the character issue, but the dialo [...]

    14. I was very disappointed with this Volume of Justice League We have a very elaborate set up villains from outside time attack the League from various points in time, each member dealing with the portion of the villains that matches them, i.e Flash fights the villains who use Speed Force, Diana fights the villains working through the Greek Pantheon, etc Lots of destruction, Superman continuing to obsess about Lois and Jon, Batman being able to achieve anything this book has all the typical tropes [...]

    15. I enjoyed this volume It starts with a one off issue that feels like a soft reboot reestablishing the characters and their motivations Then the arc begins The five issue arc contains a satisfying story There s time displacement, Tempus and a twist that isn t all that surprising.This is by no means a perfect story It s probably of a 3.5 star than a 4 star Hitch has a bad habit of writing up to a confrontation then skipping the actual fight He also doesn t explore the characters as much as I woul [...]

    16. Okay, so the odd but oddly endearing first chapter is an improvised quasi encounter group when the JL is temporarily stranded together during I think an alien invasion of D.C They hug it out just a figure of speech, folks and, with better understanding of each other, whoosh into action and the readers are spared any further details or even a conclusion other than a newscaster mentioning it was a rousing success The end Hooray Huh Is this a it s not the destination, but the journey platitude The [...]

    17. In positive news Flash did not break the time stream in this one Way to stay out of it Barry.In other news I m really sick of reading this run of Justice League because the story is super fragmented which I ve said in my other reviews and it ends with We must be prepared for the something worse that is coming bit The characters are impossible to relate to because we don t know enough about them unless we read their respective series I started reading Justice League Rebirth because I thought this [...]

    18. Somewhat mixed feelings on this, however I thought it was pretty good overall The first issue collected here was my favorite for the sole reason of the great conversation between all the members of the League They way they opened up to each other was well written and refreshing I just wish it had been in a peaceful setting as opposed to being buried under tons of rock But it still works.A lot of time manipulation in this story The basic concepts here are good, but none seem as developed as I wa [...]

    19. It was an enjoyable read, and the artwork was fantastic There are a couple of issues I have First, why did they make Timeless and his minions look so much like Brainiac What was the point They even have Brainiac 5 in the book for good measure, but apparently Timeless is his own character and has no relation to Brainiac Second and finally, the story is dragged on and on with the answer carrot dangling right in front of my face, but the author never let s me get than a nibble on it Don t get me w [...]

    20. Collects Justice League issues 14 19I ve been vocal about my dislike for Bryan Hitch s run on Justice League, but I ll have to admit that this was a fun volume to read It had the epic feel that you would expect from a super team book I also liked the time travel elements of the story There were some fun cameos, and interesting reveals in these pages There are numerous references to a previous Justice League story involving someone called Rao As far as I remember, I haven t read that story, so I [...]

    21. This book is a waste of ink, paper, and time.I loved the first 3 pages of the book intriguing start but then begins the worst single issue of the JL ever The whole Timeless plot was stupid There s no bad guy character development or how they can do the things they do In fact, they are all a plot device for the conclusion, which was pointless too.I want to like whatever this enemy that is coming eventually to destroy the earth and universe Supposedly that s why every enemy this arc has been tryin [...]

    22. What is it about the JL stories that fail to resonate with me It s almost as if the stories are just incapable of building any weight to the actions and consequences.Sure all of time is in jeopardy, but what does that really mean Nothing we can picture Nothing we can relate to.So, if we can t relate, why do we care We would care if the heroes cared for reasons other than because they re heroes or they have loved ones Also, the general manner of storytelling jumping from place to place and time t [...]

    23. Another fast paced JL volume The predicted doom is still coming This time two villains, opposed to each other but both dedicated to wiping out superheroes, scheme against the JL There is a lot of skipping around as the members get separated and it switches from one to another continuously Each one is in a different time and place so that further complicates things with them jumping from when and where as well The plot ends within the volume but the continued threat of doom is still ahead of them [...]

    24. As with previous volumes, there are glimpses of good ideas like powerful aliens getting very upset at the way Earth seems to trigger a complete reboot of the universe every few years but somewhat badly placed For example we get the JLA sharing feelings in the opening issue, but is facing an imminent Earth annihilator the right time Then we get into the main plot, which has moments, but is also an insanely convoluted mess.

    25. Hitch has a pretty good grasp of the League now and I don t mind his asides for the team to re establish why they do what they do TOGETHER It s a mixed bag of heroes so it makes sense for them to question motives The Infinity Bldg and the stones return and I like that they are building toward something

    26. Apparently from the average rating I disagree with just about everybody on this one In my opinion Hitch s delivery on the pacing of this story makes it a model of how to handle a huge, event style story within the relatively constricted space of a single arc of a single title Well done, Mr Hitch.

    27. I didn t enjoy the first part of the collection, but it picked up once it got into the Timeless section The beginning was just a bit too cheesy Normally, I like cheesy, but they were pushing the we must work together and trust each other dialogue too hard The actual story was interesting with a good twist The art looks great.

    28. This current run of the Justice League is letting me down It s boring, nothing seems right, and the characters are off Don t know yet if I will be continuing with volume 4 as this volume and the two previous have been let downs.

    29. Penciller Fernando Pasarin, inker Matt Ryan, and colorist Brad Anderson make the Justice League, especially all manner of settings, look great Bryan Hitch does good work, but this appealed to me much .

    30. Overall, very good Minor issue with the bits with Cyborg and Braniac 5 They really needed to decide if it was the 30th century, or the 31st It should be the 30th, since Barry s granddaughter XS is part of his team.

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