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The Truth About Dogs By Stephen Budiansky,

  • Title: The Truth About Dogs
  • Author: Stephen Budiansky
  • ISBN: 9780753813225
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Stephen Budiansky holds that virtually everything previously written about dogs is either wrong or misguided Instead he maintains that to understand the true nature of dogs we need to stop interpreting their behaviour in the human terms of loyalty and betrayal We think we understand how our dog makes sense of the world, that we know what he feels, what he wants and why hStephen Budiansky holds that virtually everything previously written about dogs is either wrong or misguided Instead he maintains that to understand the true nature of dogs we need to stop interpreting their behaviour in the human terms of loyalty and betrayal We think we understand how our dog makes sense of the world, that we know what he feels, what he wants and why he wants it because so much of what he does is familiar But this familiarity can fool us The truth is far complex and surprising Canine behaviour has its roots in the wolf pack, so a society that places a premium on staying out of trouble Wolves and, by extension, dogs know their place in the social order and give way to superiors to avoid conflict In other words, they are very good at working out what is necessary and doing it But there is to canine behaviour than evolution and survival The Dog Genome Project is currently laying the groundwork for identifying the genetic basis of why our dogs behave in the way they do Other research investigates canine intelligence, and some remarkable experiments reveal what dogs can and cannot see.
    The Truth About Dogs Stephen Budiansky holds that virtually everything previously written about dogs is either wrong or misguided Instead he maintains that to understand the true nature of dogs we need to stop interpretin

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    1. This is a really good book about the dogs The main purpose of this book is talking the truth about the dog You can also learn a lot about the dog In this book, I can also know the different between whines and growls I learned dog barked when they feel hungry and bored, the amount of dog barking is phenomenal The thing that I learned and I really like it was they said train dog is easily than study another language of human If someone read this book, I hoped them will really like it, too.

    2. I really didn t enjoy this book at all Which is a surprise, since I adore to read about dogs But this book didn t offer any new information other than offering an explanation for why my dog peed around Mary D because she s so tall what was the most upsetting was that the author didn t actually seem to like dogs very much Also, the book really discounted the connection between a dog and its owner And, I must admit, the gene therapy at the end, I could only skim it was a little too boring Oh and t [...]

    3. Probably the best book about these wonderful animals out there It s taken a lot of criticism in some quarters for the decidedly unromantic, anti anthropomorphic view it takes of dogs, but those criticisms miss the point Dogs aren t people if they were, it d be pretty screwed up for us to keep them as pets , but another species that just happens to overlap in amazing ways with humans in terms of social behavior Further, many of the problematic relationships and behaviors that dogs and their owner [...]

    4. A fascinating summary of research across a huge range of disciplines, all concerned with the evolution of dogs, their social world and their interactions with humans I enjoyed Budiansky s asides on human behavior and expectations just as much as I did his discussions of essential dogness A small masterpiece.

    5. A clever read about the parasitic qualities of domesticated doghood informative indeed a good read for all us anthropomorphizing dog owners who have been completely taken advantage of by our beguiling, opportunistic, evolutionarily advanced canines.

    6. This one started off great the author was backing up his claims with decent data and relying a lot on science for his arguments things were going swimmingly And then I got to the chapter on troubled dogs Having a troubled dog, I may be slightly partial, but I also feel I m pretty well informed we ve been working with our vet and a behaviorist a lot and I m not 100% convinced that dominance is always the key issue with dogs, as the author tends to suggest is the driving force behind everything do [...]

    7. Good book,albeit dated by now and underestimates dog s consciousness as a result Adds to info found in Coren s book, How Dogs Think, the Canine Mind It s a faster read and I d recommend it to get a bit of a stereoscopic view of the subject The color plate on how dog s see the world in color using two types of rods, rather than our human three types of rods, makes that much clearer for me I enjoyed the writing style he used in his passage about a car trip with a border collie who turned his head [...]

    8. One of my family members had gotten me this book because they knew I loved dogs and liked to learn about them and when I saw it, I thought it was just going to be an average little piece of nonfiction and hoped to learn some new, interesting things about dogs.I was surprised however, just how terribly BORING this book was And that word right there just kind of explains all the problems with this book Boring That s all it was.The way the writer writes is almost pretentious in a way Granted, you g [...]

    9. I had enjoyed all the other books on dogs I had read so far, and I thought this book s title might give me some further insight into canine mentality What I found was a lot of discussion without direct evidence only later does he mention a few sources He makes big claims without directly citing where he gets his evidence, and his writing left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth His writing style is not very legible there were many times when I read something and thought, Huh But re reading did n [...]

    10. This book is outdated Dominance theory, as delivered in this book, is false and based mostly on observations of modern day wolves held in a captive environment consisting of unrelated males of course the result were fights and displays of dominance So no your dog is not trying to dominate you by putting his paw on your leg, but last time he did it he probably got a piece of toast you were eating or at the least some attention And generally any attention is good attention, pushing the dog away is [...]

    11. I have a version of this book that has not yet been captured by GoodReads ISBN 978 1 4072 2811 2The Irredeemable Weirdness of the Dog An IntroductionIf some advertiser or political consultant could figure out just what it is in human nature that makes us so ready to believe that dogs are loyal, trustworthy, selfless, loving, courageous, noble and obedient, he could retire to his own lands in the Carribbean in about a week with what he d make peddling that secret.Started out in a flippant manner [...]

    12. I picked this up not because I like dogs I really don t but because I liked the author s book on cats which was awesome This wasn t quite the same in fact, a lot of the things the author had to say only reinforced my own dislike for dogs, even though he proclaimed to be a dog lover Still, it was a fascinating read I d recommend it to anyone with a dog who wants to know why it does some of the weird things it does.

    13. I really enjoy these books by Budiansky he explores quite complex evolutionary and genetic theories behind behaviour, but writes in a simple, understandable way without talking down to you He has a wicked sense of humour too and I laughed out loud in places I have learnt so much about my dog through reading this and I m sure I will return to it again many times, as I try to piece together why she has done something so strange

    14. This is a fun, quick read full of interesting science facts about dogs along with the author s peculiar point of view Budiansky is a dog person through and through, but he is also cranky enough that the book never becomes overly cute The book really made me rethink how dogs view humans and what it means for them to have become domesticated.

    15. I really liked this book, liked the author s summaries of scientific research, liked the different perspective, made me stop and think But there s a lot of unsupported editorializing and he s got an edge into his comments that I don t like Enjoyed the book but would take what he says with a grain of salt More updated books without the edge available now.

    16. A charming account of the biology of dogs, with emphasis on social behavior References include many primary sources in scientific literature Don t agree with all of it, but always informative and a great read.

    17. Pretty outdated It had some good info spread throughout, but several chapters were based on outdated theories It was tedious figuring out what was true and what has been proven wrong since publication.

    18. The 4 billion gallons of dog urine generated each year in the United States could fill all the wine bottles from a full year s output of the vineyards of France, Italy, Spain, and the United States combined

    19. I found this enjoyable and I liked the author s sense of humour However I also found it rather outdated as thinking has changed so much in regard to what is now believed about canine behaviour.

    20. haha, dogs are funny This was a very scientific look into the behavior of our best furry friends Helpful for deciphering their oddities, and also just for a laugh or a huh moment.

    21. Very insightful to why dogs act the way they do It gave a lot of food for thought on training dogs and their behavior I will keep this one around for reference.

    22. Quick read, very interesting Keeps it pretty high level, but this is a good read for anyone interested in dog behavior.

    23. A good book, gives a new prespective on the dogs view of things, including details about how they see things differently than us.

    24. A must for all those in regular contact with canines It s a dry, witty, and fascinating portrait of dogs and dog behavior that manages to be pro pooch without anthropomorphizing.

    25. Very interesting disection of where dogs and their most notable traits came from, and how they relate to the humans in their lives.

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