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The Mystery of Hurtleberry House By C.L. Ragsdale,

  • Title: The Mystery of Hurtleberry House
  • Author: C.L. Ragsdale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B004M8S850 The host of a paranormal investigation show For REBOOT The worst TV station EVER Not the career move that reporter Irene Waters ever wanted, but with a scandal now on her resume she can t be picky So teamed with a cameraman who thinks he s seen it all, they are sent to a rud haunted house called Hurtleberry.With a nThis is an alternate cover edition for B004M8S850 The host of a paranormal investigation show For REBOOT The worst TV station EVER Not the career move that reporter Irene Waters ever wanted, but with a scandal now on her resume she can t be picky So teamed with a cameraman who thinks he s seen it all, they are sent to a rud haunted house called Hurtleberry.With a name like that who wouldn t be terrified Things soon take a turn for the weird, just not the kind of weird they were expecting But it s interesting, and might even be dangerous.Still, if they pull it off The Reboot Team might actually get a good story out of it.If the story doesn t get them first.
    The Mystery of Hurtleberry House This is an alternate cover edition for B M S The host of a paranormal investigation show For REBOOT The worst TV station EVER Not the career move that reporter Irene Waters ever wanted but with

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    1. The Reboot Files 1 is the first book in the Christian Paranormal genre that I have ever read It is refreshing in its content and follows the trials of a strong, intelligent, sesquipedalian Christian heroine in her first assignment for a Christian TV show While reading this book I was very often reminded of the detective solving skills of that famous young detective we all love so much, Nancy Drew.This is a whodunit with a comical twist A real surprise Definitely looking forward to the rest of th [...]

    2. This was such a fun read The characters were fun, the writing smooth and easy and the mystery was well kept until the end Not to reveal anything but the butler didn t do it Read this book

    3. Okay, I was surprised to admit I liked this one I didn t expect much going in, but as short as the book was, there was a lot packed in The characters were realistic and the humor strong, with a subtle Christian message woven throughout Though the mystery wasn t hard for me to solve, it kept me gripped to my Kindle until 3 40 in the morning, on a work day If I wind up reading any of the sequels, I ll make certain I do it on my day off

    4. I completely enjoyed this book Irene has had some trouble in her past career She was a Christian reporter that no one believed and now is working for a paranormal show on Reboot, trying to prove disprove ghost Her current assignment is Hurtleberry House Partner and cameraman Troy is one of the first to actually ask her what happened instead of assuming the worst and is quickly gaining her respect The old house is odd but doesn t quite ring true as a haunted houseat is until they learn of somethi [...]

    5. This book, about two reporters for a rag that features stories on haunting sand alien abductions was surprisingly good We get some interesting characters, a ghost story and a mystery I could have done without the emphasizes on Christians meaning only born again Christians saving others, but it wasn t too over the top and the people did use their religious beliefs to help and care for others I definitely recommend this book.

    6. The book kept my interest In my view the book was reminiscent of A Scooby Doo Mystery sans Shaggy, and Scooby I think the book and series could be successful if the author would promote the book to the appropriate market.The main character reminded of a combination of Thelma and Daphne I think the author may have tried too hard to make this a christian mystery book, with some of the references and thoughts the character had about God and the Bible.

    7. .This was a short and cozy mystery with Christian influence.The characters were charming and it definitely had some fun parts The fascinating words really piqued my imagination and kept my dictionary app busy

    8. Light and easy reading I enjoyed this book and the characters Irene and Troy were realistic, as was Bob This light and easy mystery can be read in an afternoon Well done, CL Ragsdale

    9. Well, I liked the idea of it, but the book is much christian than mystery Irene is a disgraced reporter from a big news station who is forced to take a job with the tiny Reboot network, being the lead in a Ghost Hunter type show Her first job is checking for ghosts in a rather ugly house owned by twin sisters Is it really haunted The mystery part is rather small, perfunctory, and boring This isn t a long book by any means, which makes it puzzling why she spends so much time on the interior life [...]

    10. Irene Waters is trying to recover after being fired from her former job She s devastated after being wrongly accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a top executive, and has now moved on to a newer and much less glamorous position as the host of a low budget ghost adventure show As a devout Christian, Irene s position is to function as the show s resident skeptic Irene and cameraman, Troy, are dispatched to their first paranormal investigation Will Irene become a paranormal bel [...]

    11. First of all a disclaimer I am the sister of this author Now, having said that, let me say this I enjoyed this book very much It is very much as the author herself proclaims, A Scooby Doo, type mystery Nefarious elements hide behind the supposedly supernatural to inflict harm on an innocent they wish to swindle And they would have got away with it too, if it wasn t for those kids But in this case the kids are a hurting Christian newsperson and her skeptical cameraman The book is a fun ride, and [...]

    12. So if Nancy Drew was a Christian who grew up to be a news reporter for an obscure network as a debunker of ghosts This would be her story Irene Waters is a news reporter who is trying to heal after what her last network did to her Troy Stenson has a bad habit of putting himself into dangerous situations Together they are teamed up to debunk the story of the ghost of Hurtleberry House I love how you think you know who is the villain, but until the last 20 or so pages, you don t know exactly I thi [...]

    13. The Mystery of Hurtleberry House by C.L Ragsdale was a fun read It is short, but just the right length for the story I feel it is great having eBooks so that books can be published that don t meet the length requirements of print publishing TV cameraman, Troy Stenson is teamed up with reporter Irene Waters to investigate what is going on at Hurtleberry House The people they meet and what they discover takes the reader on an exciting ride.This is advertised to be Christian fiction and I am the a [...]

    14. A wonderful read for Christians who enjoy a good mystery Once I read up to the third chapter, I had a feeling I knew where the plot would lead however, that s to be expected in a cozy And, as with any cozy mystery, reader s won t find any graphic violence or foul language, which would make this book an acceptable read for both adults and teens CL Ragsdale combined an intriguing plot with realistic characters to create a work of Christian fiction worthy of recognition within the circle of both Ch [...]

    15. A short fun simple mystery with humorous characters It s classified as a Christian cozy mystery which is accurate This was my first read in this genre Personally, I could have done without the overt Christian dialogue as it seemed somewhat simplistic and not integral to the plot It however was not pervasive At 87 pages it was quick to read and entertaining.

    16. Irene Waters just started a new job at Reboot, a station that deals with paranormal activity When she arrives with Troy at Hurtleberry House she senses that something is off Not sure what that something is puts Irene on high alert.I liked this story one aspect of it was slightly off for me, but I liked it anyway Hoping that the next one is available through our library system.

    17. Christian MysteryChristian MysteryIt s refreshing to read a mystery that doesn t have to use bad language or unsuitable scenes in order to keep the reader s attention The characters worked well together and although it was easy to figure out who the bad guys were, the storyline was still good.

    18. A Christian mystery that is truly Christian No sex, profanity, or violence What it does have is a very good story with a Christian focus that is front and center rather than a few snippets I highly recommend this book.

    19. This was a great Christian mystery Not preachy, good clean fun I will be reading the rest of the series Reminds me of the mysteries I read as a kid Easy reading, good writing, and just plain fun I give it 4 stars, I really liked it Good for teens and up.

    20. This was a lovely Christian cozy mystery I find the story refreshing I recommend this book to all cozy mystery reader.

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