UNLIMITED KINDLE ✓ الجاسوسة - by Paulo Coelho باولو كويلو

الجاسوسة By Paulo Coelho باولو كويلو,

  • Title: الجاسوسة
  • Author: Paulo Coelho باولو كويلو
  • ISBN: 9789953889474
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1917 1917 .

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    1. Mata Hari really deserves better than she has been getting in the literary department First there was Mata Hari s Last Dance by Michelle Moran that made her inexplicably obtuse and naive considering her accomplishments Now Paulo Coelho gives us The Spy which seems to be nothing than a contrivance for some New Age aphorisms He sees her as someone who was an emancipated woman, that freedom was her crime, but ignores the reality that made her free.The real Mata Hari is interesting Margaretha Zell [...]

    2. I am a woman who was born at the wrong time and nothing can be done to fix this I don t know if the future will remember me, but if it does, may it never see me as a victim, but as someone who moved forward with courage, fearlessly paying the price she had to pay I picked this one up randomly at the library at the very last second, after spending over half an hour looking for the perfect read And I m pleased to say that Paulo Coelho impressed me and then some The Spy has brilliant starting point [...]

    3. The Spy is the story of Mata Hari, told first in her voice and then from the point of view of one of her male admirers.Paulo Coelho isn t at his best in this novel.He prefers and excels at metaphorical stories For example, in this tale, Coelho has Mata Hari comparing herself to the nightingale that impaled itself on a thorn to grow a bright red rose for a young man in love.I get what he was reaching for but I think this tale would have been told better through details rather than metaphors.Also, [...]

    4. Uno de mis libros favoritos de todos los tiempos es de Paulo Coelho, El Zahir Por lo regular disfruto mucho de sus libros aunque no son de mis g neros favoritos y este libro sonaba muy interesante Estaba impaciente por leerlo y pude quedar m s desilusionada el libro es aburrido a m s no poder el que debi ser un personaje interesante es retratado aqu como una mujer interesada, superficial, mentirosa y ego sta con quien no conect y, aunque el libro es muy corto, me tom mucho tiempo leerlo porque l [...]

    5. Mata Hariwas she a spy or wasn t she Did she serve as a double agent for Germany and France throughout World War I or did a malicious allegation with zero evidence destroy her life In this re imagining based on nonfiction accounts, author Paulo Coelho says no Her only crime was her choice to be an independent woman, exposing the world to feminism for the very first time, and for that she lost her life by firing squad As Mata Hari waited for execution, one of her last requests was for a pen and p [...]

    6. This book reminds me that I shouldn t read historical fiction novels that are based on specific people, rather than a general time period I m too critical, and no doubt I expect too much from authors who are brave enough to take on the daunting task of getting inside another person s mind.I m of the belief that if you dare to feel that you have the insight into someone else s inner workings and what makes them tick, you better make damn sure that your instinct of human nature is sharp and on poi [...]

    7. Death is nothing, nor life either, for that matter To die, to sleep, to pass into nothingness, what does it matter Everything is an illusion Mata HariPaulo Coelho, the international bestselling author, pens a gripping and part fictional tale on the life of a legendary dancer cum falsely accused as a spy, Mata Hari in his new novel, The Spy that opens with the execution of this exotic and talented dancer by the French, but then the author spins a riveting autobiographical account of the dancer s [...]

    8. Finally a solid read This one was short enough where I started this morning and was able to finish it this afternoon Fascinating story of Mata Hari Basically, the woman was executed for being considered a double agent but on such flimsy evidence that her execution was seemingly to save the asses and protect the reputation of the powerful men she slept with A woman that once again rang that tired old bell I was born at the wrong time When will it ever be the right time for women to be born Mata H [...]

    9. HER ONLY CRIME WAS TO BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMANMargaretha Zelle, aka Mata Hari, was a famous exotic dancer who shocked and dazzled audiences as a prostitute, she entertained the most richest and powerful men But unfortunately this lifestyle also brought her under suspicion In 1917, Mata Hari was arrested in Paris, and accused of espionage She then was put on trial and executed for treason, and in all likelihood was innocent.Mata Hari would be considered a feminist hero in today s world, a woman wh [...]

    10. Utterly heartbreaking story Wonderfully told Paulo Coelho is a master of the written word and just so incredibly sad to read Mata Hari s voice speaks through the pages eloquently, passionately and sensually I really enjoyed this no, in fact I loved it I highly, HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is interested in Mata Hari s life.

    11. After picking up this book, I did some research on Mata Hari before reading the book Obviously, the book cannot compare to the events that transpired in her life, but I believe Paulo Coelho gave this woman a voice that was condemned by a rigorous society You can immediately tell that this is a work by Coelho because of his use of metaphors and prose, but it is a delightful read that I, personally, needed at the moment Instead of picking up a self help book no shame in that, I do too , I highly r [...]

    12. This short novel by Paul Coelho tells the story of the famous spy, Mata Hari It opens with her execution by firing squad and then she tells what happened via a letter written to the man who defended her The book has interesting ideas, particularly in questioning how much of what happened to her was because she was a strong and independent woman But the story left me wanting I never felt a true emotional connection to Mata Hari The book has piqued my interest in her, and I may pursue a biography [...]

    13. I was disappointed in this book considering that the Brazilian author is Paulo Coelho, which is why I wanted to read it My knowledge of the dancer and famous spy, Mati Hari, is still scarce after reading the book I felt that the author phoned it in and it felt superficial and thin Mati Hari was a Dutch exotic dancer and mistress to powerful men both French and German who was convicted of being a spy for the Germans in World War 1 She was found guilty and shot to death by a firing squad in 1917 I [...]

    14. Mata Hari was penniless when she arrived in Paris Soon she is one of the most elegant women in the city.Paranoia consumed a country at war and Mata Hari s lifestyle comes under suspicion in 1917 she was arrested and accused of espionage.The book is told from Mata Hari s final letter A woman who dared to break the conventions of her time and paid the price for it Even facing the firing squad she never lost her dignity.I would like to thank NetGalley, Random House UK, Cornerstone and the author Pa [...]

    15. With this quick evening read, I acquaint myself with Paulo Coelho Coelho being one of the most popular authors alive and his books selling in millions, I was a bit skeptical while approaching this book But all the skepticism evaporated as soon as I began reading the first chapter All popular books needn t necessarily be bad Lesson learnt Clear prose with interwoven philosophies dictates the life of Mata Hari who turns out not to be a spy at all but a rather free spirited woman born a century in [...]

    16. The greatest crime i committed was being an emancipated and independent woman in a world ruled by men Mata Hari traitorous spy, or a victim of male bias In this summarized portrayal of this enigmatic woman, we follow the life of Margaretha Zelle an exotic dancer accused of espionage for Germany during World War I Altough I didn t enjoy this as much as the Alchemist, for me it was a little dry and disjointed However I still tought it was an enjoyable and worth it read.

    17. Voljela bih vise detalja u svim aspektima price No, sigurno cu potraziti jos koju knjigu koja govori o glavnoj junakinji.

    18. Mi a placut, dar este scrisa superficial Este a doua carte de Coelho dupa Alchimistul pe care o citesc Mi au atras atentia cateva citate pe care vreau sa le mentionez aici oare nu vom putea vedea niciodata chipul iubirii iubirea este un act de credinta fata de altcineva, iar chipul ei trebuie sa fie intotdeauna acoperit de mister Fiecare moment trebuie trait cu pasiune si emotie, fiindca, daca incercam sa l descifram si sa l intelegem, magia dispare Urmam caile sinuoase si luminoase ale dragoste [...]

    19. This book was INCREDIBLE My only con was that at certain moments things will get mentioned and you are left with unanswered questions The author only tells you so much but you get so invested in what is going on you don t want to have to fill in the blanks Other than that I loved it There are less than ten pages in this 180ish book that I DIDNT highlight something on.So many beautifully written passages.

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