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Tyler By Esther E. Schmidt,

  • Title: Tyler
  • Author: Esther E. Schmidt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tyler doesn t have many things to worry about in his life Fully patched in to Areion Fury MC, he finally has a solid spot in the brotherhood he calls his family When a girl steps up to defend him against the teasing of his brothers, he s stunned The moment Tyler locks his gaze with the most intriguing eyes he s ever seen, he knows with every fiber of his being that thisTyler doesn t have many things to worry about in his life Fully patched in to Areion Fury MC, he finally has a solid spot in the brotherhood he calls his family When a girl steps up to defend him against the teasing of his brothers, he s stunned The moment Tyler locks his gaze with the most intriguing eyes he s ever seen, he knows with every fiber of his being that this is supposed to be his girl Ridley s only living relative manages to destroy every chance she has at happiness by constantly causing trouble To protect herself Ridley likes to hide beneath her raven black hair, her clothes, her shop Slowly but surely the harassment is becoming violent so to protect the ones she cares for, she pushes them away Except the stubborn, handsome biker leaves her no other option but to accept that he isn t going anywhere When you are forced to look over your shoulder all day, every day, it is impossible to live Can the meeting of two similar souls spark a solution Will Ridley stand up for what she wants in life and stop hiding Will Tyler get his happily ever after or will he see it crash and burn For a greater reading experience Zack Areion Fury MC book one Deeds Broken Deeds MC book one Dams Areion Fury MC book two Tyler Areion Fury MC book three
    Tyler Tyler doesn t have many things to worry about in his life Fully patched in to Areion Fury MC he finally has a solid spot in the brotherhood he calls his family When a girl steps up to defend him agai

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    1. Ok, I liked their story and they were sort of all over each other Hot and safe, as usually the author delivered Safety view spoiler Both non virgins and experienced in bed Some pushing away on her part No sexual abuse One club whore gave head to Tyler before meeting h, it was only mentioned what they did No scene in the book showed up in the story, I mentioned her below No drama on her end though, and she becomes friends with heroine which annoyed me a little She is the ho who ends up with Sico [...]

    2. I am so loving this cover Esther E Schmidt does it again I can t get enough of her books This is Tyler and Ridley s story I love how once these men find their ol lady, there s no stopping them They are 100% all in Tyler and Ridley are separated for 6 months when she pushes him away It still doesn t stop Tyler from doing everything he can to protect his woman I love how we get so much of the others from previous books These people are a family through and through Always there for each other in a [...]

    3. 4 wish there was an epilogue stars I have been waiting for what feels like For ev er for this book to come out patience isn t my strong suit I dove in head first without reading even 1 review which has burned me many times, including once this week I loved Tyler Just like Dam, Broke and Deed he is alpha all the way He spots Ridley and has to have her He has a history of being a manwhore but once he stakes his claim on Ridley, there is noone else for him Now, if only he can convince her of that S [...]

    4. Loved this Smoking hot with a hot as hell hero who is crazy about his girl I really like the h as well, I felt they were just perfect for each other It was safe with really no ow drama, there was a ow but say she didn t any drama Okay so I thought this was amazing, hot and safe Now I CAN NOT FLIPPING WAIT FOR POKEY S BOOK

    5. SPOILERS SPOILER SPOILERS SPOILERISH I gave it a try and read it beginning to end Unfortunately it wasn t for me I found the story too thin and for lacking of better word silly This is supposed to be a MC story I confess it s not a plot I chose to read because I don t like many of things that happens in MC club But the MC members here were very softies They didn t act or sounded dangerous, alpha, hard core Nothing It s just like the author said it was about a MC club as a choice or preference Bu [...]

    6. Ridley keeps to herself, she holds a lot of secrets and doesn t get involved with anyone However, when she is saved by Tyler, a member of the Areion Fury MC she just can t help herself and gives into the attraction However, Ridley is slow to trust and distances herself from Tyler the day after Tyler has been waiting for Ridley, he knows she is the one and when he finally has her again he doesn t plan to let her go The continual threat that Ridley is hiding from is still there and needs to be dea [...]

    7. One look and she stole my soul Honestly I have this a five star rating as its a high octane, fun and easy read The author has once again delivered a perfect biker story that has all the winning blend of hot sexy male, beautiful sassy female, attraction, danger and a sense of family that offers enough support to see them through even the darkest of days To me it s this combination that makes anything by this author an automatic one click The sexy covers are also very much appreciated Tyler knows [...]

    8. I know your going to probably be sick of me saying this a lot but damn Esther just keeps on delivering hot as hell MC men seriously everyone of her books just gets better and better After finishing Dams book it was like no you can t leave me hanging like that but I have to say it was worth the wait Tyler s book will have you hooked from the get go Tyler may seem as your typical Alpha Biker and is to a certain degree he s bossy loyal and will protect does that mean the most to him, but there is a [...]

    9. No longer an Aerion Fury prospect the MC brothers still like to rile Tyler up, and Ridley was sick of it.Yeah, that s where we ended He has seen her, what he doesn t know is she has seen him too Rushing after Ridley, Tyler happens to be in right place at the right time and the snowball effect is unforgettable But when Tyler goes all out alpha male Ridley doesn t approved What s an independent loner type girl to do, what any woman in her shoes would She kicks him to the curb Tyler exercises pati [...]

    10. I received an ARC for a honest review What can I say, Esther is getting better with every book she writes I absolutely loved this book.

    11. Rambo Zorro ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Esther has written another Alpha male of deliciousness in Tyler who s a new fully patched in member of Areion Fury MC While getting ribbed by some of his brothers and unexpected saviour jumps to his defense in the form of Ridley One look is all it takes to make him realize that she is meant to be his Now if you re a fan of this series than you know that she has no other choice because one a Areion Fury member knows that you re his its jus [...]

    12. Tyler knows in an instant who he wants After she stuck up for him in front of his brothers, he knows that person is Ridley Ridley although has other ideas She refuses to be held down, letting anyone in with exception of her best friend Jean A good time between the sheets is all she has to give Especially with her brother threatening her and everything she has Tyler will just have to keep her safe and keep her with him He wont hive up on her.This is my confession I loved Tyler and Ridley There we [...]

    13. This book was fantastic Just love Tyler dominant and protectiveness I was shocked by a part of this book Now I just love Ridley how strong she is and the take no crap attitude How she speaks before thinking just love her I just love the way the author write she pulls you in the book so its like your right their with them

    14. I adore this series and Esther is one of my favourite favourite favourite authors of biker series I mean do I really need to remind you on my love for Deeds.d of course not forgetting the others, Dams, Zach and Broke yes I am aware that the characters I mentioned are from two different MC series, but Shh I love them all Although Tyler s book is full of emotions, it is also full of funny moments that will have you in stiches of laughter I loved every single part of the storyline and I was on the [...]

    15. i869otobucket albums abTyler was a great 5 star read.Tyler is enad by Ridley and her beautiful eyes and hot body When someone attempts to run her over he pulls her from harm s way and pretty much abducts her for the night And boy it was hot When Tyler attempts to help Ridley he is pushed away We jump ahead 6 months, to Ridley missing that irritating biker Ridley decides to stand up for herself and go after Tyler Will she get Tyler back Is she strong enough to stand up to her brother I need to st [...]

    16. 4.5 Stars Tyler is the third book in the Aerion Fury MC series, although you could read this as a standalone, I would recommend reading the previous titles in this series so you are aware of events and occurrences that are raised within this book In saying that, Tyler starts off exactly where Dams the second book in the series finished off Tyler is the story of the budding romance between Tyler and Ridley Tyler is a complete alpha, he s incredibly sure of himself and quickly decides that Ridley [...]

    17. This is the third book in this series and they should be read in order I have read all of Esther s books and I love them all this one was no different This book focuses on Tyler and Ridley Ridley steps up and defends Tyler and Tyler feels like he is seeing Ridley for the first time There is something about her and he wants her Ridley owns a comic book store Ridley lives but doesn t really live She has issues and doesn t want anyone to know about them for fear they could get hurt too When Tyler f [...]

    18. Esther did it again I probably should stop getting surprised by her dynamite bikers They all just rides out with your heart in theirs palms, never to see it again And Tyler is no different He s all possessive devoted alpha Tyler just grabs your attention from the beginning Yeah, those tattoos and piercings are eye catching and panties melting wonder adding to the draw The one thing that drove me crazy was Ridley s relative I hate those selfish pricks But what I hate the most, if that even possib [...]

    19. I was extremely lucky to receive an ARC copy of this book from the Author Esther is a new author to me, and with my love of MC books of late, she certainly didn t disappoint me I will be going back to check out the first two books in the series now I loved Tyler from the beginning, total Alpha male, knows what he wants, or who he wants, and she will be his, but she also gives her the time and space she needs too Considering he has he reputation for being a bit of a manwhore, soon as he has Ridle [...]

    20. Yet another fantastic read from Esther, I am loving these guys from Arion MC Hot, tough, def Alpha but underneath there is this softness for their women They fall fast and hard when they meet The One , there is no hesitation in claiming them But it would be boring if there wasn t something to complicate the straight smooth sailing love affair between these couples, threats and demands for money are amongst the twists in this story We also get glimpses of future stories from other characters and [...]

    21. Tyler and Ridley are the perfect match I loved how their romance began so quickly and even though Ridley ran scared due to certain circumstances Tyler knew what he wanted and didn t let it get in the way of his ultimate goal Ridley Ridley, who is being blackmailed per say by someone close to her, is left having to hide who she truly is so as to not draw too much attention to her and the success that she has made in her business When things get out of hand will she accept the help of Tyler and hi [...]

    22. Esther sure knows how to deliver a hot as shit MC story Each book I have read by her just gets better and better After the way she ended Tyler I now NEED Pokey s story ASAP But for Tyler s book just wow you will be sucked in from page one and Esther doesn t let you go There is to Tyler than what meets the eye as the typical sexy alpha biker Hes bossy, loyal, and protects those he loves Ridley is yet another who keeps things hidden and you get a bit of shock when you finally find out what they a [...]

    23. I am a mega enthusiast of MC romance stories and I have to say that Esther E Schmidt has become one of my top pick MC authors This s Tyler and Ridley story, book 3 in the awesome Areion Fury MC Series By the way, the cover is SO HOT After reading Dams book I was very eager to know how the author s was going to write Tyler s story Esther doesn t disappoint, the stories are getting better with every book she writes Tyler s character surprise me, he s not just a sexy overbearing biker but a good, k [...]

    24. Reviewed on behalf of 2 Girls Who love books blog.Areion fury MC Tyler by Ester E SchmidtIt s been a while since I picked up an MC book and was nervous that I wouldn t enjoy it My fears however were unfounded I read this whole book in a sitting and loved every word of it It is a standalone with each book in the series concentrating on one member of the MC I didn t feel i was missing anything even though this is the third book in the series It wasn t as violent some MC books can be It does howeve [...]

    25. Get ready for another HOT, SEXY, ALPHA MC Tyler will drag you up, get you all hot and bothered, make you mad, and then having you awing at his sweet little words.Ridley is a sweet, comic book store owner who needs a little excitement in her life She needs to live a little and get her no good brother out of the picture She knows about the boys of Aerion Fury but gives a wide berth when they are around Tyler is about to change all that.Tyler, Tylermineering, sweet talking, bossy, can I say He kno [...]

    26. Have I mentioned that I love love love Esther Well I do Tyleris so freaking hot Ridley has been watching Tyler from a far, she has a huge crush on him, hell she pretty much knows everything about him Tyler had seen Ridley before and never really paid attention to her Until one day, something happens to make Tyler really see just how beautiful she is and he knows she will be his Ridley doesn t let anyone in because of the danger that wont go away Can Tyler make Ridley accept that they are meant t [...]

    27. Really good story line This book took off like a shot, jumping in with both feet and not looking back until the end I was a little confused at first, but I realized that was my fault because I forgot to read the 2nd book in this series Overall I was very pleased with this book, with the characters who were well written The story had me twisting and turning, smiling, giggling, fuming, laughing out loud and squirming in my seat It is one hot read with some twists and turns and a huge dun dun duuuu [...]

    28. Sigh I love this author and she never ail to make me smile and swoon, while delivering action and a bit of suspense.Tyler knows the moment he sees Ridley that he wants herBut she doesn t get on with theogram lolwell, she has her reasons to push him away, but the stubborn man doesn t want to stay awayoh yes, he gives her space but he is never far awayAT one point tho Ridley has to face the fact that he needs him and Tyler and his MC can be the only one to save her.Another great and quick read I c [...]

    29. OK this lady can truly write I am so addicted to her work that I think I would read about septic tanks if she wrote about them Schmidt does not disappoint with her writing As with all of the others, this book drags you in from the beginning and you can not put it down I could totally see this series being a tv show I am so excited and can not wait for the next book in the series What I really liked about this book is that there was not a lot of back and forth with arguing between the 2 Tyler see [...]

    30. Great readLike all of Esther s books I couldn t wait for this one to be released Of course she did not disappoint Not really going to go into too much about the book because that s what the description is for But I will tell you I loved the dynamic of these two characters and I love the way Esther tells us their story Her books just seem to be getting better as each one comes out Loved it and can t wait for the next one.

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