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Learning To Want By Tami Veldura,

  • Title: Learning To Want
  • Author: Tami Veldura
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Khoram is an enforcer, a bodyguard, but his boss has just betrayed him Now he s stranded on a desert planet he s never heard of, chained to the only other human around.Atash grew up in the cracks of Dulia s complex social structure, where dominance and submission are a man s worth He s struggled for years on a lower caste but Khoram could be his ticket to a better life iKhoram is an enforcer, a bodyguard, but his boss has just betrayed him Now he s stranded on a desert planet he s never heard of, chained to the only other human around.Atash grew up in the cracks of Dulia s complex social structure, where dominance and submission are a man s worth He s struggled for years on a lower caste but Khoram could be his ticket to a better life if they can find common ground.Atash wants to teach Khoram the art of submitting by choice and maybe make a name for himself along the way Khoram, however, isn t here to play Atash s political games He s going to escape, if his former employer doesn t see him killed first.
    Learning To Want Khoram is an enforcer a bodyguard but his boss has just betrayed him Now he s stranded on a desert planet he s never heard of chained to the only other human around Atash grew up in the cracks of D

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    1. A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsHere s something interesting despite this story being a mere 98 pages according to anyway , it reads like a fully developed novel There is a lot going on, a lot of world building culture building, but all the threads blend together so well, there wasn t a moment I wasn t entertained.One thing I love love love about the story is the culture building Neither main character is a Durian, but this species figures prominently in the themes of the book The Durians took a [...]

    2. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Learning To Want is a sci fi m m story that manages to accomplish quite a lot given its limited length, balancing world building and romance in an interesting albeit flawed read By limiting the action almost exclusively to one desert planet and its alien culture, the novels creates a narrative space in which to explore these themes with some depth and coherence This is perhaps its greatest achievement, that of formatting a gran [...]

    3. You re mine tonight I always love to read sci fi romances because usually the world in which the story takes place is very different and pretty amazing to explore, that s why I picked Learning to want and I can say it didn t disappoint me at all The society of the Frea was pretty interesting to read, especially the part where the masters pleasured their slaves in exchange for their services Another thing that was intriguing was the hierarchy of the Frea, each person was mentally linked to someon [...]

    4. Mitya, I am taking your concern very seriously Thank you for bringing this up.I asked a POC sensitivity reader to review Learning for me before it was submitted for publication and I received very clear critique to improve the language and themes in this book During editing, the book was reviewed by another sensitivity reader and edited accordingly.In response to your concern I ve asked for another review of this story by additional POC for perspectives I will take any and all concerns to heart [...]

    5. So, I found my experience with Learning to Want mixed at best Picking up a book about a master slave relationship and not one in which characters play master or slave, but a real one in which one is actually owned by the other is always an iffy proposition Add to the mix that the enslaved character was a free black man, even if the enslaving character is black scaled he s still of the dominant, slave owning culture is an uncomfortable echo of recent Western history Though, if this was just the a [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars I truly love it when I read a new author s work and am able to add yet another name to my must read again list Learning to Want, by Tami Veldura, was my first exposure to this delightful storyteller, but it will certainly not be our last encounter This novella can easily fall into the sci fi, futuristic genre, with a dash of paranormal thrown in for good measure Veldura creates a planet called Dulia, inhabited by a race called the Frea, whose outstanding feature is the fact that they a [...]

    7. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I m rather impressed with how much story Veldura packed into less than 100 pages, especially as Learning to Want is a sci fi romance with a strong plot When Khoram s boss betrays him, he finds himself on an auction block on Dulia Although one of Khoram s duties was transporting slaves, he has no knowledge that Dulia s slave class is made up entirely of pleasure slaves at least that s how I read it and he is unlike any slave [...]

    8. 3.5 Exploring a Sexy, maybe non PC, Question of Who Owns Who Thanks to the author and Don t Buy My Love program for a free copy in exchange for an honest review This was a pleasurable and at the same time an intriguing read, as SF can often be As a jam packed novella, it had good potential that would be interesting to mine at greater length to make for an even richer story different worlds, bdsm cultures, racial, social and sexual diversity of the characters and consequent issues.In her commend [...]

    9. Everything about this book was brilliant I enjoyed the sci fi aspect while the story had a depth I didn t expect If you don t like BDSM I d still say give this book a try You can easily skip through the min scenes However, the story explores the idea in a way that makes the reader stop and internally debate the merits of a D s relationship You can see my full review on my YouTube Channel youtu UWnTqMVEZvI

    10. I volunteered to read an ARC of this book through instafreebies I am speechless is how good the story is It starts with the protagonist being a henchmen for a cruel woman And I swear I really thought the story will be about him taking over her business Yes, I read the blurb before starting the book but I have a hummingbird memory so I forgot what the book is really about But then the guy is betrayed And he s put under enslavement And I was like well, shit poor guy But then the story develops The [...]

    11. 3.7 StarsHey, this was pretty good for an off the cuff Big Gay Fiction Giveaway choice I don t even think I read the synopsis before picking it out.I wish there had been just a bit world building, though I am still really confused about the Sloan dogs their appearance, purpose, etc and needed just a little for something as complicated as these other multi bodied beings which was really freaking inventive All the BDSM elements kind of seemed shoe horned in as well what worked for the submissive [...]

    12. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.The story of Khoram deLuthe and Atash delGuarda While I liked the story, there was a lot of information to try and keep track of I knew beforehand that this book was in the sci fi realm, but I don t think I was fully prepared to keep up with the different aliens and such So that part did distract me a little However, I truly did enjoy this tale of freedom and two people creating a soul bond especially since Atash thought he was a damaged [...]

    13. First time I ve read this author s work and I m impressed The page count is short but it reads like a full novel with completely developed characters and plot I ll be reading books by Tami Veldura.

    14. Entertaining Sci Fi M M story of two Alphas overcoming their own demons and political restrictions Khoram and Atash clash at first but finally realise they can each give the other something they are missing I enjoyed this book.

    15. The story was great It had a different twist on the 24 7 domination submission relationship Khoram was given the choice of participating or not, which was nice I especially liked the idea of the hive and how the Frea are I would definitely be interested in reading another in the same universe.

    16. Nope Tropetastic slave fic that s not well developed Nothing about it was convincing The world building needed so much work, too.

    17. 3.5 starsKhoram is working for a dangerous slave trader He never expected he would enter into such employment and isn t exactly comfortable with it, although it doesn t stop him from doing his job When he is tasked with another crew member to deliver a cargo of slaves he doesn t suspect anything sinister although the whole journey to their destination feels off When they arrive at the drop off point he doesn t expected to be betrayed and left to the fates by his fellow crew mate.Atash is looking [...]

    18. Review can be read at It s About The BookKhoram didn t expect to get sold into slavery It may take a while, but he ll escape What he really didn t expect was to feel any kind of sympathy toward his owner, Atash Atash needs Khoram to increase his social standing He s under his mother s control and is doing all he can get escape it Even though it doesn t seem like it on the surface, both men have quite a bit in common The social structure is deeply complex on Dulia, and Khoram knows enough to know [...]

    19. This was an entertaining sci fi MM story It was the first book I ve read from this author and it hopefully won t be the last I am looking forward to a second book in this universe because I tail have some questions This was a quick, entertaining read and I am looking forward to from this author I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    20. Intense and sexualized charged I really enjoyed this book, Khoran and Stash were great together even when they were at odds The world building is extremely complex so I know this is a book I ll be reading again I ll definitely be looking into books by this author I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

    21. What a great story as with all of Tami s stories I want instantly hooked.How to fall in love and realise what you ll do for that person who is your other half.I received this for an honest review and this is it I adore everything Tami writes this being no exception.Thank you for allowing me this Tami.

    22. I m definitely not the ideal reader of this book, so I won t give it a star rating The romance involves BDSM, while the plot is sci fi strangeness with soul bonding It s all done very well, but I didn t enjoy it The BDSM aspect of it made me uncomfortable, I think because it was linked with actual slavery view spoiler Atash is a slave owner who is half human and half alien The aliens highly value public erotic performances, but he s not attracted to members of the slave race another issue for me [...]

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