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Institutes of the Christian Religion By John Calvin John Thomas McNeill,

  • Title: Institutes of the Christian Religion
  • Author: John Calvin John Thomas McNeill
  • ISBN: 9780664220204
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
    Institutes of the Christian Religion VOLUME SET

    One thought on “Institutes of the Christian Religion”

    1. Years ago I took a course in Reformation Theology for which this book was a required text It was a good course, taught by a knowledgeable professor, who did not force us to read the entire book After the course was over I determined to read the entire book, but abandoned it in frustration when I got to about p 250 Last year, I had to use it for work and decided that, since that was the case, I was going to conquer it finally.The book is a long treatise on systematic theology, meant to provide ba [...]

    2. Just finished Volume 1 The first time I read this I was still an Arminian, and I appreciated it then Now I am simply amazed What a treasure this is.

    3. I read Book One of the Four volumes in this edition, and learned that all the caricatures of Calvin and Calvinism are as far off the mark as equating a Christian with a Muslim terrorist of 9 11.What most people call hypercalvinism is often than not simply Calvinism, or biblical The doctrine of election, far from being called Calvinism, ought to be reclaimed as simply truth What is properly hypercalvinism, however, i.e prayer and evangelism are unnecessary due to God being sovereign has NOTHING [...]

    4. Last January I begin an adventure that I had no idea how arduous it would be As I begun to dive into Calvin s magisterial Institutes of the Christian Religion, I set out before me an endeavour that would slowly but surely change the way that I think on manifold facets Although I would love to expound an innumerable levels on Calvin s thought, and what I have learned from this past year, I would rather, for brevity s sake, share very briefly three principles that Calvin has taught me which have s [...]

    5. John Calvin is likely one of the most vilified, misunderstood, and unread men still discussed today His influence is remarkable, and his most famous work, Institutes, is his crowning achievement This is an ambitious and towering work that attempts to set forth a systematic understanding of Scripture and a defense of Reformed doctrine against the apostate Catholic church.What Calvin has given us, as Abraham Kuyper says, Calvinism means the completed evolution of Protestantism, resulting in a both [...]

    6. I have now read this book twice in 2009 and in 2011 2013 It is a classic work of Christianity, and one that I enjoy reading It not only teaches systematic theology, but also practical theology, biblical theology, historical theology, and exhortations to the Christian life And the humble spirit in which Calvin approaches his study is refreshing When we see that the whole sum of our salvation, and every single part of it, is comprehended in Christ, we must beware of deriving even the minutest port [...]

    7. This probably better than Bavinck, which means the best thing ever Time and time again, I discover that Calvin has already thought about that question and settled it This is an easy to read edition as well.

    8. I actually finished this a long time ago Finished it several times, actually If people read Calvin, they will soon learn that all their stereotypes of him are wrong He said nothing on predestination that Aquinas didn t say, for example Most adherents outside the tradition, if honest, must confess that they have not read calvin all the way through.Even if one rejects Calvin s theology, one must still come to grips with his breakthroughs in epistemology A head in the sand approach is no longer pos [...]

    9. Well, he s certainlydantic I find that Calvin somehow manages to approach a religion grounded in love, mercy, compassion, purity and fidelity as though it were a cold, joyless intellectual exercise He lacks the zeal of Luther, the passion of Augustine, the skill of Aquinas, and even the intellectualism of Evagrius Were he alive today I somehow think he would be busy working for the IRS or writing the fine print in legal documents It amazes me that my ancestors were so passionate about his theolo [...]

    10. Eye opening Reading Calvin helped me to see why my understanding of the Bible had so many extra parts laying around after I had assembled it I hope he can do the same for others I would recommend starting with the section on the differences similarities of the old and new testaments in vol 1

    11. Let s be upfront about this I came into this reading disliking Calvin I dislike almost everything about him I dislike his rigidity I dislike his scriptura sola thing I dislike the way he twists his theology to satisfy two claimsi God can t changeii People are worthless even though God changes throughout the bible and people wouldn t be worth saving if we were worthless I dislike the way he ignores the obvious conclusion from his theology, which was nicely smirked at in James Hogg s Private Memoi [...]

    12. Once I became a Christian, this book was immensely helpful in teaching me to think carefully and thoroughly about the Christian faith, instead of being satisfied with a few platitudes, some assumed familial traditions, and a load of cultural baggage.This book is the foundation of what is referred to as the Reformed branch of the church It convinced me that Scripture reveals a view of the church that is well described by so called Reformed doctrine After encountering this book, I can say that by [...]

    13. The basics and glories of the Christian faith are clearly stated in this book by the man who has had much evil spoken about him, John Calvin Isn t it just like the devil to destroy the reputation of a man of God In a day when doctrine is looked at as something to be ignored because it divided, this book brings the truth to light that every Christian should rally around the Gospel For Nine hundred years the Gospel was walled up inside the Catholic church, behind teachings like the treasury of mer [...]

    14. I hesitate to review such an influential, comprehensive, volume But recognizing that such reviews reveal of the reviewer than the work, my thoughts may be of interest to my friends I find this classic work deserves its fame and place I noticed but a few weaknesses in reasoning, and at those points I realized his tendency to insult and belittle his detractors This tendency, though doubtless common among his contemporaries, appeared to me to reduce his overall impact Nevertheless I read it with g [...]

    15. By far, one of my favorite works in theology I love John Calvin s style and straight forward explanation of theology He takes care to be clear and precise in his discussion, but at the heart of it all, you can see a deeply pastoral heart He is a man devoted to the Glory of the Lord and what it means to be ravished by His majesty and wonder.

    16. Hard to put into words how great this was Each page is marked by reverence for God and His self revealing Word, lucid thinking, courage, and a grasp of historical theology A theological and devotional masterpiece.

    17. I finished Volume 2 of the other edition in October of 1985 And Volume 1 of the other edition in October of 1984.Finished Volume 1 Battles some time in mid 2009, and Volume 2 on December 26, 2009 What a magnificent architectural achievement.

    18. Superlative Calvin completed the Institutes while still in his 20 s It is, I believe, the most beautifully composed theology outside of Scripture itself This is systematic theology at its finest It is theology in service to the church doxological and devotional.

    19. I am actually reading the Henry Beveridge translation Again, a book to be worked into your daily devotion time.3 pages a day will complete it in a year.

    20. What a way to start off the year.Honestly, I have no idea how to write a short review of this To say its scope is massive would be an understatement, and to say that its articulation of Christian doctrine is magisterial is not exaggeration I suspect that most Calvinists have not read Calvin, for if they had they would be aware of his breadth and depth of scholarship, and how that breadth and depth would be a hallmark of the early Reformed tradition even where later theologians departed from Calv [...]

    21. This is a book in four volumes, representing nearly 4,000 pages written in the mid sixteenth century in French and Latin, translated into English in the mid 19th century The purpose of which is to provide guidance and direction in the study of the Holy Scriptures through a topical organization so that all may fully understand the philosophy and teaching of the Christian religion My notes are based upon the translation by Henry Beverage from 1845 and are limited to volume 1 only Book one is prim [...]

    22. 2012 Dec 6 I borrowed one of my dad s 2 2 volume copies the paperback one of Calvin s Institutes on my trip to the US in the summer of 2010 and with glee brought them back to join the population of my bookshelves I have been doing lots of reading in the 2 and a half years since from those shelves along with the shelves of others the wonder of having so many options , but these 2 have not yet been opened I did migrate Volume 1 to the cupboard of my night table, but it too has remained closed In p [...]

    23. I am currently going through this work for the second time, and find Calvin s prodigious mind and precocious arguments to be very encouraging and enlightening In an age when many in the church are abandoning the authority of Scripture, it is refreshing to read, from the pen of this great theologian, Let this point therefore stand that those whom the Holy Spirit has inwardly taught truly rest upon Scripture, and that Scripture indeed is self authenticatederefore, illumined by his power, we believ [...]

    24. Livrivox, a public domain audio book program, had book one of John Calvin s famous work Downloading it I hoped to gain insight into one of Christianity s famous theologians To put it bluntly, I have never experienced the thinker dull, narrow minded, or unoriginal in his development of thoughts and presentation of ideas Knowing something of Calvin s personal history his support of murdering theologians and academics who disagreed with him I have a new found hatred for the French theologian This [...]

    25. I spent one year and three days slowly working through the Institutes What can I say about it How about this all other works which might be called systematic theologies are but shadows.

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