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Snatched By Harper James,

  • Title: Snatched
  • Author: Harper James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who the hell answers their front door wearing next to nothing and showing off their monster c ck Finn Thorne, that s who Recent transfer, new quarterback, rud bad news, and my new tutoring student He s cocky as hell, smart mouthed, and thinks he owns me the way he owns his opponents on the field But he s wrong I have plans Goals And I m not about to get deterredWho the hell answers their front door wearing next to nothing and showing off their monster c ck Finn Thorne, that s who Recent transfer, new quarterback, rud bad news, and my new tutoring student He s cocky as hell, smart mouthed, and thinks he owns me the way he owns his opponents on the field But he s wrong I have plans Goals And I m not about to get deterred by some sexy football player who screws anything that walks Except before I know it, his cocky, dirty mouth is whispering nasty things in my ear And soon our tutoring sessions are becoming less about me teaching him math, and about him teaching me how good his mouth feels between my legs, how to get him off, how hard and fast he can make me come I m determined not to fall for him But off the field, Finn Thorne only plays dirty SNATCHED is a standalone sports romance with a guaranteed HEA
    Snatched Who the hell answers their front door wearing next to nothing and showing off their monster c ck Finn Thorne that s who Recent transfer new quarterback rud bad news and my new tutoring student He

    One thought on “Snatched”

    1. This was just lacking some substanceIt was an okay read for me The characters are neither very likeable nor unlikeable The story is okay I guess, but the development of Finn and Kenley s relationship felt rushed I just didn t get it Then there was the big screw up to say it was dumb and everybody had to see where this was going is a big understatement Also it was missing some emotions.So I guess it wasn t too bad, but it would have had much potential.

    2. 3 Stars Kindle Unlimited Read It has many redeeming qualities The characters were likable at best neutral at worst The writing was much better than expected I developed an interest that withstood to the end The plot was nice, somewhat original or had its own unique flair The writing was good, and the pretense wasn t half bad, the romance was simmering with few exceptions The male female lead showed hints of abuse both verbal and or physical or signs of spot on or forced chemistry It was a tiny b [...]

    3. I loved the cover of this book.The beginning of this book was promising A few chapters in, it switched from story to sex in lieu of a decent story and character development disappeared in a puff of Well, sex To top it all off, the kindle edition of this book is one of those annoying ones that ends, like, halfway through the ebook and another story that you didn t sign on for and don t give a shit about takes up the rest of the file.Do I recommend As you ve no doubt guessed, no There are much, m [...]

    4. So a classic sports romance with maths tutor Kenley and star quarterback Finn This book has both good and bad points but overall I felt for every bad point there was also a good point Let me clarify It s a predictable storyline But it is one of my favourites I love the classic nerd meets hot sports guy and realises he s not so bad after all There s nothing new here which is a shame because I feel there could be, but I never tire of this storyline It s all a bit quick Kenley is supposed to be tut [...]

    5. This was a decent, quick read I feel like the relationship between Finn and Kenley developed a little too quickly for my tastes Also, I m pretty sure over 50% of the book is just comprised of sex scenes which are HOT , but there wasn t much relationship or character development This book could be a 5 star read if things were given time to develop There were a few spelling grammatical errors.

    6. Bad boy brawling football quarterback vs Tough mathlete tutor let the tutoring begin.A tutor is sent to schools football house to tutor a player what she gets is a barely toweled football player answering the door on full display.It s the very guy she s sent to tutor math with If she just realized her life is about to change forever.18

    7. Absolutely loved the male MC, Finn Couldn t stand the female MC, Kenley She was a pushover, scared and downright annoying I expected groveling from her and was disappointed in the end Quick read a bit of drama, good sex scenes and a HEA.

    8. sports and lovewho doesn t like love and sports well i m not much of a sports fan, but i absolutely love, love i did truly enjoy this story, it was cute and sweet there were many words and grammatical ,that should have been caught by arc readers good job,ms james.

    9. Never judge the coverUnlikely pairs seem to make the best matches The ones who portrays the perfect gentleman isn t always that perfect Maybe that s why women fall for bad boys When you look deeper the climax of his story reveals all truths and wonderment.

    10. More plotThis book was pretty full for a short read It ends halfway through I would of liked a little from the plot, but I wasn t bad of a story.

    11. storyline felt rushed and the characters underdeveloped there was also some inconsistencies contradictory information.

    12. Could be betterBook seemed mindless in the beginning with no real storyline other than hot sex The author finally seemed to remember she was writing a novel rather than a porn towards the end Love the prank on Bradley Finch organized

    13. Nothing remotely like the description of the book ,I skimmed read this and from what I did read I couldn t get into the story maybe it was the fact when read description before purchase it described a completely different story

    14. Finn is one of the good guys Football romance with a geeky tutor and a cocky football player This football player though, isn t the typical dirtbag manwhore stereotype which was a refreshing change He came from a tough upbringing and was working to change his future for the better.There were some funny, awkward moments with Kenley around the gorgeous football star Finn in the start, but he turned out to be very sweet and charming while at the same time being sexy with a filthy mouth Great chemis [...]

    15. Book review Snatched A Sports RomanceI am an independent reviewer This is a standalone book that ends in an HEA Finn is a star football player that needs a tutor Kenley is the nerd tutor assigned to Finn Kenley s mom works at the university, so Kenley is trying to do a good job so as not to embarrass her mother and to impress another teacher in charge of doling out internships.Finn Is not interested in school He came from the wrong side of the tracks and has anger issues He seemed to have no iss [...]

    16. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.This is the second book that I read by this author, Harper James, and I must say, it was good Snatched is a good sports story for those who like to read about sports I loved the storyline, and I love the characters of Finn Thorne and Kenley Sullivan Both of the main characters are great and you will find yourself falling in love with them Finn is the star football player at college, and he needs to pass math in order to play Kenley was a [...]

    17. Okay it felt like I had read this before Oh wait I have It s every sport romance Guy that is playboy has big cock and woes girl who doesn t want to fall player But monster cock wins her over If you like to loose yourself in unoriginal storylines that are low on actual sports, and steamy then this is your book.

    18. Snatched me I was sent this book to provide an honest review after reading Once I started the book snatched I couldn t stop Thank goodness I had the day off today so I could finish it It caught me from the very beginning there were twists I didn t expect and an ending that I loved I highly recommend this read to everyone.

    19. 5 starsLove it Finn is amazing He falls for his tutor, although her sister thinks he is a cheater and too rough around the edges for her Will the drama from his past keep them apart or thrust them closer together

    20. Such a sweet story.Finn was so sweet in this story He knew exactly what he wanted His tutor had just the right amount if confidence and insecurity every girl feels It was such a smooth and sweet read.

    21. Hello Finn new book boyfriend I really enjoyed this book It was a short but oh so steamy read The chemistry was great and I loved the nerd athlete storylined of course the HEA

    22. It was great to return to Hart on University for another sports romance It s funny how relationships such as these were never originally to be Although Finn came from a rough area, he definitely had a good heart Kenley was just the girl he needed to see those qualities in him Great story

    23. Snatched is a standalone book by Harper James Again, another solid sports romance book by the author The storyline and characters were both well written and the characters had smokin hot chemistry All in all a pretty solid book that I would recommend.

    24. A quick read about a tutor and her football star This was okay I never really connected to the characters If there was as much description put into the story as there was in the sex, it could have been a really good story It also needs copy editing Quite a few typos.

    25. I really like this book It gives me some insight on what my girls may have to go through in college but also gives me hope that true love can be found like mine.

    26. Good sports romance It s my fav plot I love nerds and jocks The plethora of spelling errors almost made me stop reading it though.

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