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North Haven By Sarah Moriarty,

  • Title: North Haven
  • Author: Sarah Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9781503941526
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sarah Moriarty s stunning debut is a portrait of the family scars and faults passed along the generations, brilliantly capturing life on the Maine coastline, where time seems to stand still even as the waters never stop moving.On an island in Maine, four siblings arrive at their sprawling, old summer place for the Fourth of July It s the Willoughbys first summer withoutSarah Moriarty s stunning debut is a portrait of the family scars and faults passed along the generations, brilliantly capturing life on the Maine coastline, where time seems to stand still even as the waters never stop moving.On an island in Maine, four siblings arrive at their sprawling, old summer place for the Fourth of July It s the Willoughbys first summer without their parents, and their beloved house is falling apart When a substantial offer is made on the estate, the two brothers and two sisters are forced to confront issues they had hoped to keep hidden.An homage to the layers and limits of the family bond, North Haven explores the shifting allegiances between siblings as they contend with their inheritance, the truth of family lore, and even the veracity of their own memories This lyrical and moving novel delves into the secret world that exists between parents, one their children don t fully understand, much as they may think they do.
    North Haven Sarah Moriarty s stunning debut is a portrait of the family scars and faults passed along the generations brilliantly capturing life on the Maine coastline where time seems to stand still even as th

    One thought on “North Haven”

    1. This is a generous rating I slogged through this, hoping that there would be a revelatory reward at the end And I was greeted with what amounted to a sign off at the end A resolution to be sure, but with absolutely nothing on how we got from the end of the prior chapter to the ending A book replete with exhaustive use of adjectives, metaphors and what else to add to its volume without advancing the journey A very tedious read that I wish I had abandoned early on.

    2. North Haven is an ambitious family drama that ultimately fails to find its true north I am a glutton for novels set in summer on the northeastern US seashore and so was immediately drawn in by this book s description The story reunites four siblings plus one spouse at their family s island home in Maine for the first summer they will spend together without either of their parents All the characters face some sort of personal crisis, which we learn about through a series of deep personal reflecti [...]

    3. I chose this as an Prime Kindle First read so thankfully it was free I had high hopes for this based on the synopsis My hopes were dashed against those Maine rocks and then some First, I didn t really care for any of the characters It felt like the author was trying to make them all unique little snowflakes 1 Libby the repressed and uptight lesbian who isn t a lesbian in her own mind 2 Gwen the overtly promiscuous wild child to the extreme who view spoiler is pregnant and unsure if she s going t [...]

    4. This was an excellent book until the last five pages I felt that I knew the protagonists, two sisters, two brothers and a sister in law who meet at the family s summer home on an island off the coast of Maine, and in places the book is lyrical But the ending is incomplete, and does not flow out of the tale.

    5. This book takes place on an island off the coast of Maine, a place I love It recounts a Summer when four adult siblings return to their family s cottage, their first time since the death of their mother Their ages range from 19 to 39, and the youngest was born after the older ones had left home As the story advances, they each realize how different their memories are, and how each has a unique perception of their family life, and of their parent s lives The writing is very poetic at times, somet [...]

    6. I received this book free with my Prime account Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy it at all The subject matter and foul language was very hard for me to slog through I wouldn t recommend it to anyone.

    7. Well Told Family Drama I understand why there are such strong feelings about this book Reading the reviews it s evident that people either love it or hate it There was no middle ground The start was a little slow but then as I continued to read, I started to see each of the family as individuals but still with the strong bonds that made them family The writing is exquisite The words flow into vivid scenes that allowed me to see into the characters thought processes and behaviors The pictures wer [...]

    8. Ugh Why did I read this I thought it was going to actually go somewhere, that we would get some understanding or closure on the four main characters and how they decide what to do about their family owned beach home upon the deaths of their parents At times this book had promise It was a longgg read for me, I kept putting it down because it just didn t grab me but I assumed there would be a payoff Guess what There isn t It just ends It s almost like when you tell a bedtime story and you just wan [...]

    9. Left me wanting I really got caught up with the characters I loved the way the story read When I saw that I had read the last word, I said out loud, Oh no, it can t be the end I haven t checked yet but I m hoping there is of this family to come.

    10. The only reason I finished this book was to see if I could figure out why Moriarty wrote it I suppose it was to examine the complex relationships in families Her writing style is similar toThe herky jerky style of Kerry Lonsdale in What We Left Behind Does anyone know how to develop a story line any As in the Lonsdale book , the plot premise was good It just took so much effort by the reader to remember timing and relationships In my opinion this detracts from the story I almost feel like I m b [...]

    11. Well, I succumbed to another prime Kindle book This book has decent writing and character development, but it s sort of a depressing set of characters without a lot of direction There was very little wrapping up of the many dysfunctional ends I just don t get the point of laying out, in great detail, all the problems that this family had and has and then the author ends it in about 5 pages, managing to be both ridiculously vague and trite Irks me.

    12. I didn t love it I liked the idea of the sibling dynamics and how they would exist after the death of their parents But I felt the story was bogged down in over the top descriptive words It slowed down the story for me I would have liked to get deeper into the characters than 10 adjectives to describe a golden leaf.

    13. Mainers are a people with fierce pride in their state Every detail counts So early in this book, I got jumpin mad that these summer folks on North Haven were pickin blueberries in early July I almost had to threw the book away, but for some reason, I didn t I read on and then I had to slam it down Here s what got me.These characters took buckets with them First of all, every Mainer know that blueberries come in August, and if you take a bucket you take a rake too and do back breaking work on the [...]

    14. The book is told through, first person, narratives of four siblings Tom, Gwen, Libby, and Dan shortly after the death of the mother the father having past away a couple years prior They gather at their parents house on an island off the coast of Maine where they spent time growing up An offer has been made to them for someone to buy the house, so they each must come to grips with what the house, and their parents and their family, mean to them.Each sibling is also dealing with a tension or confl [...]

    15. A Pleasant SurpriseThis novel is not my typical reading genre and I m not quite sure how it made its way in I m really glad it did The story takes place in a summer home along a shore in Maineory, revolves around the family that lived, grew up, hid secrets and lies from one another, married, divorced, had babies, and raised them or not Finally, after the deaths of the parents, they are forced to come together and make a decision about selling the old house along with the memories made there In d [...]

    16. Beautiful, lyrical descriptions of the settings and of the internal, emotional struggles of each character provide the real narrative of this family drama.We all see life from our own unique perspective, so we rarely, if ever, see the entire truth I thought this was a well written book that made me pause and consider what misperceptions of my own family I might carry around with me.

    17. The further I ventured into this book the frustrated I became that it was titled North Haven It is NOT a book about North Haven It s abstractly set on the Maine coast ok, I guess it probably is set on the Thoroughfare and is a pretty decent book about loss but literally has nothing to do with the island Overwritten and a title thief Also, who says gangplank Sheesh.

    18. Three and one half stars Family drama as four siblings meet at their summer house in Maine to decide whether to sell or save the crumbling structure Family secrets and relationships are revealed as each battles with their past and present.Good summer read.

    19. Hook, line, and sinker That s how Sarah Moriarty s novel, NORTH HAVEN reeled me in Totally believable, oftentimes relatable, you don t just read about the siblings Tom, Gwen, Libby, and Danny you live out the storyline with them.

    20. I did not finish this book It wasn t terrible, but it was too boring Think about the television series Parenthood without any good storylines Life is too short to be bored by a book There are so many other good ones.

    21. Interesting family drama set in historic beach house in Maine All the trappings of a great story but empty ending, unfulfilled character plots and unfinished conflicts Sigh.

    22. mixed reviews on this one was a kindle first book and looked interesting enough I enjoyed the story telling of it but thought the ending was abrupt It made me think a lot about my three siblings and how it would affect each of us if my dad sold the house we grew up in.

    23. A quiet contemplative bookI enjoyed this book because of the way it reminded me of things that occur in almost every family Sarah Moriarty tells the tale with humor and compassion, and relates a chapter in this family s life in a gentle way.

    24. I received this book from as a free e book for the month of May My thoughts on this book are complicated On the one hand, I think it s important for all of us to realize that our parents have or had secrets in their marriage As children, we tend to see things from a knee high perspective As adults, it s good for us to be able to look at our parents and recognize that they are human and face the same human challenges that we do.Personally, I found Tom to be a rather unlikable character He was dem [...]

    25. Haven t given 5 stars in forever I did not want this book to end When it did I decided to read the rest of her books no matter what they cost Was so disappointed to find out this was her first and only so far

    26. Dreary Cannot understand why a book titled North Haven is about a family that summers on Vinalhven That aside, the story is drawn out, dreary, and just tries too hard.

    27. I ll acknowledge my rating is slightly biased, because my family also has a vacation house in almost the same area this takes place in A lot of things about summer island life in Maine really resonated, and I loved that aspect of it I also thought it was well written, the imagery and metaphors were often beautiful and captivating.It s not a thriller, and it s not what some might deem a page turner It s a story about four siblings who are dealing with their past and figuring out how to move forwa [...]

    28. I had such high hopes for this book and really loved it in the beginning I enjoy family sagas set in Maine and the surrounding areas and I love Elin Hilerbrand books that are set in these areas so I was hoping this was going to be another author to keep track of And she may still be one I felt that it started getting murky about halfway through when it was jumpning between past and present not a fan of that anyway by telling the dads past story and then the moms and it just got so strange and di [...]

    29. Following the deaths of their parents, Tom, Gwen, Libby, and Danny Willoughby, along with Tom s wife Melissa, gather once at their family s summer home on an island in Maine, each needing to deal with their grief, each working through personal issues, and all of them having to make decisions about the home s future and come to terms with long held family secrets and scars.What could have been a great book lost it with its final chapter, which provided an ending without the final links of how th [...]

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