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Verdict of Twelve By Raymond Postgate Martin Edwards,

  • Title: Verdict of Twelve
  • Author: Raymond Postgate Martin Edwards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A woman is on trial for her life, accused of murder The twelve members of the jury each carry their own secret burden of guilt and prejudice which could affect the outcome In this extraordinary crime novel, we follow the trial through the eyes of the jurors as they hear the evidence and try to reach a unanimous verdict Will they find the defendant guilty, or not guilty A woman is on trial for her life, accused of murder The twelve members of the jury each carry their own secret burden of guilt and prejudice which could affect the outcome In this extraordinary crime novel, we follow the trial through the eyes of the jurors as they hear the evidence and try to reach a unanimous verdict Will they find the defendant guilty, or not guilty And will the jurors decision be the correct one Since its first publication in 1940, Verdict of Twelve has been widely hailed as a classic of British crime writing This edition offers a new generation of readers the chance to find out why so many leading commentators have admired the novel for so long.
    Verdict of Twelve A woman is on trial for her life accused of murder The twelve members of the jury each carry their own secret burden of guilt and prejudice which could affect the outcome In this extraordinary crime

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    1. This was a delightful read It s hard not to use the word delightful when describing this old fashioned British courtroom drama Verdict of Twelve is a republication of a book originally released in 1940 It starts with the backstory of the twelve jurors selected for a murder trial, describes the events leading to the trial short of revealing who did it, and then recounts the trial, deliberations and verdict, ending with a clever epilogue especially the last line It s all in the telling Postgate cr [...]

    2. According to the evidenceA trial is about to commence and the jury is being sworn in A death has occurred in unusual circumstances and a woman has been charged with murder But the evidence is largely circumstantial so it will be up to the jury and the reader to decide whether the prosecution has proved its case The book has an unusual format, almost like three separate acts As each jury member is called to take the oath, we are given background information on them sometimes a simple character sk [...]

    3. Raymond Postgate s name is virtually unknown today, but in his day, no less than Raymond Chandler lauded this novel, first published in 1940 Postgate makes his intention clear from the epigraph, which is by Karl Marx It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but, on the contrary, their social existence determines their consciousness In other words, people make decisions emotionally based on their own histories and experiences, not on evidence and reason.Rosalie van Beer [...]

    4. I m rating this 4 stars although initially I wasn t too impressed and would ve happily given this between 2 and 3 stars The story is plotted well, the first part we are given snapshots of the lives of 12 jurors who have been brought to court to decide the fate of one woman The second part summarises the crime and the third part we are in deliberation with the jurors working out guilty or not guilty The beginning seemed a bit messy and thrown together, but by the middle of the second part I was r [...]

    5. This is something different in crime novels It features the twelve members of a jury trying a woman for murder You get pen pictures of the jurors and little vignettes about their lives Then the events which lead up to the crime are related and the reader gets an idea of the characters and the events leading up to the murder Then there is the trial itself and the jury s deliberations.I loved the way the author brought the characters to life with just a few words so that even though there are a lo [...]

    6. What good fun This well written mystery is in three parts The first is an in depth look at several of the jurors for an upcoming trial the reader has yet to be told about Part two gives some background on the event the trial is about Part three is the trial itself and the deliberations I went into this story blind and if possible I would definitely recommend the same to anyone wanting to read it The less you know going in, the you ll enjoy it I will say however that getting to know the jurors a [...]

    7. British Crime Classic publication, fresh and crisp though original publication date was 1940 This paperback comes with introduction by Martin Edwards The presentation was also fresh and crisp, organized in three parts The Jury, The Case, The Trial and Verdict and then the Postscript.I found the portraits of the jurors most interesting Per Edwards, The characterization of the people in the story, as well as the teasing mystery, and the dark cynicism about human behaviour and the nature of justice [...]

    8. This is another great crime read that the British Library has brought back into the public view Blending some fantastic writing, colourful characters, despicable characters an intriguing plot and a splash of ivy poisoning, this is a book I thoroughly enjoyed Plus the word popinjay is used how can you not love a book that uses the word popinjay

    9. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, bvut, on the contrary their social existence determines their consciousness MarxRaymond Postgate s Verdict of Twelve is a fascinating and absorbing variant of the crime novel.Published in 1940, and with the concerns of the times embedded anti Semitism within society, an entrenched class system, the effects of culture, economics, politics upon the lives and outlooks of individuals this is courtroom dramaA crime, one which will le [...]

    10. I can t believe that I hadn t heard of this book before it was included as one of the wonderful British Library Crime Classics This unusual tale follows the deliberation of a crime as recounted in court to a jury of the traditional twelve.The book is split into three parts we have the introduction to the jury in the first part some of whom have led colourful lives, especially one who committed a serious crime, but on the whole they are what we can assume are a fairly typical mix of society at th [...]

    11. Verdict of Twelve is a mystery set in England that was originally published in 1940 The first part of the story 39% of the book told the background of the twelve jurors This might sound boring or perhaps like too much information, but the author kept it concise, interesting, and later referred to the jurors in such a way that it was easy to remember their background and see how it influenced their view of the case.Part two told what had happened in the case as it happened with enough information [...]

    12. First sentence The Clerk of Assize had to have some way of relieving the tedium of administering the same oath year after year.Premise plot Verdict of Twelve is a classic mystery originally published in 1940 in Britain This mystery has four parts In the first part, readers meet the twelve jurors Backstories some quite detailed are given for all members of the jury In the second part, the crime is laid out for readers This isn t the trial itself This is a behind the scenes glimpse just for reader [...]

    13. I remember a bad 1970s disaster movie called Smash Up on Interstate 5 The big deal in this movie was the spectacular chain reaction car crash at the end, which was also previewed at the beginning Most of the movie, however, was set up here are the characters driving the cars, their hopes, dreams, fears, etc So if you could wade through that, the car crash would play out and have meaning beyond the spectacle, supposedly.This book is like that, except written much better The first 100 pages are se [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book in return for my independent honest review.This is an interesting look at the members of the jury and how their personal beliefs and life experiences can affect the verdict by how they vote This made me think how personal feelings must affect someone s fate to some extent, even though I do believe the British Justice system is a good one.This took a long time to get into as it was a slow process introducing all twelve members of the jury.At times I thought about no [...]

    15. In between reading very modern crime fiction thrillers mystery murders et al it is very nice to slip in a British Classic Crime reading It does have a slower pace which may not appeal to all, the characters are a bit gruff and rough round the edges but even at a slower pace the way the British criminal justice system works is good reading.A woman is on trial for murder of the most horrendous kind a child for whom she was the guardian The twelve jurors are all having their own perceptions, ideas [...]

    16. Enjoyable classic, even for a non classic lover like myself A nice characterization in sync with the crowd of the era A simple mystery with little doubt but a nice dive into people s motives and reflections.

    17. I did enjoy reading this classic crime novelbut have one major issue with it It starts off giving a potted history of the jurors, then does nothing to develop their stories and given it s called Verdict of Twelve , was expecting on them I don t normally moan when a book is short, but this seemed very rushed through Liked the ending though

    18. I loved this story, it was riveting from the start.The twelve jurors were very well described and their back stories really made the novel come alive for me.Set in a court house, the case centred on the trial of Rosalie van Beer who was accused of murdering her nephew Philip.The unfolding of the evidence is meticulous, with every step gone into forensically.All in all a great read and very highly recommended I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Poisoned Pen Press via Netgalle [...]

    19. The older I get and possibly because of the fiction I choose to read , the less I trust the jury system Raymond Postgate s Verdict of Twelve might have put the last nail in the coffin This twisty, brilliant short novel originally published in 1940 follows a group of jurors who are tasked with finding an accused murderer guilty or innocent As readers, we know than they do, so watching them deliberate is an absolute torment but in a way that makes me want to get other readers to read this book ju [...]

    20. This has to be one of the most interesting books EVER Written in 1940, the story covers the life history of each jury member, the case and the accused and then the finale.What is most interesting is the jury, they each have their own secrets, some of which are indeed criminal, and how their thoughts and lifestyles influence their opinion on Rosalie Van Beer, her actions, her beliefs and their eventual verdict.Rosalie is not the most caring of women, in fact she is downright cruel to her small ch [...]

    21. Basta leggere le primissime pagine de Il verdetto dei dodici di Raymond Postgate per essere immediatamente catturati l impianto dopotutto piuttosto semplice, eppure poche abili mosse fanno si che risulti estremamente avvincente.Al centro della vicenda, il processo contro Rosalie van Beer, accusata di aver ucciso il nipote undicenne per entrare in possesso di una cospicua eredit.Postgate, per , decide di iniziare non presentando il caso, bens ciascuno dei membri della giuria un ex cameriera dai m [...]

    22. The British Crime Classics series is one of the most interesting and gratifying book happenings in recent times This has allowed us in the twenty first century to discover some of the joys of mystery literature in the great age of detective fiction of the early years of the twentieth century I picked up this much lauded novel recently in London I finished it in the early hours today with a sense of satisfaction A fine read Raymond Postgate s most famous novel has got a sinister mystery at its co [...]

    23. Helen HutchinsonMs St ClairEnglish 10 27 September 2017Book Review Verdict Of Twelve by Raymond Postgate I had been interested in finding a gripping and grasping novel as I enjoy reading books that always leave me wanting whether that be a mystery or a death My preferred genre is crime fiction and mystery murder, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Sign of Four written by Arthur Conan Doyle and who is the famous author behind the Sherlock Holmes novels By reading the blurb it seemed as if it had a [...]

    24. A woman is on trial for murder and a jury is being sworn in to decide her fate A jury of twelve men and women selected at random from all walks of life, each of whom has an interesting story of his or her own Verdict of Twelve 1940 , one of the British Library Crime Classics series, is as much about the jury as it is about the crime, which makes it an unusual and fascinating novel.The book is divided into three main sections In the first, we are introduced to each member of the jury as they step [...]

    25. The characterization of the people in the story, as well as the teasing mystery, and the dark cynicism about human behaviour and the nature of justice, make this a crime novel to cherish Martin Edwards Introduction to Verdict of Twelve Both in his Introduction to this work and in his The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books, Chapter 15, Martin Edwards puts forward the case for this book as a classic of crime fiction.He is not alone in his admiration as it was rated very highly by Raymond Chandler [...]

    26. An English court clerk stands in front of a jury of twelve, there to decide the fate of a defendant on trial for murder As he addresses each to administer the oath, he takes their measure and wonders what the outcome will be Among the twelve sits a murderer, an imposter, a widow who lost her young husband to a crime of hate, and a religious zealot Will they be able to find the right verdict, a fair verdict, a verdict based on the evidence presented Can they decide the fate of the defendant fairl [...]

    27. This is a clever murder mystery novel presented in a unique way It is best not to read the ending before you read the rest of the book There is a satisfying conclusion to the story despite some moral ambiguity about the result This provides plenty for food for thought after you finish the book.There are four parts to the book The first one is devoted to introducing each of the jurors who will ultimately decide the fate of the yet to be determined accused They are a mixed bag of humanity one of t [...]

    28. A verdict of guilt innocence You take twelve people and let them decide about the death letting go of a person But who are these people and on what is their opinion based and formed This interesting book of fiction examines that with wit, intelligence and some sound psychology There is a death of a child by poison But was that a crime And if yes, who is the guilty one The twelve jurors vary greatly, and the reader gets acquainted with their characters and lives very shortly in the beginning They [...]

    29. This book, though not long, was twice as long as it needed to be The conceit is that this story is not just about the central murder mystery, but about how the mystery interplays with the jurors own stories and accordant biases The first half of the book is about the jurors, and the second half is about the murder and the trial Unfortunately, the first half of the book is a slog because most of the jurors lives are not particularly interesting It is not just that the jurors lives are not compell [...]

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