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Cocoa Beach By Beatriz Williams,

  • Title: Cocoa Beach
  • Author: Beatriz Williams
  • ISBN: 9780062404985
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The New York Times bestselling author of A Certain Age transports readers to sunny Florida in this lush and enthralling historical novel an enchanting blend of love, suspense, betrayal, and redemption set among the rumrunners and scoundrels of Prohibition era Cocoa Beach.Burdened by a dark family secret, Virginia Fortescue flees her oppressive home in New York City for theThe New York Times bestselling author of A Certain Age transports readers to sunny Florida in this lush and enthralling historical novel an enchanting blend of love, suspense, betrayal, and redemption set among the rumrunners and scoundrels of Prohibition era Cocoa Beach.Burdened by a dark family secret, Virginia Fortescue flees her oppressive home in New York City for the battlefields of World War I France While an ambulance driver for the Red Cross, she meets a charismatic British army surgeon whose persistent charm opens her heart to the possibility of love As the war rages, Virginia falls into a passionate affair with the dashing Captain Simon Fitzwilliam, only to discover that his past has its own dark secrets secrets that will damage their eventual marriage and propel her back across the Atlantic to the sister and father she left behind.Five years later, in the early days of Prohibition, the newly widowed Virginia Fitzwilliam arrives in the tropical boomtown of Cocoa Beach, Florida, to settle her husband s estate Despite the evidence, Virginia does not believe Simon perished in the fire that destroyed the seaside home he built for her and their young daughter Separated from her husband since the early days of their marriage, the headstrong Virginia plans to uncover the truth, for the sake of the daughter Simon never met.Simon s brother and sister welcome her with open arms and introduce her to a dazzling new world of citrus groves, white beaches, bootleggers, and Prohibition agents But Virginia senses a predatory presence lurking beneath the irresistible, hedonistic surface of this coastal oasis The she learns about Simon and his mysterious business interests, the she fears that the dangers that surrounded Simon now threaten her and their daughter s life as well.
    Cocoa Beach The New York Times bestselling author of A Certain Age transports readers to sunny Florida in this lush and enthralling historical novel an enchanting blend of love suspense betrayal and redemption

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    1. I met my husband in the least romantic setting possible a casualty clearing station in northern France in the middle of February A cold drizzle fell and the air stank of human rot I suppose this constituted a warning from Providence, though Providence needn t have bothered I had always known better than to fall in love I had always known love was something you would later regret.Miss Virginia Fortescue is a good and decent person In 1917, a twenty year old with a knowledge of cars, thanks to her [...]

    2. I wasn t super excited to read this book when I got the ARC off Edelweiss, because I ve found myself growing gradually frustrated with Beatriz Williams Her first three books were great, soapish beach reads plenty of twisty drama, but not dumbed down But the next three were kind of disappointing It began to feel like maybe she was rushing through them, focusing on setting up the next book than on telling the story at hand to the best of her ability But the thing is, none of the books are true, [...]

    3. Falling in love and marrying during a war usually turns out to be a good thing, but for Virginia Fortescue Fitzwilliam it wasn t working out.Virginia fell in love, married, and then spent hardly any time with her husband The war is over, she still hasn t seen him, and then she returns to the United States to her father and her sister Her family has secrets, and she finds out Simon does too Simon seems to be the perfect manipulator and liar.We follow Virginia and Simon Fitzwilliam as the book goe [...]

    4. Beatriz Williams is an unfamiliar author to me I decided to read COCOA BEACH because the premise sounded intriguing, I always find it difficult to resist covers with water in the background Not sure why So I m not sure if it was necessarily the book, the fact that I m not a fan of Willams prose, or a combination of both I m definitely in the minority here I can see this appealing to many readers, but I m just not one of them I didn t enjoy a single aspect of COCOA BEACH honestly Sad I was so loo [...]

    5. Virginia is definitely a strong woman When we first meet her she is driving an ambulance in France during WWI She left her family home and all of her secrets behind in New York and ran away to France to help with the war While there she meets a British doctor, Simon, who will change the whole course of her life The book moves between Virginia s days in France and five years later when she moves to Florida to try to find out what happened to her husband and to settle his estate This move puts her [...]

    6. Well I love the authors previous books but I did not enjoy this one The frantic nature of the entire book wore me out I did finish it but only because I had to know the ending.

    7. Virginia isn t really sure who to trust, or what to believe Her estranged husband, Simon, has died in a fire at his home in Cocoa Beach She decides to travel from New York to Florida to settle his estate and put her affairs in order But Virginia suspects that the truth about what happened to her husband may not be what s been reported to her and the authorities I realized while I was reading that this story has a something familiar feeling to it that I get when I read Daphne du Maurier, I enjoy [...]

    8. This book was so confusing It set up a great mystery that started out as beach read style fun and then turned into an intense thriller in the last 2 chapters The last sentence of the epilogue has me really confused, to the point that I m wondering if I should have read another book as a background It was also confusing in the constant twists and turns and back and forth narrations Normally, I like this in a book, but I found myself getting lost I also didn t like how contrived some of the twists [...]

    9. I ve given this an A for narration and a B for content at AudioGals, so that s 4.5 starsHaving very much enjoyed listening to The Wicked City earlier this year and being a fan of this author s alter ego, Juliana Gray , I was keen to listen to Beatriz Williams latest offering, Cocoa Beach, which follows a young widow as she tries to discover the truth about the estranged husband who recently perished in a house fire at his Florida home It is loosely linked to both The Wicked City and the book whi [...]

    10. BW s latest is set in present day 1920 s Florida flashing back to WWI where Virginia and Simons story began I was looking for a light summery read when I picked this up its not really that Filled with suspense and drama, it s chapter endings ask questions than provide answers It definitely keeps you guessing up until it s last chapters

    11. 5 Discerning What is Real Stars for the story and narration Loved both the historical fiction and the mystery in this story There are even elements of romance weaved in though romance is definitely not one of the primary focuses of the book The narration by Eva Kaminsky which seamlessly switches back and forth between English and American accents is also fabulous Alex Wyndham performs a much smaller role but as always does a fantastic job.This was my first book by Beatriz Williams, but I will de [...]

    12. This was the inaugural pick for Instagram s Salt Water Reads Book Club back in July and it was the PERFECT choice Let me just say I have never read a Beatriz Williams book before and I am SO happy I finally did I LOVED it It combines two of my favorite genres historical fiction and mystery The writing style is compelling and I love the alternating chapters between Virginia s time in France and her time in Cocoa Beach I found myself flipping through the pages trying to find out what happened to S [...]

    13. I love Beatriz Williams because she writes She doesn t take 3, 4 or even 5 years to put out a book She pumps them out every 6 months or so and they do not disappoint at least in my opinion I also love her because her books are not predictable in any way I m always guessing and trying to figure out what the heck is going on This book tells the story of Virginia Fortescue, sister of Sophie from A Certain Age Remember how her husband was always supposed to send for her and never did Well, now that [...]

    14. When I started to read Cocoa Beach did I not know that the previous two books A Certain Age, The Wicked City were loosely connected to this book I only realized that when I started to read The Wicked City Do I regret reading them in reversed order Not at all, although I wish I could read them all again since I absolutely loved reading the books Coca Beach takes place both in after war Florida and on the battlefield of France during WW2 It s in France Virginia Fortescue meets the dashing Captain [...]

    15. I think I have a case of whiplash brought on by Beatriz Williams latest heart pounding thrill ride, Cocoa Beach I ve adored BW for her gripping works of historical fiction like my beloved Along The Infinite Sea, but she is proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the drama action who dunnit arena As with all BW novels, they link to the one before it Our protagonist, Virginia Fortescue, a young widow with a small child made her debut in A Gilded Age It s the early twenties and Virgini [...]

    16. I am so glad that I took a gamble and bought Beatriz Williams newest book COCOA BEACH A NOVEL This turned out to be my favorite novel of hers, so far My second most loved novel by Ms Williams is ALONG THE INFINITE SEA, it takes place during and after WW Two Her newest novel, just published this month, takes place in France between 1917 and 1919, and then in America American, Virginia Fortescue, drives an ambulance through the muddy fields of WW One France This is how she meets the British Captai [...]

    17. Cocoa Beach is a lush story with an intriguing plot line that definitely kept me guessing My problem with it was that I was SERIOUSLY left guessing at the endke so much that I feel like I missed an entire part of the book Based on other reviews here I now know that this is because I didn t read another specific book of Williams , but since I didn t know it was in a series but it ISN T in a series I didn t read that one first Oh well, it was an enjoyable read and I loved the feel of the story I l [...]

    18. Maybe little girls should have a chance to see the world a bit, while they re still young enough to see it in wonder Virginia Fortescue Fitzwilliam, Cocoa BeachCocoa Beach by Beatriz Williams is told in alternating time periods, in France during WWII and 5 years later in Cocoa Beach, FL This was my first Beatriz Williams novel and it won t be my last I found that most of the chapters ended on cliff hangers and then switched back and forth between the two time periods, which left my anticipation [...]

    19. Virginia Fortescue s life hasn t really been easy Her mother was murdered when she was just a child and obviously this has impacted her tremendously As an adult, she has spent a lot of time driving ambulances in the war While at the war, she met Dr Simon Fitzwilliam and sparks flew They got married and had a child, but things got complicated and they became estranged Virginia gets news that Simon has died in a fire at his house in Florida Virginia hurries down there to see what exactly happened [...]

    20. I am a total fan girl of Beatriz Williams, let s just get that out of the way right off the bat I love her books She has a beautiful, lyrical story telling style and I am almost always completely engrossed in her novels This novel was all over my Twitter feed for weeks and I broke down and bought it because I couldn t pass up such an interesting sounding novel plus it s set in WWI so you know I was all over that So I am not sure how to review this one It had so many elements that should have wor [...]

    21. Favorite Quotes I d never received a compliment like that Certainly not from a grown man, a man of mating age I didn t even know that kind of man, other than that he existed, a separate and untamed species, kept in another cage from mine on the opposite end of the zoo And that was well enough with me I had no interest in mating Having survived such a childhood, I thought myself practical and resourceful and I was, by God Because while houses burned down regularly, and people died all the time, I [...]

    22. Another highly enjoyable book by Beatriz Williams Typical of her books, Cocoa Beach has plenty of scandals and secrets Virginia met Captain Simon Fitzwilliam while she was an ambulance driver during the war in France Five years later she and her daughter arrive in Cocoa Beach having been told that her estranged husband has died Virginia seeks to learn about Simon s life while they were apart I did find this story a bit confusing than many of Williams books There is a lot going on particularly [...]

    23. Since I can t just say, Read it now It s fabulous, I m pounding out this review on a computer with an Internet connection that s tenuous at best to get this review posted on release day I can t say enough about how Beatriz Williams grabs readers and pulls them into a story with her dramatic and breathtaking plots and stunning settings From the streets of New York in A Certain Age, to Florida s tropical coast in Cocoa Beach, Williams pens stories that make one feel as though she s lived in those [...]

    24. This is a book that I never would have picked up on my own It was the first pick for the saltwaterreads Instagram book club Even as I started reading it, I had my doubts about whether or not I d like it Once I made it a couple of chapters in I was hooked Cocoa Beach is beautifully written and thoroughly researched I never, ever saw that jaw dropping twist coming at the very end I wasn t expecting it to be that kind of book, so I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the big reveal I would abso [...]

    25. Oh man I can t give anything away so my review will just be my raving This book is just perfect I spent the entire book trying to put the pieces together I didn t know who to love and who to hate Who wasn t playing fair and who was honest The end had me reading for four hours straight and into the wee morning hours just to finish and figure it all out I loved it all Prepare to be sucked in This can be a stand alone book, but I highly recommend reading at least A Certain Age firstpossibly even Wi [...]

    26. I hadn t read Ms Williams last book, A Certain Age, yet, but I knew I had to do that before I read this book because her characters always make peek appearances in future books I really need a detailed family tree of connections, please But, I was really glad I did While I really liked the characters of Sophie and Octavian in A Certain Age, the story itself didn t keep me on my toes like Cocoa Beach did The entire time I was reading Cocoa Beach, I was unsure whether Simon was good or bad Would h [...]

    27. Good Writer Perhaps, but not this story Due to reviews, I ll have to try another, as many said this just wasn t a good one by this author.The book caught my eye because I used to live in Cocoa Beach While there are positive reviews, and it sounds like the author is reported as good in the other titles, I was really disappointed with this one There are upsides to it, but it was slow moving, confusing at some points, and a bit too predictable.

    28. I have read several books from this author and enjoyed them Yet, this book did not have the same passion of the characters and the storyline that I have come to enjoy from this author Yes, I liked Virginia and Simon Despite the age gap, they were good together Part of the reason that they worked well together is because Virginia acted mature for her age Additionally, I gravitated towards her independence The only flaw I had towards Virginia is that she did not give Simon of a chance He was not [...]

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