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The Dress in the Window By Sofia Grant,

  • Title: The Dress in the Window
  • Author: Sofia Grant
  • ISBN: 9780062499721
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • A perfect debut novel is like a perfect dress it s a must have and when you try it on it fits perfectly In this richly patterned story of sisterhood, ambition, and reinvention Sofia Grant has created a story just right for fans of Vintage and The Dress Shop of Dreams.World War II has ended and American women are shedding their old clothes for the gorgeous new styles.A perfect debut novel is like a perfect dress it s a must have and when you try it on it fits perfectly In this richly patterned story of sisterhood, ambition, and reinvention Sofia Grant has created a story just right for fans of Vintage and The Dress Shop of Dreams.World War II has ended and American women are shedding their old clothes for the gorgeous new styles Voluminous layers of taffeta and tulle, wasp waists, and beautiful color all so welcome after years of sensible styles and strict rationing Jeanne Brink and her sister Peggy both had to weather every tragedy the war had to offer Peggy now a widowed mother, Jeanne without the fianc she d counted on, both living with Peggy s mother in law in a grim mill town But despite their grey pasts they long for a bright future Jeanne by creating stunning dresses for her clients with the help of her sister Peggy s brilliant sketches.Together, they combine forces to create amazing fashions and a prosperous life than they d ever dreamed of before the war But sisterly love can sometimes turn into sibling jealousy Always playing second fiddle to her sister, Peggy yearns to make her own mark But as they soon discover, the future is never without its surprises, ones that have the potential to make or break their dreams.
    The Dress in the Window A perfect debut novel is like a perfect dress it s a must have and when you try it on it fits perfectly In this richly patterned story of sisterhood ambition and reinvention Sofia Grant has created

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    1. A historical fiction piece that appealed to me because it centers on women in the workforce post WWII We get three narratives here Peggy and Jeanne are sisters that are both widowed and they live with Thelma who is Peggy s mother in law Peggy has a daughter Tommie The story focuses on how the three women are trying to make their way in a society that is largely patriarchal and the expectation is that the women will simply take whatever typing job she can and feign contentment But all three women [...]

    2. Tough time getting into it took a few chapters before I got a handle on it.en it was very gooduldn t wait to see what was going to finally happend basically something happens and then it s basically the endHUH How can something happen and 2 months go by and it have a happy endingfeels like my book was missing a chaptern t want to ruin it for others that s why I used something.

    3. A wonderfully immersive story of women, mothers and sisters, wives and widows, in post Work War II America Much of what women have achieved in the workforce today is grounded in the trails that were blazed by women during and after World War II, and this wonderfully researched and delicately nuanced story illuminates this remarkable journey through the eyes of women struggling to find their way in a post war world These women are challenged in so many ways, and while they falter, they show so mu [...]

    4. This was a historical women s fiction that told the tale of a life forged out of post war Jeanne and Peggy had to make life work for them and their families after the war ended Things changed in both of their lives and finding that one thing to sustain them may have been the very key to their demise The story held a great deal of detail Some parts it felt to overwhelm me Others parts there was not enough to hold it together The was a heart involved story of these two sisters and how the moved fo [...]

    5. Secrets and lies abound in this well written novel about three women forced to make their way in post World War II The novel alternates between two sisters Peggy and Jeanne, and Peggy s mother in law Thelma Peggy s husband died in the war and left her to be a single mother of her daughter Tommie Jeanne lost her fianc in the war Thelma, agrees to take both of them in for the sake of her granddaughter Together they must make a life for themselves in a time when there aren t many options for women [...]

    6. I liked it Very sweetly told sad story of women s struggle after WWII Illuminating look at fashion as it pertained to ALL women.

    7. Review originally published at lomeraniel audiobookreThis story, set in the late 40 s just after WWII, narrates how many aspects of society changed due to the end of the war We get the perspective from three different women Jeanne, her sister Peggy, and Thelma, Peggy s mother in law The situation affected them in very different ways Jeanne lost her fiancee, while Peggy lost her husband, leaving her with a child Thelma gave them both refuge, since goods are scarce, but the three of them all suffe [...]

    8. FULL REVIEW What can I sayI really wasn t a fan This story follows three women in a post war stricken time period and while it had the makings of something intriguing and different, ultimately it fell a little flat for me For starters, while the cover holds a glimpse of what this story is about, truly there wasn t much correlation Jeanne is a seamstress, part of a family who at one time owned a textile millbut that s the extent She never owns a storefront where a dress she d made sat in the wind [...]

    9. It s release day for Sophie Littlefield s historical novel, The Dress in the Window, written under the name Sofia Grant The character driven book takes readers back to the period from 1948 to 1952, a time when women who lost men in the war had to find a way to make a living and survive, while learning to be harder and stronger than they had planned.In 1948 in Brunskill, Pennsylvania, a former mill town, three women struggle to make a living Jeanne Brink lost her fianc in the war, and she s now l [...]

    10. The Dress in the Window by Sophia Grant is an engaging and enthralling story set shortly after World War II about two sisters trying to survive following the death of their fellas during the war Living in Philadelphia with one sister s mother in law and young daughter, the sisters are very talented with designing and making creative and stunning dresses to make ends meet Unfortunately, working out of their home did not earn them enough money to make ends meet, so they go into the work force It i [...]

    11. This debut novel covers interesting ground Sisters Peggy and Jeanne Brinks lost their parents, a husband and a fiancee during World War II Since 1943, they have been living with Peggy s mother in law, all helping to raise Peggy s little daughter Tommie and dreaming of careers in fashion Peggy draws and designs and Jeanne sews The novel begins in 1948, examining the lives of these three strong women, their relationship with one another and their differing paths to financial stability and, in Pegg [...]

    12. SPOILERS I never write a negative review but this is one Initially, I liked this book Interesting story, sad, well drawn characters and fashion, which is my passion But, I really have A problem that one of the main characters was raped by her sister s fianc and treated like she was a whore I understand that this takes place in the late 1940s and that was the way in those days but I expected the author to address this in her QA at the end of the book So such luck This is an important, probably th [...]

    13. I had mixed feelings about this debut novel It started off interesting, but took some twists and turns that I didn t see coming The character of Peggy is hard to be sympathetic towards, until the end of the book, where her behavior is explained somewhat Other characters, such as Thelma, did not have crucial bits of information explained that would have made her actions understandable Jeanne and Tommie are the two best characters in the novel, but they are still flawed If Peggy s behavior was ex [...]

    14. Post World War II, and sisters Jeanne and Peggy are struggling to determine the direction of their lives Jeanne s lost her fiance Peggy s lost her husband but what they have is an abiding love of fashion, and the sense that they can use their talents to improve their lives.Grant depicts the sisters with a sure hand, with all twisted up love, jealousy, and misunderstandings so often found in such a relationship, and gives them a happy ending that isn t quite perfect and thus believable And the p [...]

    15. The Dress in the Window by Sofia Grant is a free FirstReads advanced reader copy of a paperback book that I read in early August.During the mid 1940s in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a group of three private seamstresses struggle to live in the aftermath of World War II and to display their style through the trend of poufy, Dior gowns But, when one of them finds fame and nabs the best of their combined ideas for herself, all of this, unfortunately, adds up to a disconnected histrionic slog.

    16. PopSugar Reading Prompt Book about a villain or antiheroWell, I started college with a Fashion Design major and I still sew so this novel about 2 sisters who are into Fashion Design appealed to me right from start Unfortunately, the beautiful cover and title belied the ugliness of the main characters who were definitely antiheroes They lie about pretty much everything to get ahead I usually enjoy historical fiction, but it was just so hard to like these women The story was interesting, but it wa [...]

    17. A wonderful book for anyone who loves to sew and create beautiful things with your hands I am a sort of retired crafter due to health problems so I loved this book It s also the story of coming of age of the three main characters and the child they are raising together It s a beautiful post WWII book which I enjoyed immensely It took me back to my childhood and remembering my own grandmother s sewing escapades and a beloved neighbor and friend who was a top notch seamstress Highly recommend

    18. I enjoyed this story of two sisters in the post WWII era Jeanne and Peggy are each struggling with poverty, the deaths of the men they loved, and to make a living Each has a talent Jeanne can sew and Peggy can design Together they ve got a good combination to start a business to revolutionize women s fashion, if only they could learn to get along Altogether fun, this novel does take a dark turn or two I found the last third a little implausible , but still a good read full of fun clothes and bri [...]

    19. I absolutely LOVED this book.Narrated wonderfully by Teri Schnaubelt,we are immersed in the lives of Peggy and Jeannne who are sisters.It is set after WW2,when womens fashion was something to look forward to.They both contribute to the new industry in their own way.The family dynamics are very relatable I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator, or publisher.

    20. Oddly interesting even though the sewing dress design aspect that felt so promising at the start as the central focus of the book faded a bit in favor of the complicated personal relationships of the characters The book did provide a good look at post WWII life for women at various socio economic levels Men, except for one, did not come off in particularly good light Very good look at new fabrics with advent of synthetics and couture vs ready to wear.

    21. This book had some promising moments But then there were parts that just drug And confusion where the wrong character s name was in place for another And the plotting sequencing time had issues It jumped a lot Or at least seemed to And there was a time towards the end that days seemed both condensed and stretched Don t get me started on the epilogue that jumped without anything really resolved Just too many half plot lines.

    22. Terrible There were parts that were intriguing and some chapters where I was drawn in and wanted to see how it all played out, hence why I finished it instead of adding it to the DNF shelf, but overall the book was a mess There was so much misunderstanding between the sisters, unnecessary side stories about the Mother in law, and an ending that made absolutely no sense It was like a whole chapter of explanation was missing I was actually mad when I finished Complete waste of my time.

    23. Quite a story of sisterly rivalry and jealousy between 2 young women who must fend for themselves in the mid 1940 s Add in the widowed mother in law of one sister who also has many secrets to hide and the plot gets very interesting Definitely well developed characters with very different personalities and lots of secrets and lies which come back to haunt them later I enjoyed the fashion aspect too.

    24. I bought this one because of the sewing and dressmaking theme, but ended up really enjoying this novel about two loving but feuding sisters Jeanne is a great dressmaker and businesswoman who can t design Peggy is an artist and dress designer who can t sew They re scraping by in a Philadelphia suburb after the end of World War II, on Peggy s war widow pension and Jeanne s meagre earnings Nothing too deep going on here, but it s nicely done.

    25. The title evokes yearning, a dress you wish you had or could wear But the book is about three women and a child living together in post WWII, trying to deal with losses But there are so many secrets and lies and squashing of talent that it is not until the end when one woman dies that the others may fulfill their dreams, ambitions and maybe realize their dreams.

    26. The Dress in the Window by Sofia Grant centers on women in post World War II in America You get three different views It shows how things changed after the war It contains information about sewing that kept my attention It was interesting but was a little confusing at times For a debut story, it was not bad.I received a copy thru a Giveaway.

    27. I enjoyed this book, but I felt it came up a little short I liked the characters and how they were dealing with life after WWII and making a living in a man s world when they didn t have a man taking care of them I just think that when the big thing happened near the middle of the end of the book, time went by and then everything was wrapped up to neatly Still a good read.

    28. Lovely read for a summer day I like an occasional book about go getter women seeking to fulfill their dreams This is kind of an historical fiction, set after WW2, 2 sisters embark on making lives for themselves Nicely written story, great setting and characters I received a Kindle copy from Edelweiss in exchange for a fair review.

    29. If you like sewing and or vintage fashion that alone makes this a fun book to read The three women in the story are all interesting characters Thelma s sex scenes are gratuitous, particularly the opening scene Sometimes the plot twists were not believable However, it was a hard book to put down because I wanted to know what happened to the characters in the end.

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