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The Friday House By D.K. Gaston,

  • Title: The Friday House
  • Author: D.K. Gaston
  • ISBN: 9781438233635
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Without warning or explanation, prominent Americans are carrying out horrendous crimes All the killers have one thing in common The Friday House Orphanage What secret does this institution hold and can anyone find out the truth in time to stop attacks
    The Friday House Without warning or explanation prominent Americans are carrying out horrendous crimes All the killers have one thing in common The Friday House Orphanage What secret does this institution hold and ca

    One thought on “The Friday House”

    1. I am kind of torn on this book I stayed up till 2 AM finishing it, which isn t something I do for many books It is also a book I think I will keep thinking about, which says a lot about the cleverness of the overall concept The plot was very intriguing Patriotic Americans somehow find themselves committing acts of terror An FBI agent is brought in to investigate, while her old friend, a CIA agent, is brought in to keep the FBI from Finding out too much Then there is a detective, and an ex crimin [...]

    2. Wow.is was a page turnercially the last 25% of the book I loved the subtle comparisons made towards our current sitting President Although, I will say that the current President of the US handles his business, never seems to get flustered and stays cool, calm, collected and in control of everything thrown his way Anyway, I digress.is book is filled with conspiracy theories, and real life dilemmas that the US faces everyday My only issue is having a terrorist group that demands the resignation of [...]

    3. D K Gaston writes an amazing thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat I love the way Jamaica changes as she develops her skills She had a long road ahead and could only take things one at a time I love strong characters and they were abundant in this story This book stood out to me for that very reason Reviewer Coffee Time Romance

    4. The first novel by D.K Gaston I had the pleasure to read and my favourite An excellent story and definitely recommended

    5. The Friday House was a fast paced novel with a political undertone that I was skeptical about enjoying However, my skepticism was quickly dismissed when I began reading From the first page I was immediately engrossed in the story Something strange is going on in different states all over the world People who seem perfectly normal and sane are suddenly turning into cold blooded murderers and committing acts of terrorism An FBI agent takes dynamite on a train and blows it up In another instance, a [...]

    6. It is obvious that D.K Gaston is a gifted suspense writer who could one day find himself in the company of John Grisham and James Patterson The Friday House is a thriller about a Michigan orphanage that is part of a CIA plot to turn children into little mercenaries The villain was easily detected from the beginning but it did not take away from the story There were a lot of characters to keep up with perhaps an attempt to keep the reader wondering who was behind the terrorist acts streaking the [...]

    7. The book had an interesting plot line with fairly predictable characters I would have enjoyed twists in the plot to keep me guessing who was involved Further character development of the two heroes of the book would have been welcome, but they were still likeable, sympathetic characters The idea of activating human hunters killers to commit domestic terrorism is a chilling concept by D.K Gaston that kept me turning the pages to discover the resolution.I also had a difficult time looking past th [...]

    8. I will be the first to admit government coverups, experiments, politically enhanced stories bore me silly The Friday House was a distinct exemption from that declaration This novel was exquistely written, the attention to detail painstaking and accurate It flowed and not only held my attention, but ingrained memorable characters, shifts, and details into my memory DK Gaston did a phenomenal job with this book and I m encouraging all my friends to read it The ending was anything but cliche, my mo [...]

    9. Out of the blue, successful people who have everything to live for have started committing horrific acts of terrorism ending in their own deaths Special Agent Jamaica Kurtz has been assigned to get to the bottom of this, but friend and foe are out to stop her.I don t give away spoilers, so let s leave it at I love a good suspense and this really hit the spot DK Gaston kept me wanting to know what would happen next My only criticism is there were too many characters For a while, I felt lost in a [...]

    10. If you are looking for a book that keeps you on your toes with characters that are distinctive and complex, this is it Don t look for cookie cutter plot lines here The Friday House makes you think and I LOVE that Now I m just hoping and praying for the sequel.

    11. Simply put, I loved it The story had me going from beginning to end Love the suspense and mystery This my kind of book I m hoping the author does a sequel I love to see from the Jamaica, the First Lady and the President I truly enjoyed it.

    12. Complex and disturbing, children being used as weapons in this thriller that takes many twists and turns.

    13. It was a good book As another reader stated there were some editing issues The plot is excellent and the characters are very good It definitely makes you think about government conspiracies and cover ups It will also make you think about POTUS and who is really running the country The Characters are well described although a bit long and redundant as he almost lost me because he was a little wordy The ending leaves you wanting as there are too many characters and options left open I will not ex [...]

    14. The Friday House is an exciting story that will keep you turning the pages D.K Gaston does a wonderful job of developing a plot which is exciting and thrilling Other authors have written stories about government conspiracies, but this one is a step above the rest Enough background is provided for the main characters that readers can understand their motivations for actions they take The fact there are times when it s difficult to know who is the good guy and who is the criminal adds to the excit [...]

    15. Very interestingI have to say th book definitely kept me reading Mr Gaston has yet to let me down Excellent author

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