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Wicked Weaves By Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene,

  • Title: Wicked Weaves
  • Author: Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene
  • ISBN: 9780425223307
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • First in the Renaissance Faire mystery series featuring craft apprentice and sleuth Jessie Morton INCLUDES RENAISSANCE RECIPES AND FUN FACTS Assistant professor Jessie Morton spends her summers at the Renaissance Village honing her skills and finding the lady, lord, or serf whodunnit This summer Jessie is the apprentice to Mary Shift, a basket maker with a dark past as wFirst in the Renaissance Faire mystery series featuring craft apprentice and sleuth Jessie Morton INCLUDES RENAISSANCE RECIPES AND FUN FACTS Assistant professor Jessie Morton spends her summers at the Renaissance Village honing her skills and finding the lady, lord, or serf whodunnit This summer Jessie is the apprentice to Mary Shift, a basket maker with a dark past as well as incredible weaving skills One day a man is bid a deadly fare thee well with Mary s signature weave around his neck It s up to Jessie to spring Mary from the stocks of the Myrtle Beach police station Yet innocence is hard to prove in a place where there s a fine line between reality and good theater and history is bound to repeat itself.
    Wicked Weaves First in the Renaissance Faire mystery series featuring craft apprentice and sleuth Jessie Morton INCLUDES RENAISSANCE RECIPES AND FUN FACTS Assistant professor Jessie Morton spends her summers at the

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    1. My first reaction to this was that it s completely unlike any Renaissance Faire I ve been to or heard of For one thing, free lodging for performers Hah I have loved Faire for over twenty years This utterly failed to in any way capture the feeling and meaning of Faire The characters here are a bunch of freaks, some a little megalomaniac, running around in funny clothes When the character Chase my parents were into banking Manhattan wandered onto the scene, I groaned Oh please No I tried to apply [...]

    2. I love a good cozy mystery, but this one just didn t do it for me For one thing, I have to actually like the main character, and Jessie was too self centered for my tastes A cozy mystery amateur has to stick her nose in where it doesn t belong I get that But Jessie s attitude of I m doing this for their own good, why don t they appreciate me got on my last nerve.

    3. I really like these cute quick read mystery books, and this book had potential, but fell a little short of keeping my attention in a steady manner Told in the first person, much like Nancy Atherton s Aunt Dimity Books and this one comes with a recipe in the back as well , it was a little confusing in areas, and choppy There were places where the character s conversations really made no sense One example of this is that the main character, a woman named Jessie, has a twin brother who constantly b [...]

    4. This is written so amateurishly The characters have no depth The whole thing is just shallow There are unrealistic scenarios, typos and there are so many inconsistencies in the characters personalities and other facts that I can t even try to get into this drivel It s like these two people got together and said, Let s see if we can make money out of a story by putting the least amount of effort into it And the characters delusional reaction to murder It s like all of the people in the Village re [...]

    5. A year round, permament Renaissance Faire that is like a real village, what could be a better basis for a new Cozy Mystery series.It sounds good, but it just never made it for me You have the VIllage itself, which I never really understood or could get into, the whole idea of people making a living in the village and acting all the time, just didn t get it for me, it just never felt real, it felt contrived.Jessie is the lead character and I just couldn t believe in her, she seemed scatterbraine [...]

    6. I saw that this was a renaissance faire mystery, and I love to read those They had some fun behind the scenes stuff so I think they have been to rennie faires, but they didn t do it totally realistic in the book It was a permanent village rather than a temporary ren faire That would be a really cool place But as far as I know, there isn t anything like that anywhere so I m not sure why they just didn t make it a regular renaissance festival They mystery part was interesting even though they did [...]

    7. This one is not up to their usual work There is some bad editing and confusing statements However the plot is good and descriptions of a Renaissance Faire are good This one is a commercial park and employees can work year aground There a specific rules to run the faire A bailiff is the police Jessie Morton spends her summers there as an apprentice too one of crafters This summer she is learning basketweave The estranged husband of the crafter, Mary is murdered and Jessie sets out to clear Mary s [...]

    8. Abandoned it about halfway through when I realized I d already mentally written it off and didn t care enough to finish it I didn t connect with any of the characters and Jessie didn t seem to do anything except wander around asking naive annoying questions.

    9. I was really excited for this one because it had a lot of potential, but it didn t live up to my expectations at all Some of the dialogue was downright confusing, it was peppered with factual errors and typos, and the plot was pretty transparent I didn t really connect with the main character, Jessie For an educated woman she makes a lot of stupid mistakes and as a detective she s abysmal She basically wanders around asking annoying questions, p ing people off, and declaring the case is solved p [...]

    10. The topic of this cozy mystery was my draw it was a departure of the norm for me Turns out it was a nice journey to take Summer leads Jessie to the Renaissance Faire village each year Here she takes in the man of the year, or so it seems This year however she may have found than just a season romance and she lso finds herself in the middle of a murder As well as changing men, the place she works in the village changes each season and this year its the basket weave shop As she learns the magic o [...]

    11. Ugh, where to begin The Chase Jessie relationship is clunky and confusing There are so many characters that I can t keep straight i.e an Abraham and a Ham among many others I don t like any of the characters so far and I don t like the setting, which surprises me since I like Renaissance Festivals In a rare moment of life is too short, since I am a compulsive book finisher , I m ditching this one I m 30% into the book and I could care less about who killed whatever the name of the dead guy is.

    12. Learned a bit about the Renaissance Faire worldwas repetitive at times, so could be tightened up Jessie, a PhD student during the academic year and a Renaissance Faire worker during the summer, combines amateur sleuthing with a new boyfriend to help to solve a murder.

    13. This book features an unusual venue a year round Renaissance fair and a very quirky cast of characters but the story works better than I expected.

    14. Jessie was far too immature for my taste She behaved like a grade school child instead of a college age woman Stopped after chapter four.

    15. First Line We believe he is dead, faithful squire, Queen Olivia pronounced in grand, dramatic fashion.Assistant professor Jessie Morton spends every summer at the Renaissance Faire Village in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, learning centuries old crafts and working towards her Ph.D This summer she s working with master basket weaver, Mary Shift, a woman whose secrets are as well hidden as her talent is amazing When Mary s estranged husband is found in the village, murdered in broad daylight, suspi [...]

    16. This was a kinda fun cozy It was a bit shorter than most other cozy mysteries that I ve read, but that s okay The characters generally worked, even if they were sometimes kinda weird Jessie, the protagonist, works at the Renaissance Village every summer, and is apprenticing under different craftspeople so she can write about them for her PhD In this book, she s working with Mary, a basket weaver, who s accused of murder Jessie was generally a good character, although her emotions and thoughts we [...]

    17. Wicked weaves is the first in a new series by Joyce Jim Lavene Danny was reading it and when he finished it he gave it to me and said I m not sure if you will like it its a bit weird And he was right It s not the best book I read in the genre but I did finish it.Well, the blurp on the back sounds intriguing right I ve been a re enactor myself, only I was acting in the Viking period I stayed in open air museums after hours and indeed the 21st century gadgets appeared as soon as the last visitor p [...]

    18. The first 100 pages took me almost a week to read while the final 70 took me but a small part of a Saturday afternoon I blame the first person narration for many of the books shortcomings I actually found myself using a piece of scrap paper to highlight the book s cons as I read for fear that I wouldn t be able to keep them all in my head The pros were much easier to remember and kept the book from going unfinished The rating is actually a 2.5.Cons 1 Unlikeable lead arrogant, self absorbed, whin [...]

    19. We believe he is dead, faithful squire, Queen Olivia pronounced in grand, dramatic fashion.WICKED WEAVES is the first book in the Renaissance Faire Mystery series by Joyce and Jim Lavene The Faire is a year round attraction in Myrtle Beach, SC History professor, Jessie, has worked at the faire every summer since college This summer she is working with Mary Shift, a Gullah basket maker A stranger is found dead in the village with basket weave around his neck Mary becomes the prime suspect and Jes [...]

    20. Ug Seriously This was just awful We have a local RennFest here and we go every year It s a permanent set up like the one in the book We like it a lot, but we re not SUPER into it But still, I d consider myself pretty familiar with it This just didn t ring true People actually living in the village For free I m not sure if this was a mis read or a miscommunication, but I got the feeling that the village was set up and OPEN all year long, the main character was just there over the summer Um, huh T [...]

    21. Jessie is a history professor working on her PHD dissertion by apprentising at a Renaissance Faire in Myrtle Beach every summer This year she is learning to weave sweetgrass baskets with Gullah basketweaver Mary, who is suspected of strangling her ex husband with a bit of her weaving This is a cute, cozy mystery read, peopled with lots of eccentric characters, all dressed in period costume and speaking in old English during working hours Perfect for summer reading at the beach The mystery soluti [...]

    22. A nice mystery set in a Renaissance Faire Village that runs year round Jessie is a college professor who spends every summer at the village learning some craft She is very nosy and totally unconvinced she could find anyone here to love Anyone who works here a lot has no ambition in the real world She has known Chase, who is the bailiff, for some time He has worked here for years At least, she thinks she knows him and is afraid he may be like her twin brother Tony, who works there because he can [...]

    23. The premise of a murder mystery at a Renaissance Faire is why I decided to give this book a try Wicked Weaves was part romance and part mystery, which I was not expecting I did enjoy idea of a permanent Renaissance Faire, though they kept mixing in characters and things that I ve never seen at any Faire I ve attended Little Bo Peep complete with her sheep for example I did not like the writing style in the first person as I found Jessie mostly annoying with her internal commentary about all the [...]

    24. This is the first book in the Renaissance Faire mystery series The main character in this book is Jessie Morton She is a professor who is earning her doctorate Every summer she works at the Renaissance Faire and apprentices to different people to learn everything she can about the period and the crafts This year she is working with Mary Shift, a master basket weaver When Mary s ex husband turns up dead outside her shop, she is the prime suspect The fact that nobody knew she had ever been married [...]

    25. Jessie works at the local Renaissance Faire every summer and spends her winters teaching college classes while working on her PHD The faire is research for her thesis, fun and income She is learning basket weaving from Mary and when a body appears, strangled to death with Mary s distinct weave, she is sucked into a murder investigation to save her friend The blend of reality and theater that the Renaissance Faire presents makes this an entertaining and fun read The murder is well plotted and twi [...]

    26. I thought this would be cute, since it is about Ren Faires Well, the Faire elements are kind of cute The idea is that there is a permanent Faire, sort of like a theme park, near Myrtle Beach I like imagining the place and love the names of the various shops, and the weirdnesses of all the people who are there I think this is a great development of the summer faires most of us are used to On the other hand, the main character, jessie, is just too unbelievable She is supposed to be working on a Ph [...]

    27. This is one of those books where the concept is very interesting, but I felt that it sort of failed when it came to execution and getting the facts setting right The setting is a Ren Faire a permanent one While there may be permanent Renaissance Faires in existence, all the ones I know of at least in the United States where this book is set are temporary things They are open for a period of weeks or months, often in the late summer and through the autumn months Given the descriptions, the Renais [...]

    28. The best part of Wicked Weaves the first book in the Renaissance Faire cozy mystery series was the setting I do love a good Renaissance Faire and this one was very entertaining I didn t much care for Jessie Morton, who is an assistant professor at a local college She spends her summer working at the Renaissance faire She s working on her PhD and is writing about apprenticing with the craftsmen at the Faire This summer she is working with Mary Shift a master basket weaver Information about the ba [...]

    29. It was a cute mystery set in a unique setting ren fair The setting has meaning if you ve been to a ren fair it made the story enjoyable for me I hadn t figured out who the murderer was before the end of the story I had wondered at one point if the character was the one who had done it but then decided it wasn t that one because the protagonist kept running around saying I think he did it No no I think that one did it The plot was cute The main downside to the book was the protagonist she got a [...]

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