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Eternal Frontier By Anthony J. Melchiorri,

  • Title: Eternal Frontier
  • Author: Anthony J. Melchiorri
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Humanity has avoided interstellar war for centuries.It was a time of peace, prosperity, and exploration But when an unexpected attack cripples a scientific vessel, the SRES Argo, it appears that time has come to an end.Chief Medical Officer Tag Brewer is the ship s only survivor He is alone in the far reaches of space To survive he must restore and protect the downed veHumanity has avoided interstellar war for centuries.It was a time of peace, prosperity, and exploration But when an unexpected attack cripples a scientific vessel, the SRES Argo, it appears that time has come to an end.Chief Medical Officer Tag Brewer is the ship s only survivor He is alone in the far reaches of space To survive he must restore and protect the downed vessel from its unknown attackers on a planet as deadly as it is mysterious He vows to do everything in his power to seek justice for his fallen crew.When Tag uncovers a sinister secret about those who attacked the Argo, he realizes far is at stake than just his survival Something powerful, technologically advanced, and ruthless has emerged from the darkest voids of the galaxy It s up to Tag to survive long enough to warn humanity and stop the dawn of a new war.
    Eternal Frontier Humanity has avoided interstellar war for centuries It was a time of peace prosperity and exploration But when an unexpected attack cripples a scientific vessel the SRES Argo it appears that time

    One thought on “Eternal Frontier”

    1. I started off enjoying this book and I really liked the description of the other world However, I was not a huge fan of the main character I found him whiny and judgmental I actually really liked all of the side characters and wish I got to know them better I also got a bit bored of the major battle scenes basically three major battles or escape scenarios each took up about 30% of the book and covered a total time of 30 minutes in their time The rest of the week or so took up less than 10% of th [...]

    2. What a great story Well worth 5 stars as it is so exciting that I couldn t put it down Tag is a great lead in this space adventure and gains an eclectic crew who we get to know well as the story develops The action is intense and practically non stop, with vivid scenes that make you feel like you are there with them.I can t wait to see where their next mission takes them.

    3. Interesting beginningWell reading this book was very interesting, we see the CMO of the SRE ship Argo becoming the only member of the crew left alive His ship is attacked with out warning by an new alien force Tag Brewer, must first take back control of his ship.

    4. DNFA disappointing, cliched, novel or collection of tropes, with an unpleasant and unbelievable hero and and an author with a cliffhanger obsessed breathless writing style not helped by editing errors.

    5. This book was recommended to me by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, and I have to say that this was a very well placed recommendation and one that I am glad I took heed of Right from the start, not ten minutes into the narration, the action began and drew me in I was quickly introduced to Tag as his world was turned upside down in what proved to be a very well thought out space alien sci fi book I was really drawn into the bio engineering and AI aspects of this series As I was once an aspiring programme [...]

    6. Eternal Frontier was ok The patchwork crew that was assembled by the end was enjoyable, and the technology setting was interesting, but there were a few things that kept me from loving this book.First and foremost is the pacing This whole book was one action scene following another I enjoyed the few reprieves we got, but for the most part it felt we went from Everything is on fire to Fire s out, thank goodness Omg another fire Rinse and repeat There didn t feel like there was a good ebb and flow [...]

    7. I liked this book well enough, but it seemed like the author was either a non native english speaker, or this book was translated from another language I mean, vessels every time the author wanted to say veins Really There were other minor glitches in wordage, but overall, it didn t detract too much from the enjoyment of the book If there are in this series, I d certainly not mind reading them, this one definitely was done well enough to make reading the others worthwhile Other than those minor [...]

    8. A stretch in the battles.The plot would have been believable if it weren t like star wars where the heroes never got shot Hard to believe that they could have gone through everything they did and still come out relatively unscathed Other than that I enjoyed the book and deducted a star only for the stretch of the battle casualties, heroes vs enemies Like the original Star Trek, where the untouchable main crew could wear blue uniforms and the ones who could die wore red, here only their allies c [...]

    9. I loved this book and am so glad I didn t give up on it partway through I almost did The Forest of Light parts with the Forinths and alien creatures were giving me an Avatar vibe and I almost bailed but I persisted and ended up really loving this book which is full of engaging and diverse characters, suspenseful storylines, perilous situations and thought provoking concepts.Also, the bromance forming between Tag and Coren of the M jar Emtoradajo a.k.a the Mechanics is beyond awesome Reading book [...]

    10. Great beginning Loved this book It s definitely a set up to a larger story, but it doesn t cliffhang, however it does leave you wanting There s a huge mystery that develops with questions than answers and screams of some evil plans that need to be stopped.The characters were all pretty well set up in a way that makes them complex, imperfect characters I love the fact that this author never fails to present strong females and imperfect heroes II listened to the audio book and the narrator is ve [...]

    11. Wishful thinking A medical officer, Tag, outa only be concerned with medical stuff but life has habit of curving in da space lanes occasionally As luck would have it, it s been several occasional outa da box experiences now The nano crisis is kinda spread over a few shoulders he has charge of His current erstwhile crew comprising of a rescued anthropologist, a lone individual of the same compromised race by the nanites, plus his creation, AI in training His mission, to find the evildoers enslavi [...]

    12. A don t think too much about it space action story Light on the realism, big on fun explosions and general fun Perfect if work is stressful and you want to unwind or you want some easy holiday reading.

    13. Good Story Good Story, good plot, likable characters Looking forward to book 2 and the many adventures of captain Brewer and his crew.

    14. Better than average military science fictionGood characters, simple world building, superior plot, over the top action A reasonable companion to Harrington or Leary Well done.

    15. Great Story to readFound the book slow to start But with every page the pace picked up.Great story, an well conceivably recommended

    16. As a relatively new sci fi reader i enjoyed this book I liked the expansive way he described moment to moment action Also him being well versed in human antomy gives the book real depth, for some of the scenes The fact that there are a few inconsistensies in space battle is easy to ignore.I find the dialog of the spunkie anthropologist very annoying in the long run It is like she lacks any perseption of real danger I realize it is a way of unfolding her personality But she comes off as rather on [...]

    17. 1 2Pretty standard military sci fi It grabs you from the git go and never stops, never lets up The focus is on action, less on character development It definitely keeps you reading, though.

    18. Decent SciFi Storyline, Mediocre Writing Eternal Frontier, has an interesting and decent SciFi storyline, that is marginalized by mediocre writing.A Solar Republic of Earth SRE military science vessel, the Argo, in the far future, is in deep space, exploring the last known route of two 2 lost ships One, was a colony ship from three 3 centuries prior, and the other a recently dispatched SRE science ship Upon exit from hyperspace, the Argo, is ambushed by an unknown enemy, severely damaged, with a [...]

    19. Great new seriesI really enjoyed this first installment to this new series,I can t wait for the next But could you please stop having your main character say threes hells Over and over and over and over

    20. From the little I ve read of SciFi stories, this is not your normal story line To me this is a cross of First Contact, Space Opera, and Military Science Fiction genres.Lieutenant Commander Tag Brewer, Chief Medical Officer on SRES Argo took a moment to enjoy the view of the new solar system the space ship was entering That s when a series of events began to change Tag s life I really enjoyed reading this book To me, some of the imagery was close to poetic Warning There is violence and some adult [...]

    21. This promises to be a really awesome series It s futuristic, but not so far off in the future as to be completely unbelievable And of course, it has just a touch of scientific nerdiness to make you really think The ragtag crew that comes together over the course of the story reminded me a little of Guardians of the Galaxy in the best of ways, of course I can t wait to see what adventures they ll be having next.I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    22. A scientific vessel from Earth is attacked by an unknown force and the only survivor is the medical officer One of their missions is to pickup a science officer left on a planet to study the inhabitants and the medical officer manages to crash land his ship and make contact with his pick up and also another group of aliens who are trapped there Escape, space battles, suspicions, startling discoveries and an ending that promises future books Good old Space Opera.

    23. Another amazing read I haven t read SciFi this good in over 20 twenty years I used to love reading the greats but Mr Melchiorri blows it out of the universe and thought his DNA tampering series was remarkable I m hooked and can t wait for the next one to come out, HURRY

    24. Another fantastic series debut Anthony J Melchiorri has written another fantastic series debut and I like it Will have to wait for book 2 and it will go onto my winter s reading list Hopefully before Christmas as the series would make a great gift.

    25. Liked the premiseEasy read and very well thought out I hop the next book is as good or better To the author thanks for your efforts.

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