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Deadly Wedding By Kate Parker,

  • Title: Deadly Wedding
  • Author: Kate Parker
  • ISBN: 9780996483148
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Why murder a dying man Olivia Denis is hesitant to help an old family friend get ready for her wedding outside London The so called friend is a master at using people As a young widow trying to find her way through a new romantic relationship, Olivia would rather avoid the large party She definitely didn t plan to find the bride s grandfather stabbed to death The crueWhy murder a dying man Olivia Denis is hesitant to help an old family friend get ready for her wedding outside London The so called friend is a master at using people As a young widow trying to find her way through a new romantic relationship, Olivia would rather avoid the large party She definitely didn t plan to find the bride s grandfather stabbed to death The cruel, enormously rich aristocrat had changed his will only the day before, angering all his children As Olivia is forced to investigate the murder, she s called away by her employer, the owner of an influential London daily newspaper She must carry out another secret assignment, one that will take her to Vienna, now part of Nazi Germany With war on the horizon and attacks on the old man s family increasing, can Olivia find a way to save lives in two countries
    Deadly Wedding Why murder a dying man Olivia Denis is hesitant to help an old family friend get ready for her wedding outside London The so called friend is a master at using people As a young widow trying to find h

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    1. Dollycas s ThoughtsThis is another fabulous story from Kate Parker.Olivia Denis is back and getting ready for a wedding of an old family friend The problem is this friend is treating her like a servant than a life long friend and Olivia just goes along with it to keep the peace just to get through a wedding that had already been postponed than once When the bride goes to her grandfather s room before the service Olivia is dragged along What they find is the man dead with a knife in his chest a [...]

    2. 3.5 starsNot a sopho slump, but not quite a great leap forward, either just of the same.This time Livvy and her father are wrangled into investigating the murder of the Earl of Millhaven He s a very distant relative and a nasty piece of work Suspects abound Alas, 90% of them are family Lots of twists and turns in that plot, with a kicker of an ending.On the romance front Livvy and her beau Adam spend time apart than together He s off doing his super secret stuff, she s making another perilous [...]

    3. I think that I enjoyed this story than the first book in this series I found that Olivia has grown and turned into a person that I would like to know.Strangely, my interest was in the secret assignment Olivia took on and the historical time that the author portrayed than the mystery of who killed the Earl although the mystery was also well done I really think that Kate Parker did exceptionally well describing the late 1930 s and I really found myself immersed in history, so much so that I cann [...]

    4. Olivia is a young widow in London just before WWII She is called upon to solve the murder an elderly distant relative This is second book in this series They are pretty good, although I am getting tired of WWII books.

    5. DEADLY WEDDING By Kate ParkerThe Second Deadly MysteryOlivia Denis is called upon to help her distant cousin Celia prepare for her wedding Although act like a servant than help an old friend and relative is a accurate description The residents of Millhaven House are the epitome of a dysfunctional family, but who would kill the ancient patriarch when he was already dying And kill him the morning of the wedding Although Olivia is a strong woman she always gives in to Celia s demands, from packin [...]

    6. I found the relationships in this book intriguing Those between Olivia and the bride to be, a master manipulater, and those between Olivia s father and his generation of the bride s family, all distant cousins.Olivia would rather not even attend the wedding, let alone allow herself to be ordered around by Celia Of course her job as a society reporter puts her at odds with some of the family because she is a working girl and with others because they expect an excellent write up,of the wedding.The [...]

    7. If you like the Maggie Hope series, you will enjoy this murder mystery Olivia is a society columnist for a London newspaper in the late 1930s Her whole life she has spent vacations and holidays with her third cousins at Millhaven Manor the house is home to three generations the earl, his four children and their children, nearly all of whom are now adults The weekend her cousin Celia is getting married, the old earl changes his will and is promptly murdered Celia and her mother decide the wedding [...]

    8. Lovely page turner I enjoyed this one very much Livvy has really come into her own and isn t the demure little wife who suddenly becomes a widow at 25 and needs to have so much help to maneuver about in a man s world, in this book while she still has her trusty heroes who pull her fat out of the fire even some unconventional heroes Livvy manages to make her own way in some dangerous territory Something you wouldn t have really seen the girl in the first book do Nice character growth She s far fr [...]

    9. A stronger entry than the previous one in this series Olivia Denis is pressured to attend festivities connected with the wedding of a friend Unfortunately the woman s grandfather is killed just prior to the wedding, and Olivia is drawn into an investigation She also is asked by her editor to go to Vienna on a secret mission, even though it is now under the control of the Nazis Pretty well done.

    10. I loved it and hated it Beautiful, sad and fabulous Beautifully written characters, plot and setting The lives were so real and at times sad, yet the love and hope keeps it from being maudlin I had to get the audio because I d gotten halfway through the book and was overwhelmed with several projects I loved the audiobook Henrietta Meire brings Olivia and the horrors of pre WWII to life I m so excited for this series.

    11. The earl is actually stabbed before the wedding, but nobody tells the police because they are afraid the groom will get away if the nuptials are delayed Because that is the sort of family they are It is somewhat of a relief for the reader when Olivia Denis gets away briefly for a dangerous mission to Vienna since the murder mystery plot is a bit worn.

    12. great mysterythe international intrigue seems unnecessary but it s fun perhaps WWII will be significant in books to come i hope she doesn t kill off adam.

    13. DEADLY WEDDING BY KATE PARKER This is the first book I ve read of the authors and I am than happy with it The setting a wedding, or is it The beginning of the book starts out to be a cozy mystery and morphs into something pretty special in my opinion Olivia, thinking she s going to a wedding of a childhood friends, gets mixed up in a murder Then, when you think Olivia s on the right track death and near death In the middle the story takes a bit of a twist because of a request from her boss at [...]

    14. Kate Parker s Deadly Wedding continues the adventures of Olivia Denis, begun in Deadly Scandal Set in London in the late 1930s, the series combines mystery with a touch of cloak and dagger adventure When Olivia agrees to help out with the wedding of a distant cousin, she doesn t expect to find herself investigating another murder And two attempts and a murder As Olivia probes the family s secrets, she has and reason to be glad that these people, with whom she spent much of her childhood, are o [...]

    15. FTC Disclosure I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.My thoughts It s plain and simple I really enjoyed this book It has many things I love in a book mystery, a wonderful heroine, and a historical setting.Kate Parker has a certain tone to her writing that pulls me in from the first few words I can t find the right words to do it justice I just know that as soon as I start reading I m in another world.She has created a tightly woven mystery with lots of complex twists and turns I [...]

    16. Three and a half stars This is the second in the series Olivia, society page writer and widow, returns to solve the murder of a distant relative at her cousin s wedding As with the first book, I felt it was a bit uneven, but overall I enjoyed the book I like the time period pre WWII and Olivia In this outing, Olivia is involved with unraveling a series of attacks and murders aided by her father, a somewhat unlikely sidekick I liked that the characters seem to be evolving, especially Olivia s fat [...]

    17. This is the second book in a series but it can be read as a stand alone book as I did not read the first one and I was not a bit lost I have not read any other books by this author and I did enjoy reading this The author did a good job in capturing the time and place in which the story takes place Her characters were well developed and likeable In this book we have two stories to follow the murder of the bride s grandfather who so many people are angry with and then the secret assignment Oliva i [...]

    18. The series is growing on me It s set in pre WWII London, one of my favorite places and time periods The first had an interesting plot, although the author seemed to have some trouble deciding whether to be humorous or serious so the tone was uneven This one is better, with our heroine Olivia Denis helping an old friend and distant cousin with her wedding There are two deaths, including the friend s grandfather the earl on the morning of her wedding this detail is on the plot description on the b [...]

    19. Really enjoy this series It has a darker touch to it than the Victorian Bookshop one by the same author Our favorite widow is still working at the paper as a society reporter and a sometimes courier helping Jews evading Nazi for her old school friend s father She is also helping out with her sort of cousin s wedding When the old earl is murdered just before the wedding, she is tasked to help keep family secrets secret and that no family member unfairly gets the blame This time her dad is relucta [...]

    20. Super second entry in the series Murder, mayham and lots of suspects had me stumped right along with Olivia And her jaunt to Vienna had me holding my breath I even learned a few things about the plight of the Austrian Jews just prior to WWII In short, I really liked this book and am anxiously anticipating the next one I just hope there s Adam Redmond in it as I am looking forward to seeing how Olivia s relationship with him develops Recommended.

    21. Book two of what I hope will be a series.The first book was a barn burner with the heroine having to withstand the story that her young husband had committed suicide Long before the end, she s been to Nazi Berlin and has found a spy in the foreign office When this book begins, she is faced with another murder, this one in the family she has grown up with, a noble British family This book is as exciting as the first If you like British mystery, you re in for a treat.

    22. This mystery was cozy set primarily in drawing rooms and hotels and with fewer shoot outs in the street and convoluted than its predecessor And was deeply enjoyable for those upgrades The murder again happens close to Olivia s home, striking at her extended family, and Livvy is tasked with making sure the police don t hang the wrong family member for the crimes She remains an appealing character and the mystery is extremely well constructed.

    23. Another WinnerThis is the second book in this series and again both the crime and a picture of Europe just before WWII are vividly portrayed You care about the people and realize that people are such a mixture of good and bad I can t wait for the next book.

    24. A good story, but I m finding the protag a bit wishy washy in her attitude towards being taken advantage of Yes, I know the time frame, but I expect my heroes to be than the average person.

    25. Really good even though I figured it out early on Nice sense of justice for most of the wicked folks who deserved it Enjoy Kate Parker a lot This heroine has chutzpah.

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