[MOBI] ↠ Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite: The Rise and Fall of the Ceausescus | BY ✓ Edward Samuel Behr

Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite: The Rise and Fall of the Ceausescus By Edward Samuel Behr,

  • Title: Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite: The Rise and Fall of the Ceausescus
  • Author: Edward Samuel Behr
  • ISBN: 9780679401285
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite The Rise and Fall of the Ceausescus None

    One thought on “Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite: The Rise and Fall of the Ceausescus”

    1. The author never lets an opportunity pass to insert their own bias and opinion As much author ranting as history.

    2. Overall, I enjoyed the book It was fascinating to read about the evolution of Nicolae Ceausescu and the ways the learned from the actions of others and consolidated power Behr did a very nice job of setting the stage for the context in which the Communist party came to power It is quite amazing to read about how Ceausescu was always in envy of others and grew and paranoid delusional through the years In terms of negatives, it was hard to gauge the legitimacy of Behr s sources, and it often see [...]

    3. For 24 years Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu ruled over Romania with an iron fist, creating easily the most despotic regime of the Eastern Bloc nations, tormenting the population until they could finally take no , resulting in revolution and their execution in miserable surroundings by firing squad Behr s chilling book paints a portrait not just of a monstrous couple but a culture of grotesque personality cults, all pervasive security services and published in 1991 a country slowly emerging out of a [...]

    4. This book by a journalist is a straightforward report of the rise and 1989 fall the Ceausescus Provides real insight into how un monolithic Eastern Europe was during the Cold War as well as insights into the failure of US intelligence to read Ceausescu and his intentions The book is a bit dated as it was written in 1991 and thus does not have the ability to deal with the post Ceausescu Romania Nonetheless, worth reading and a good supplement to material found in Robert Kaplan s books.

    5. I really enjoyed this book, and the way that Behr able to paint a portrait of some truly dastardly people My only criticism would be that I wish there was an index of names so that I could refer back to it during reading There were tons people that came into play during Ceausescu s rise, and I found it hard to keep up with.

    6. This book does a great job of documenting and explaining the context in which Ceausescu became head of state in Romania The author talks about the society before the first world war, the Romanian king, the second world war, the takeover of the communists, and finishes with the 1989 revolution.

    7. Fascinating Really captures the folly that was the Ceaucescu s The book brings to life the atmosphere, attitudes, and culture of pre revolution Romania and the uncertainty of the country s future in freedom.

    8. Provides the reader with details about what precisely happened with the Ceausescu family before and after their rule A must read about dictatorship in Romania.

    9. The story of the couple that became Rumanian dictators Fascinating study of the momentum of corrupting power.

    10. This Romanian dictator, like many dictators, came from near poverty to abuse his fellows and countrymen Interesting

    11. Good backgrounder on the Ceaucescu regime, cleared up a few misconceptions about the last days of the Iron Curtain

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