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Persons Unknown By Susie Steiner,

  • Title: Persons Unknown
  • Author: Susie Steiner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sequel to Susie Steiner s bestselling MISSING, PRESUMEDManon has settled back into life in Cambridgeshire with her adopted son Fly She s perfectly happy working on cold cases until a man is stabbed to death just yards from the police station, and both the victim and the prime suspect turn out to be much closer to home than she would like How well does Manon know herThe sequel to Susie Steiner s bestselling MISSING, PRESUMEDManon has settled back into life in Cambridgeshire with her adopted son Fly She s perfectly happy working on cold cases until a man is stabbed to death just yards from the police station, and both the victim and the prime suspect turn out to be much closer to home than she would like How well does Manon know her loved ones, and are they capable of murder
    Persons Unknown The sequel to Susie Steiner s bestselling MISSING PRESUMEDManon has settled back into life in Cambridgeshire with her adopted son Fly She s perfectly happy working on cold cases until a man is stabbe

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    1. Police procedural that crosses boundaries from professional to personal Having moved from London to Cambridgeshire to give her 12 year old adopted son, Fly, a fresh start, DI Manon Bradshaw finds herself in a quandary While Fly was at risk of going down the wrong path in London, he is certainly not thriving in Cambridgeshire Making matters even complicated, Manon is 5 months pregnant She and Fly live with her sister Ellie, and Ellie s two year old son, Solly When Solly s father is murdered, Fly [...]

    2. 3.75 Stars.I wanted to love Persons Unknown the sequel to Susie Steiner s Missing Presumed as I really liked the first book unfortunately for me, the mystery was somewhat lackluster and took a long time to build and the story line left me wanting Detective Superintendent Manon Bradshaw and is back in Cambridgeshire, with her adopted black, twelve year old son, Fly Dent They are now living with her sister Ellie and Ellie s son Solly, having left London Fly hates Cambridgeshire He misses his home [...]

    3. 4 starsPersons Unknown is book 2 of the DS Manon pronounced Ma No with the emphasis on the second syllable Bradshaw series Though I liked the first book, Missing Presumed, a bit better, this too was a very enjoyable read.My main complaint is the slow start I was expecting a full on police procedural whereas what I got was a tale where the emphasis is on the characters struggles This is not bad, just unexpected Further, early on, I found myself often irritated with Manon, and especially her work [...]

    4. Steiner has created a character who is very easy to relate too, she has so many contrasting characteristics to her personality, tough and yet compassionate, fearless except when it come to a certain twelve year old Fly, a young black male that she adopted in the previous book Their relationship though is a work in progress The case in this book will hit very close to Manon s home and heart A very timely case concerning racial bias and Manon will find out who her friends are, those who are willin [...]

    5. This is the second in the DS Manon Bradshaw series which has seen her and her 12 year old adopted son, Fly Dent, move to Cambridgeshire to live with Manon s estranged sister, Ellie, and her son, Solly Manon transferred from London to protect Fly, he would have stability and a better future but never actually consulted Fly about this decision A bullied and unsettled Fly is unhappy and missing his familiar London and his troublesome friends Further, he is feeling desperately insecure as the 42 yea [...]

    6. I was a huge fan of Missing, Presumed, so was thrilled to see the second in the series was being published Steiner did a fabulous job in the first book of painting both her characters and the scenes with explicit brush strokes And she does it here again It is almost impossible to stay fixed in not knowing Instead, she ricochets Like before, I was highlighting descriptions left and right And she doesn t just provide these wonderful details with Manon Davy, as well There s been no one since Chloet [...]

    7. I gave Susie Steiner s first DS Manon mystery Missing Presumed an enthusiastic 4 stars and I feel exactly the same about Persons Unknown Steiner hits all the right chords for me Manon has moved from London to Cambridgeshire with her adopted son Fly to live with her sister and her son Manon is also pregnant and supposed to be working on cold cases to keep her work life a bit quiet No such luck The murder of her sister s ex quickly has Manon heavily engaged in an investigation from which she is s [...]

    8. Witty sarcastic Manon is back in this second book of Susie Steiner s Manon Bradshaw series In this book Manon is very pregnant so Davy handles the investigation while Manon is relegated to desk duty.I find it hysterical that Steiner just loves to give her main character, Manon Bradshaw icky physical ailments In her first book, Missing, Presumed, Manon had an eye infection that became so bad that it actually repulsed me While most people are fairly vein about their appearance, Manon ignored the p [...]

    9. PERSONS UNKNOWN DS Manon, 2 by Susie Steiner s is her second crime police procedural novel I really enjoyed the first novel in this series, Missing, Presumed, DS Manon, 1 , as I was very impressed with the level of literary writing The novel has also elements of psychological suspense, and is very much character driven to flush out all the main characters, and allow them to come to life with all their dark humor and wit A new crime novel featuring the unforgettable Detective Manon Bradshaw a man [...]

    10. This is such a love story I can see jaws dropping Don t get me wrong, it is also a straight forward police procedural But still, such a love story The all encompassing love of family, in Manon s case her adopted son Fly, her unborn child, her sister, and her ridiculously adorable nephew There is also the love of one s job and one s co workers, corrosive self love, the unexpected romantic love But where there is love there is usually heartbreaking betrayal Co workers just doing their jobs, adopte [...]

    11. I ve been in a bit of a slump lately The last few books I ve read have been ok nothing wrong with them but not anything that made me lock myself away force abandoned family members to forage for themselves til I was done When I read the blurb on this, I was hoping for an exciting complex police procedural that would keep me guessing Sadly, it was not to be Yes, Manon Bradshaw is a cop but despite the fact it opens with a body this is much about the MC s domestic situation than hunting down bad [...]

    12. I simply love Manon She can be a jerk She can be completely unreasonable and inconsiderate She is deeply human and flawed, and is therefore immensely relatable I would definitely recommend starting with the first book in this series I don t think this book can be appreciated fully without starting from the beginning Luckily, the first book is a great read in and of itself, so you won t just be reading to understand the history of the characters The writing is incredibly descriptive and well done [...]

    13. This follow up to the compelling Missing, Presumed which introduced the most relatable female detective in the world of crime fiction, DI Manon Bradshaw, has a markedly different feel to her debut appearance Whilst she is back with a bang, this second case is portrayed from a much personal bias given that it circles dangerously close to Manon s nearest and dearest In search of the futile perfect work life balance, DI Manon Bradshaw has returned to her old stomping ground the Major Crimes Unit o [...]

    14. I think Susie Steiner is as good as Tana French I was impressed after reading her first DS Manon book this second one only confirms it If you like crime police novels especially British ones , you really should give this series a try.What I love about Steiner is how she writes than suspense novels though she s good at the suspense part too She writes about class and race and family and guilt and love, all without being heavy handed or preachy Her characters are relatable, and I stayed up too la [...]

    15. This is Susie Steiner s second book and once again we meet up with Manon but in a new situation She is now living with her sister, her nephew, and her adopted son not in London, but in Huntington, the setting of the first book but everything is quite different this time Manon is no longer in charge of her group at police headquarters and she is also pregnant But there there is a murder in which she, and those she cares about, will become involved And being on the outside of an investigation will [...]

    16. 4 stars.I previously read book 1 in this series, Missing, Presumed and liked it enough to request this book in the series from the publisher, Random House, through NetGalley I thank them for sending me this eBook The author starts the story with a murder of Jon Oliver Ross, a high profile banker deal maker Manon Bradshaw s adopted son, Fly, is found on CCTV camera recording near the scene of the murder He is arrested on circumstantial evidence Manon believes that he is innocent and sets out to p [...]

    17. A sensitive and intelligent exploration of race and motherhood against the backdrop of being a police officer Unusual and brilliantly written this is an author at the top of her game.

    18. As we return to Steiner s series, we find Manon pregnant, working cold cases, and searching for that elusive work life balance She s moved from London to Cambridge in search for a better life for her adopted nearly teenage son, Fly The two live with Manon s sister, Ellie, and her toddler son, Solly Unfortunately, Fly is not happy he feels uprooted from his home and all he has known, even if Manon has brought him to Cambridge to start over, to keep him safe She knows, too, that the new baby won t [...]

    19. I loved the first novel featuring D.I Manon Bradshaw, Missing, Presumed, and so was looking forward to reading this sequel Manon has left London and returned to Cambridgeshire with her sister, Ellie, Ellie s toddler son, Solly, and her adopted son, Fly She is also expecting a baby and so, theoretically, life should be the best it has ever been However, reality is often not as joyous as expectations and Manon finds her sister often absent, or temperamental, while Fly is not settling at school and [...]

    20. 3.5 Really enjoyable literary crime novel I havent read book 1 so went in a little blind with the characters relationships I think it would have definitely of helped However it didnt dramatically detract from the main plot Has some twists and turns, making differnt people seem guilty or not guilty, and you are constantly questioning which way you are feeling Are family trust worthy This is the question being asked throughout I did find it a little slow and it does drag a tad in some places I als [...]

    21. With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.I have been excited ever since I found out that the second DS Manon Bradshaw book was due for release I feel lucky I got the chance to read this before the official release date, and I am glad to say I was not disappointed At the end of Susie s last book Missing, Presumed Manon was living in London after adopting her son Fly After being estranged from her sister Ellie, Manon and Fly moved in with he [...]

    22. This is a hard one to rate 4 stars for pure page turning pleasure but if you stop to think about the story with any degree of critical analysis it starts to fall apart due to acute unbelievability First, the good Manon Bradshaw, now heavily pregnant, is as sharp, scathing, self deprecating and just good book company as before In fact, her character might have deepened somewhat now that she s adopted mother to the lovely Fly The plot is also a nicely complicated one, ranging from the streets of S [...]

    23. This is book 2 in the DS Manon series Although I liked the first book Missing, Presumed better, this was still an enjoyable read There was emphasis on the racial profiling of Manan s adopted son, Fly, than on the actual investigation of the crime, but this is not necessarily a bad thing Also, this book seems to put emphasis on character development I hope to see stories in this series My thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the opportunity to read and review this book.

    24. With this, the follow up to Missing Presumed, being marketed as a literary crime novel, I have to confess I m not entirely sure what that is, but if it is a multi layered story that touches on real life issues as well as having a crime at its centre, with an involved and intricate plot, then this fits the brief.DI Manon Bradshaw has moved from London back to Cambridge, in part for Fly, her adopted twelve year old son in an attempt to keep him away from being stopped and searched purely based on [...]

    25. Missing, Presumed was quite wonderful, and I d been watching for this one I wish the author had retraced just a bit of the story line, as the details had escaped me Persons Unknown was well written and had many strengths, though, and I was soon able to fill in the blanks.Clearly Susie Steiner has firsthand experience with pregnancy and toddlers Having gone to a sperm bank, returning protagonist Manon is expecting a baby, and there is much about the travails of her condition in the fifth month Th [...]

    26. Manon Bradshaw has moved her adopted son, Fly, her sister Ellie and nephew Solomon back to Cambridgeshire to try and keep Fly away from bad influences in London Then Solomon s dad is found murdered and Fly is implicated has Manon made the right decision or has she brought Fly into the heart of danger I did enjoy the first Manon Bradshaw novel so I was interested to see how the story followed on This second novel jumps straight in without really going back over old ground which, even as a previou [...]

    27. I received this book for free from Netgalley in return for my honest opinion.I really liked Missing, presumed I was really excited to read this book as well because I had liked Missing, presumed so much A young man gets stabbed He dies as he is cradled by a stranger and leaves that stranger with a woman s name on his last breath Detective Manon Bradshaw only handles cold cases but the poor young man dies only a few feet from the police department that she works at She finds out that this victim [...]

    28. RATING 3 STARS I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY Review Not on Blog Manon is back, but sadly, this book is not as good as the first novel We don t get much of Manon, and she seems a bit lacklustre in personality I don t know there was something unfinished about this book I really had high expectations for this book.

    29. Tana French has been my favorite author of literary mysteries for a very long time I have now discovered Susie Steiner and both she and Ms French share a place on my favorite list Ms Steiner writes in a way that inhabits her characters, gives them life, and resurrects them from the page She is able to develop characters while also providing psychological intrigue.Detective Manon Bradshaw is 42 years old, single and very pregnant She has moved from London to Cambridgeshire to give her 12 year old [...]

    30. I love this series and enjoyed this book just as much, maybe even , than Steiner s first, Missing, Presumed DS Manon Bradshaw is fully formed, complex and believable a dedicated detective and mother, full of doubts and foibles as well After a brief stint in a London precinct, she is back in Cambridgeshire with her adopted son Fly and living with her sister Ellie and her toddler son Solly In this outing, we get a view of the seamy underbelly of the world of high finance after a London financier i [...]

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