[EPUB] ☆ The Anne Rice Value Collection: Lasher, The Witching Hour, Taltos | by ✓ Anne Rice Lindsay Crouse Tim Curry Joe Morton

The Anne Rice Value Collection: Lasher, The Witching Hour, Taltos By Anne Rice Lindsay Crouse Tim Curry Joe Morton,

  • Title: The Anne Rice Value Collection: Lasher, The Witching Hour, Taltos
  • Author: Anne Rice Lindsay Crouse Tim Curry Joe Morton
  • ISBN: 9780739321300
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Together for the first time on CD are three powerful and alluring stories of New Orleans Dynasty of witches, The Mayfair Witches.Lasher, read by Joe MortonAt the heart of this extraordinary saga is Rowan Mayfair s attempt to escape the evil spell and vision of the darkly compelling demon, Lasher, and his pursuit of her and their terrifying and exquisite child It is a novTogether for the first time on CD are three powerful and alluring stories of New Orleans Dynasty of witches, The Mayfair Witches.Lasher, read by Joe MortonAt the heart of this extraordinary saga is Rowan Mayfair s attempt to escape the evil spell and vision of the darkly compelling demon, Lasher, and his pursuit of her and their terrifying and exquisite child It is a novel that moves around the globe, backward and forward through time, and between the human and demonic worlds.The Witching Hour, read by Lindsay CrouseThe epic of the Mayfair witches begins when Rowan Mayfair pulls the drowned body of Michael Curry from the sea and brings him back to life She is aware that she possesses special powers, but unaware that she comes from a great dynasty of withces He, in his brief interlude with death, has acquired sendsory abilities that mystify and frighten him Fiercely drawn to each other, the two fall in love and set out to solve the mystery of her past and his unwelcome gift Taltos, read by Tim CurryMeet Mr Ash, quiet spoken, tall, unfailingly kind sole survivor of an ancient species, the Taltos thriving among humankind as he has always done, head of a great corporate empire As the novel opens, he is stunned to learn from and old and mysterious friend that another Taltos has been seen At once he is propelled into the world of Rowan Mayfair, into the mysteries of the Mayfair family a family initimately involved with the heritage of the Taltos.
    The Anne Rice Value Collection Lasher The Witching Hour Taltos Together for the first time on CD are three powerful and alluring stories of New Orleans Dynasty of witches The Mayfair Witches Lasher read by Joe MortonAt the heart of this extraordinary saga is Ro

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    1. This was actually my second time through all three of these Having just picked up The Prince Lestat , I realized it has been a very loooong time since I read much of Rice s stuff and I d forgotten a number of salient points So I began backtracking That led me to Vampire Chronicles 7 Merrick Merrick was a Mayfair Not from the main branch of the family, but as we learned with Mayfairs, that is seldom reason to assume ANY Mayfair lacks gifts.I quickly realized how interconnected all of her Vampire [...]

    2. throughly enjoyed these three stories A wonderful tale of witches and demons I read the books many years ago and loved them Much details are given in the books However, it was great to revisit these stories.

    3. I should include a caveat that I only listened to the abridged audiobook set of these books not realizing that the only Audible audiobooks for the series were abridged.That caveat aside, definitely not my thing I love fantasy and mystery and magic and even the occassional lascivious or libidinous description of a romantic encounter But this book went too far, got too weird, and was too unsettling and not in a wow, I m really getting lost in this dark and mysterious world and am experiencing dist [...]

    4. I don t think anyone in good conscience can really recommend Anne Rice to someone elsee s someone you have to hunt out and read because you want to.I first read this in high school.d remember why I didn t finish Lasher the 2nd book This book is twisted I will say it makes you appreciate the normalcy of your family

    5. read all of the mayfairwitch taltos novels including when blackwood farm of the vampire chronicles tied into the mix i was in 11th grade when i first read the witching hour hooked after that book i read and still read all ann rices novels when theyre in hardcover this is one of my all time fav reads to this day.

    6. Ann Rice a great writer, you will know all the main players intimately I highly recommend this series but only if you appreciate very long books, which I do You,will,enjoy every last page Thanks, Nora Moore

    7. My 3 star rating is an average for the three books The Witching Hour is an outstanding book The next two installments each get a little sloppier Each sequel seems to get further from the origins of the first and best novel.

    8. I love Anne s descriptions of New Orleans and she pulls you into a story like no other author however I disliked the antagonist in this story and it became just too much even for Anne Rice

    9. I loved these books Rowan in the first book is such a strong character, she has stuck with me since I read these over a decade ago possibly two time to read them again to remember why

    10. I was addicted to this entire series as I am with most of Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles The Witching Hour was extensive and complex, but for me, a real page turner I ve read The Witching Hour twice I love epic sagas and the Mayfair witches were just that 13 Generations are told about in this series The first witch of the family called upon a spirit to do her bidding and the spirit served her family by making them quite wealthy The true ambition of the spirit, Lasher, is that if he can get the r [...]

    11. If I m being completely honest, this was a DNF at 2 3rds of the way through Beautiful writing, but beyond dark Disturbed and hopeless If I even tried to go on, I know I d be dragged to a place I don t need or want to go.The fact that it placed Lasher before The Witching Hour made for a confusing, non chronological experience But considering how progressively twisted the content becomes just from Witching Hour to Lasher, I don t care to find out how badly the downward spiral continues On top of t [...]


    13. I read this before all the bad Vampire Chronicles and after the good ones I needed a break from Vampires and I ve always loved witches This is definitely a family saga spooky and complex I, personally love the Mayfair family, even in the later books when it gets just downright weird but if you put it down, you will likely not remember who belongs to which generation and who was the daughter and who was the lover, and whose head it is in the jar in the attic and whose finger, and so on The creepi [...]

    14. Wonderful books, terrible versionI have read paperback copies of these books several times This particular digital edition needs some serious editing There are many little typographical errors in all three books Many times the word he is used instead of the Many words, lines, paragraphs and sometimes entire pages are repeated, particularly in the second book.The story is fabulous but the editing needs serious work.

    15. I fell in love with the characters in this series I read all 2000 pages in about 3 weeks, I could not wait to find out what happened next The story was so well written the characters took on form and life as well as hearing what was going in the room at the time I am not a history buff, but I did get caught up in the history of the Mayfairs.I would highly recommend this to book.I will miss the Mayfairs.

    16. This is like a history of the Mayfair Witches than an actual novel, Anne Rice has vividly spun an anchestory for a fictional family and it captures the imagination In between the history of the Mayfair Witches, there is actuall a story and the history is relevant to understanding the main character Rowan Mayfair and what she inherits from her mother.if you like you novels deatiled and vivid then this is a great book.

    17. The Mayfair Witches was the first novel I read by Anne Rice It is LONG DETAILED but saw that it was necessary to explain the characters as the characters IN the Mayfair witches IS THE VERY BEGINNING and an introduction of the characters for nearly all her novels hitherto.In that way, I loved learning about how each character camne to be who they were and how they are, and play a part in her later novels.A good read

    18. The beginning of this book spooked me BIGTIME I continued to read this to about pg 100, went to sleep, had the worst f en nightmare ever Woke the next day and promptly threw it away Of course I was only 25yrs old and rather narrow minded At the ripe old age of 43 I still aint gonna read it but I had to give it 3.5 stars if only for the fact that not much creeps me out.On a personal note I have issues with Ms Rice but I cannot deny her excellent writing skills.

    19. I liked the first 3 4 of the first book despite the unnecessarily descriptive sex scenes Then it got too weird I skimmed skipped to the end of the second book to read what happened to the main characters Then the third book started by introducing a few very engaging characters that kept me reading But by then the author had already mostly lost me so there was a lot of skimming skipping to get to the end.

    20. This book is so pompous it s rediculous Rice gets in the way of herself all throughout this book She s so busy weaving this family tree that she bores me This is the second time I ve tried to read this book and just didn t give enough of a damn to trudge through it Got over half way this time

    21. Very light but enjoyable readingI needed a real escape and this was the ticket I didn t want Tolstoy, but I wanted a read that had me turning pages late into the night The Mayfair Witches Trilogy was Anne Rice s gift to me and anyone else who needs to get away, but still be at work in the morning.Be prepared for an extra cup of coffee in the morning.

    22. This a fantastic read I was completely drawn into this story from page one Rice creates a firm sense of place and history as she unfolds her story Lasher is a haunting presence throughout The imagery of him loitering in the shadows was so marvelously eerie that I was scared for weeks It s a thrilling story

    23. in my opinion one of the greatest action horrors series of all time in my opinion even better than her vampire series, which was also great Anne Rice has a way of putting things into a book that might not ever work for any other author, and even amazing, somehow ties both this series and the vampire series together masterfully If you liked her vampire series, you ll love these books.

    24. This is my favorite Anne Rice novel Granted I haven t read any of the Vampire Chronicles because I don t feel up to the task of reading all of them quite yet I loved the historical details and the extensive liniage Rice provides Although a bit confusing at time, the story is frightning and wonderful The second and third parts of the trilogy get very wierd.

    25. Mayfair witches is one of the best books by Anne Rice The detail and richness of the lives in this book leaves the you wanting to learn Who is this strange creature and how did he come to be Why the Mayfair family All of these questions and are answered with this intricate book Another good story from Anne Rice.

    26. I loved that this book was about witches and not your everyday I m a pray to Gaea for healing kinda stuff but she writes about some shady practices and how covens and family are similar and when your family is also a coven with a long line of practitioners, their are bound to be some skeletons in the closet along with some curses and bad blood too Loved it

    27. If you liked Anne Rice s vampire chronicles for the complex story lines and vivid descriptions, this will take that to the next level This three book set is about the Mayfair family, in particular the witches of the Mayfair family, primarily in New Orleans If you plan to read this, break out the notepad, it s a doosy.

    28. The Mayfair Witches Vol 1 3 The Witching Hour, Lasher, Taltos by Anne Rice Ballantine Books 1999 Fiction Horror This set of books is a collection of the first three books in the Mayfair Witches saga My rating 7.5 10, finished 1998.

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