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Dead Reckoning: The New Science of Catching Killers By Michael Baden Marion Roach,

  • Title: Dead Reckoning: The New Science of Catching Killers
  • Author: Michael Baden Marion Roach
  • ISBN: 9780684852713
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • For most people, the forensic sciences are something reported on the news when a crime is solved through DNA evidence, or used as a plot twist for television shows But behind the crime scene tape and the doors of the morgue is a world never seen by the public Now famed pathologist and medical examiner Dr Michael Baden and award winning writer Marion Roach take readers iFor most people, the forensic sciences are something reported on the news when a crime is solved through DNA evidence, or used as a plot twist for television shows But behind the crime scene tape and the doors of the morgue is a world never seen by the public Now famed pathologist and medical examiner Dr Michael Baden and award winning writer Marion Roach take readers into the laboratory, above the autopsy table, onto the witness stand and out in the field to show how advances in forensic science can solve crucial questions in a criminal case, often with startling accuracy Baden and Roach reveal how a key clue to the killer of Nicole Brown Simpson was lost when her body was moved to the morgue, and why the JonBenet Ramsey case can never be solved They show how no clue is too small to be analyzed and no case too old to be reopened Full of behind the scenes drama and surprising revelations, Dead Reckoning is a fascinating look at how forensic science is changing the way we convict the guilty and free the innocent.
    Dead Reckoning The New Science of Catching Killers For most people the forensic sciences are something reported on the news when a crime is solved through DNA evidence or used as a plot twist for television shows But behind the crime scene tape and

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    1. Dead Reckoning is an intriguing look at the new sciences and technologies being used to corner criminals in today s society I think it got a little too technical as it went on but it was still a good book.

    2. I belong to a book club where a member gets to pick a genre each month and we all read whatever books we want to from that genre When I first saw the shelf for February was Science, I admit it, I groaned Then I figured that I like thrillers, so a book on forensics might be pretty good And I was right Dr Michael Baden is a forensic scientist, medical examiner, news consultant, and expert witness He has been involved in many cases over his career, including many high profile cases In addition, he [...]

    3. I have been interested in forensic science, particularly forensic pathology, since I was in about 7th grade early 60s I am endlessly fascinated with this subject So I had high hopes for this book Baden is a nationally known forensic pathologist But he is far too aware of his own reputation Rather than informative, I found this to be egotistical.

    4. What Baden knows he really knows and this book is written in a easy to read, engaging style I thoroughly enjoyed the book and learned quite a bit I really enjoyed the personal touches and glimpses of men like Henry Lee.There are a few points, however, that keep me from giving it 5 stars.Baden has little or no use for profiling He summarily dismisses it with a somewhat lame excuse that any experienced detective can tell you the same things as a profiler In doing this Baden dismisses an excellent [...]

    5. I thought this book was very good It kept me captivated and intrueged Dead Reckoning is about forensic science A former forensic scientist takes you into his world, showing you what happens behind the scenes of crimes, and how crimes are solved Each chapter is a different aspect of the crime scenes It shows you things like autopsies, how blood splatters vary and what it could mean, and also, what occurs in the court room, as well as many other things I would definitly reccomend this book to peop [...]

    6. One of the things we have to do in class is recognize who the book was written for I would put this book as the casual interested normal person , as well at a student just starting in the field, to get a general scope of what s involved I really really enjoyed it It was easy and very enjoyable to read, and despite the sometimes graphic material depicted, it was one I reached for automatically to read over my morning breakfast and tea.If you are at all curious about forensic pathology, or at all [...]

    7. An informative book concerning forensic sciences Although Baden seems to be a highly respected, competent medical examiner and forensic pathologist, he clearly does not give much thought to areas he considers useless i.e profiling and creation It was ironic that he was discussing what he calls junk science and says that he considers junk science to include when people tout unproven theories as facts, yet he blindly believes that the myriad of complex organs in our body just evolved one by one ov [...]

    8. Yet another in a series of books I have read about forensic investigation, this time written by a former NYC chief medical examiner who has autopsied thousands of bodies In addition to presenting some interesting, and sometimes high profile, cases, the author spends time discussing the ethics behind being a forensic investgator and brings up some surprising points, such as evidence discovered may never make it into the courtroom if it does not support the position of whichever side hired the inv [...]

    9. Informative and interesting and has some short history lessons on forensics Does fall short of a clear explanation of why a case fell through or came together but still gives fascinating and raw look at forensics Michael Baden does talk a little about the O.J Simpson and the Wood Chipper Murder cases and the autopsies.

    10. Good for someone new to the subject of forensic science, but a little too basic for me Also, some of the writing was a bit self aggrandizing Stephanie

    11. I was required to read this novel for my CSI class in college It was a little gory at times but overall, an interesting and addicting read for anyone who is interested in pursuing a field in criminal justice or forensic science, especially from the coroner s perspective I haven t read it several years but I would definitely pick it up again if I found it for under five dollars.

    12. Normal people admire Batman, Superman, or the like Dr Baden is my hero He is extremely intelligent, professional, and distinguished all rolled into one So this book is one of the best in my personal library, one of those that I could read, reread and still love even every time It s full of details, and leaves no questions when your done Dr Baden is AMAZING

    13. Dead Reckoning The New Science Of Catching KillersFor my nonfiction book review I read, Dead Reckoning I was not extremely impressed with the novel While there were some interesting parts I found the story as a whole very slow and non intriguing which I wasn t expecting at all I m very interested in forensic science about this book was not even close to a page turner The author was very aware that he is good at his profession and he was extremely egotistical However, I did find that the book tau [...]

    14. I loved it A fast paced, informative read for anyone who enjoys true crime It provides an in depth look into the different subspecialties of forensic pathology and those who do the groundbreaking work in those fields The authors ability to take you inside a laboratory, morgue or murder scene is uncanny and you can t help but respect the methods employed by the rock star scientists and criminalists involved The manner in which scenes are described make it seem like you are right there while he is [...]

    15. This is a very informative book on the work of a forensic pathologist Michael Baden really knows what he is talking about, having worked as a pathologist in New York City for many years, even hosting his own show called Autopsy on HBO The book goes into very vivid detail so it really isn t for squeamish people.There is also no shortage of a personal touch by way of a very distinct tone from the author Dr Baden goes into great detail in examining the cases of Jonbenet Ramsey and O.J Simpson and w [...]

    16. Another foray into forensic pathology, this time with accomplished pathologist Dr Baden A great read for both the lay public or interested professionals, the book weaves science and courtroom proceedings and discusses how the science is investigated and discovered Great chapters on autopsies, the importance of entomology, and how faulty science can have far reaching havoc on the lives of the wrongly accused The book treats its subject matter with respect and dignity though at times may be a litt [...]

    17. Fairly easy reading, with a few historical tidbits that are quite interesting The science part of it is well written and easy to understand, and the cases themselves, although well publicized, are offered from a different and intensely personal perspective including the OJ Simpson case, the TWA 800 disaster and the unearthing of the Romanov graves in Russia The photographs included in the book include crime scene and or autopsy photos of Nicole Simpson, passengers from the TWA bombing, Medgar Ev [...]

    18. Marion Roach has done a great job of co writing this book Reading the descriptions of Dr Baden s work is rather like having Michael sitting across the dinner table she captures his voice wonderfully If you are already familiar with the science, this book might have too much overview for your tastes It s a great introduction however, and has some really engaging case studies Great stuff from a man at the top of his field.

    19. Dead Reckoning is a nonfiction about how investigators find clues to help solve the murder It goes into detail about the autopsy, how the blood splatters matter, the witnesses, and much The author is really good at giving you humor breaks from all the descriptive gore This book was better than I hoped it, it gave real life examples and people Anyone who enjoys reading about investigations about murder would enjoy this book.

    20. Good read a bit dry in places but good insight into the world of forensic medicine and the need to be as scientific as possible No room for emotion or personal feelings Makes one glad that pathology and science have combined and do not forget DNA , to fight crime and bring justice to victims On the whole quite readable and enjoyable despite the topic.

    21. Baden, the former New York City Medical Examiner, takes us behind the scenes to discover how forensic science works He details some high profile stuff untested blood droplets on Nicole Simpson s back and just plain interesting stuff like exhuming Medgar Ever s body 28 years after burial and it looked like it was buried the day before All fascinating stuff.

    22. Well organized, though clearly written for the layman Close to impossible to guess the knowledge of the reader so, to avoid presuming or assuming, probably best to just put it all out there My favorite chapter was Inside, and I will add that I enjoyed it than I had expected full of juicy details.

    23. Dr Baden M.E tells some cases, and we delve into other aspects of forensics, like the blood school.Interesting cases, but very disjointed You re never quite sure what you re reading.

    24. This book was amazing when I read it in high school I was in the law academy at school so I was taking Forensic Science instead of Chemistry It was a great read, very informative and gruesome as all get out.

    25. The book was decent, but not as technical as I was expecting I was hoping for scientific explanation and less emotional diatribe Additionally, his unabashed sexism detracted from the professional aspect Overall, though, I would say it s a good introduction to general forensic science.

    26. Very interesting I could of done without the slams on Texas and our death penalty I also thought the entire chapter 11 was just an attempt to squeeze out 18 filler pages and make the book bigger But, that said, the other 10 chapters were graphically griping.

    27. I picked this up for 50 cents at a garage sale It is a little outdated, but pretty interesting book about autopsies and forensic science.

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