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Grave Surprise By Charlaine Harris,

  • Title: Grave Surprise
  • Author: Charlaine Harris
  • ISBN: 9780575082878
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • When I was fifteen, I was struck by a bolt of lightning through an open window of the trailer where we livedI recovered, mostly I have a strange spiderweb pattern of red on my torso and right leg, which has episodes of weakness Sometimes my right hand shakes I have headaches I have many fears And I can find dead people That was the part that interested the professWhen I was fifteen, I was struck by a bolt of lightning through an open window of the trailer where we livedI recovered, mostly I have a strange spiderweb pattern of red on my torso and right leg, which has episodes of weakness Sometimes my right hand shakes I have headaches I have many fears And I can find dead people That was the part that interested the professorAt the request of anthropology professor Dr Clyde Nunley, Harper Connelly and her stepbrother Tolliver come to Memphis to give a demonstration of Harper s unique talent And what better place to have that demonstration than in a very old cemetery Dr Nunley doesn t bother to hide his skepticism, especially when Harper stands atop a grave and senses two bodies beneath her one of a centuries dead man and the other of a young girl, recently deceased When the grave is opened, Harper s claim is proven true The dead girl is Tabitha Morgenstern, an eleven year old abducted from Nashville two years previously a child whom Harper had tried, and failed, to find The coincidence raises suspicions about her among the police so she and Tolliver undertake their own hunt to find the killer They make a nocturnal visit to the cemetery, hoping that Harper can sense something further about the murder.And then, the next morning, a third dead body is found in the grave
    Grave Surprise When I was fifteen I was struck by a bolt of lightning through an open window of the trailer where we livedI recovered mostly I have a strange spiderweb pattern of red on my torso and right leg whi

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    1. 3.5 stars I love the South, don t get me wrong but it does lag behind the times in social developments The second book in a series of four, you must readGrave Sightbefore reading this book Harper Connelly and her stepbrother Tolliver travel the US, using Harper s ability to find dead bodies and to know how they died as a means of employment This came about when Harper was struck by lightning when she was a teenager Harper and Tolliver are called to Memphis for a grave reading in an old cemetery [...]

    2. I don t know why some readers are freaked out about the relationship between Harper and Tolliver, her brother The way I see it, these two are completely in love with each other, but are too afraid to tell the other so they pretend that they accept this sibling role when they are in no way related They live as if they are a married couple, but go out and have sex occasionally with other people to take the edge off Maybe if they had grown up together since childhood, I could see their relationship [...]

    3. Definitely need to read Grave Sight first this one doesn t stand on its own Story developed nicely until the end Read as though the author had stopped short, put away the manuscript, and returned close to the contract deadline to tack on a thrown together ending.

    4. Okay, I tried I really tried I got another book from this series, just to see if it left me feeling icky And it did Oh, it did.Once again, the creepy relationship between Harper and Tolliver was there for all to see Every time she mentioned him holding her or kissing her, I just wanted to pull my eyeballs out and scrub them Once again, Harper had to talk about how Tolliver was all about having sex with waitresses Why waitresses I meanwhy would the author include that Why not just random women So [...]

    5. 4 Stars rounded up from 3.5 stars for audiobook.I am re reading this series, but this time the audiobooks Same reader as the first book actually they keep the same narrator throughout the 4 book series Alyssa Bresnahan I like her Does she have it easier, because it is written in the first person Harper She doesn t really have to do voices No matter, she does a good job.In this second book, Harper is hired by a college professor, Professor Nunley to read the dead people in the graves in an older [...]

    6. A thoroughly enjoyable book in the Harper Connelly series Harper is no ordinary young woman, when she was a teenager she was struck by lightning and was left with both physical scars and a new mental ability, she can find missing dead people and also sense how they died Harper and Tolliver had been employed over a year ago to find the body of a little girl called Tabitha Morgenstern aged eleven Sadly at the time Harper was unsuccessful but when she is invited by anthropology professor Dr Clyde N [...]

    7. Not a bad book, but not quite as good as the first due to redundancy Very similar to the first in the plot all Again, the heroine isn t very upbeat nor is the story line Same issues with folks accepting her for what she is does.The biggest drawback was background of the heroine We re treated to several pages where she crams in all the background info we learned through the first book then she dishes it out again through out the book OK, she her step brother had a rough time as kids, but I had th [...]

    8. Quick review Cover Interesting Rating R Thumbs Up 4Overall I enjoyed itCharacters Well DonePlot giving the finger to the doubtersPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend TolliverSUMMARY 50 words or less The lightning strikes again I really like this series I think I like Harper much than Sookie I like that this book seems to have a lot going on than the mystery set in front of us This one kept me guessing longer than the last book.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog [...]

    9. Charlaine Harris does it again I really enjoyed this one In the 2nd installment of this series Harper comes face to face with a case she couldn t solve She has to try to figure it all out before she gets herself in trouble or killed Looking forward to next book.

    10. GRAVE SURPRISE Paranormal Suspense Memphis Cont VGHarris, Charlaine 2nd in seriesBerkeley Prime Crime, 2006 Hardcover Harper Collins and her stepbrother Tolliver have come to Memphis at the request of Professor Clyde Nunley He has asked Harper to demonstrate her unique ability to find the dead and know how they died When she comes the grave of a centuries old man she not only identifies him, but a second corpse buried on top the body of a girl Harper had been hired, but failed, to find previousl [...]

    11. Okay this is another one I finished ages ago, and I m going to try to remember it for the purposes of cleaning off my shelves and getting a review on here This review will be short and sweet, with just a few impressions so I don t spoil anything.First, just like in the first book, the villain was laughably obvious actually even so this time Harris is taking a premise and making it paper thin with each book Harper s job as a corpse finder should be done once the body was found but because that w [...]

    12. Generally, these books are not the fillet mignon of books They re the carnival corn dogs This book, like a corn dog, is bad for you, but yet somehow you eat it anyway I ve often said that Charlaine Harris s books are like the trash tv equivalent of the book world, and even though the characters are awful, disgusting people, I can t help but read this crap Harper and her step brother Tolliver still have this weird, co dependent relationship with each other And at least on Harper s part, she comes [...]

    13. I liked this book a lot than I liked the first the story is engaging and the mystery complex There s the college professor who invites Harper to demonstrate her talents so he can debunk her, and then there s the mystery that arises when in the course of this demonstration Harper finds an extra body in a grave And when the extra body happens to be that of a girl Harper had been hired to find, and failed, several months back, the mystery deepens Harris continues to think through the details of [...]

    14. Enjoyed this a lot, although I m not totally certain why it was quite so engaging I liked the set up for Harper finding this mystery s dead body, with the snotty professor so arrogant and so sure she d fail in her demonstration of her powers to his class I also liked that there was a bit less of the Unclean Abomination response to her than there was in the first book It was a bit on the needlessly repetitive side for such a short book seriously, did anyone not get that Harper and Tolliver had a [...]

    15. Harper s second adventure at least our second adventure with her was just as fun as the first Not too predictable, always interesting, and with great characters The only issue I had was that we didn t get as much action as the first Yeah, there were a few murders and twists, but I felt like a lot of time was spent at the hotel discussing who could possibly have done it, as opposed to the first where they were out there getting their hands dirty I still enjoyed it, and know that cases have to be [...]

    16. This is another series by Charlaine Harris I have read two and will not read The heroine and a stepbrother odd, odd boundary issues here that get in the way of the plot travel from town to town using the heroine s ability to communicate with the dead to resolve death s and settle spirits Good premise Good read Creep factor too much to bother with again.

    17. Offbeat 2nd installment in the Harper Connelly series Harper is unique in several ways 1 She s a lightning strike survivor As a result of that 2 she can sense dead people AND 3 she can tell what the body s cause of death was And even stranger yet 4 she makes a living locating mostly missing persons bodiesHarper with her stepbrother Tolliver travel the country locating dead bodies Usually they re called in as a last resort Her talents don t include finding living persons Some people believe, some [...]

    18. From back cover blurb When I was fifteen, I was struck by lightning I recovered, mostly I have a strange spiderweb pattern of red on my torso and right leg I have headaches I have many fears And I can find dead people That was the part that interested the professor At the request of anthropology professor Clyde Nunley, Harper Connelly and her stepbrother Tolliver come to Memphis to demonstrate Harper s unique talent in an old cemetery Nunley is skeptical, even after Harper senses and finds two b [...]

    19. Yeah, I can t help it, I like Charlaine Harris books This series is popcorn for my brain, but that s not a bad thing so is Georgette Heyer, in a different way I ve been spoilered as to future developments in the series, and it doesn t put me off a bit I was sort of expecting it to go this way I mean, I ve dipped in and out of fandoms since I was twelve But just in case anyone has a really bad squick and needs to check that it s not going that way, the spoiler is view spoiler that Harper is in lo [...]

    20. Harper Connelly finds dead people and once found can tell you exactly how they died Yup creepy as hell but cool too At 15, Harper was struck by lightning and now has this weird ability and a bunch of health issues as well As her manager, her brother Tolliver travels the country with Harper keeping her appointments and assists her physically when needed Harper and Tolliver had a rather bad childhood which made them very close and dependent upon each other Of course Harper and Tolliver are not blo [...]

    21. I am really enjoying reading the different series by Charlaine Harris I really like her writing style and how I never confuse Sookie for Harper and vice versa The book finds Harper and her brother best friends traveling companion Tolliver in Memphis at a college to do a reading for lack of a better word at an old cemetery They have been called invited by a professor who s college he works for is part of the cemetery, though on the outskirts of the actually college who wants to debunk what Harper [...]

    22. 4 starsI seem to be in the minority, but I enjoyed this a bit than Grave Sight Harper Connelly 1 I love when an innocuous seeming character rubs their skills in people s faces so the opening scenes set me in a great place with Harper showing the disbelieving Clyde her corpse mojo Then there was the fact that references made in book one were followed through here with the discovery of Tabitha continuity pleases me considerably We got a bit paranormal too with ghosts and psychics thrown in the m [...]

    23. Another great book in the Harper Connelly series I think I liked this one a little than the first Of course, the first book was great for setting up Harper and Tolliver s background and how they came to do what they do but this book took it further and you find out information about their childhood and their family One revelation in particular that Harper has is quite disturbing But even the murder mystery in the book was exciting than in Grave Sight Harper goes to a cemetery on a college cam [...]

    24. I was excited to check out this series because I really enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse series Eh, no While an interesting and entertaining listen, I found the plot to be predictable and the incestuous undertones a little disturbing Just because someone is not your relative by blood doesn t mean they can t still be considered your brother And he is described as being skinny, pock marked, and with a ponytail Get real Anyway, when I first began this one, I did not know it was the second in the series [...]

    25. Boooriiiing The plot is thin, the characters are cardboardey, the MC s are weird and not very likable and ms Harris keeps mixing up her facts, which ruins books for me Another pet peeve is characters that keep repeating and rehashing things they ve already gone over in previous instalments or earlier on in the book Yep Gotcha, thanks Not stupid move on, please This book does that all the frickin time.I m NOT gonna read the rest of these books view spoiler d I get it I do They re not REALLY relat [...]

    26. Der zweite Teil der Harper Connelly Reihe von Charlaine Harris hat mir genauso gut gefallen wie der Erste Obwohl der T ter f r mich dieses Mal offensichtlicher zu erkennen war, fand ich den Fall spannender und die Charaktere entwickeln sich, im Vergleich zum Vorg nger, besser weiter Zwar verhalten sich die Protagonisten manchmal immer noch nicht wirklich nachvollziehbar, aber gleichzeitig entspricht das irgendwie auch ihren Pers nlichkeiten Ich gebe es zu, ich verstehe Harper und Tolliver des ft [...]

    27. 2nd re read this time by audiobook Have the paperback too.This is the book where Harper realizes how she feels about Tolliver Some people things it s cringy that she s in love with her step brother, but to me it s not a problem for the following reasons 1 They are not blood relatives at all 2 Their parents didn t marry until both were in their teens 3 They took a really long time before they realized they loved each other than just as family They really thought it out So to me, it s not a probl [...]

    28. Harper has a unique ability to know see things about the dead And when she goes to do a demonstration for a group, she sees something completely unexpected.I like the originality of the series and Harper and her brother as characters.

    29. My second read listen picked up in audible sale Made a long car ride go quickly I was surprised that I liked all in the series 4 stars.

    30. Really enjoyed this audiobook it had me guessing till the end.The narration was really good and added to the story.Recommended.

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