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Push Back By R.E. McDermott,

  • Title: Push Back
  • Author: R.E. McDermott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PUSH BACK the second book of THE DISRUPTION SERIES is now available Earth reels in the aftermath of a savage solar storm, a global disaster of unprecedented proportion which leaves most of the world without electrical power or the means to restore it Across the world, the responses of unprepared national governments are too little, too late In the U.S order collapsesPUSH BACK the second book of THE DISRUPTION SERIES is now available Earth reels in the aftermath of a savage solar storm, a global disaster of unprecedented proportion which leaves most of the world without electrical power or the means to restore it Across the world, the responses of unprepared national governments are too little, too late In the U.S order collapses and opportunistic forces rise to fill the power vacuum, as what remains of a self serving federal bureaucracy prioritizes the survival of politicians and bureaucrats over that of the general population As chaos and starvation spread, isolated pockets of survivors unite to survive In Texas, Captain Jordan Hughes and a ragtag group of seamen and ex Coastguardsmen gather their families close and resist the depredations of a hoard of escaped convicts Meanwhile, in North Carolina, a similarly determined group of survivors attempts to use salvaged resources, not only to save themselves, but also to feed the hungry But not everyone is happy about the efforts of the valiant and resourceful few Secure in his Camp David compound, a corrupt president consolidates power and builds a mercenary force to deal with any possible challenges to his absolute authority and to seize all dwindling resources for government use and fair distribution Survivors of the natural disaster are thus dealt another blow as they re betrayed by the very government established to protect them Do they knuckle under to a dictator, or do they PUSH BACK
    Push Back PUSH BACK the second book of THE DISRUPTION SERIES is now available Earth reels in the aftermath of a savage solar storm a global disaster of unprecedented proportion which leaves most of the world w

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    1. Interesting.Could this happen one day We can t prevent natural disasters, but we can prevent man made disasters First by getting involved in our city level, not just by casting our vote maybe every four years Also not being dependent on somebody else growing what we need to eat This story shows that without electronic devices we can fix what is broken FEMA in this story reminded me hurricane and Louisiana, not long ago Hope this story won t make NRA s membership grow There are lots of good peopl [...]

    2. Having really enjoyed book 1 of this, I was so looking forward to listening to this one Well the author didn t disappoint This one was much better than the first and even though it was over 13 hrs long, I devoured it in a day This starts straight after the ending of book 1 so the story flows really well and we are immediately drawn into the story I absolutely loved seeing the characters again and seeing them grow and develop Their lives don t get any easier and their struggle to survive, not onl [...]

    3. McDermott Does it AgainAlthough this is book no 2 of a series McDermott keeps you on the edge of your seat, my only slight regret is the length of time we had to wait from Book 1 to publication of book 2 hope book 3 is well on the way as am in need of knowing whether the gangs win, the corrupt President wins, the rogue army wins, or, the good people who are trying to stay safe whilst protecting and keeping others safe.Although the story is based in 2020 after solar flares knocks out most of the [...]

    4. There s a lot to like in Push Back for fans of real life thrillers The action is non stop on several fronts, the overall premise remains too plausible, and the characters likable Like many people with Kindles, I have a library littered with books abandoned from 2% to 75% completed No such problem here I bulled through Push Back in a week, staying up past my bedtime a couple of times.However, I didn t find installment 2 as strong as its predecessor,Under a Tell Tale Sky which does a better job of [...]

    5. DecentGood story with likable characters.Good guys don t always have everything just magically go there way I can picture the hard work and planning they do to get were they are I can also feel their pain when they work so hard, and get they loose a loved one.Grab a copy if you like disaster books.

    6. Much Better Than Book 1Had considered not reading any after so much cursing in Book 1 I found that I had started to really care about the diverse characters in each location Plot seemed better focused and the book was much interesting Looking forward to reading Book 3.

    7. This is a good second book of this series Lots of action and progress on the various story lines Even though it is clear all of the story lines will eventually converge on Wilmington, there are almost too many different parts going on at the same time I do look forward to the next book.

    8. Couldn t wait after reading the first book I immediately went to the kindle store to start the second book and am now aggregated to find the third not out yet Can t wait Great stories with numerous intertwined plotlines.

    9. The 2nd in the Disruption series, this book continues the story well enough.It s not spectacular, but it is done well enough I enjoyed it, and I look forward to the third and final installment.

    10. Hard to reviewI did not enjoy this book quite as much as the first one I thought it dragged in some places.

    11. DISRUPTION SERIES PUSH BACKVery realistic plot very BELIEVEABLE character development Thoroughly enjoyed this series can t wait for final book in DIRUPTION SERIES to come o

    12. An exciting read.Surprises and twists all the way through The story pushes you along What would I do if this really happened

    13. Enjoyed this, but it wasn t nearly as compelling as the first in the series I ll probably complete the trilogy, but I m really hoping for a interesting finish than the mid part.

    14. Not your average post apocalyptic talePush Back is the second book in an ongoing series of books written by R.E McDermott and narrated by Kevin Pierce The book is not your typical post apocalyptic story, but that does not mean it lacks excitement or action not at all Mr McDermott knits a very believable and compelling story of just how quickly society, as we know it today, devolves into a survival of the fittest mentality The story continues where the first book in the series left off Under a Te [...]

    15. Format Audio book Taking out the trash This, the second book in R.E.McDermott s excellent Disruption series, is even better than the first Set in America following a solar f aring which has destroyed most of the world s electrical systems and with them, much of the basis of our means to preserve our elaborate civilization, it is the story of people trying to survive This is a post apocalyptic tale terrifying in it s reality No zombies, and without the usual vicious cannibalistic roaming gangs, i [...]

    16. Push Back by Bob McDermottThis is a sequel to Under a Telll Tale Sky Disruption Book 1 McDermott did a great job on this follow up and frankly I would like to light a fire under his fanny to get the third book in the trilogy finished This is a post apocalypse book The world as we know it came to an end after a massive solar storm blacks out the electronics of the world There are way two many characters to get into specifics unless I want to do a short story myself There are bands of survivors, g [...]

    17. Book two follows a couple groups of survivors making the best of a bad situation collecting supplies and equipment where available for themselves and others Naturally they run into the usual band of raiders, misfits, and escaped convicts that go hand in hand with this type of story A confusing issue for me is that the global disaster is a huge solar storm which leaves most of the world without electrical power With that in mind survivors throughout the story are scavenging gasoline, operating ve [...]

    18. Well written, very entertaining, engaging and enjoyable story Great addition to the series Just as good as the first book This is not a stand alone book Although the author does give you the story in a nutshell up to this point in the prequel There are several intertwining storylines going on following several different groups of people at the same time The ongoing plotline is complex It s worth your time to read the series in order It s an excellent story The story is fast paced, full of suspen [...]

    19. Finally, about time I have waited nearly a year for this title and can say that it not disappointing Push Back seamlessly moves on from Under a Tell Tale Sky and quickly develops into a ripping yarn.Book 2 in the series really fleshes out the characters and introduces a few new ones The action is fast paced, the story line is supercharged, even so than Under a Tell Tale Sky yes i know that s saying something but i kid you not, but it s true The book cost less than a cup of coffee at 2.99 Do you [...]

    20. His Best Work YetI ve been a fan of McDermott s work since the first Duggan novel, and those that haven t read those really should, but the disruption series is a league all its own Push Back is simply one of the best books I ve read in years The pacing is exceptional, the characters are someone you know, want to know, or in some cases you hope you never get to know It s a stunning combination of adventure novel, survival guide, and future history we hope never comes to pass, but could easily im [...]

    21. McDermott seems to be getting even with his writing Book 2 of Disruption finds our two groups of survivors traveling through the jungle by various means to reach their respective destinations The use of the group using a railway service truck was a cool addition The new characters picked up, and in some cases passed by, were well crafted I m looking forward to a book three with hopefully a little conclusion to the stories Many authors in this genre tend to lose sight of the fact that although t [...]

    22. This is one of the best authors around and this book is his finest work What a great read We ve had lots of rain lately and this fine book sure helped me to pass the days in another place There are several ongoing plots and sub plots with lots of action The author has added lots of good detail and thought thru each scenario There are things brought in to the story that I would never have thought of.The characters are very well developed and believable.I especially enjoyed the big tanker battle.I [...]

    23. EXCELLENT OUTSTANDING This is a PERFECT post apocalyptic novel This book, 2 in the series, was even better than 1 which was excellent to begin with I now have new favorite p a author McDermott is fantastic at this writing thing I especially appreciate his knack for character development, and he also keeps his plot lines realistic not everyone makes it through, and definitely no one finishes unscarred.This one is a must read, but I advise reading 1 first for better context and character familiari [...]

    24. I really like this author, and this latest gem doesn t disappoint Everything is very thoroughly thought out and probable There are good people, very bad people and evil people, all showing their true colors when stark reality forces them to make a stand, be they stupid or smart, desperate or hopeful, beaten or vengeful There are so many things about survival, the term losing your soul takes on a whole new dimension Still, the book manages to convey some hope, and I like that.Love this, can t wai [...]

    25. Great read I have read so many post apocalypse books and this is one of my favorites The action is non stop and the characters are well drawn and each has his own strengths and weaknesses super heroes Best of all, there are no typos or bad grammar to spoil the flow of the story I will be looking forward to the last installment in this series prepared to stay up late reading this series

    26. Solid Read and Nice Series Continuation Push Back After the EMP Disruption Series Book 2 , is a solid read, the follows on nicely to the first book The author, Mr R.E McDermott, writes well, and delivers a cogent, sane, and logical storyline.The eBook is recommended highly, as is its predecessor, Under a Tell Tale Sky Readers would be well served to read Book 1 first, otherwise, some confusion might ensue.

    27. Really good story Nice story, amazing characters, good and bad About the only think I didn t like like was how two of the main characters good guys treated two minor characters They should have done too help them Good can only conquer evil if they band together Still a great story and plot.Highly recommended too anyone who likes a good apocalyptic type story.Looking forward too the final book in this trilogy.

    28. Rich characters and great plots.The author does a masterful job of constructing multiple compelling plot lines You get deeply engrossed, then he switches to another The books stands on it s own, but as with most books in this genre these days, i am compelled to purchase the sequel In this case that s ok, as it s like going for the second cup of great coffee McDermott has earned it.

    29. Good bookThe author writes very well, the characters are interesting mostly likeable The various characters seem to be either very good guys or very bad guys with little to no redeeming qualities I m not sure that is completely realistic but it does make it easy to know who to cheer for.

    30. Great read I give out very few five star ratings but this book and series in my humble opinion, whole heartedly deserve them if not Any fan of post apocalyptic fiction it is a must read, in fact anyone who enjoys a fast paced action thriller should pick these up This series is extremely well written and are an awesomely fantastic read.

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