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Overwatch #8: Old Soldiers By Michael Chu Bengal,

  • Title: Overwatch #8: Old Soldiers
  • Author: Michael Chu Bengal
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The internationally wanted vigilante Soldier 76 heads to Egypt to track down a lead, which takes him to an unexpected reunion.
    Overwatch Old Soldiers The internationally wanted vigilante Soldier heads to Egypt to track down a lead which takes him to an unexpected reunion

    One thought on “Overwatch #8: Old Soldiers”

    1. Overwatch 8 by Michael Chu, Bengal Illustrator is a graphic novel of international intrigue but this addition did not have the flow the earlier 7 did The illustrations were great but somehow the flow of the story fell flat and it was hard to tell what was going on.

    2. Good little action thrillerNever heard of Overwatch, but I am liking a few of these digital comics Would even collect a few of them.

    3. Ties into 7 Standard comic book merc story but bonus points for the return of Ana and making the central characters have grey hair.

    4. In the eighth issue of Overwatch Digital Comics, we follow Soldier 76 as he travels to Egypt in Old Soldiers, where a lead will take him to an unexpected reunion It was super lovely to see Ana come back during this comic, being a tie in to issue 7 Props for giving the characters greying hair but uh there was one mistake Ana s eye patch was on the wrong side I quite liked this issue Not as much as others but I did enjoy this The story wasn t quiet as smooth as I would have liked it to be, but the [...]

    5. A quick readOverwatch 8 by Michael Chu is a well illustrated comic with a good plot and is an easy read.As a free download from it is a good way to spend 5mins reading it.

    6. Asked and answered.I said I wanted to know , now I do Another grade A comic Though, I ve come to expect that.

    7. AmazingFlawless, an amazing comic full of lore and story worthwhile the story of overwatch continues worth the read X

    8. Starting to make senseThis is a good read It bring in a new character as well as a previous one Their stories entwined and made for a fun read.

    9. Since all of the Overtwatch comics are about 10 pages long I ll only be doing mini reviews for them Okay I adored this I m perpetually sad over the fact that they cancelled First Strike, so this comic was something I was delighted with Reaper Soldier 76 and Shrike interaction and drama or just old man angst Either way I loved this and am really hoping to see of the original group together.Definitely pick this up if you re interested in play Overwatch, it s well worth the read.

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    11. Nothing special These comics are way too short to tell an interesting story Adds a bit of flavor to the game s world though.

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