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Love and World Eaters: A Short Story By Nick Wisseman,

  • Title: Love and World Eaters: A Short Story
  • Author: Nick Wisseman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 352
  • Format: None
  • A Chicago Field Museum assistant is suddenly forced to experience the past of every artifact she touches This unasked for ability quickly entangles her in one of the greatest Who Dunnits of all time the murder of Philip II, Alexander the Great s father.
    Love and World Eaters A Short Story A Chicago Field Museum assistant is suddenly forced to experience the past of every artifact she touches This unasked for ability quickly entangles her in one of the greatest Who Dunnits of all time t

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    1. I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for review.This was certainly a unique perspective on a very old mystery Aliah, a young woman working in a museum, is affected by a bone fragment from an artifact Through its workings she is able to see the history of any object she touches and finds herself immersed in the mystery of who killed the father of Alexander the Great During her sessions with the artifact we are shown scenes of such detail and emotion that we feel as if we are seeing th [...]

    2. While not flawless, and not my absolute favorite of the stories I ve read from Underhill, I definitely enjoyed Love and World Eaters I enjoyed the flashbacks, the historical background, and found underlying love story to be beautiful and tragic I m a bit of a history nerd the older the better so I did enjoy the brief but complete details given about Phillip and the circumstances we know about surrounding his death and the answer that Alaina, the main character comes to There are interesting deta [...]

    3. Love and World Eaters by Nick Wisseman tells the story of a museum worker peon, Aliah Her peon status was confirmed after a small accident in which Aliah had dropped a small artifact while examining it Admittedly, she had been surprised when the artifact began to move Then there was the small sliver detached from the artifact during the fall that had entered Aliah s bloodstream and swam away from the entry point Supervisor Theresa had confirmed Aliah s peon status when, after failing to find the [...]

    4. I gave this book 3.5 stars for two reasons The first reason is that it was written so well and I absolutely love the writing style of this author When reading it felt like I was viewing the events unfurling through the eyes of Aliah who is an employee at a museum It is her job to take pictures of the artifacts but when she accidentally drops one a sliver of a bone fragment makes its way into her system After making its way into her blood stream she realized that whenever she touched an artifact [...]

    5. Love and World Eaters by Tom Underhill is about a young woman s accidental encounter with the unknown in a storage area of the Chicago Field Museum and her struggle to relieve the pressures placed on her by this unknown entity.I enjoyed reading this story and found it quite informative The plot centers around the murder of Phillip II of Macedon and explores the different theories about the motivations behind his murder I have never studied this so I found it very interesting to hear of the histo [...]

    6. Focusing on a museum worker, Aliah, we are introduced to a world where divining the history of objects is a pre requisite Following an most unusual accident, our heroine finds herself with a paranormal ability Can she work out what happened And find a solution to her own problem at the same time I don t know anything about the historical period that is the focus of the story but Underhill writes about it with such clarity and detail that you know he must You would assume that such a historically [...]

    7. Underhill has written a great story that includes a lot of historical detail He uses what feels like very thorough research, and it inspired me to go do my own research on the time described Museum curator Aliyah is portrayed with charm With his description of her I felt instant sympathy with the character, whose background is an integral part of the narrative yet skillfully not in the forefront until near the end I recommend this book to anyone who appreciates modern thrillers with a historical [...]

    8. Who doesn t like an old mystery Not to mention this authors style He did an excellent job of building the world as if your right in it.While working at the museum, Aliah comes into contact with with a bone fragment from an artifact and her life changes instantly as age notices every time she comes in contact with one of the artifacts at the museum her mind travels back into time.

    9. This short story had some promise, but it never came together The worst part was the protagonist s summary of material that she researched on Philip II s death This was an awful plot device to get huge amounts of historical information into a very short amount of space and it ruined the flow of the story In addition, the story ended too abruptly and in a very strange way I can t recommend this one.

    10. It s a short story and a quick read with enough tension to keep me reading until I finished It doesn t answer the questions it raises, including the motivation for Philip II s murder, but it does make one think As others said, the historical infodump is very awkwardly presented but forgivable, and the ending s seem out of place or just strange, but it was still an interesting story.

    11. That was a great story Excellent, intoxicating idea whic I would love to read of Flawless, engaging writing style that hooks you from the beginning and glides you effortlessly through the development and twist reveals A new favorote author and top book for 2012

    12. Tom builds an intriguing tale With a touch of the supernatural, he explores the murder of Phillip the II of Macedon in a modern day twist through the eyes of a young woman Anyone who enjoys a good historical tale will enjoy reading Love and World Eaters.

    13. A quick read Really interesting writing and plot until the end and then plop It just didn t have a satisfying end However, if you like ancient history, you might really enjoy this.

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