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Mindbridge By Joe Haldeman,

  • Title: Mindbridge
  • Author: Joe Haldeman
  • ISBN: 9780575071148
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • The discovery of a remarkable alien technology light years from Earth could have devastating consequences for humanity in this science fiction classic by the author of the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novel The Forever War In the far future, the accidental scientific breakthrough known as the Levant Meyer Translation changes everything Suddenly people can leap instantaneThe discovery of a remarkable alien technology light years from Earth could have devastating consequences for humanity in this science fiction classic by the author of the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novel The Forever War In the far future, the accidental scientific breakthrough known as the Levant Meyer Translation changes everything Suddenly people can leap instantaneously across the universe, albeit temporarily, enabling teams of Tamers to explore far flung worlds and prepare them for possible human habitation But one expedition doesn t make it back alive Jacque Lefavre achieves his lifelong dream of becoming a Tamer when he joins the Agency for Extraterrestrial Development On his first exploratory mission to a planet known as Groombridge, Lefavre and his team encounter something truly extraordinary a small, nonsentient creature that, when joined with another of its kind, creates a telepathic bridge But exploiting this psychic link could bring unanticipated perils, for it is about to bring Lefavre and his team into dangerously close contact with the L vrai, an ancient, advanced, and hostile race of star travelers an encounter that could prove to be the first step in humankind s salvation or its doom.
    Mindbridge The discovery of a remarkable alien technology light years from Earth could have devastating consequences for humanity in this science fiction classic by the author of the Hugo and Nebula Award winnin

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    1. reviewstaphorosis 2.5 starsJacque Lefavre is a bit of a wild man, but he manages to hold himself together long enough to accepted as a Tamer a matter transmission scout He makes close connections with other Tamers, and when one team makes a startling discovery, Jacque and his crew are pushed into a central role.Joe Haldeman is deservedly famous for The Forever War Until recently, that and its sequels were most of what I knew about him Unfortunately, the limits on that fame may also be deserved R [...]

    2. Mindbridge reads much like a retread of Haldeman s seminal The Forever War 1 The plot revolves around the miscommunication between humans and another intelligent species, the L vrai le vrai the truth , who bear a strong resemblance to the Taurans of TFW.2 The quasi military organization, the AED, that coordinates human space exploration protects its people with a remarkable suit that s a cousin to the suits that protected William and Marygay in TFW.3 The hero s name, Jacque Lafavre, is also an i [...]

    3. Good Maybe a 3.5, but Haldeman doesn t get the beginner s benefit Probably would have enjoyed it thirty years ago Some SF ages better than others.Inconsequential geographic mistakes about Colorado Springs where I lived thirteen years knocked me out of the story several times No big deal, but Haldeman shouldn t have made them.

    4. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I had high hopes for this book when I was getting started, but was ultimately disappointed.The story starts fairly strong a method is discovered that can send humans to the far reaches of the galaxy instantly Colonization ensues, and the job of tamer first boots on the ground is coveted.The story follows the son of a scientist who says such travel is impossible, only for it to actually happen shortly afterwards, ruini [...]

    5. I wish you could do half stars I d give this a 3 1 2 This book is written in a way I d never seen a book written before Some chapters are presented as a play, with just dialogue There are also complicated charts that have information that pertain to the story and a lot of info that is extra just for color , tangential stories about side characters such as the man who operates the LMT chamber crystal, several interviews with the characters presented as though it were the actual official document, [...]

    6. Probably the most sexist science fiction novel I ve ever read I can t believe what s expected from the female space travelers It s total abuse of the female body What s expected from the men isn t so good, either, except that the main character doesn t seem to realize it No civilized society would treat its people like this.

    7. Excellent, vintage Haldeman this man is becoming a go to writer I read anything he writes, as soon as I find it I did come late to reading him, for some reason my sci fi reading was primarily done at least 20 30 yrs ago so I m now going back, trying to catch up on books I ve missed

    8. Thanks to the wonders of Levant Meyer Translation technology, one of those science fictional devices for FTL travel best taken on the author s terms rather than questioned for its scientific grounds, humans now send teams of Tamers to distant planets to test them for possible terraforming This is tricky and dangerous work with results than can be bloody and disastrous On a planet the second out from Groombridge 1618, Jacque Lafavre and his team bring back what appears to be a sluglike alien life [...]

    9. REVIEW MINDBRIDGE by Joe HaldemanAward winning author Joe Haldeman s trademark philosophical science fiction is much in evidence in this futuristic tale of universal exploration, made possible by the implications of a new theory of astrophysics.Delineated through the character if Tamer Jacques Lefavre son if the physicist who devoted his lifetime to disproving this theory , MINDBRIDGE explores alien telepathy, and the existence of an ancient species of star explorers.

    10. I loved this book, bit I am only a little surprised by the so so ratings and reviews It does feel gimmicky at times, almost disjointed I have read the Forever War as well, and I can tell this book is from the same author The ideas, imagination behind the plot is fantastic but the characters don t feel fleshed out , and the reasoning behind Jacque ability to communicate with the L vrai is ting By the way, I am wondering if the name of the aliens is a little tongue in cheek joke or not.Why five st [...]

    11. Cartea asta s a vrut a fi un soi de experiment Din p cate, unul nereu it Cea mai bun carte a lui Haldeman r m ne R zboiul Etern, iar Conexiunea PSI e departe de valoarea R zboiului Exist aruncate n C PSI ni te r nduri care se vor a fi tehnice sau ceva de genul sta ns mie mi au p rut mai mult un fel de umplere inutil de spa iu cu litere Firul narativ e interesant, nu i chiar un dezastru, dar mie unul mi a l sat impresia unui roman scris pe fug Sau n sil Sau cu for a Finalul e telegrafic la a mai [...]

    12. This book has some interesting ideas, like the instantaneous transfer to distant planets with all its limitations and dangers I wish that idea had been explored It had the potential for some creepy horror scenes mixed in with the sf adventure Sadly it then devolved into science fantasy and became all about the magical telepathy For a while it seemed like the newly discovered aliens would make the book interesting again, but they turned out to be level 9001 wizards specializing in telepathy and [...]

    13. I think this is the award winning book I have enjoyed least I liked the varied writing style reports, statistics, small plays etc and there were some solid concepts but the narrative just seemed a little on the weak side Indeed I feel a really interesting protagonist was rushed through and you are rarely given time to learn anything about him rather you are told.The explanation for the mind bridges is given to early and is to obscure The big twist ending is easy to see coming and leaves it all f [...]

    14. Rushed but interesting plot, quite a bit happening at the same time, non linear narration and confusing at times.

    15. Review from wp p3fsue Cg.Mindbridge by Joe HaldemanOrbit, 1977 186 pages This novel uses a sort of bits and pieces narrative approach extracts from an autobiography of the main character, scientific reports, regular novel chapters named as such , communiqu s and so on It it extremely effective in creating a fast moving narrative that gives a very full picture of what is going on and lets us see the characters from the inside and the outside Cover of Mindbridge by Joe Haldeman.The story is one of [...]

    16. I read this book last week, but it was written in the 1970 s Haldeman is famous for having won both the Nebula and Hugo awards for The Forever War That book reflected his feelings about war based on his experience in the Vietnam War, but it also contained one of the fundamental elements of romances the Gap That Cannot Be Crossed Relativity and huge distances in time and space made connecting with your girl into an activity that might use up the energy of a star for a few days In short, Haldeman [...]

    17. In this novel of the future, humanity has found a way to travel to the stars Using a system called the Levant Meyer Translation LMT , tamers as the travelers are called travel to planets around distant stars LMT can send you anywhere but the amount of time you spend there is limit and then you slingshot back to where you started LMT has two major limitations, you cannot go for less than 19 hours and the exact spot where you land is guess work you could land in the ocean or in a swamp.The Earth i [...]

    18. Mindbridge was released in 2014 on eBook, though originally published in 1976, and was written by Joe Haldeman joehaldeman Mr Haldeman s Science Fiction writing has been recognized with several awards and he has published than 25 novels I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I would categorize this novel as PG as there are instances of Violence and some Mature Situations This Science Fiction novel is set in a far future where Earth is colonizing other worlds The primary [...]

    19. Jacque Lefavre un pioniere della colonizzazione interstellare, in un futuro in cui la Terra ha scoperto un sistema di trasporto istantaneo della materia, la cosiddetta traslazione Levant Meyer Nel corso di uno dei suoi rischiosi viaggi esplorativi, il gruppo di cui fa parte Jacque scopre una misteriosa creatura a forma di riccio di mare che ha la peculiare capacit di porre in contatto telepatico gli organismi con cui viene a contatto, consentendo ad una persona di provare direttamente le emozion [...]

    20. Enjoyable experience The main character isn t very likable, but since it s of an idea story, almost any kind of character can carry it More traditional narration is interspersed with in universe writings and artifacts, like logs, snippets from books and scientific papers, and news reports There s some leftovers from older times, like old fashioned ways of describing people of different ethnicities, and the idea that given enough time, humans would gradually become and psychic There are three [...]

    21. I ll have to say that overall, I liked this book But at some points it could have used some editing The story was a bit disjointed and unfinished Maybe it was because of the length, but I keep getting this second to last draft of a story vibe, which is a pity, because it could have been so much better High points of the book include the way Haldeman hints at the aliens shapeshifting abilities, where one of the tamers smile at the L vrai, and its teeth change from pointed to square like human te [...]

    22. A novel that includes explorers of possible earth like planets for humans to terra form, aliens and relationships between crew members Jacque Lefavre is a rookie on a training crew of planet tamers The crew discover a strange organism on the planet that gives the person holding the organism telepathic abilities His bosses decide to use the organism that has bonded with Jacque to communicate with threatening aliens The result of all this opens planet earth to the stars due to a evolutionary direc [...]

    23. Mindbridge by Joe HaldermanThis takes place in the not too distant future where instantaneous transfer to the galaxy is discovered accidentally The basic premise of the story is when the team of galactic explorers run across another intelligent species.Jacque and Carol are the most frequent protagonists used in the story Their exposure to the alien race has an impact on both of them They use a possibly intelligent species as a telepathic mind bridge thus the title of the book The story also illu [...]

    24. I do enjoy a good first contact novel, and this is a pretty good one Reads like vintage Heinlein in many ways, which is both good and bad Mostly good, here The of Haldeman s work I read, the I like him, and while this is nowhere near as good as Forever War or Forever Peace, it s a nice stab at the first contact subgenre, if a little over complicated technically, it s kind of two first contacts, the first making the second possible and unfocused Still, in classic sci fi fashion, we get a lot of [...]

    25. Excellent near future scifi The novel begins just as mankind discovers a way to explore and populate the universe through a slingshot transporter The new astrocowboys, Tamers, lead dangerous, often short, lives slingshoting to new and potentially habitable worlds Eventually there is contact with an alien race, very alien If you can imagine a changeling, Borg, octopus then you have a good imagination and can picture the L vrai The MC, LaFavre, is the only one who can communicate with them because [...]


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