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Mikhail and Margarita By Julie Lekstrom Himes,

  • Title: Mikhail and Margarita
  • Author: Julie Lekstrom Himes
  • ISBN: 9781609453756
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1933 and Mikhail Bulgakov s enviable career is on the brink of being dismantled His friend and mentor, the poet Osip Mandelstam, has been arrested, tortured, and sent into exile Meanwhile, a mysterious agent of the secret police has developed a growing obsession with exposing Bulgakov as an enemy of the state To make matters worse, Bulgakov has fallen in love withIt is 1933 and Mikhail Bulgakov s enviable career is on the brink of being dismantled His friend and mentor, the poet Osip Mandelstam, has been arrested, tortured, and sent into exile Meanwhile, a mysterious agent of the secret police has developed a growing obsession with exposing Bulgakov as an enemy of the state To make matters worse, Bulgakov has fallen in love with the dangerously candid Margarita Facing imminent arrest, and infatuated with Margarita, he is inspired to write his masterpiece, The Master and Margarita, a scathing novel critical of both power and the powerful.
    Mikhail and Margarita It is and Mikhail Bulgakov s enviable career is on the brink of being dismantled His friend and mentor the poet Osip Mandelstam has been arrested tortured and sent into exile Meanwhile a mys

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    1. Bailed Sadly, this was a big disappointment on the heels of the brilliantly edited Manuscripts Don t Burn Mikhail Bulgakov A Life in Letters and Diaries Why bother with such a referential title if the book draws so little from its source Also, I found the writing tedious and the storytelling generally lacking.

    2. I read The Master and Margarita in college as part of a 20th century Russian literature class Set off by socialist realist Gorky, sentimental Pasternak and grim Zamyatin, Bulgakov s masterpiece leaped off the page like a satanic cat That anyone could everwrite a such a mixture of deadpan political satire, deep religious faith and sheer batshit craziness was marvel enough But that he wrote it in the grimmest and most terrifying days of Soviet rule, the 1930s, is something I ve never stopped findi [...]

    3. As I mentioned on this site a few weeks ago in connection with The Fatal Eggs, Mikhail Bulgakov s The Master and Margarita was one of the books that, so to speak, marked a turning point in my life when I read it in my late teens or early twenties I really must read it again, after all these years, to see how my older self gets along with it So Himes s novel Mikhail and Margarita, promising according to the blurb writer to show us how real and imagined events in Bulgakov s life gave rise to his m [...]

    4. I ve always loved the idea of The Master and Margarita The devil comes to Moscow with an entourage that includes a naked witch and a giant talking cat But to be honest, I struggled through it, never really unlocking its magic Julie Lekstrom Himes has not only unlocked Bulgakov s magic, she has taught it some wonderful new tricks Mikhail and Margarita is a love story, but it is also a love letter If I could ride the rails across the Russian steppe, I would bring with me only one book.

    5. Inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov s classic, Master and Margarita, in Mikhail and Margarita, Julie Lekstrom Himes tells a tale of enduring love what threatens and what saves it Is it coincidence that both Bulgakov and Himes are physicians and novelists Satan figures prominently in Bulgakov s original novel In Hime s novel, Party official Ilya Ivanovich plays the part of the evil tempter luring Margarita away from one form of imprisonment to another Meanwhile, satirist Mikhail Bulgakov, her lover and [...]

    6. An intense and gripping read about censorship in Russia during the 1930 s and its effect on the literary community Specifically targeted in Himes novel is Mikail Bulgakov, a gifted writer, and a woman he loves, Margarita A further complication is the presence of Ilya Ivanovich, a government agent , who also loves Margarita A compelling story

    7. Here s my take on NPR s 2017 Book Concierge appsr best books 2017 And my interview with the author in Bloom bloom site 2017 10 10 one

    8. I had read The Master and Margarita in college It was a long time ago It was one of those prescribed classics that you just had to read and I remember loving it a lot, after initially not liking it at all It was too fantastical for me to begin with and then the allegorical symbols rang home and I couldn t stop turning the pages, hungry for Bulgakov s writing cannot be described by the words I have at my disposal He is that good What you must also remember is that The Master and Margarita was wr [...]

    9. I have not read Master and Margarita but that did not keep me from enjoying this book It was fascinating to read about the political attitude towards writers in Russia at this time and to get an account of the circumstances that led to the writing of MM I did skim our copy of MM and it does seem like she does an excellent job of capturing the mood of the novel.

    10. Already a big fan of The Master and Margarita, I was looking forward to getting another glimpse into Soviet Russia in the early Stalin years More than that, having met Julie last spring, and being a historical fiction writer myself, I wanted to see how she would imagine Mikhail s impetus for writing the novel When I read historical fiction, sometimes I don t necessarily care what is fact or fiction Rather, the faction, as Mailer calls it, should lend itself to reaching for the truth of the facts [...]

    11. So, who can you trust in Stalinist Soviet Union The author of The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov, is with his friend Osip Mandelstam in 1933 when the latter is arrested This novel projects Bulgakov s life from that point and his relationship with Margarita Nikoveyena, Mandelstam s lover and inspiration for Bulgakov s novel Historical fiction Definitely an excursion into censorship and tyranny, survival and loyaltychokengtitik

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    12. This novel takes place in 1930 s Russia Is the political viewpoint of authors in that time and place Mikhail Bulgakov is such an author His friend is arrested, tortured, and exiled Mikhail is saved throughout as Stalin likes his writing His love interest is Margarita and she is loved by many What got me was the evil done to man by man in a Godless country They tortured and seemed to enjoy doing so Has twists and turns concerning government and citizens Is a wild read Thanks to.

    13. I wasn t quite sure whether to rate this book a four or a five While I enjoyed the movement of the story, the development of the characters and the prose, on another level it was a similar story to others set in the same time period The relationship between the three main characters was cleverly developed and I liked the little touch at the end that drew a direct parallel to the beginning of the Master and Margarita.

    14. A very interesting book It s all about life of ordinary people in Russia during the 1930s during the phase of the most utopian period of Russian Soviet communism A period, when concepts like communal living, gulags and enemies of people were born and applied with ruthless efficiency An important book If you have read The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov, you should read this book too Highly recommended for anyone interested in Russian history.

    15. The beginning of the book was a little slow for me, but once it got started, I quickly became engrossed There is a fair amount of descriptive prose that lends to the richness of the story and the character development is well done There are several passages that are reminiscent of Master and Margarita, among other Bulgakov works, and will be recognizable to anyone familiar with his writings Overall, it was a satisfying and interesting read.

    16. A masterpiece Gripping from beginning to end I tried to read it slowly and really savor it, but I couldn t put it down long enough to do so It s rare that I read literary and historical fiction with this much narrative drive.

    17. Thoroughly enjoyed the cultural read I was completely drawn into the hopelessness of the Russian oppressed society and the grimness of the unending love triangle with so many twists and turns.

    18. I am unable to finish this book It is like wading through treacle I did temporarily get into it and the book livened up quite a lot towards midway but the treacle returned Perhaps someone out there will disagree with me and perhaps one day I might try again in an idle moment

    19. Wow A beautifully written novel I was skeptical at the beginning, and the last 5th of the book lets down a little, but overall the writing is superb.

    20. To fully appreciate it, read The Master Margarita then read this book Are any parts of the story true Doesn t much matter.

    21. I had to push myself to get through this book I appreciated some of the historical references, but overall I found it slow.

    22. I love the Europa Editions books I have read This book terrified me, made me deeply sad, and demanded a lot of me as a reader I am so glad I read it It was beautiful.

    23. Dull and uninspiring Done much better in John Hodge s play Collaborators Was looking forward to this so a let down.

    24. I won this Advanced Copy in a giveaway Mikhail and Margarita by Julie Lekstrom Himes an excellent historical fiction read

    25. A book definitely intended for fans of Bulgakov s The Master and Margarita, because it s been a while since I read that and I was having some trouble piecing together specific callbacks and phrases If I hadn t read MasterM then this would have just been another historical novel about Soviet writers in the 1930s The plot in MikhailM takes a while to get going once it did pick up speed, the fascination for me was the dizzying, Kafka s The Trial like machinations of NKVD and what it makes people do [...]

    26. Set in pre WWII Stalin s Russia it tells a story of the things humans will do to and for each other for control, in fear and for love I struggled through the first third of the book before I felt the story pulled together and fit in place If you get to that point of the book it will pull at your emotions, your sense of what is right and wrong and outrage that such things could happen in the world I won this book on had I not I don t know if it would be the type of book I would of been drawn to b [...]

    27. I found Mikhail and Margarita to be completely approachable as someone who did not read The Master and Margarita It honestly stands on its own thanks to Julie Lekstrom Himes s fantastic writing compelling characters and in depth research of the era, at the same time having some knowledge of the man Mikhail Bulgakov certainly makes the reading experience that much better This book works on so many levels The Soviet Union circa the 1930s is beautifully evoked here, the love triangle between Mikhai [...]

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